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Index of

The 12 Books of Abraham

    List of Characters and Places
    with Short Histories, Pictures
    and Theology Discourses

    The Kadesh-Naphtali Swedish Colony

    STANISŁAW BRANDENBURG-SCHWEDT KRÓLEWIEC - known simply as 'Stan', presiding patriarch of Kadesh-Naphtali, apostle of the New Covenant.

    1. Suszana Reichshofen Królewieca - wife of Stan's youth, estranged for 15 years

      i. Władysław Reichshofen Królewiec - firstborn son of both Stan and Suszana, born in Białystok, Poland. Married Karin Åkerstedt and Märta Reuterswärd

      ii. Maria Reichshofen Królewieca Åkerstedt - firstborn daughter of both Stan and Suszana, born in Białystok, Poland. Married to Karl Åkerstedt

      iii. Nikki Reichshofen Venstrup - from a later marriage to cultist Ray Venstrup prior to reconcilliation (Vol.1, ch.4; Vol.2, ch.4)

      iv. Shirley Reichshofen Pringleton - from a later marriage to American Steve Pringleton, prior to reconcilliation (Vol.1, ch.4)

    2. Isabel Towianska Królewieca - estranged for five years, from Dzierżoniów, Poland, formerly Catholic and Jehovah's Witness.

      v. Stanisław Towianski Królowiec - 'Stan, Jr.', born before her estrangement

      vi. Benoni Towianski Królewiec - born in Borlänge, Sweden after the first reconcilliation

    3. Kryztina Cieskowska Królewieca - from Krąpiel, Poland (Vol.1, ch.3)

      vii. Tytus Cieskowski Królewiec - born in Białystok, Poland (Vol.1, ch.14)

      viii. Rachele Cieskowska Królewieca - born in Lublin, Poland

    4. Kasia Merezhkovska Królewieca - from Baltijsk (Pilllau), Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. Formerly Russian Orthodox.

      ix. Alexei Merezhkovsky Królewiec

    5. Sarah-Jane Berg Królewieca -- from Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada, former Baptist (Vol.1, ch.3)

      x. Shallum Berg Królewiec - born in Kadesh-Naphtali, Sweden (Vol.2, ch.8)

    6. Anna Tychy Królewieca - from Krasnopol, Poland. Raised a communist. Converted by Isabel

      xi. Lech Tychy Królewiec - born in Kadesh-Naphtali, Sweden (Vol.2, ch.7)

    7. Hélène Holtz Królewieca - from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Raised a Baptist

      xii. Tom Holtz Królewiec - born in Kadesh-Naphtali, Sweden (Vol.2, ch.7)

    8. Andreea Pascu Królewieca - from Giurgiu, Romania. Former Baptist

      xiii. Dorcas Pascu Groza - from an earlier marriage

      xiv. Filippa Pascu Królewieca - born in Kadesh-Naphtali, Sweden (Vol.2, ch.7)

    9. Hanna Haavikko Królewieca - midwife, from Pori, W Finland. Former Armstrongite

    10. Elisa Reifman Królewieca - former atheist and lecturer in Economics at Tartu University, Estonia

    11. Salme Kõrge Królewieca - former atheist and student at Tartu University, Estonia, originally from Tallinn

    12. Jenny Stattin Królewieca - former Lutheran, from Katrineholm, Sweden.

    13. Emma Schroeder Królewieca - former independent Christian, from San Diego, California, USA.

    14. Shelly Martinez Królewieca - former Baptist, from San Diego, California, USA.

    BJÖRN ENGSTRÖM - from Jönköping, Sweden. Stan's first counsellor and assistant at Kadesh-Naphtali

    1. Misha Jankus Engström - from Klaipéda, Lithuania. Studied Theology at University of Kaunas. Originally Catholic, converted to Lutheranism

      i. Jakob Jankus Engström - born in Jönköping, Sweden (Vol.2, ch.5)

    2. Sonja Jacobsen Engström - from Kristiansand, Norway. Originally Pentecostal

      ii. Ruth Jacobsen Engström - born in Jönköping, Sweden (Vol.2, ch.5)

    3. Silvia Saarma Engström - from Tartu, Estonia. Originally an atheist

    LARS HANS LÖNNQVIST NILSSON - engineer, former Seventh Day Adventist (Vol.2, ch.5)

    1. Bente Folcker Nilsson, nurse, former Seventh Day Adventist (Vol.2, ch.5)

    2. Hilda Rätsep Nilsson, secretary, former atheist from Tartu, Estonia

    BENGT WIRÉN ÅKERSTEDT - manager of Kadesh-Naphtali farm, former Seventh Day Adventist (Vol.2, ch.5)

    Michäela Sallberg Åkerstedt, former Seventh Day Adventist (Vol.2, ch.5)

      i. Karl Sallberg Åkerstedt - married Maria Królewieca (Vol.2, ch.5) and Signild Högström (Vol.3, ch.19)

      i. Karin Sallberg Åkerstedt Królewieca - married Władysław Królewiec (Vol.2, ch.5)

    The "Reifman Group" (Vol.2, ch.14ff)

    Elisa Reifman - lecturer in Economics at Tartu University, Stan's tenth wife and pro tem Pastress of the Tartu NC Fellowship

    Hilda Rätsep - Gymnastics teacher - Lars Nilsson's second wife

    Silvia Saarma - Secretary at Tartu University - Björn Engström's third wife

    Salme Kõrge - Student of Economics at Tartu University and Stan's eleventh wife. Originally from Tallinn

    Tartu New Covenant Fellowship

    Bogoyavlenski, Alexandr - Satanist plant in the Tartu NC Fellowship (Vol.2, ch.17)

    Eichfeld, Karl - second counsellor of the Taru NCF Pastorate (Vol.2, ch.17)

    Gubarev, Yuri - Satanist plant in the Tartu NC Fellowship (Vol.2, ch.17)

    Hurt, Aino - second counsellor to Pastress Elisa Reifman (Vol.2, ch.17)

    Kipper, Paul - first counsellor of the Tartu NCF Pastorate (Vol.2, ch.17)

    Kuusberg, Andrus - Pastor of the Tartu NC Fellowship, Tartu City Council surveyor

    Kuusberg, Elgi - first counsellor(Andrus Kuusberg's wife) to Pastress Elisa Reifman, who later succedded as Pastress (Vol.2, ch.17)

    Reifman, Elisa - temporary Pastress of the Tartu NC Fellowship, Stan's tenth wife (Vol.2, ch.17)


    Beckinsale, William, Philippa, and Sharon - plural family from England who moved to Kadesh-Naphtali for 4 years (Vol.3, ch.21)

    Belling - 18th century Christian Prussian General and gentleman who played hymns into battle (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Boklund, Ingrid - midwife from Borlänge. Replaced by Hanna Haavikko (Vol.2, ch.7)

    Brandenburg-Schwedt - the ancestral family name of the Królewiecs (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Branke, Sissel - abortive second wife of Bengt Åkerstedt (Vol.2, ch.5)

    Cohen, Marcel - Swedish-Jewish suitor of Jenny Stattin, from Stockholm (Vol.3, ch.17)

    Fouqué - 18th century Christian Prussian French Hugenot General and gentleman (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Groza, Nicolai - first husband of Andreea Pascu (Vol.1, ch.15)

    Hagelberg, Dr. Paul & Irene - Estonian friends of Stan from Tallinn (Vol.2, ch.13)

    haEfrayim, Lev-Tsiyon - founder and presiding patriarch of the Holy Order (Vol.1, ch.7)

    Hansen, Eva - former Norwegian Jehovah's Witness, briefly member of NC (Vol.2, ch.8)

    Hohenzollerns - south German aristocracy (e.g. Kaiser Wilhelm II) (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Högström, Carin and Bertil - Seventh Day Adventists from Ulricehamn, Sweden. Rented Engström home in Jönköping (Vol.2, ch.1)

    Kahlden - 18th century Christian Prussian General and gentleman (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Koop, Professor Arnold - rector of Tartu University, Estonia (Vol.2, ch.15)

    Lagerborg, Pär and Anne-Marie - distant relatives of Stan living in Sundbyberg, Stockholm (Vol.3, ch.14)

    Lindhagen, Göran - pastor of an independent sabbatarian church in Transberg, Stockholm (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Moller - 18th century Christian Prussian General and gentleman (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Parikas, Hendrik - Satanist converted to Christ at mass baptism (Vol.2, ch.19)

    Reuterswärd, Märta Andrén - Władysław's distant relative and second wife from Oxelösund (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Pringleton, Steve - Suszana's American lover and father of Shirley (Vol.1, ch.5)

    Schmidt, Helmut - used car dealer from Bergen, Rügen Island, Germany (Vol.2, ch.3)

    Schwerin - 18th century Christian Prussian General and gentleman (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Sköld, Katarina - Satanist from Gävle, Sweden, who tried to lure Władysław (Vol.3, ch.11)

    Stattin, Jenny Lind - distant relative and Stan's twelfth wife, from Katrineholm (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Still - 18th century Christian Prussian General and gentleman (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Tomaszewski - Maffia boss from Zamość, Poland (Vol.2, ch.2)

    Trachenberg, Helmut - Baptist Pastor from Leipzig, Germany (Vol.1, ch.1)

    Venstrup, Ray - Suszana's Danish lover and father of Nikki (Vol.1, ch.5)

    von Stwolinsky, Henryk - a suitor of Jenny Stattin (Vol.3, ch.15)

    von Tresckow - 18th century garrison commander of Neisse (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Zieten - 18th century Christian Prussian General and gentleman (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Important Places

    Allenstein - Olsztyn. (Pol.) - the ancestral home of the Królewiecs (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Anklam - small town in German Pomerania (Vol.2, ch.2)

    Baltijsk - Pillau (Ger.), former home of Kasia in the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia

    Bergen - town on Rügen Island, German Pomerania (Vol.2, ch.3)

    Białystok - Belostok (Rus.) large city in NE Poland, first Królewiec family home (Vol.1, ch.8)

    Björkberg - a local airport convenient to Kadesh-Naphtali, Sweden (Vol.2, ch.4)

    Borlänge - town in central Sweden where Hanna worked as a nurse (Vol.2)

    Bornholm - Danish island in the Baltic, former home of Suszana (Vol.1, ch.16)

    Borås - original home of the Nilssons in Sweden (Vol.2, ch.5)

    Bratislava - capital of Slovakia, Isabel's home during her estrangement

    Breslau - Wrocław (Pol.), historical capital of Lower Silesia (Vol.3, ch.14; Vol.3, ch.20)

    Bromma - main airport of Stockholm (Vol.3, ch.14)

    Carpathians - central European mountain range

    Chojna - Königsberg (Ger.), small town in Polish Neumark (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Constanta - main Romanian city-port on the Black Sea (Vol.1, ch.16)

    Dzierżoniów - Reichenbach (Ger.), former home of Isabel in Polish Lower Silesia

    Falköping - original home of the Åkerstedts in Sweden (Vol.2, ch.5)

    Frankfurt (Oder) - German city on the Polish border where Isabel got stranded (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Gdańsk - Danzig (Ger.), large Polish port on Baltic, with ferry link to Stockholm,

    Gesundaberget - highest mountain near Kadesh-Naphtali, Kopparberg län, Sweden

    Glogau - Glogów (Pol.), historical town in Lower Silesia (Vol.3, ch.14)

    Görlitz - Zgorzelec (Pol.), historical town in Lower Silesia, half in Germany, half in Poland (Vol.3, ch.14)

    Greifswald - small town in German Pomerania (Vol.2, ch.2)

    Gusunda - the local village convenient to Kadesh-Naphtali, Sweden (Vol.2, ch.4)

    Gävle - city on Baltic coast, central Sweden, where Władysław studied medicine (Vol.2)

    Göteborg - Gothenburg (Eng.), city-port of SW Sweden (Vol.1, ch.17, Vol.3, ch.8)

    Jönköping - Swedish city on Lake Vättern, former home of the Engströms (Vol.1, ch.17)

    Kadesh-Naphtali - Third Królewiec home, Holy Order colony in Kopparberg län, Sweden

    Kaliningrad - Königsberg (Ger.), Królewiec (Pol.), Russian part of East Prussia on the Baltic (Vol.1, ch.19)

    Kansas City - city in Missouri, USA, and former home of Hélène (Vol.1, ch.1ff)

    Katrineholm - home town of Jenny Stattin, eastern Sweden (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Klaipéda - Memel (Ger.), Lithuanian port, and former home of Misha Engström (Vol.1, ch.1)

    Königsberg - Kaliningrad (Rus.), Królewiec (Pol.), Karoliaucius (Lith.), capital of East Prussia (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Kolberg - Kołobrzeg (Pol.), coastal resort in Pomerania (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Kołobrzeg - Kolberg (Ger.), coastal resort in Pomerania (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Kopparberg - län (county) in central Sweden, location of Kadesh-Naphtali

    Kostrzyn - Küstrin (Ger.), small town on the Oder in Polish Brandenburg (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Kraków - Cracow (Eng.), large city in S Poland, Polish home of Suszana

    Krąpiel - Krumpohl (Ger.), small town in Polish Pomerania, Polish home of Kryztina

    Krumpohl - Krąpiel (Pol.), small town in Polish Pomerania, Polish home of Kryztina

    Kunowice - Kunersdorf (Ger.), small town in Polish Brandenburg (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Ladushkin - Ludwigsort (Ger.), home of Kasia's aunt in the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia

    La Mesa - home of Emma Schroeder, San Diego, California (Vol.3, ch.21)

    Leksand - small town between Kadesh-Naphtali and Borlänge (Vol.2, ch.11)

    Liegnitz - Legnica (Pol.), historical town in Lower Silesia (Vol.3, ch.14)

    Lublin - large city in SE Poland, second Królewiec family home

    Lund - city in southern Sweden (Vol.3, ch.20)

    L'viv - L'vov (Rus.), Lwów (Pol.), Lemberg (Ger.), W Ukraine (Vol.1, ch.13)

    Malmö - city in southern Sweden (Vol.3, ch.21)

    Mora - nearest small railway town to Kadesh-Naphtali in Kopparbergs län, central Sweden (Vol.3, ch.16)

    Neiße - town in Prussian Silesia, scene of an historical siege (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Näsby - town west of Stockholm, Sweden (Vol.3, ch.21)

    Nässjö - town in southern Sweden (Vol.3, ch.21)

    Oxelösund - home of Märta Królewieca, wife of Władysław, eastern Sweden (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Pasewalk - small town in German Pomerania (Vol.2, ch.2)

    Poznań - Posen (Ger.), central Poland. Location of small evangelical Church (Vol.2, ch.2)

    Pskov - Pleskau (Ger.), Russian town S of Lake Pikhva järv (Vol.2, ch.20)

    Raj - Second Królewiec home in Poland, SE of Lublin

    Rügen - island in German Pomerania, scene of Stan and Anna's escape (Vol.2, ch.3)

    Ryki - town in SW Poland (Vol.1, ch.10)

    Rzepin - Reppen (Ger.), small town in Polish Brandenburg (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Rzeszów - Reichshofen (Ger.), town in SE Poland (Vol.2, ch.2)

    San Diego - southern California, home of Emma Schoeder and Shelly Martinez (Vol.3, ch.21)

    Sassnitz - ferry town on Rügen Island, German Pomerania (Vol.2, ch.3)

    Siljan - lake in central Sweden, Kopparbergs län, by Kadesh-Naphtali

    Słubice - Dammvorstadt (Ger.), a suburb of Frankfurt (Oder) on the Polish side (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Stralsund - town in NE Germany, W.Pomerania, where Stan fled to from Poland and met up with Anna (Vol.2, ch.2)

    Sundbyberg - suburb of Stockholm and home of the Lagerborgs (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Świebodzin - Schwiebus (Ger.), a town in Polish Brandenburg (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Świnoujście - Swinemünde (Ger.), small ferry town in NW Poland (Vol.2, ch.2)

    Szczecin - Stettin (Ger.), large city in NW Poland. Home of Anna's parents

    Tallinn - Reval (Ger.), capital of Estonia, and birth place of Salme (Vol.2, ch.14)

    Tartu - Dorpat (Ger.), Yuriev (Rus.), second city of Estonia. (Vol.2)

    Tatra - mountain range dividing S Poland from N Slovakia

    Trelleborg - ferry town in south Sweden receiving Sassnitz ferry from Germany

    Turnu-Mâgurele - Romanian town on the River Danube (Vol.1, ch.16)

    Vättern - large lake in S Sweden

    Warsaw - Warszawa (Pol.), capital of Poland (Vol.1, ch.10)

    Wrocław - Breslau (Ger.), capital of Silesia (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Ystad - ferry town in south Sweden receiving Swinoujcie ferry from Poland

    Zakopane - town in S Poland, Tatra mountains, Slovak border. Kryztina's vaccation place

    Örebro - large town in central Sweden (Vol.2, ch.4, Vol.3, ch.20)

    Theological Discourses and Discussions

    The following is not an exhaustive list of the doctrinal content of the books. Shorter snippets are laced throughout the chapters.

    Stan's refutation of Adventist soul-sleeping doctrine of the soul (Vol.2, ch.17; Vol.3, ch.8)

    Stan's discourse on the problems faced by men living polygamy (Vol.2, ch.18)

    Stan's discourse on the meaning of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in Polygamy (Vol.2, ch.18)

    Królewiec Family discussion on love and hate (Vol.1, ch.3)

    Stan's History and Evolution of the Christian Church (Vol.1, ch.5)

    Hélène's study of polygamy in the New Testament (Vol.1, ch.7)

    Stan's discourse on the Names of Deity and the Godhead (Vol.1, ch.8)

    Stan's discourse on freedom and receiving Christ as Saviour (Vol.1, ch.8)

    Stan on Family Government (Vol.1, ch.10,13)

    Stan's discourse on knowing God through the Bible (Vol.1, ch.11)

    Stan's discourses on New Covenant betrothal, sex and marriage (Vol.1, ch.11,12)

    Stan's discourse on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit versus psychic power (Vol.1, ch.12)

    Stan's discourse on a polygamous family after the husband's death (Vol.1, ch.14)

    Stan's discourse on the Corinthian Church: syncretism and celibacy (Vol.1, ch.17)

    Stan's discourse on eternal marriage (Vol.1, ch.18)

    Stan's policy on living polygamy in Sweden (Vol.2, ch.5)

    Stan's discourse on the causes of infertility (Vol.2, ch.5)

    Stan's discourse on the Kingdom of Heaven vs. a Church organisation (Vol.2, ch.6)

    Stan's discourse on good and evil, and the sinlessness of Yah'shua (Jesus) (Vol.2, ch.6)

    Discussion on types of worldly music (Vol.2, ch.6)

    Hanna's strange discourse on polygamy (Vol.2, ch.7)

    Hélène's thoughts on monogamy, polygamy and Israel (Vol.2, ch.7)

    Stan's discourse on free agency and moral will (Vol.2, ch.7)

    The Królewiec family discussion on the New Birth (Vol.2, ch.8)

    Stan's discourse on false Wordwide Church of God teachings (Vol.2, ch.8)

    Stan's discourse on male and female principle (Vol.2, ch.9)

    Stan's conversation with Władysław on confessing the faith (Vol.2, ch.10)

    Stan's discourse on natural feelings and impressions of the Spirit (Vol.2, ch.11)

    Stan's discourse on domineering wives and the need for humility (Vol.2, ch.11)

    Stan's discourse on the devilish origin of the monogamy-only doctrine (Vol.2, ch.11)

    Stan's discourse on how large a polygamous family should be allowed to grow (Vol.2, ch.12)

    Hélène's discourse on the special bond between sister-wives (Vol.2, ch.12)

    Hanna's (maturer) discourse on polygamy (Vol.2, ch.14-15)

    Stan's discourse on the unnaturalness of polygamy to the carnal man (Vol.2, ch.15)

    Stan's discourse on the divinity of Christ (Vol.2, ch.15)

    Stan's discusses Satan, Satanism and prophecy with Hanna (Vol.3, ch.3)

    Stan's discourse on the temple pillars of Jachin and Boaz (Vol.3, ch.3)

    Stan's struggles to understand grace and justice (Vol.3, ch.5)

    Stan discusses the false doctrine of marrying for therapy (Vol.3, ch.5)

    Stan and Hanna discuss free agency and destiny in polygamy (Vol.3, ch.7)

    Stan's discourse on the human fleshy nature (Vol.3, ch.7)

    Karl Åkerstedt confronts Signild's anti-polygamy (Vol.3, ch.9)

    Stan's conversation with Karl Åkerstedt on loving selflessly (Vol.3, ch.11)

    Questions about the Seventh Day Adventist doctrine of salvation (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Stan's discourse on Isaiah 4:1 to Jenny Stattin (Vol.3, ch.14)

    Stan's discourse on Isaiah 5, the Song of the Vineyard (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Stan's discourse on idolatry, using cats and pets as illustrations (Vol.3, ch.17)

    Stan's discourse to Hélène on the Seven Spirits and the Divine Laboratory (Vol.3, ch.18)

    Stan's discourse on eunuchs and the three paths to marriage (Vol.3, ch.21)

    A Jehovah's Witness attempt at refuting polygamy (Vol.3, ch.21)


    Stan's Sermon to the Tartu House Fellowship on the last days (Vol.2, ch.16)

    Björn's Sermon on the Two Roads (Vol.2, ch.4)

    Björn Engström's sermon on the principle of sacrifice (Vol.2, ch.10)

    Misha Engström's testimony on confessing the faith (Vol.2, ch.10)

    Stan's sermon on the Acceptable Year of the Lord (Vol.2, ch.10)

    Stan's Tartu Baptismal Sermon (Vol.2, ch.19)

    Stan's Sermon on Fearing God (Vol.3, ch.1)

    Stan's Sermon to the Tartu Fellowship on Polygamy and the United Order (Vol.3, ch.1)

    Elisa's Admonition to the Tartu Fellowship on the Division caused by Polygamy (Vol.3, ch.2)

    Stan's Sermon on Abigail and David (Vol.3, ch.17)

    Evangelistic, Deliverance & Healing Events

    Casting out of demons from a Russian Satanist in Estonia (Vol.2, ch.17)

    Casting out of demons from Suszana whilst coming out of the occult (Vol.1, ch.7)

    Casting out Armstrongite demons in Hanna (Vol.2, ch.8)

    Ten satanists struck dead during mass baptism in Tartu (Vol.2, ch.19)

    Dealing with a demon attack through Władysław's video (Vol.2, ch.6)

    Revival meeting in Tartu leading to speaking in tongues (Vol.2, ch.16)

    Stan and Andreea's evangelical crusade in Romania (Vol.1, ch.16)

    The Dedication Ceremony of Kadesh-Naphtali (Vol.2, ch.5)

    A Sabbath Celebration (Vol.2, ch.7)

    Hanna's deliverance from lesbianism within the context of polygamy (Vol.2, ch.10-11ff)

    The exposure of a Satanist's coven in Gävle, Sweden (Vol.3, ch.11)

    Conversion Stories

    Misha Engström's conversion from Catholicism and Lutheranism to Patriarchy (Vol.1, ch.1)

    Sonja Engström's conversion from Pentecostalism to Patriarchy (Vol.1, ch1)

    Suszana Królewieca's conversion from Catholicism and the Jehovah's Witnesses (Vol.1, ch.4)

    Hélène Królewieca's conversion to polygamy (Vol.1, ch.5ff)

    Stan's rebuke of Suszana (Vol.2, ch.7)

    Elisa's search for polygamy on the Internet (Vol.2, ch.14)

    Isabel Królewieca's conversion to polygamy and reflections (Vol.3, ch.21)

    God's intervention and Jenny Stattin's conversion (Vol.3, ch.21)

    Moral and other Dilemmas

    How to share (or not) polygamy with hostile family members (Vol.1, ch.9,16; Vol.2, ch.7)

    How Hélène dealt with revealing the existence of her baby to her parents (Vol.3, ch.4; Vol.3, ch.19)

    When you suddenly aren't the last wife any more - Sonja Engström's experience (Vol.3, ch.6)


    Stan's Proposal of Marriage to Jenny Stattin and her refusal (Vol.3, ch.17)

    The United Order at Kadesh-Naphtali (Vol.3, ch.20)

    National and Ecclesiastical History

    A history of the Polish city of Lublin (Vol.1, ch.9)

    A history of the Romanian city of Giurgiu (Vol.1, ch.15)

    A history of Poland and Germany (Vol.2, ch.3)

    A history of Stralsund in German Pomerania (Vol.2, ch.3)

    A history of the Wordwide Church of God (Vol.2, ch.7-8)

    A history of Estonia and Tartu (Vol.2, ch.13-14)

    Seventh Day Adventist teachings (Vol.3, ch.9 & earlier chapters)

    Stories from East Prussia (Vol.3, ch.10)

    Stories of Prussian Aristocrats and Generals (Vol.3, ch.15)

    Maps and Illustrations

    Map of Poland showing main locations in the story (Vol.1, ch.1)

    Diagram of Raj, ground floor (Vol.1, ch.2)

    Diagram of Raj, first floor (Vol.1, ch.2)

    Map of S Romania showing evangelism locations (Vol.1, ch.16)

    Map of Sweden showing location of Kadesh-Naphtali (Vol.2, ch.1)

    Map of SE Poland showing Stan's escape from his captors (Vol.2, ch.2)

    Map of German Pomerania showing the escape from Szczecin (Vol.2, ch.3)

    Kadesh-Naphtali before the alternations and new buildings (Vol.2, ch.4)

    Kadesh-Naphtali after the alterations to the herregård and new buildings (Vol.2, ch.5)

    Map of Estonia showing Stan and Hanna's journey (Vol.2, ch.13)

    Map of the Swedish Empire showing Estonia and Livonia (Vol.2, ch.13)

    Diagram of the Camp of Israel (Vol.2, ch.18)

    Photograph of pre-war Allenstein (Vol.3, ch.10)

    Map of Stockholm, eastern Sweden and Kadesh-Naphtali (Vol.3, ch.12)

    Map of Prussian Silesia (Vol.3, ch.14)

    Map of Western Poland showing Isabel's escape (Vol.3, ch.20)

    Map of Europe showing the nations that form a part of the story (List - see below)

    European nations in the books


    Any resemblance in name or personality between the characters in this book with those living or dead is purely coincidental. The names of places, countries and their histories are all genuine.

    8 December 2001

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