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    Healing Grounds

    A bisexual woman once wrote:

      "The first time I can remember having bisexual feelings was at school. I was brought up in a Christian home and so the effect on me was devastating. I knew the same-sex attraction was wrong but I couldn't suppress it. Firstly I was full of guilt, and cried a lot, but after a while I started getting used to the feelings and didn't feel so bad. Hearing other girls tell similar stories also helped numb my conscience a bit. And then when I met a girl a from hyper-conservative Christian family who was also bisexual and heard how her parents' condemnation had driven her into a promiscuous life, I became afraid. I saw how she seemed to swing from happiness to misery and I knew I didn't want that. She was so confused as to who she was that I would often find her crying."

    A point often comes in any bisexual woman's life when she makes a choice to accept what she is and to stop fighting against guilt. When this happens she usually abandons her heterosexual upbringing and starts changing her philosophical and religious ideals to fit in with her newly found bisexuality. And what that means is that she starts friendshipping and fellowshipping with homosexuals and lesbians, accepting their ideals and, finally, their lifestyle. She still calls herself a 'bi' and still holds out with bisexuals but her view of life is not unlike the homosexuals'.

    It's possible to get into the bisexual lifestyle to different degrees. Some bi women on balance prefer men, others prefer women. Some live an almost exclusively lesbian lifestyle. Some end up marrying men but have lesbian affairs on the side. Some never have affairs with other women and learn to live a life of harmless flirtation with other women whilst being married to a man. Some keep chaste and can experience healing in a godly Christian/Messianic marriage. Others, who have had sexual relationships with other women, are able to break the addictive bonds and manage to struggle their way to healing, like Margaret and Debbie, who carried on living together after they became Christians but were celibate. But for others, who have deep compulsive sexual urges, the healing process can be a lot harder.

    At some stage we have to ask ourselves: how does bisexuality start? Are we born bisexual? Or do we become it through recognisable processes which can be reversed? Of course, there are some bisexuals who like the bisexual lifestyle to the point that it is addictive. Their behaviour is very similar to the homosexual experience where they seek self-worth through sexual expression. Since the borders between homosexuality and bisexuality overlap, it is important for the bisexual to understand what homosexuality is. Please take a look at NCAY's Homosexuality Page and read the articles there, and especially the Apostolic Interview, A Question of Homosexuality which addresses the psychological side very well. There is another side as well - the demonic - and we'll talk about that as well because you can't ignore it. For now we'll just say now that any kind of impure sex leads to problems with unseen powers whose presence has the effect of creating ever deeper and more perverse desires. The end of the road is complete spiritual and physical slavery.

    This webpage is about a revolutionary new solution to the problems created by bisexuality in women, and it's called Echad Christian/Messianic Polygyny. What's so special about this lifestyle is not only that it is biblical and blessed by Elohim (God) when lived righteously, but it provides a unique environment for bisexual women to deeply love other women without compromising their sexual chastity. In many ways, Christian/Messianic Polygamy can be the bisexual woman's paradise, not because it provides a stable pool of women to have sex with (absolutely not) but because it addresses the very deepest need to the women who experience same-sex attraction: the need to deeply love, and to be deeply loved, by other women whilst at the same time enjoying the full God-sanctioned mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual relationship that comes from being married to a godly man. Its about that that we shall principally talk about.

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    Author: SBSK

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