HEM Świętosława Brzezinska's Corner - 38. Letters to My Sister-Wives
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    Świętosława's Corner 38

    Letters to
    My Sister-Wives

    Dear Sweet Kryztina,

    It is very late here and I sit, unable to sleep, thinking about the profound changes taking place in my life. In a very short period of time Yahweh has led me to a new life I never thought was possible for me. What a tremendous time of awakening it has been. I always thought I would spend my life alone and I truly thought I was at peace with that idea, but obviously Yahweh had other ideas.

    When I first met Stanisław, then Kasia and you, I was on a quest for knowledge only. I was exploring the concept of Christian polygamy and fellowshipping with people who lived it. It was an intellectual exercise only. I never thought to change my life or have it changed so profoundly. Then, in the course of my search for knowledge, I met all of you. The reverence and devotion to Yahweh and the deep love for each other and family that you all showed moved me immensely. I have not seen such characteristics frequently displayed. As I talked with Stanisław and read the things he and Kasia and you had written, I found myself more and more drawn to this ideal of total commitment to Yahweh and family. As I met you and Kasia personally, I was drawn to love you both for the devout, gentle and kind sisters that you are.

    Then on September 19th, Stanisław proposed and I was dedicated (engaged) to marriage with him. I was, at that point, unsure of what to expect from my sister-wives-to-be. Remember, I had no frame of reference to call upon. I will always remember your calm acceptance and quiet reassurance that I was welcome and loved. It made me feel such a silly goose for ever being unsure. In a group of rampant extroverts, yours is the strong quiet presence that reassures and calms. You are a true blessing, dear Kryztina and I look joyously to the time when we will all be together as the family we already are. Yahweh keep you always, dear sister-wife-to-be, in His tender care and mercy.


    Dearest Kasia,

    It is very late and everyone in the house is sleeping except me. I have been sitting in the darkness thinking over the tremendous changes that have occurred and continue to occur in my life. Just a short while ago, I was comfortably ensconced in my solitary life with little thought given to the lack. I was content, so I thought, with the quiet and solitude. I was and am still building my relationship with Yahweh and my walk in faith. I never thought again to be part of a family, thought that part of my life was behind me. But quite obviously Yahweh had other plans.

    From the beginning, when I met Stanisław and then you and Kryztina, I was profoundly affected by your grace and genuine love for others. I remember thinking to myself that your gentility and maturity were a rare blessing in one so young, refreshing as a morning breeze. I felt like you were an old and trusted friend almost immediately. I knew almost at once that you would be a special friend, little knowing exactly how special.

    Then, on September 19th, when I became dedicated to marriage with Stanisław, I began to realize just what I was coming to. I am not sure what I expected. Please remember I am very definitely a new kid on the block here. The thought of entering into a polygamous marriage would not have occurred to me as little as a few months ago. It was something I had never considered, never had any any idea I would embrace. I had not thought to marry at all. I was not sure what the ground rules were, so to speak, with you and Kryztina. I expected some awkwardness, I suppose, and perhaps some distance. How very foolish of me. Immediately you made plain your joy at having me in the family, and made me know that sister was not just a title, but also a definition of the bond we are building. You have become my confidante, my sounding board, and my partner in crime, as it were. In short, you have made me feel like I am coming home, after a long, long absence.

    Your warmth and genuine care have further confirmed in my heart the peace I have found with this life-changing decision.

    I have truly been abundantly blessed of the Lord to have been led to such a loving family and I look to the time, just a short distance away, when we will all be together. Yahweh keep you always, precious sister-wife-to-be, in His grace and tender care.


    Dear Isabel,

    Hello, dear sister. I am writing to you in the sincere hope that we may begin to know each other and develop a bond that will bring unity and peace to our family. In the time since I have met Stanisław and Kasia and Kryztina, I have come to love all of you so very much. The only thing missing is your precious presence, like a vital ingredient is missing to complete the recipe. I have thought over what I wanted to say to you for some time because I did not want to seem too presumptuous but at this time I feel compelled to reach out to you the hand of Christian fellowship and love. Since I was dedicated to Stanisław on the 19th, I have felt the loss of your fellowship acutely. The others speak of you and I feel that, in a very small way, I have come to know you a bit. Just a tiny bit, mind you, for you cannot know a person until you have been able to converse with them yourself and interact.

    And that is what I pray for, dear sister. The privilege of getting to know you and be a part of your life just as God has given me the privilege of becoming a part of the lives of the rest of the family. There is so much I would like to share with you. So many observations and impressions of all the things that are going on in our lives right now. I would like to know what makes you smile, what brings you comfort when you are troubled. I would like the privilege of sharing your joys and trials and being there to support and pray for you when trials strike. Mostly I would like the blessing of your friendship and goodwill.

    It is my fondest hope that, very soon, we will all be together as one family. I know that is in the hearts of everyone. But let us begin, sister, by becoming the friends and confidantes that I know we can be. A little at a time, if that is more comfortable for you, or in whatever fashion works best. I will look forward to hearing from you in the optimistic hope that you would like to know me better as well.

    Until I have the opportunity to talk with you again, may Yahweh bless you richly and keep you always in His great care. Be at peace, dear sister-wife-to-be, for you are truly loved.


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