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    Kasia's Corner 11

    A New Wife to Come
    Awaiting Świętosława

    I know that you who visit our sites regularly are already aware that our family now is going to be expanded. Therefore my intention is not to announce the news, but to tell a bit about how I experience it.

    For about the last 8 years I've been the most recent wife, but neither of us have wanted it to remain that way, in fact I've yearned for more wives to share all the wonderful experiences we have in our marriage with. A shared joy is all the more joyous. But Yahweh times things differently from me and in retrospect I can sometimes see that increasing the family at certain times might have been disastrous. So again Elohim (God) knows best!

    Nevertheless he has now finally given us the green light, which brings more joy than I had expected even. It is not just anybody He is letting into our lives - but a godly lady that I have felt comfortable with from the start. I am impressed by her willingness to let Yahweh lead and her warmth makes me feel cared for and wanted. I imagined that it would be difficult for the new wife to accept us sisterwives' presence to start of with and that we would tie bonds gradually as trust and acceptance had been earned. But Elohim (God) had a greater plan. I already feel that when she decided to marry Stanisław she decided to have us included and I am so grateful. It is all happening so naturally and I have the feeling that she is a long waited for sister who is returning home, even if we have still never met in the flesh.

    I am aware that these are still early days and that we are going to face problems in all of us, but I have also experienced that overcoming obstacles together draws us closer to each other. Obstacles don't stop Yahweh's people:

      "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us" (Romans 8:37, KJV).

    So I have no fear of the future, but look forward to it with great hopes and expectations.

    Sister, I want to welcome you most heartily into our imperfect family. Our only strength is our faith in our Master and Saviour Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), but I know you share our love for Him and that is all He has asked of any human being - so we all stand on solid ground. You are very precious, and I have already come to love you and can't wait for you to be amongst us. Thank you for letting me bathe in your affection that I feel that you always radiate and for your consideration and kind words. May Yahweh bless you and take care of you, both now that we are still apart and when you come to live with us. You are doubly my dearly beloved sister - in Yahweh, and in marriage to our husband. You are like a refreshing breeze and a sunny day, and I long for you ...

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    Author: KMK

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