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    BiWomen 2

    A Story

    These days, if you are a bisexual, most Christians/Messianics either accept your bisexual orientation and lifestyle (the liberals) or condemn you out of hand (the ultra-conservatives), forcing you into the arms of the liberals and into denial of spiritual truth. At HEM you will discover three things:

    • 1. That you are fully accepted as you are with all your feelings and problems - you will never be rejected or condemned as a person;
    • 2. No compromise will be made with biblical truth and you will be expected to be true to Scripture - you will be forced to really trust in the loving Saviour and His promises; and
    • 3. You may discover, if that is what you called to, that Christian/Messianic polygamy is the most wonderful and fuflilling nurchuring place for a bisexual woman where you will be able to deeply love other women whilst being sexually fulfilled and pure.

    What I would like to invite you to do now is read a couple of chapter's (10 & 11) from the second novel, Escape to Paradise (a part of Bouquet of Roses). Although it's partly fiction, it does contain all the basic elements, feelings, and processes that are important to bisexual women. Then, when you've read them, click twice on the back arrow on your browser to return to this page.

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    Author: SBSK

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