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    The Inseparability of
    Polygamy and

    There cannot be the slightest doubt that Christian and Messianic (aside from those who deny the deity of Messiah) polygamists are split right down the middle today into essentially two camps:

    • (a) The 'traditionalists' who continue to follow the pagan customs of Rome; and
    • (b) the Commandment-Keepers, or Torah-Observers.

    For a while the various polygamy ministries walked in concert, united by the common goal of bringing polygamy to the Christian world, but in the short space of half a decade they were irreconcilably split.

    The division was not only inevitable but it was also the will of Yahweh, our Heavenly Father, and for one reason and one reason only: the restoration of polygamy is a part of the restoration of the end-time Remnant which will be separate from the Christian and Messianic denominations.

    Any attempt to fuse polygamy into Catholicism or Protestantism is bound, in the end, to fail, for the simple reason that it is exclusively part and parcel of the Messianic Israelite Theocracy. The gentile churches, of which Catholics and Protestants are a part, were separated from the Israelite Commonwealth over eighteen hundred years ago when the proto-Catholics, in a bid to be distinguished from the Jews who were at that time being violently persecuted, decided that a repudiation was both a good idea to save their own necks and as well as wanting to create their own 'religion'. Accordingly, they declared that anything 'Jewish' or 'Hebrew' was bad and thereafter began to actively syncretise Christianity with Roman paganism. The fusion did not take long to accomplish, and nor as a result did it take very long for true believers to quickly be outnumbered by unregenerated, nominal 'Christians' taking advantage of the new lax rules. The 'established Church' rapidly became a bastard and before long was forcing the true Christians/Messianics out of their protective shield and to head underground in order to avoid persecution and martyrdom.

    The Reformation of the 16th century began the process of eliminating the pagan contaminations but, like the interrupted Gulf War which left the tyrant Hussein still the master of his own country after a military pasting, never finished the job. What resulted was a Reformed Catholic Church Mark II but with some of the excesses removed.

    It is not my purpose in this essay to make a detailed study of the evolution of the Western Church but to point out some salient things to those of you who have been persuaded that polygamy is truly a biblical principle. For in confronting the monogamy-only issue you will, before very long, be forced to confront almost every other single false tradition that Rome bequeathed to the Reformation, from the very nature of the Godhead to the way Christians/Messianics are expected to live their lives - their overall lifestyle.

    It is astonishing just how blind our traditions can render us. A day does not pass when I do not meet intelligent, knowledgeable and biblically conversant men and women who cannot see a plain truth even when it is spelled out to them on a kindergarten level. And the reason for this, however unconfortatble an assertion this may be, is because they suffer from what have been called demonic mental bottlenecks.

    Now the very idea that a born-again, committed, zealous and - yes, even - loving Christian/Messianic could have demon problems strikes at the root of their pride. For them such a notion is the height of absurdity, even contradictory. 'How can God and Satan dwell together?' is the not untypical retort. This is not remotely to say that such people are 'possessed' by devils, which implies complete and utter control, but that they are repeatedly buffetted by them whenever certain deficient areas of Gospel life are confronted. It's like a country which is under the rule of Christ but scattered across it are some very powerful demonic fortresses. The occupants of these fortresses do not venture out unless grounds to do so are given (like breaking a basic commandment not to steal) but equally the Christian/Messianic cannot journey through the fortress and must make long detours around them. For if he attempts to pass through he is met with violent oppression.

    Demonic forts dot the spiritual landscape of disobedient believers

    Those involved in devliverance ministry call these 'demonic strongholds'. And, yes, Christians/Messianics often have plenty of them. Discovering whether or not you have such a stronghold is a relatively easy matter because once loved ones, friends, or acquaintances tresspass on certain 'no-go' areas, whether by design or by accident, the result is a very dramatic and uncharacteristic defence mechanism which is often violent, irrational and ... uncharitable. The loving, kind, considerate and patient person you knew is suddenly, for a brief period of time, literally transformed into a devil. What is all the harder is that that person is likely unaware of the transformation himself and invariably still believes that he is Christ's soldier and defender, without sin (because of his theological beliefs) even though his behaviour totally contradicts the notion.

    There are many areas in which I have noticed these 'demonic warlords' manifest themselves in Christians/Messianics, often with great verbal violence, for you must remember that the devil is not a peace-maker, neither does he thank those who expose his secret designs. And whenever you see such a manifestation, you can know for sure that you are dealing with some sort of false teaching or IDOL. Three in particular which arouse these dark knights are polygamy, anything contradicting the Trinity dogma, and Commandment-Keeping.

    An idol is something that you passionately defend to the death because it is a false and precarious source of dark light to you. Just watch someone going through the withdrawl symptoms of alcoholism or drug addiction for a graphic illustration. Throughout my long spiritual wandering through almost every true and false biblical teaching there is, I have noticed the effects of the latter on the human psyche. And herein lies another distinguishing feature between the true and the false: the truth operates out of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and the false out of the human psyche or Adam/carnal/fallen/flesh-nature. Those who espouse false doctrines invariably confuse the two, claiming to be in the 'Spirit' when in fact they are operating out of their psyche or soul-nature. And part of the problem in distinguishing between the two is that both manifest themselves through thoughts and feelings which of themselves are morally neutral until animated by one or the other. You can't know the truth simply because your brain or heart 'tells' you that something is true. The only way that you can know whether something is true or not is whether you actually operate in the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) - and the only way you can know whether you operate in the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) or not is whether you are 100% faithful to the Word and in particular whether you are manifesting the fruits of the Ruach (Spirit) as described by the apostles - peace, patience, long-suffering, love, etc., etc. (Galatians 5:22-23).

    People seem to think that just because they believe something is true and they feel passionately and confidently about it that such must be true simply because they believe in Christ. This is a terrible and dangerous fallacy and is the banana-skin that all fall over on their slippery slide into cultism. And, oh yes, we mustn't forget, while we're at it, to point out a favourite tactic of idolaters and cultists, and that is to accuse even before the evidence has been heard: how many times have we, as polygamists, been subjected to a barrage of filthy language and accusation by "Christians" before we have even sat down together to discuss what the scriptures actually say? Typically also, these people will quote one (two, if you are lucky) scriptures as proof-texts for monogamy-onlyism and then, when you do not immediately yield, start cursing you to hell and damnation, accusing you of being an "adulterer" and a "luster", calling you to repentance and ... if you are very lucky ... also be told that you are "loved" as well. The fact that you are willing to present a complete and thorough biblical exegesis of your belief is unacceptable, for the demons that control such people simply will not let you do so, for they know they will be exposed. And thus the attacks by the monogamanics are invariably quick and violent blitzkrieg.

    The reason you cannot have a reasoned discussion with the monogamaniacs (I distingusih between these and those who are open and honest monogamy-onlyists) is because the root of their problem is demonic. Well did Paul say that in the end times people would come with "doctrines of demons" forbidding marriage (1 Timothy 4:1-3). The monogamy-only doctrine is demonic. There are just no two ways about it. When Yahweh's laws and commandments are repudiated, Yahweh is repudiated and demons are acknowledged as lords of a false teaching.

    With whom is Satan angry? What is it that makes him especially vicious and beligerent? The Bible tells us plainly:

      "And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of Elohim (God) and have the testimony of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)" (Revelation 12:17, NKJV)

    The "woman", as we all know, is the believing Messianic Community - the true end-time Body of Believers. And we note here, as well as elsewhere (Revelation 14:12; 22:14; 1 John 2:3-4; 3:22,24; 5:2-3; 2 John 1:6; etc.) that these saints have two identifying marks about them:

    • (1) They are COMMANDMENT-KEEPERS; and
    • (2) they have the TESTIMONY OF YAH'SHUA (JESUS).

    Notice the order as well, implying that you cannot really have a full and complete testimony of Christ until you are obeying the commandments, which were given before Christ came and faith on His Name was required of us.

    But an incredibly large segment of Christendom does not fulfil the first criterion even remotely, and many even go as far as to imply that those who obey the Law are unsaved 'Jews'. This anti-law (let alone anti-biblical) doctrine is passionately defended on the basis of just one or two poorly translated passages by Paul which appear to fly in the face of what Christ taught on the subject. Indeed, we may say that the bulk of Protestant Christendom is pseudo-Pauline ... I'll not say 'Pauline' because they aren't remotely adherants of the apostle Paul who was Torah-observant himself. They tell us that the Law (and therefore commandment-keeping) has been 'abolished' when a closer examination if the receptor language texts reveals that is has been "brought to completion", not done away with! And, of course, that must be so, for how else could the faithful remnant shown figuratively by the "women" expelled into the wilderness (excluded from 'Christendom') be represented as commandment-keepers?

    In my considerable experience the moment you start yielding to the truth of biblical polygamy, then it isn't long before you are soon challenged to obey all the Law such as the Sabbath and Yahweh's Festivals. Before long a complete reforation is under way as you how you have beenb duped in regard to things like Christmas-observance, Easter, diet and health, the Godhead, full salvation, women's rôles, and a whole host of other topics. Then finally you realise that you have been terribly deceived by that whore Church called Rome and all her daughters. It is a shocking revelation and many are too afraid to do much about the awful truth, save the noble and true.

    So you see, the polygamy issue isn't just about polygamy. It's about the whole Gospel, because the whole Gospel is all truth integrated as one. And if you are a lover of the truth, and have been convicted of polygamy, you will (if you are honest and true) not stop there but see the whole personal reformation through until you have full and complete New Testament RESTORATION.

    It is, I feel, no accident that when we have got into discussions about polygamy in Internet chat rooms (for example) that our conversation in the end moves out in all directions and embraces any and every topic. That is rightly how it should be, because polygamy is not a hobby-horse for us, but just one of many vital elements of a Grand Truth, which is in Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). That is why I say that once you truly get 'into' polygamy you must, if you are truthful with yourself, also get into full Torah. In short (and at the risk of sounding arrogant), the only true polygamist is a Messianic Israelite as well. Hence the necessity of this ministry separating from the other ministries who resist in part or in whole the New Covenant Law. Someone who grafts polygamy onto Roman or Roman-derived Christianity is going to produce a monstrous hybrid because you cann't live polygamy properly without law-keeping. And don't let the anti-Torah people intimidate you, for it is not bondage but liberation in its utmost simplicity and beauty.

    The moment you embark on the polygamy path, having been led down it by Yahweh, you are challenged to leave the confining space of the Whore Church and make your way to gatherings of true believers, for it is only here that a full and complete salvation is ultimately available. Simply put, why stay in the wrong Church?

    It is a truism, I think, that the honourable who find polygamy get more than they bargained for. For most, it begins as an idle curiosity and then evolves into a complete spiritual revolution in the way they think, feel and behave. This was certainly my experience and I know it is the experience of many of my friends. For those who take the wrong polygamy route, it can be a very painful and destructive path indeed. Hence this ministry. We represent the 'Third Way' - the 'Middle Way' - or the 'Messianic/Hebraic Way'.

    It was never our intent or wish to be sectarian though in our heart of hearts I think we always knew that the kind of idealism we aspired to really could never be in this dispensation, and especially not in its winding-up phases. The truth is divisive, as Christ warned (Luke 12:51-53). We must not be sidetracked from what we must do by misplaced sentimentality that would try to dilute the truth in order to create an artificial unity. The Ruach (Spirit) can never work in power in such circumstances.

    And spiritual power or fullness is really what this is all about. Most of us have come to polygamy because we know that the heavy price we must pay to live it is totally and absolutely worth it. What is my motive for living it? What is my agenda? It is simple: I do not believe you can obtain a fullness of spiritual joy and power - the power that will leads souls both to Christ as well as completion in Christ - without it firmly established in the end-time Body.

    Polygamy has empowered and equipped my wives like nothing else. I have seen miraculous transformations occur through it when it is lived according to Christ. I have seen stoney hearts turned brightly burning fires of love, and ignorance transfomred into the kind of wisdom most would take a lifetime to acquire. The men and women who live this way, in obedience to the commandments, are literally transformed, energised and victorious people.

    Everything else is stagnation, or snail-pace sanctification, with or without polygamy. Indeed, I would say that polygamy without Torah is useless and it would be better to remain monogamous. Therefore it is not my call to bring polygamy to the 'churches' nor, I would hazzard to suggest, is it anyone else's. My call is to bring polygamy to the end-time elect, the called-out ones. It is not my mission to make polygamy legal in the world but to distance myself from that entirely, for polygamy in the world will spell anarchy in the Christian churches. My call is to preach the Messianic Gospel, not to prop up the already disintegrating churches that are not in alignment with Yahweh's will. I have not been called to create an institution.

    Our vision is therefore crystal clear. Teach the commandments - all of them - and bring the testimony of Christ's saving grace in their wake. And a part of that is to teach Christian/Messianic polygamy.

    Author: SBSK

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