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    Kasia's Corner 10

    Hostility to Truth
    Concerning a
    Protected Weakness

    The other day Stanisław and I were chatting in our Yahoo chatroom with people who have become great friends and who also love Yahweh. During the conversation Stanisław spoke with a man who told us that he smokes. Stan gave him the URL to an article about smoking. The man said he had already seen it and whilst he was sympathetic and wanted to quit smoking, he didn't agree with all of it. I then injected, 'we usually don't agree with what we suffer from', meaning truths are never more unappetising than when they aren't in agreement with the reality of our lives. He kindly asked me to shut up and it all ended in humour...

    After some time my own statement has sunk into me in many respects, I didn't think hard about it at the time, just said something, but now I see that there is more truth in it than I had expected. What I believe is that it is easy to accept all truth if one doesn't happen to be a sinner or 'love' sinners more than one loves Elohim (God).

    I don't have to look far for an example of both of these weaknesses - I need only look at myself. I have recently been, and still am discovering in a new way, that Yahweh is a Master of order. He expects us to be organised and orderly - this I have painfully been reminded of by Stanisław and Kryztina who have had higher standards than me. My problem is that I have never liked tidying on a regular basis - actually I have had an aversion to having to do things regularly - if I had a choise I would probably want to quit breathing!

    This habit of being unorganised did at first stop me from seeing the need to have order - I never noticed that being messy could stop me from receiving the blessings of beauty and making the people around me comfortable. I am a very social person who loves being with people and I didn't realize that this weakness made it more difficult to want to be with me.

    My first reaction when it was pointed out to me that Elohim (God) wanted me to be orderly, was dibelief - how could a loving Elohim (God) want to take the fun out of my life in such a way? I 'knew' how boring it is to be orderly and I 'knew' how boring such people were. I couldn't have been more wrong! True, there are some organised people who are boring, but that doesn't make it wrong to be organised.

    Then I excused myself by saying, 'I'm doing my best, nothing more can be expected' (I probably shouldn't say this because this is still my favourite excuse), 'there are many others who are messy', or 'look at all the problems this person has even if he/she is orderly'.

    Finally I am giving in - after all what have I got to lose? - if I find no joy in being organised, I can always start messing again. My problem is that I do find joy in the more orderly way of living. It gives me pleasure to see that good habits prevent total chaos from descending upon me. I thought working on a regular basis meant more work and less joy - and here I am experiencing the opposite! I imagined that regular work meant that I had to do the heavy bulk jobs I've been used to more often - and now I see that there are no bulk jobs left to do! I don't know how many times Kryztina has tried to impress this on me - I never believed her ... now I only regret that I didn't learn the lesson sooner.

    The other reason for denying truth is if we agree with someone else who suffers from a weakness. It is for instance more easy to agree to homosexuality if your friend is suffering from it. As I said I grew up as an unorganised person when it came to physical mess. My Mother has always disliked it when people cannot function in a place where everything is not A4-formatted, meaning she raised us to be able to cope even if we had cake for breakfast and bread for supper, or even if we didn't know which bed we were going to sleep in at night, if not a sofa. I believe in her reasons - who would manage better in a crisis than those who are used to mini ones - but this also laid the foundation for me being disorderly.

    I have much of my mother's nature and this has caused me to deny truths for her in the same way as I have for myself. Yes, we should let our children learn to cope, but we should also give them order and stability because Elohim (God) is the Master of order and stability. I know it was never her intention but her signals to me were that it was not as good to have ordinary meals and one bed to sleep in at night - the extraordinary became a way of living. I have been protecting this disorder left, right, and center and have been very unwilling to let it go, a misconceived love for my mother has made me protect both what she has believed in and what I have perceived her to believe in ...

    No matter what the reason is for denying Elohim's (God's) Truth, it never leads to anything good - it lets ourselves and our loved ones remain in bondage - we even set up a bad example for others to follow. Therefore it is our duty to point out the sin in our own and other peoples lives so that we may all be set free by the One who harbours the real everlasting Love for us!

    Having said all this I would like to caution you. When pointing out mistakes it is important that we try to understand that a deeply ingrained sin is hard to budge - it is in fact a spiritual illness that has to be cured - It affects all parts of the human being - spiritual, emotional and physical. When one is ill one cannot be expected to hold the same standards as a well person - First Yah'shuah (Jesus) must do the healing, then good habits have to be created. It is very rarely an overnight process - please be patient...

    May Yahweh-Elohim bless and illuminate you as you strive to find, obey and share His Truth, and may He give you eyes to see with and ears to hear with, is my prayer now that we are only a few days away from Yom haKippurim (the Day of Atonement). Amen

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    Author: KMK

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