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    Kasia's Corner 15

    A New Sister-Wife is Here
    Świętosława Joins the Family

    This is the first lady Stanisław has married since I came into the family, and that was eight years ago. So even if I had some expectations about how things might have turned out I must admit that whereas a little has happened according to my beliefs, most hasn't. It has genuinely turned out even better!

    You can see in A New Wife to Come what some of my thoughts and feelings were before her arrival here in Poland. I just re-read it myself now and see that I still agree with what I wrote then but now I also know that some of the fears of the uknown are gone too. I thought that it would be one thing to talk friendly and accepting on the net, but wasn't sure it would turn out quite so blissful when we were all really in the same room. Now I know that it is.

    I was worried that jealousy would enter my heart, as I have not witnessed anyone have a new sister-wife come without at least some resentment - but I must honestly say that I have felt none. I have even been rejoicing in the new unity my husband and she are creating, because it gives us all a new fullness. We have a new instrument playing in our symphony and that gives new height to the music. Just like Yah'shua (Jesus) does not forget any of the Christians/Messianics who make up His bride - neither does Stanisław ever forget any of his wives, and we are all content and happy.

    In our daily activities we all see each other in a new light and discover new sides, and it is all very exciting and lovely. Like every wife, she has brought new aspects into our lives - she is clever in areas where we have been lacking and I believe she will benefit from our strong sides. She has already taken Stanisław's health problems into her very capable hands - a problem we have not known wholly how to aproach in the right way as we have no training in such matters. Another (not quite as healthy) lesson she has taught us is how to make Ukrainian 'Apple Solozhenik' which though full of calories is delicious!

    Next to all her skills she is a very caring lady and doesn't do things by halves. That I appreciate immensely, because it makes me confident that her determination to follow Yahweh will last and that her marriage vows are genuine and trustworthy. Yahweh has truly blessed our family by bonding us with her. If she has made such a positive difference in only a few days - what might we expect in the years to come?!

    All I can say is: 'Welcome home, you are loved, dear sister!' and 'Thank you Yah'shua (Jesus), for Your love and mercy, Your endless gifts and patient guidance. There is no-one greater than You, Yahweh-Elohim Almighty, and I praise your Holy Name! Amen.'

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    Author: KMK

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