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    Kasia's Corner 9

    Poems to My Loved Ones

    To my Master and Saviour

        Thank you Lord my first love of all
        Because for me You gave Your life
        At Your pierced-through feet I gladly fall
        You let me be a part of Your your Wife
        What more can a sinner befall?

        You cleanse me when I wallow in sin
        You give me hope and prosper me
        You have even promised that I may win
        Your Love and life in eternity
        because I have none of that within...

        Oh Father, thank you for all these wonderful gifts
        that you give me on my way
        Your Holy Spirit me so gently lifts
        and hands me the graces that I toss away
        whenever my focus shifts.

        May I always keep on gazing at You
        The source of all life, reality and love
        So that I stop going endlessly to
        the hell which You want me above
        You keep me on the Way that is true!

        To my Darling Husband

        Your love, my husband, I do drink
        Into my heart I let it sink
        We wives feel all the same
        we love to bear your name
        To a lovelier man we could not link.

        Your main attraction, Dear
        Is that the Lord of Hosts you fear
        Our love, by Him is multiplied
        May His Name be magnified
        That is the love we share.

        I love you for your patience too
        and all the good deeds that you do
        You are a true support in need
        I admire the way you tirelessly feed
        the spiritually hungry who do turn to you.

        This poem here does not contain
        all the love that does remain
        But I give it a try anyway
        because I so much want to say
        May Yah drench you with His rain

        To my Dear Sister-wife Kryztina

        You are my sister wife
        With you I share my life
        Our hopes and dreams are closely knitted
        Together we face both joy and strife
        and in your heart I'm always admitted!

        You are a precious stone
        that in my life has shone
        You learn and teach Yah's will
        and has on His path gone
        Thus you my happiness fulfill

        My sister, you are sweet
        A joyus daily treat
        May Yah bless you for your kindness
        and let you be seated at His feet
        make you a truly royal highness!

        To my Dear Sister-wife Isabel

        You are irreplaceable
        This I want you to know
        The gap that's left when you are gone
        Is it refilled? Oh no..

        It is glorious that you are coming back
        It gives me joy and hope
        But in the meantime I cannot rest
        Can only cling to Yahweh's rope.

        Don't be long my sister dear
        The time is running fast
        The devil wants to scatter us
        but united we will last!

        But wherever you may be, my friend
        May Yahweh be with you
        and bless your path before your feet
        'Till we are with you too.

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    Author: KMK

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