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    Kasia's Corner 8

    The Gravity of Rebellion

    A few weeks ago I was puzzled that Stanisław and my 3 year-old son, Alexei, had gradually got slow too listen to his father when corrected. Then one day I noticed that I was the source of this disrespect. Our son is very like me in temperament and I understand his emotional expressions as if they were my own most of the time. Stanisław and most of his other children on the other hand are very different in that respect and I find it difficult to understand them and them me and Alexei. This causes Stanisław to, in my opinion, misunderstand Alexei's intentions sometimes and rebuke him when I can see nothing wrong, or that he has a justified reason for what he does. That is when I make my big mistake and correct Stanisław in front of Alexei. The fruits I reap from my disrespectful and dominating action towards the man who has been appointed by Yahweh to be my head is that the child I intend to protect becomes ruined by mistrust and rebellion towards his loving father. Instead I should seek to inform Stanisław in private and trust that he loves our son just as much as me!

    When you begin to see one truth, others usually follow suit. A few days ago Stanisław and I chatted on the computer - I was especially interested that evening as I still had a load of dirty dishes waiting for me in the kitchen. We logged on with my name but since he is faster than me at typing I am usually content to just dictate what I want him to write. This particular evening Stanisław was feeling tired and didn't write all that I wanted him to. I got impatient and asked if he wanted to make himself a hot drink or something like we often do in the evenings and I could go on typing myself. That was not his intention at that moment, but after a while longer where he still didn't get it all right I said that I wanted to chat myself as it was my name we were using.

    He resigned and went out of the room. I chatted a bit about spiritual warfare and agreed with the other person that it is necessary even if I dislike war, but I could not really concentrate about the chat, and I felt slightly bad about sitting there at all.

    Then Stanisław came and stood behind me and I blurted out: 'Oh, if you're so impatient I can stop now, I don't care!' Then he stunned me by saying: 'It's only that I just saw a demon in the kitchen - it's presence made the hair on my neck stand on end'. I'm used to Stanisław having visions and alike, and he even has experienced them mocking him and trying to hurt him, but this time it stunned me, and I felt uneasy still when I went to bed. Our house has been anointed to Yahweh and demons are not supposed to have entry.

    That night I dreamed that my family was involved in an old fashioned battle where powder guns and swords were the weapons used. We were standing on the deck of a galleon and my son was given a gun before the battle had really started and he tried to shoot at the enemy on the shore, but the bullets came out in slow motion and fell before their feet without harming them at all - this got me into a bit of a panic thinking that this might only provoke them to attack my little one.

    Next I was in a kitchen that was fairly safe as the battle was being fought by the men in the other rooms in the same building. Two almost identical women (sisters I think) with long curly blond hair, who belonged to the enemy tried to escape into the kitchen that I occupied. Overcome by fear I kept on tossing cups and dishes at them whenever they showed up and insisted that they hide in another room.

    Then we though we had lost the battle and I placed my foot on Stan's neck in order to strangle him, because he though it was better to die than being sent to prison by the enemy. But before he died we got to know that we had actually won the battle and I released him. Three of the men from the enemy had tried to make peace without any parties losing, but their ruler had kept the battle going until he was killed, and now the three men were going to be imprisoned. I was not happy about that, but had no say in the matter, it was the fate of the losing party.

    After that I woke up and as I related my dream to Stanisław I began to understand its meaning. It was all based on the events that had taken place the night before - some of the details are becoming clearer to me as I write now too.

    Stanisław gave me an important clue when he said that stepping on someone's neck was what the victorious kings did when they had defeated someone in biblical times, meaning that I for a time had occupied a wrong leadership position over Stanisław and that leads to death.

    Later that day Stanisław had a mid-day nap and he told me that he had also dreamed in slow motion, and that this was a result of moving away from Elohim's (God's) protection and thus letting the dark forces hinder our spiritual defence from being effective.

    So I have reached this conclusion: When I doubted Stanisław's ability to say the right things when chatting, I permitted myself to rebel against His God-given authority and took over. I should actually have been doing my duty in the kitchen instead. This opened for the demon that Stanisław saw. To see this gave me quite a shock. I didn't realize that such a 'little matter' had such a great impact in the spiritual realm! But the reason was also that I knew better and Yahweh cannot remain in the company of willful rebellion. So long as we are unaware, the blood of Yah'shuah (Jesus) covers us, even if the actions might be harmful still, but it does not cover us if we are willfully blind, and then the demons automatically have the right to make a mess in that area in our lives. Only repentance and new covering by the blood will repair the damage.

    My understanding of the dream: There is always a spiritual war going on, like the man in the chat had mentioned. And I had given the enemy a chance to start a battle with my actions that evening. When my son tried to shoot and it didn't work as it should, my rebellion had weakened our defences and that was alarming. I'm not sure why I was in the kitchen in the dream or who the two sisters were, but I assume the kitchen was in order to let me relate the dream to the previous evening, and perhaps the sister represented a dual nature - possibly in me.

    The stepping on Stanisław's neck represented that I, in my rebellion, had assumed a position above him; I disliked it and it was killing him and therefore both of us because we are one, and that was not good! Yahweh has not created such a pattern, and therefore it is deadly because there is only life in Yah'shua (Jesus).

    The three men still puzzle me, but I wonder if they might represent the part of me that doesn't want any conflict, but if one tries to avoid fighting one will end up on the wrong side because one can only follow Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) by resisting the devil actively.

      "Submit yourselves, then, to Elohim (God). Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" (James 4:7, KJV).

    The devil and the fallen nature will always fight to make people rebel against Yahweh's statutes. It's been going on ever since Eden. But our glorious hope is that we will have victory (as was portrayed in my dream) if we submit ourselves to Yah'shua (Jesus). This is more than just for wives to submit themselves to their husband - it means actively seeking to find out and follow Elohim's (God's) will in our life and then share Him and his Torah (Law) with others, so that we may all escape captivity when the battle is over.

    May Yahweh keep and protect us all as we fight with him and may we one day meet on the glorious day as victors looking forward to an eternity of peace and freedom with Yahweh who is Love and Life, and with His Son, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) who made it all possible by dying for us, so that we can be covered and protected by His precious blood!

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