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    Archive Section II


    Letters from a Convert
    Gregory Olson

    We would like to express our thanks for Brother Greg for being willing to share extracts from his e-mail correspondences with the Church which describe how he came to faith and membership in the Kingdom. We are sorry not to be able to include all his writings, which were lengthy, nor the responses given the Church, as these would have occupied an entire book. We hope that what is here will be inspiring for our readers.

    PART I

    6 May 1998 To whom it may concern: I do not know much about your Church, but I've stuggled as a Mormon for twenty years to understand the doctrine of Christ. I've had many dreams and revelations, and visitations of ministering spirits, but have remained quitely active in the LDS faith, in spite of the disgrace and sickness I feel for the darkness that envelopes the people.

    God has called me with his Spirit to understand and do unusual things, but the more I learn from him, the more I'm repulsed by the false teachings in the LDS church...

    I have found the writings of this web page sing truth to my heart, and am very interested in learning more.

    ... When I read your web page, I believe God is working through you. I don't know much about your church, but from what little I've read (2hrs worth), the doctrine is much closer to what I've learned by myself thought the Holy Spirit, and not in the LDS church.

    Would you please see that this note gets to the appropriate leader of your church.

    8 May 1998 (Letter #1) (For the background of this letter, see the Witness, No.53, March-April 1998, pp.14-15). Regarding your dream (sic. it was a vision). I believe you are correct. The white horse is the Church or God lacking the leadership of Jesus. Jesus is not on the horse, because he is not physically here on earth to reign. The horse is speeding TOWARD YOU because you have been chosen by God to lead those who are in need of more revelation to prepare for the disasters which are surely ahead of us. The entire church of God is heading right TOWARD YOU! (Awesome concept)

    The explosion happens after the horse reaches you, meaning that God will make sure his spiritual church gets the message of gathering prior to the nuclear calamity that will fall on earth. The horse disappears into spiritual realms of the UNSEEN POWERS OF GOD, to be safely protected from evil and the coming disasters.

    The darkness is the world of sin and kingdom of darkness. The world will burn both spiritually and temporally. The wicked will burn like the trees in the dark, the pain oozing like blood from their pores.

    I believe these visions were meant only for you. It outlines exactly how important your mission is! There is NO TIME TO SPARE! The church must move as quickly as the horse was galloping!!!!

    Israel must be saved from the destruction that is coming.

    The anit-christ is a false interpretation of the dream.

    I know this is true for the Holy Spirit in me has confirmed it.

    It must be very difficult what you have been called to do. Please don't lose faith or stop what you or doing, no matter what the adversary does. Think of Israel as those burning trees if you give up or tire of what you are doing!

    God bless you!

    (PS. I have been struggling for many years, yearning for futher light and knowledge from the Lord. I thank him and you for the information he is providing to the world through you.)

    8 May 1998 (Letter #2) (For the background of this letter, see the Witness, No.53, March-April 1998, pp.16-19). I'm pleased to give you the interpretation by the Spirit of the other visions you have experienced regarding the Vatican and the White House.

    The mice which you saw in your vision were brown and grey, representing the "shady-grey" and "dark" concepts that Satan uses to decieve his fellows and followers. His concepts are made to appear so innocent and harmless, and yet are so dangerous and powerful to destroy the souls of men. The Pope and Cardinals where chuckling and laughing, completely unaware of a few small mice, their behavior representing spiritual recklessness, ignorance, and pride pertaining to the doctrines of God. The Pope appeared a little younger, representing his spirit being healthy and vibrant, but as a youth, unsuspecting and naive of the ways of Satan. The mice were impossible to hear, for it is always impossible for us to understand Satan's true intentions--they are always hidden from us. Neither you, nor the Pope and Cardinals, nor anyone else on earth can see the full intent of the devil's words and philosophy. But Satan and his fiendish fellows do. They plan and scheme outside of our hearing, to decieve, trick and fool us into traps and snares. I'm not sure what the objects were you saw, but they were "with" the mice--these "objects" represents the "things" and "materials" that are temporal on earth, being in the control of Satan (materialism). The burnt corn is the food Satan eats. It is burnt.

    The Catholic Church is moving TOWARDS the CHURCH OF GOD. The burnt corn is the food Satan eats. It is burnt. The Catholic Church is moving TOWARDS the CHURCH OF GOD, and making his "corn turn black". Satan is losing his grip upon the souls of men, and has pronounced a prophesy and cursing on the Catholic Church, and intends to destroy it, or thwart it's progress toward the spiritual Church of God.

    Those who do not belong to the church of God, but belong to the Kindom of the devil will be destroyed by his plans, as these souls are in his hands, and therefore, the devil can prophesy according to the power of evil those things that will come to pass according to the mind of Satan.

    The second and third visions are related to the first. The White House represents the document of holy writ--the US Constitution--which came out of the bowels of our forefathers, and is founded on holy and just principles. These principles have become corrupted by evil men, and God is very displeased with the lack of awareness and attention to his holy hand over this nation, even the US. Whereas Satan has cursed the Vatican, God has also cursed the influence of Satan in our government. As the lips of the mice where not understood, neither were your words understood. We can not comprehend the mind of God and the power of his cursings and blessings. The war is between the Satan and God, and in many cases, such as Job's, we are in the middle, unaware of the chess game and battle between those two forces. This vision, like the white horse and nuclear explotion, is given to you personally, that you may understand the war between God and Satan is not really involving you as much as you may believe. Much is going one that you have no control over, but you are definitely being used by the hand of God to speak his Words, even though you have very little idea of the power and influence those words will have on the world -- and particulary the White House.

    The words of Christ condemn those who abuse his holy document, even the constitution of this land. And they, indeed, will be sorely cursed for their folly. The time for repentance is past, and is now ripe, and decisions have been made in Heaven, to move toward the destruction of that which is evil and preserving that which is good. God has called you to gather the elect into safe places. And then the end destruction will follow.

    This is the destruction you felt the dreams were about. God will allow Satan to accomplish his design in destroying those who belong to Babylon, and indeed, will punish the wicked by the wicked. Hence, the cursing of the mouse (Satan) first, and the agreement of God's cursing second.

    Such is the curse of God upon those who heed not his words. They are in the hands of Satan to do as he desires.

    The third vision, I believe, is actually part about you and part prophetic. The teeth spiritually represent those paradigms and concepts we use to break apart and understand words and concepts in this world, much as we tear apart the physical food we eat. As you have been tutored by the Spirit, you have had to throw away the false notions and concepts you had used in the past to understand the Word of God. The first time this happened, you reacted with fear, and thought something was wrong and thought you needed a "spiritual physician" to help you fix the problem. The first tooth or concept was the weakest and most vulnerble paradigm that had to go--hence the capped tooth. It was likely also the one you feared most. As time passed, the more solid concepts you had used for a lifetime--being an intregal part of the tools of your mind--also began to fall, and then you realized that all you had thought and believed in before must fall to Christ. You watched each concept fall to Christ, one by one.

    However, as a mortal, there will always be that one last carnal concept that we all must wrestle with. The jaw of the mouse represents the fact that you will still be vexed with that last tooth, clinging to your flesh, that will remain with you until you die. The jaw of the mouse, of course, takes us back to the first vision, representing the concepts of Satan and his "shady" and "dark" paradigms that afflict us as mortals, because of the flesh.

    I believe the that last tooth specifically represents the fact that as mortals we always tend to believe first in what we see (carnal), and not in what we don't see (spiritual). It is this nature of human beings that will always afflict us when it comes to dealing with the lies and deceptions of Satan. We may have a thousand revelations, but if God tells us to do or say something, we will still not know the outcome until it happens, because of the flesh. As mortals, this gives Satan great power over us if we lack faith in things we can not see. When our faith fails, it is certainly this tiny tooth that plagues our spirit, for we can not see past the flesh, and we doubt the Lord. It is a very natural mental process of being human that will never go away while we live as mortals. The tiny jaw of Satan hanging from the flesh is a clear pictorial symbol of this truth. (Notice it was a jaw and not a tooth? The jaw moves the mouth to speak, not the teeth.)

    Again, the jaw is tiny, for Satan's ideas are made to appear so harmless -- but at the same time, they can destroy the souls of men.

    This third vision is meant especially for you, and in your calling, to give you strength and faith in the Lord and the principles of truth to accomplish His purposes. However, you are correct that it also has a prophetic meaning. The prophetic nature of the third vision has to do with all men and women. All of us must go through the same process as you have, by shedding the man-made concepts we have used to break apart and analyze the Word of God. All must lose all of their spiritual teeth that have served them so well in this world. The process is always not only painful, but also includes an element of fear, but they must be done anyway, and fall to Christ. All men and women must go through the same process to discard carnal thinking and foolish mental tools, and turn to Christ and his Word to be saved. If they do not, they will experience the curses and destruction pertaining to the first two visions.

    That is the prophesy of your third vision, and the interpretation I give is according to the Holy Spirit which is in me.

    God bless you!

    8 May 1998 (Letter #3) I'm very honored to get a reply personally from you. I've been getting spiritually drenched by your web page for the past two days with light and truth. I've been waiting and praying for this truth for many years. It's been wonderful!...

    Many, many ideas that have been revealed to you I've had already known to be true...but then to see them in print from the Lord, is a very, very satisfying experience to me!

    ...the Millennium people need to understand very clearly that we are saved by God's grace and love, not by our works. In the Millennium, all beings need to understand this. The Mormons are examples of believing they are saved by works, and the fruits of this false doctrine will be clearly evident to all when its over....

    The lesson to learn: The philosphy of being saved by works actually begins when people look to people like you, Peter, Paul, Joseph Smith, or some other servant of God, even angels, and make the false conclusion that God's servants are called to that postion because of something good they did on earth.

    This thought immediately leads to the false idea that prophets know more and are more righteous. This then, naturally creates a spiritual dependence on another human being.

    This in turns moves the people away from Christ, and to the arm of flesh.

    Hence, all of the false doctrines in the Mormon Church hinge on the foolishness of trusting in prophets rather than in God.

    Why? Because the people ASSUME the prophets are more righteous than themselves.

    By the way, this issue is not settled in the Christian religions either. Jesus had trouble at the time of Paul getting people to understand, and it is no different today. The controversy of grace and works is still a debate, even though the scriptures are clear on the matter!

    Finally, after reviewing your dreams and the Holy Spirit testifying to me of the meaning, I'm very interested in what you are doing. Obviously, I'm interested in being real about the devestations coming, and want the Lord's protection somewhere, and not some "food storage program" that is utter nonsense to prepare for what's coming. It's been revealed to me that New York City will in one day be destroyed by a nuclear explosion, and that the "great city" spoken of in Revelations of being destroyed is that city, New York. If the banking systems go down in New York never to return, and the communications system go down, it will be very difficult to survive in the gentile world in the United States...

    ...belonging to an organization [the New Covenant Church] that is free to teach Jesus to the world without the false-chains of Mormonism, not being tied to all the other carnal beliefs you have mentioned as false, would be truly a priviledge and a joy. Obviously such a call like that would not be confirmed except the Lord were to reveal it to you. And I'm not excepting you to write me back with any answer about it...other than to share my feelings with you...

    ...I can say, Jesus certainly has taken me through the fire the last twenty three years! Just as you have described in your revelations from Jesus regarding the road of the prophets...

    Again, thank you for your personal reply. I know you are very busy, and to take the personal time to write me is very much appreicated.

    I look forward to receiving the Olive Leaf in the mail

    9 May 1998 Last night a few more details came to me about your vision about the teeth. The large room you were in represents being in the world and having to excercise the principle of faith in Christ. (We seldom know what's really going to happen next with the Spirit, leaving us with the feeling of being in a room, and not knowing where we are for sure.) Bringing our minds to the principle of faith and the fundmental human emotional conflicts we must wrestle with to find Christ is the fundamental truth being taught by the vision.

    To properly excerise the gift of faith, we are required to discard the philosopies men and mental paradigms we use to survive on earth in order to find Christ, as previously explained is represented by our teeth falling out.

    The natural reaction of fear comes about when we enter the realm of the unfamiliar spiritual dementions, which requires a belief in things we can not see. The natural reaction is to doubt. It is very interesting that the dream showed your impulse reaction was that something was wrong when your first tooth fell out, and that you felt you should call a dentist. The dentist represents who you believed to be your "spiritual physician". It represents those doctors of human philosophy that we immediatedly turn to as our first tooth falls out, such as the learned and educated in institutional settings, rather than to the Lord. Essentially, we turn to the arm of flesh to fix the problem, which is not a problem at all, and if we permit the Lord to do so, our teeth will all fall out as described by the dream you had.

    Of course, your dream could have been different. You could have called the dentist immediately, left the "room of faith", and had your dentist put your first tooth back in, then none of the others would have fallen out either, and you could have kept your current sent of teeth, but remained in darkness.

    I believe for most of the world, that is how the dream plays out. As such, the world attempts to avoid the feelings of fear and also the feelings of not knowing were they are at times or where we are going.

    By staying in the room of faith, however, we must choose to have faith in the Lord and deal with those feelings, watching our teeth fall out one by one. And that is a choice that we make. To believe, rather than fear. The last tooth, which you had to actually yank out of your mouth, represents we must all make the choice to deal with these fears all on our own--those caused by the last tooth, which I've explained the meaning in my previoius note. We must choose to believe in God, when the tests and trials and pain of life are crying for us not to believe in Him, and when Satan whipsers to us the lies that he does to persuade us unto a path of unbelief. God will never make that choice during the conflict of darkness and light we feel inside our soul. The tooth will not fall out on its own. We must make that choice to "yank it out", and believe in God.

    In your dream, you chose NOT to call the dentist, but allowed all of your teeth to fall out, as well as pulling out the last tooth, meaning you have chosen to stay in the "room of faith" and find Christ.

    This is a beautiful vision and jammed-packed with much truth. I appreciate your sharing it on the internet, for it is has been enlighting and powerful at teaching the principle of faith.

    I hope you find this useful. I must say, I'm so very happy to use this gift I have for something of value. I've only been using it for myself for years, since there has been not outlet in the Mormon Church to share the gift with anyone.

    Do you realize how much joy this brings to me to share this with you?

    I'm so happy to be of some kind of service on this earth. I was beginning to think there was no one like me, nor the gifts I have been given by God could not be shared.

    I'm very grateful that he has allowed me to share this with you, and I really hope you find some use for what I've written.

    Feel free to share whatever I've sent you, but in the spirit of the gospel, and according to the command of Jesus to do things in secret, please keep my contribution to the work annonymous*. I would rather have God's name glorified, rather than my own. (*Permission to use his name was received on 13 June 1998, the day after he left the Mormon Church).

    11 May 1998 (Letter #1) I hope you don't mind this lengthy note. I have no idea what you need or desire. I was surprised to find that you work at a full time job. What do you do?

    I'm a financial analyst for Sun Microsystems, am married and have four children, am 40 years old, and am now one of the happiest people on earth, since I came accross the gold mine of light and truth coming from God through the New Covenant.

    My tradition in Mormonism has taught me prophets are something different, and it is a breath of fresh air to find a prophet that is a real person, and not some figure head.

    Although I do wonder how you find the time to do what you do and work in the ministry. Perhaps I'm imagining the New Covenant Church of God to be bigger than it is? Do you keep a member ship record for people that live outside the colonies?

    Look at it from my perspective. Here I've been taught to worship Joseph Smith, and then I read what the Lord has revealed to you and it makes the D&C look like kindergarten light.

    I'm not sure what to think.

    Who am I to write you and converse about spiriutal matters, when you have communed with God?

    I'm glad you think that my Spiritual Gift is geniune. Thank you. For years I've thought I was crazy and being led by Satan (he loves to tell us that we are following Satan when we are truly following God--his favorite lie to those who obey the Spirit.)

    Unfortunately, I have not been trained in the Bible as you, and although I'm much more versed in the Bible than the average Mormon, I've spent most of my time in the Book of Mormon and the D&C....

    By the way, as a clearer definition of grace, you asked me to define it, so I will try: what I mean is that God loves us first, and we love him back. It is his love and light he offers to us. That is His grace. We accept his love, or reject it. If we accept it, then we obey him out of love, and he saves us by that love.

    God doesn't deviate from his mind and will. That is is grace too, in a way. In my own life, for example, God has called me to do certain things. I've watched his will come into my life without my doing anything, then I choose to accept the call or reject it. If I believe him, more light comes. If I don't believe him, the light goes dimmer---but--but--get this--for some reason God doesn't turn and leave me, even though according to the law of justice I should die.

    For example, I remember a time for three years, because of the darkness I was under and false ideas I had beleived to be true, the Spirit of God did NOT leave me completely alone, even though I delibeately and definately disobed his Word. I deliberately sinned because I was angry at him and the calling he has for me, trying to run away like Jonah, refusing the call. In some situations, he has offered me to either grovel in darkness and despair, or obey. Jonah's was physical, mine emotional.

    But no matter what I said or did--God's mind and will did not change. He still came again and again with the call.

    "You have a work to do. You must do it. I want you to do it."

    If I said "No, I don't want to," and then sinned just to make him mad at me like a little child--it didn't phase him one bit.

    He still called me.

    I didn't deserve it.

    I did NOTHING to merit the call.

    He just kept nagging and pestering until I obeyed. And when I finally repented, then I got more light.

    That to me is his love and grace, and by that he will save me.

    He knows me too well, and after reading His words through you on the internet, I'm very sorry for the darkness I agreed to submit to for three years, and for my unrepentant and rebellious attitude--but I see now my folly-- and desire to repent with all my heart.

    Why? Because I asked him long ago in sincerety of heart and with faith for Him to save me, no matter what, and for him to help me to do whatever I was foreordained to do, no matter how much I kicked and screamed.

    And He is doing just that. According to my prayer of faith twenty years ago.

    My desire is to stand before our Heavenly Father and Jesus and be able to acknowledge that I have done those things I was forordained to do. That is my only desire.

    If I can do that, then my soul will rest in heaven at the last day. I will have received what I desired.

    As of yet, all though I've sinned and created sore problems for myself, I believe I still have a chance to finish what I've been truly created for. And His grace and power will reveal that to me as it comes.

    I did not deserve the light that I'm learning at this time. Just a month ago, I fell into depression, threatened my wife with divorce, got angry about the whole spiritual calling I thought I had, reasoning the emotional pain just was NOT WORTH IT.

    It was so bad, I was actually reasoning that eternal life didn't matter at all to me. The pain and misery of this life was not worth the glory available!

    Can you imagine the stupidity? Oh it was dark!

    Anyway, after a month of stewing, and God intervening in our marriage in a miraculous way, I finally settled down, and decided to repent and not curse God anymore.

    Well, the VERY NEXT DAY I found your site on the Internet!

    To me...that is the grace of God.

    I deserved by my mental action, my physcial words, my thoughts of disbelief, and my outright rebellion to be banished to hell forever, according to his law of justice--my cursing him and telling him I hated him, hoping to hurt his feelings, doing anything I could to be RELEASED from my call from him.

    But he was merciful, and I see now after reading your site what He was leading me to something I had no idea even existed. He knew that the darkness I was under was sheer ignorance of what He was doing. Satan throwing all the powers of hell against me.

    So God did not abandon me nor leave me in my rebellion and destroy me.

    To me--that is the grace of God...

    11 May 1998 (Letter #2) ... The words that you have published on the internet as revelations from Christ, I know are true. They are my master's words. It is the same voice I've been following for twenty years.

    I know my Savior!

    I just read the parable of the butterfly and the caterpiller [NC&C 214]. The words are from my Savior, and I love him. I don't need to "prove it" by the scriptures. After twenty years of following it as closely as I could, and see him instantly in the revelations recorded.

    Thank you...

    With only six members, there is an awfully long way to go. But since God is behind it, who can fail?...

    I remember seeing your web page a few months ago about the Millennium, and my first reaction was -- what a fanatic-- always using scare tactics, chuckling to myself, read a few lines--and then off I went.

    The only reason I read futher the second time, is I was on the LDS Restoration Link page, and thought I would just "investigate" what the "apostates" where doing.

    I read your first page in skeptism, and broused around, until I actually hit the revelations, and heard my Savior's voice.

    Then my spirit was arroused.

    I've been well "endowed" with the Holy Ghost, as you put it, so I immediately recognized the voice of Jesus...

    The revelation on homosexuality is incredible! You are sitting on a gold mine of truth...

    The idea of witnessing for Christ, building Zion, completing my foreordained mission, and building a self-sustaining colony is very appealing to me because in my spiritual development, and my soul yearns for that higher light and needs it at this point...

    I would love to help in this work. If you are interested in any of these ideas [clipped], let me know, I would love to help you in any way that I can.

    13 May 1998 Hey, I'm here late at work and was browsing your site again. I can't wait until I get the Olive Branch in the mail...

    I got to go. Just wanted the thank you for setting the table of food for me to feast upon from the Lord.

    I'm eating as fast as I can swallow. It's very tasty...yum..yum!

    Thanks again,

    14 May 1998 I was reading Section 158 in the Olive Branch and felt impressed to provide the interpretation by the Holy Spirit. The goldon spheres you saw represent the light of truth and knowledge of God that is circumscribed into one great whole. Every truth is independent in the sphere in which God has placed it, and each independent truth works together as a unified collection of thought or action, according laws of God. Hence, the image of the spheres tightly joined as a column, three or four deep.

    The spheres are gold in color representing the eternal value of light and truth--more precious than gold. The golden spheres were floating IN THE AIR over the water, representing that all light and truth comes from God, our Heavenly Father, who is the "Father of Lights".

    The water represents purity and peace, and a person must cleanse himself by immersing himself or herself in the Word of God, repenting of his sins and separating himself from the world, meaning he or she must "become as an island from the world", sometimes even isolated and alone. But by so doing, the Father of Lights will come, and will teach him truth and knowledge, according to the Holy Ghost and the mysteries of God--which are of great value to the childen of men.

    There were two sets of Islands viewed--Hawaii and the Marquesas Islands. This means that the process of true spiritual growth is not accomplished by oneself. This is a great mystery. It requires the union of a spouse in the marriage covenant to progress fully in light and truth. But this is not all, also consider the "hundred square miles of empty sea" you saw--representing a spiritual treasure store of holiness and purity between the two islands. Indeed the marital relationship is not two, but three. God, man, and woman.

    It is God in the water that cleanses the marital relationship, through the "water of His Word", according to the words of Paul, that prepares a couple to receive the golden spheres of light and truth send down from the Father of lights!

    The eastward movement represents pointing our minds to the Light of God in front of us to the east that rises in our minds and hearts just as the physical sun rises from the east every morning. To establish Zion and cleanse the inner vessel, we must consider each day and every moment as the "morning of life", and not the evening, waking up from the sleep of darkness and death, into the new life of Light and Holiness. We must be born again.

    But consider next, the gold spheres are BETWEEN the two islands and heading to the east, symbolic of God leading both the man and the woman together on a decreed coarse eastwardly--toward the Gulf of Mexico...

    The Gulf of Mexico is also in the shape of an ARC, symbolic of the same covenant that God made using the arc of the rainbow. Leaving us a symbol, etched into the earth, God covenants to again bring Zion down from Heaven! It is an immutable promise, and covenant with Israel, and the hope of the church of the Firstborn. The meaning of the shape of the arch is that God's covenant with Israel will be completely fullfilled just before the "sunset" of time. For the shape of the arc is formed EVERY EVENING ON EARTH, when the SUN IS SETTING on the horizon.

    For those of spiritual Israel who have the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, who can deny the symbols etched by God and the meaning thereof? God will keep his promises, but we must wait patiently until the very end of time, even the end of the Mellinium, before all of his promises and prophesies are fulfilled for Israel!

    Hence the rainbow is sent after each rainfall to symbolize God's promises to cleans the earth a second time, just as the earth is bathed in rain, or just as the earth was baptized with the flood. But this time it won't be cleansed by water as in the days of Noah, but by fire and hot burning. Thus the arc of the rainbow leads the mind to the firery sun setting at the close of each day--which is a clear symbol of cleansing the earth by fire at the end of Mellinium!...

    Contrary to the introductory notes given to section 158, the vision of the golden spheres does not represent that the inhabitants of the of city Enoch are returning to earth in any manner of travel, but the spheres are a type and shadow, symbolic of all believers slowly heading toward the goal of Zion, or the city of Enoch, using the principles of light and truth revealed through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

    The slow movement of the gold spheres toward the Gulf of Mexico is symbolic of the true purpose and end-goal of all light and truth--that of moving the spiritual Kingdom of God toward Zion, the New Jerusalem, or the Holy City of God. Zion is the emotional hope of all true believers--to build a great and glorious city for our God, where all beings work together in harmony and unconditional love, having an eye single to His glory, worshiping the Father and the Son forever and ever, as described in the Book of Revelation.

    In the vision, there were MANY golden spheres, perhaps 50 to 100 that you saw. This represents that each person of Zion, which are many, has independent access to the light and truth from Heaven, and yet as we obtain this light, we are also attracted to each other in the bonds of love, and work in harmony toward the end goal of Zion. Hence, the golden spheres were tightly joined together, and moving in the same direction.

    Both truth and agency are independent in nature, and also are integrated into one whole. This is the symbol of the golden spheres, dual in nature, conveying both concepts to the mind at the same time. The spheres were "enormous" representing that the eternal fountain of light and truth is boundless, as well as capacity of the human spirit to be filled with pure love is also boundless and eternal.

    He who can see, look--for do you not see that their was both height and depth in the image. The one going up in a column representing the truth pointing upward to God, and the other having a "depth" or a separate demention "sideways" pointing to man. Thus, truth and agency of man work together, in developing the spiritual talent and ability of those who believe, to move the saints of God toward Zion.

    Light cleaves to Light, and as believers receive the Light and Truth of the Son of God, we are drawn together in mutual love, moving ever so slowly, almost imperceptably toward God's eternal purposes and goals. Even though it sometimes appears we are stationery, WE ARE ACTUALLY MOVING FORWARD, just as you felt in your vision, and we do get very tiny glimpes of our moving forward from time to time. But as mortals, this is difficult for us to percieve. Hence the feeling that you had been watching the image move toward Zion, but were not really sure it moved at all. But it did. You knew it was headed for Zion, even though you couldn't see it moving.

    The truth is that to us as mortals, the end goal of Zion is a long way off. Indeed, the end of the Millennium, or the "end of time" is many times the life span of a human being. Hence, the golden spheres were far away. Many times our hopes and expectations for Zion appear strong and yet because the goal is so far away, it can lead to discouragement. This vision, again brother Chris, was given just for you. The meaning of the rainbow has been given to the prophets since Noah as a reminder to be patient, that all the covenants of God will NOT be fullfilled until the end of time. Achieveing the final and ultimate goal of Zion is far away, and obviously far, far beyond your mortal probation. I imagine in your lifetime the movement of the church of God toward Zion will be only a tiny step, perhaps only as far as you saw the golden spheres move. If you keep this image that God has given you firmly in your mind, you won't get as easily discourged and buffetted by the devil's temptations, who would cause us to be impatient, causing us to believe we can force the Heavens to move things according to our mortal expectations and not in God's slow, but consistent and patient manner. It's a pretty cool gift God has given you, actually. Indeed, this vision was given to you in 1989, and look how slowly God has moved the New Covenant Church of God in almost a decade? Is not God's actions pertaining to the New Covenant a fullfment of this vision in very deed? Is not this interpretation a testimony to you that God has control of things and has decreed the pace in which Zion will be built on earth? For Has called me to interpret this vision, according to the Holy Spirit of God in me, to give you faith and courage. And I prophesy, that a third will come soon, and interpret the third vision you have posted on the internet, that God may fullfill his word, which he has declared: "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall his word be estblished."

    It has been a pleasure being enlightened by this vision, for it has taught great eternal truths from the mind of God, according to the Holy Spirit that is in me. And the interpretation is sure, according to the power of God in me.

    This vision and interpretion by the gift and grace of God will do much to build a foundation of belief, particularly for those who may scoff and doubt the Word of God and the slow pace in which God has chosen to prepare the New Covenant church to be introduced to the world. As you know, I only found your web site only six days ago, and since then, God has opened my mind to interpret three of your visions by the power of the Holy Ghost. It surely has taught me the purpose of having one saint receive a vision, and another interpret. For none can dispute the power of God. For the principle is to strenghten our faith, by witnesses the Almighty shed light on two idenpentent witnesses, who don't even know each other, and by so doing, have the miraculous evidence and signs follow our faith in Him, just as the Word of God promises in the New Testament!

    For those watching us and reading the visions and intrepretations given will be forced to take notice, for the concepts and principles taught in the visions all tie together with spiritual purpose and meaning to the benefit of the church of God, that no one but God himself could have revealed these things to me.

    I knew nothing of you one week ago, and yet God has revealed things to me in interpreting this vision which has been hid from the world for thousands of years--particularly regarding the sign of the arc, and the clear intention and purpose of that symbol is to inspire patience in the saints and prophets to not be discouraged at the seemingly slow pace of God.

    And finally, when the third person comes and interprets your third Vision, what man having the Spirit of God can doubt the Lord's hand in this work? For who can doubt that God desires to strenghten the faith OF ALL CHRISTIANS IN ALL RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS ACCROSS THE WHOLE EARTH!!!

    Not one.

    Truly it is a marvelous and wonderous light that has shown, and I'm very grateful God has found a purpose for using the spiritual gifts he has given me.

    Thank you so much for sharing your vision on the Internet. As always, you may do as you wish with this interpretation.

    15 May 1998 I've been trying to soak up as much of the information about the New Covenant as a I can since last week. I'm so grateful for the revelations and the light being poured out. I've had some further enlight- enment of the Spirit since my note to you on Wednesday.

    Regarding about the symbols of nature, I read one of the revelations about the Lord revealing thing in his book of scriptures and also the "book of Nature" I've been very blessed in the last decade with the gift of seeing god in the "book of Nature", and I thank him for that gift, and my being able to share this gift with others has made my peace and happiness in the Lord very fullfilling.

    I appreciated that the Spirit allowed my interpretations of your visions to be put on the internet...

    I believe that the fault of the Latter-Day saints' darkness really stems from disobeying the clear counsel from the Savior that we are to give alms in secret. Most people assume that alms means money, but it has a much broader meaning. It is really anthing we give to serve others, whether it is financial, spiritual, physical, emotional--whatever. First, we are to give what we have with not thought of return, and secondly we are to do things as secretly as possible. Why? Because when we do, no one can turn and thank us for the good that is done, for they can not, we are not to be seen. Therefore, all glory turns to God for praise and thanksgiving. I believe this is the spirit in which angels work, and one of the reason they are kept hid from our eyes. I believe they serve with great pleasure in secret, knowing that our thanks goes to God where it belongs for their (the angels of God) assisting God in answering our prayers and helping us in need. All service that can be done in secret, should be. The Words or our Savior are clear, for so has he commanded us. But how many LDS and Christians ignore the these simple words and grovel in darkness not understanding the source of darkness? The result is that people became satisfied with the good feelings they feel when people thank them for their good works, and then next thing you know, everyone "feels good" about what happens, but no one thinks of God's grace and blessings. The attention turns sideways to man, and not up to God, to whom all thanks, praise, and glory rightly belongs...

    Finally, I feel inspired to share a few more ideas I've had on symbols of God taught by the "book of nature". Following up from my previous note about the rainbow, truly it is a wonder and sign from heaven regarding our new birth and new covenant with him.

    I mentioned about the symbol of the sunset, the shape of the arc, and the covenent God has made to redeem Zion and fullfill all of his words completely at the end of the Millenium.

    But there is also another meaning--the sunrise--symbolzing our new birth into the celestial Light of God.

    I actually learned these principles from the words of Peter, who talks about the more sure word of prophesy, as a light in a dark place, until the day star arises in our hearts.

    The light ina dark place is a star. That is telestial light. We all start as telestial beings, and within our selves God has given us telestial light. It is our conscience. It is part of us. We are born with it.

    But we are in a dark world of sin and Satan. We are place in a "dark night sky".

    Our objective is to find the daylight.

    When Peter talks about the day star arising in our hearts, he is talking about the born again process. All Christians begin as a star twinkling in the night--there are billions upon billions of starts, representing the billions upon billions of men and women with telestial light on earth.

    The big mistake of men and women, is they assume that this telestial light they hold is the Celestial Light of God, when it is not. Hence they search in their own light and become brighter and brighter, such as the more brilliant stars in heaven. This is the concept of being saved by works, and as people attempt to save themselve by their own light, which does indeed get brighter, then the temptation of the darkness is to compare themselves to the dimmer lights of other stars, and by so doing, the fall--like a shooting star in heaven--into utter darkness and foolishness. The light that they have become darkness.

    Repentance is accomplished in this lesser light. John the baptist taught repentence of sin under this doctrine.

    However, John taught that Jesus was greater than he, and that a greater light was coming. It is so cool. This is just like the sun coming up in the morning. It comes up gradually, and as it does the darkness of night as well as the twinkling light of the stars disappars to the blazing light of the sun.

    The meaning of the Words of Peter are that when the "day star" or the SON SHINE comes up in our hearts, and we see the blasing light of Christ (spiritually speaking), then we know we have the promise and assurance of celestial glory, because the light is actually "in us", just as our conscience is "in us". It is a more sure word of prophesy, meaning we know we will be saved in the celestial kingdom of God, on conditions that we do not commit the unpardonable sin, and sin unto death, becoming a son of perdition .

    This concept is radically different that the one that God is outside of us and speaks to us from a microphone in heaven, and we can hear him "if we are tuned in". That is for a star in the dark night, when the darkness makes it difficult to see and hear the voice of the Spirit.

    But his concept says that "God lives in us and dwells in us".

    This experience happened to me in the last week of December, 1987. And ever since this light came into my being, it has not left me. Not even one. Although I did go through periods of intense darkness and trial, in which I threatened my wife with divorse, at the same time, I the light was still there--whispering that I knew I wouln't get divorsed, but that I was just thowing a temper tantrum in front of God like a little child who whines right in front of his father.

    When I received this light into my spirit, it was at that moment that my spirit ceased to thirst spiritual, but was full. I have not thirsted for God like I used to since that experience last december. Hence, I believe I have experienced the real meaning of the Savior's words telling us that if we come to him he will give us waters, that if we drink, we will never thirst again.

    It's been almost six months since I drank of this celestial water, and have not spiritually thirsted since.

    This I believe is the second symbol of the rainbow, with represent the shape of the sun coming up the horizon on the east.

    When the physical sun comes up, we know it is there when it hit our eye, and when that happens, it is in the shape of an arch, like the rainbow. And then is when we see the beautiful spiritual truths of God for ourselves. It is at that point we are in truth "Born of God".

    Many people have spiritual expiernce but they are still only stars in the dark, and they misinterpret the Word of God assuming they are born again, when they are not. They have been CONCEIVED by the word of God and are growing in the Womb of God, but they are not truly saved until the see the arc of the sun in the morning. That is covenant of the rainbow God has made with us.

    The confusion lies, that as we are in the womb of God, conceived by the Spirit of God, we are still only a star in the night sky, and as such, can still be easily fooled by darkness.

    But when the sun comes up, we are in the day, and the Devil can not deceive us anymore. He can send buffeting and trials, such as dark skies or storms or tornados, but these are all in the DAY LIGHT, and we know what is happening, we can see the devil and his power, and therefore, can easily avoid it. We are in the day, not the night sky...

    One of the biggest problems of Joseph Smith and the restoration, what that he misunderstood much that was given him, because he never made it to the arc. Sure, anyone can have a thousand revelations from the lips of Jesus, dictating the will and mind of God to the people, but that is under the paradigm of a star in the night sky--where Jesus is "outside" of us and "speaks" on a microphone to those who are "tune in" to his spirit. Such people, who do not have the spirit "in them" can be easily lead by the lies of Satan and temptations of darkness, even if the Lord came and told them his words face to face...

    We receive a light, that can NOT go dim. Once inside, it NEVER leaves.

    It burns twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

    We walk in the day, not the night.

    We receive the water that when one drinks, we never thirst again.

    The word of power of God speaks like a trumpet in our heart from the inside, drowing out the flesh...the carnal mind becoming a "tinkling cymbal" in comparison this celestial light of God.

    Just to let you know, I'm new at this. It's only been five months since I received this endowment, but it has literally has changed my soul, so that I can see things from the inside, not the outside.

    When I wrote the interpretations of the visions you posted, it was from the inside to the outside, because this Light is actually in me.

    It truly is as all the prophets have ever written about the experience.

    God lives in us, not outside of us...

    I have seen the arc in of the sun in the morning, and it is wonderful!

    It is all very symoblic truths God has placed as signs to teach us about him...when I read you vision about mormonism, for example, the telestial and terrestial beings face to the south and north...both of which are full of ICE--the north pole, and south pole. Lookig to the east represents searching for the Light of Jesus, waiting patiently to be born of the Light that will come over the horizon, patiently, being conceived in a dark sky, but then watching the sun come up slowly, the darkness fading, the stars disappearing, until we see that gleam of Son Shine over then horrison, and God seals us by his Holy Spirit, and we truly are born of God and saved for sure, according to his covenant and promise etched in the book of nature.

    Looking to the west represents the end of time and the covenants and promises of God to be fullfilled before the end of the Mellinium.

    19 May 1998 I've been getting only three or four hours of sleep a day since I found your site.

    With only three hours of sleep last night, I woke up with an abundance of eternal energy and light to accomplish my temporal tasks today...

    May glory be to Him forever and ever, amen.

    25 May 1998 Sometime I curse God for being born a Mormon, because it has been such a difficult and dark path to truth.

    I know I shouldn't do it. But my roots go all the way back to my ancestors' friends of Joseph Smith in 1831! I have been as entrenched in Mormon culture and antiquity as a person can be! But God has taught me truth, and I've survived the falsehoods.

    Although I thank God I've been enlighted, and found the grace of God and his love, it has not been easy surrounded by so much darkness. (I think you can understand.)

    Thank you so much for your detailed explanation and opinions about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. I can understand, to some degree, your position, but I'll need more time...

    Over the weekend, I fasted and prayed about the situation of the Book of Mormon. I had many different feelings about what to do. Finally, after much struggle, and many false feelings trying to lead me into getting a belief based on feeling and by revelation, the still small voice at the end of my fast said something like this:

    "If the Book of Mormon is true, it should stand up against the test of observation and existing facts."

    So, just as you suggested, the Lord expects us to use our own senses and rational thinking to compare what is written in the Book of Mormom with what is available to us externaly, and I ought to be able to make a conclusion whether it is harmony with facts we know about.

    If there are no conflict with facts, then the book could be true. At that point, the spirit of revelation must be used to determine the truthfulness of the words written. The same holds true for the Bible. It is the Spirit of God that gives its meaning, NOT the mind of man.

    So, the first thing I've learned from my fasting and prayer, is that your wisdom is in harmony with God's.

    (By the way if I come out of this alive, I will be one of the New Covenant's most faithful members. I would desire to actually move my family to one of the colonies, and live the United Order as soon as I can--assuming my wife comes around. I wish I had my feelings closed on the Book of Mormon and the issue burried, but they simply are not. I so much appreciate your understanding that I can not go against something I really believe in my conscience, giving me time to work through my beliefs, and not condemning me.)

    But I would ask for your help. Since I look to you as one who is much experience studying all facets and issues surrounding Mormonism, perhaps you could cut "a decade" off of my "objective study" of the Book of Mormon, which the Lord has now commissioned me to do.

    I was wondering if you could provide to me what you think the "TOP 10" strongest evidences against the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the story that it came from gold plates and heavenly angels...

    My point is, Joseph Smith got so screwed up on the priesthood, operating in the realm of darkness, that he misunderstood completely, thinking that the ordinances themselves save us. He probably read the verse in Corinitans about baptism for the dead and read a thousand different things into it. So Joseph's views on ordinances were darknened. It's the PRINCIPLES OF LIGHT AND TRUTH CONTAINED IN THE ORDINANCES THAT SAVES US, not just the ordinances themselves. It the same as baptism. It's not that baptism saves anyone--but the symbolic truths taught by the ordinance of baptism do. A person must understand the light and truth surrounding the ordinance to be saved, and for this reason, God gives us ordinances. In this way, man is saved by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. In the end, it's the truth, and only the truth, that saves us...

    I have rejected the many-god philosphy of Joseph Smith about three years ago. The God I believe in is one God, and this God is light, truth, and love itself, that lives inside a bodily temple in the form of the Father, the Son, The Holy Ghost, as well as Man, and woman, if we obey that light...

    Anyway, the belief of more gods than one is the big error of Joseph. God never, ever was a man or woman on another earth, as Joseph taught. God may have "lived" in another temple or house of "man or woman", and our Father in Heaven has been resurrected into a celestial body, but that body is just a temple or house of God. God is in all things and through all things, the light of truth.

    That is God.

    And He is only one God, living in different forms, and has existed from all eternity, and was not created or made. He is eternal...

    So, even if the Spirit of God dwells in us, we can NEVER claim that we are God, for that light and agency is separate in and of itself, and has existed forever. That is an eternal principle, and man or woman can NEVER BE GOD.

    Indeed, it is this principle that Satan fell over in the first place, for he falsely presumed he was more than just a temple, and sought to dethrone our Father, attempting to exalt himself above God.

    Anyone who gets caught into the concept of "becoming God" false prey to Satan and darkness, for such is impossible to become anything other than a clean temple for God to live in...

    I would like to join the New Covenant, but my views on the purpose of Mormonism don't fit. If you are right, then the falshood of Mormonism will not stand against the ten arguments you present to me, and then I'll hopefully see the light.

    Because my testimony of the Book of Mormon runs so deeply, and because I learned of the true doctrine of Christ from its words--forcing myself to reject the Mormon Church's beliefs already on almost every point you have brought to my attention, the proof needs to be clear and absolutely irrefutable objective evidence before I can change my mind regarding the Book of Mormon...

    Anyway, I've got to go. Thanks for all you help, and I'm looking forward to the top ten arguments you believe prove the falsehood of the Book of Mormon.

    30 May 1998 (Letter #1) Thanks for your wonderful responses. I appreciate your offer to help me with the Book of Mormon evidence. I believe that I have been called for a purpose being inside the Mormon church and sorting through all the false doctrine. There are a lot of very good principles taught also, and that's what makes it hard to see through...

    It appears we have reached an incredible agreement and understanding about the Book of Mormon--that you respect my beliefs and will allow my to investigate the facts. Thank you! So, I'm very statisfied with our progress. I do have a question, and it's been on my mind, but don't know if it's too personal to ask. The Olive Branch really rings true to me. In fact, I'm a sheep, going "Baa..Baa" to the words. Could I ask you what process you went through to obtain the "revelations". Is is a still small voice in the mind, an audibile voice that dictates the words, or do you ponder the question and answer it within your own heart, subject to changing the words until you feel right about them.

    Obviously, based on the words in the Olive Branch, I'm accepting you as being the Lord's servant, and also, for other reasons, such as last week I interpreted two visions, had a legion of angels appear to me at night, and also had a vision of my own confirming the idea that the aliens are pawns in Satan's hands, and are real. These types of things don't happen to me every day.

    Finally, the Mormon Prophets always proclaim that we should "stay out of debt". Now, that's fine counsel, except when you believe it's more than just wisdom, but "revelation" from Almighty God, and a commandment that brings eternal salvation. Anyway, I've always wanted to "keep that commandment" of the prophets, but the Lord has seen fit to keep us just inches from achieving it, only to then plunge into a financial crisis. Like a Yo Yo. Not to get into details, but two days after I found your site, I received the money I needed from an unexpected source, and now we are completely debt free! I've waited almost FIFTEEN YEARS for this experience.

    And it happens two days after we meet?

    Therefore, the facts, and my own experience here, undeniably point that God didn't want me to get out of debt, while I believed in the Mormon Prophets, because they are FALSE prophets. He would NOT let me obey that commandment from them. The momment I find another alternative to the Mormon church, bingo. I'm debt free.

    I thought that was amazing and thought you might like to know.

    Therefore, I'm left to conclude that either I'm on the very edge of the most exciting, and wonderful, and most important work to hit the world before Christ returns; or I'm under a delusive and false spirit, being manipulated by evil powers, that if I follow them, my family will end up a victim of another "Jamestown" or "David Koresh..."

    You have only six members [1998]. Since I've been working on sorting through this stuff for twenty years, and then for this to fall into my lap now in my life, in the very beginning of the New Covenant, and to just consider all that is to happen in the next ten or twenty years, is a rather awesome thought to swallow!!!

    Finally, some of the revelations you give hint that you have seen the resurrected Lord and spoken with him. Do I dare ask if I'm reading the revelations correctly?...

    When ever I doubt this is real, however, all I need to do is open the Olive Branch and read, and there is my Savior.

    That is why I'm interested.

    I'm very glad that you put a link on the home page directly to the Olive Branch, because Jesus is the one that will attract his sheep, not you or me...

    Finally, I must say, you have guts. To put the pictures of demons and aliens in front of the world on your internet page, must make them very angry and eager to destroy you.

    30 May 1998 (Letter #2) The final interpretation of your third vision has come to me. God has taught me a great lesson here. Because He put a veil over my mind, I presumed that he was to have another come and interpret this vision. For which thing I boasted inappropriately, and now have egg all over my face. Secondly, I made a lot of other emotional predictions, which I placed at end the interpetation of the "sphere's", prophesying of things that I thought would happen, based on the logical conclusion that I could not interpret this third vision, and therefore, I merely presumed it was ordained for another.

    But it was a matter of timing, not ordination.

    I'm very passionate and not patient to work on the Lord's timetable. So, I'm sure I'll have to get more eggs on my face before I learn my lessons.

    This is NOT the first time I've made this mistake. God constantly will tell me to do something or not do something, and then I reason and conclude things into his will that are not there. I get all excited, and my passions take over and I start making things up. It's about that simple.

    I still believe the "sphere interpretation" is according the Holy Spirit, but the last part about someone else coming soon is very questionable, since I have now been given the interpretation of the six trees and missle silo.

    The interpretation of this third vision is rather simple. The fertilizer you saw is the Olive Branch, which has nourished "the Six" through the winter, which is now past. It's now a different season. A time for rejoicing. It is Spring, and a time to for the harvest, and the leaves will shoot forth from the six trees, and bloosom, in the proper "season". But ONLY if the six trees are planted in the correct place!

    The beautiful grass is the spiritual beauty in the world, those who have striven with all their hearts to know God to the best of their ability. It is here the "six trees" are to be planted. The good people in the world will support the cause you believe in. The leaves of these six trees, which were NOT present, represent the future members of the "New Covenant Church of God". It is BARE. It is not important that there exit even one leaf or even "one member" in the New Covenant Church of God at this time. No. Rather God desires that the bare trees be planted deeply into the spiritual church of God first, which now exists on earth in all its beauty, BEFORE any leaves grow into the New Covenant Church of God. That is His intention, and it is not an accident or a failure that the New Covenant is only six. Be assured, it is no mistake, but He is operating exactly as intended. It is according to his divine plan. This is the order and pattern established by the vision, for if not so, then the image would have been six bushy green trees, with leaves growing abundantly on them, and floating in the air, which then, from the air, you would have seen God take the lush green bushes and plant them into the grass. But this is not so. The trees are bare. And they are ALSO planted in the beautiful, grassy field.

    The trees are planted EQUALLY in the field. The symbolism of the bushes being planted in equal proportion throughout the field of grass is to remind and teach "the Six" that the spiritual church of God is accross many religions and throughout all the world, and each of the fallen churches must be treated with equal respect and dignity. The momment any of "the Six" would treat any one religion as better or worse than the other, would take one away from the principles being taught by the vision. Although fallen, all these churches contain members of the true church of God, and should be treated as such--with great respect and dignity. Indeed, the purpose of "the six" is not to draw converts into the New Covenant, but rather, plant themselves first into the existing Church of God, using the Olive Branch as the catalyst to do this. The Olive Branch is the fertilizer and connection point to get established and accepted by those who belong the the true church of God. (I can relate very well to this concept, since I'm not yet a member of the New Covenant, but am already using the Olive Branch ABUNDANTLY to help me personally.)

    The elect in the true Church of God throughout all the world will hear the Savior's voice in the Olive Branch and love you, and support you. There is a slight slope in the grass, meaning that discipline always accompanies discipleship, and one must not think the ministry is free from it's upward directional climb, which always takes a degree of effort and discipline, even in times of peace and beauty. However, you didn't see mountains and cliffs, or frost and snow, which you have already passed through. The vision is intended specifically for "the Six", to give purpose and direction in your specific ministry. The message is that you should seek to plant yourselves deep in the "spiritual church" of God that is in all the world first, appealing your message to those who are green and lush in the Spirit already, and simply ignore the thorns and briars and weeds of the world. Ignore the devil. Let the dead bury the dead. This is an important message to you, for I believe it is consistent with what I've also been trying to tell you. I don't think this is the time to battle Satan directly, and stir up controversy, but to instead focus on the Light of God and plant yourselves in that Light that already exists in the green grass of the spiritual church of God on earth, which consists of as many people as you saw blades of grass--millions. These people, such as myself, will have no desire to fight or content with you, but to only love you, and sustain you in your cause, even if we don't belong to the New Covenant. I believe your general message should be directed to them, and not toward those that will only embrace the New Covenant completely, nor to those who will attack you. It is a time of peace and beauty, which is in contrast to the winter and bitter cold you have been through, if you heed the vision and understand. This is the time to grow with the grass of the Holy Spirit in the world, and prepare for that which is to come. The end of the vision pointed your mind to the Nuclear explosion of the previous vision which will surely devistate planet earth, according to the prophesies in the Bible, the tribulation period, and the abomination of desolation which shall cover the land. The missle is white to symbolize that God will purify the world through these nuclear desolations. However, this vision is intented to impress upon your minds that this is not that day or time yet, but today is a day of spiritual beauty and peace, and if approached in that manner, you will plant yourself deep into the spiritual church of God. When the time is right, and after this first objective has taken root, THEN the leaves, which represent the actual "New Covenant Church", will blossom in its own time and more effortlessly than you may think. But, if you "try" to grow the New Covenant church prior to planting yourselves into the spiritual church of God in the world, it would be similar to plucking up the trees, and planting them "in the air", and expecting leaves to grow, when the roots are connected to thin air.

    It won't work.

    No. Using the Olive Branch as a tool, plant yourselves deeply into the spiritual church of God first, and then the New Covenant Church--the leaves--will spring forth spontaneously from the grass, to provide shade for the grass, protecting and beautifying the entire church of God in all denominations accross the world. This is a very beautiful concept if you can visualize it!

    The time to gather into the colonies will come after you are planted firmly into the Church of God, and that will come prior to the nuclear disasters that will occur, in which the church of God will find protection in the INVISIBLE POWERS OF GOD through the colonies and through his purposes to be revealed in the future.

    This entire vision sums up what I've been trying to tell you. I believe you are bringing out your "chess queen" prematurely, as I mentioned, and although the time will come for all of that, I don't believe it is now.

    Now is a time of rejoicing, beauty, and peace...finding friends and beauty in the Church of God throughout all the world. Your attention should be on the postive--the beautiful grass and wonders of God. I believe the three visions are in proper order. God showed you the destructions that are coming and how His power will save the people. The church of God is coming toward you. Both Satan and God have cursed the world, and the destruction will happen according to these curses. It is imperative that people repent and find Christ, let their mental teeth fall out, or they will be destroyed by the curses. Finally, God revealed to you at this time where the "six trees" are and what your mission is--to plant your "leafless" New Covenant Church into the existing churches of God through all the world using the Olive Branch.

    When the time comes to gather into the New Covenant, you've already been prepared by God by being through the winter of affliction. All of that will come in it's own time and season. I would not assume that the vision means that now is the time that the leaves will grow on the trees. Please see the importance of getting planted into the spiritual church of God without having even one more member of the New Covenant Church added to the six! For that is not very important now.

    The most important message is getting the Word of God to the people of his true church, getting the Olive Branch rooted into the grass, which are those who believe in the Word of God that is currently in the church of God. The fertilizer can NOT be the Bible, or you would have seen the fertilizer all over the grass. No. It's only the Olive Branch, which is located at the roots of the six trees, where it ought to be.

    That's the message.

    I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to assist in the interpretations of these three visions according to the Holy Spirit of God that is in me.

    May God bless you to accomplish you mission, that we may all benefit from the Words of our Savior in the Olive Branch.

    30 May 1998 (Letter #3) Thanks for explaining the process of revelation. Actually, we must be on the same wave length, for in December, when I went through my baptism in the light, I went through a revelatory process almost exactly as you describe, which is also the same as I went through with the visions I interpreted on the internet. I just get a feeling to write, then I start writing, and the concepts just flow out.

    I have a real gift to interpret symbols, dreams, and visions.

    I stink in prophesy though, as you can plainly see. I think I'll stay away from that one for a while. An egg in the forehead oozing down the cheeks is not always that desirable. It has a very interesting affect on the ego--like wham, let's get humbled to the dust.

    So anyway, I understand more than you may realize about the revelation process as you describe it--the light just flashes on.

    31 May 1998 Thanks for your responses...I've got lots to study and learn....

    The "maturity" idea is kind of hard to explain, so I'm not sure I explained it well enough...Here goes another try...COMPARED TO GOD, we will never be more than just little children spiritually. The qualities of perfection to develop are love, faith, obedience, trust, and most of all humility...little children know how to be themselves, and are completely whole. God desires us to develop these qualities deep in ourselves, and be who we really are--"children" of God.

    The temporal or physical world God gave Adam complete "dominion" over. We have minds to think and reason and make decisions in that realm to grow and develop our minds, emotions, and spirits. We are supposed to be adults, and take care of our family and children, loving them with the physical and emotional capablitilites God grants us as adults. The ability of the mind to plan and think on the carnal level is part of being human and of learning principles that deal with living in this world, and being happy. We have dominion over those things we can see, touch, and feel.

    But we don't have dominion in the Spiritual realm. This belongs to God. In that realm, we are commanded to be children. My opinion is that for this reason Moses was rebuked by God and could not enter the promised land, because Moses forgot his role of being a submission child in the realm of spiritual things, trying to be more.

    So, the mix up is when we use our carnal mind to be more than a little child spiriutally, or we try to perfect ourselves in the flesh, judging what we can see, and using our own will to accomplish our purposes, which are not always in harmony with God.

    This probably has more meaning to me as a Mormon, since they believe the goal is to become a God, which is false.

    The goal is to become a submissive child, just as Jesus was the pefect example of how to be a "son" or "child" of God.

    It might just be a matter of sematics here, and obviosly we want to mature in the spirit and discern things from an adult perspective, but I believe to truly become as a little child, means we are humble, full of love, and are willing and anxious to obey our father, because of our pure love as being his kids.

    (Ironically, our pride as "adults" keeps us from doing this. We enjoy the dominion, control, and feeling of accomplshiment in our temporal world, trying to apply the earthly principles that do work very well temporally to the spiritual, which is like mixing water and oil--it doesn't work.)

    Compared to God, I'll be happy to become three to five years old in my spiritual capablities, by playing only the spiritual role of a child to my Father.

    However, as I do this as a son, then I watch and observe how God operates as my Spiritual Father, and I can THEN teach my own children in the role of "father" over earthly things.

    It's the perfect plan. In this way, I become a father and a son at the same time. A son in spiritual things, and a father in earthly.

    I hope this makes sense now...

    I share this with you, because it has had a trememdous power to releaase my mind of the burden of "perfecting" myself in everything. The thought "Be ye therefore perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect," can drive a person crazy in the flesh, unless it is undestood that the perfection is in love, humilty, truth--which are the qualities that are perfect in small children. Why does this free the mind? Because I can reason that I was once a child, full of love and humility, and so I've have ALREADY BEEN THERE ONCE BEFORE. I just need to find that wholeness again in Christ, which thing is much easier to beleive is possible--because I've been there once before, as a child to my own earthly parents!

    The "perfection" that we are commanded to obey is in the heart. And, as you have written, little babies and children are full of light and love.

    They truly are "perfect".

    I have found, from experience and observation, that any other princple of perfection in spiritual things leads to darkness.

    God saves his spiriutal kids, not spiritual adults. He is the spiritual adult, not us. If we try to be more than a kid, then we can become proud and believe we are more than who we really are.

    I probably shouldn't have stuck my neck out and challenged your teaching model on "maturity", cause I really haven't studied it in depth, but my reaction to the word "maturity" drove it, since I don't believe as a mortal it is possible to be spiritually "mature", in the full sense of the word--to be like unto God on earth. He is the ONLY truly "spiritually mature" being...I know I may come off as attacking, and shouldn't be, so I'll try to be less blunt about your teachings in the future.

    On the other hand, if my notes cause you to look at things from another angle, hopefully it will be taken to benefit both of us.

    If your idea of spiritual "maturity" is growing in love and humility, as a little child is full of those principles, then we are in complete harmony.

    Finally, I few words on grace and works. The truth about grace and works is so simple to unlock. Peter helps us to understand:

    "Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be DILIGENT that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless. And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brouther Paul also according to wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; As also in all his epistls, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as the do also the other scritures, unto their own destrucdtion. Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beward lest ye also, being led away with error of the wicked, fall from you own stedfastness. But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." (2 Peter 3:14-18)

    In this scripture, Peter makes it clear we should "be diligent," explaining that Paul's writings are hard to understand. But Peter also states that God has given Paul wisdom, and those who wrest the scriptures will fall. He ends with instructing the believer to "grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord".

    The key to understanding Peter, Paul, and James is in understanding that God says different things to different people depending on the level of light they have. That's the key. It's so obvious, but simply overlooked. That one principle binds Paul and James together forever.

    For example, if a person is selfish, self centered, and has been trained from birth in a reward system--that we get back stuff from what "we do"--then the idea of being saved by grace will not stick. Indeed, a very self-motivated, selfish person my falsely assume that grace means that being saved requires nothing more than acknowledge Jesus as Lord, and even may justify his sins, and therefy, make no effort to repent at the level of light he posseses.

    So God sends James to those people. Explaining that "works" is vitally important, and that without works, our faith is dead. Such people at lesser levels of light respond readily to this idea, for they see they must "do" something to change or repent, or they will receive a punishment. It gets them directly into repentance.

    However, once they truly repent and "see the light of God", it is then Paul's words have meaning, for then they see it was not their works that really saved them, but Jesus and His Light and Love all along. When prepared, those people will see the grace of God and accept eternal life as a gift too, according to the teachings of Paul.

    Unfortunetly, many of the "works" zealots, never figure it out, and they don't find the love of God, but get lost in the words of James, becoming hypocritical and self-righteous in their obedience, falling into greater darkness than light. But the sincere seeker can move from works to grace by repenting and seeing the true light of God, which always teaches salvation is free to them who turn to God and live.

    Peter understood both viewpoints clearly and appealed to both audiences in his epistle to the church. He appealed to those with less light, warning them that they must be "diligent", and that it is possible to loose what they had by being led away into darkness. However, he also appealed to those who were sanctified through Paul's teachings, confirming that his wisdom was from God, and counseling the saints to "grow in grace", which those who believed the teachings of Paul would readily relate to those words.

    So the answer is--the teachings of James and Paul are both correct, depending on where the individual believer is at the time they hear the words. When I learned this concept about different levels of light, it all became exceedingly clear.

    The problem with the debate of grace and works is that it never considers individual needs and levels of light, but makes the broad assumption that everyone is at the same level, or that God speaks to everyone the same way. That assumption is absolutely false, and when cleared away, Paul and James both make PERFECT sense.

    It is for this reason, much discussion takes place but little is resolved. Incorrect assumptions in the beginning.

    Although those who understand grace know that true faith brings eternal life as a gift, those who are at lesser levels of light will never quite understand, and actually need the words of James to repent and get them into the light.

    I hope this idea finds its way eventually into the church of God, because then all the useless debates over grace and works will finally stop, and we can all love each other as God loves us, and quit bickering over the differences in the Word.

    Well, I hope this gives you something to chew on.

    I'll be reading the Olive Branch...and praying for you!

    2 June 1998 (Letter #1) It's 3:02am. I have been awakened from sleep so full of joy and peace of the Holy Spirit that I need to write you. I feel God is so behind you and your purposes, and I pray for you daily. The Olive Branch is so full of light and truth, it literally bursts with sunshine. Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you have been through to bring the knowledge of Christ to the people!...

    I have already taken my first steps at leaving Mormonism by asking our bishop to release me from my callings, and I attended the First Assemblies Church of God in town on Sunday, which I enjoyed...

    I feel that if I reject that light I've been given, and fail to act accordingly and move my family out of Mormonism now that I've read the Olive Branch and see a better way, it's like slapping Jesus in the face, and I desire not to lose the opportunity nor the new light that has been offered.

    (By the only way, the only light I have not received in the entire Olive Branch so far is the few sentances you wrote in the statement on Mormonism regarding Joseph Smith writing the Book of Mormon himself. It's going to take some time for me to work on that one, as we both now...

    Thanks again for all the sacrafices in bringing forth the Olive Branch, and for you cordial and candid communications with me.

    I have been waiting for this light and knowledge for many, many years, and God has been so merciful and kind to bring the information to me. I began praying in 1977 for the truth, and have been praying continually for the information I'm now receiving through you. There is no doubt in my mind that God is working through you, and your specific ministry has been a direct answer to my prayers of faith, as well as many others I'm sure who have been praying for the exact same thing--just aching for God reveal himself in greater power and glory through his Word, just as the ancients received it in clarity and power.

    I must say, I have not been disappointed, and God has answered every prayer I have petitioned to him in faith, which has been many thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

    I don't say this to boast, but to acknowledge the goodness of God, and his willingness to hear and answer my prayers.

    And again, as I've written before, my only desire is to accomplish that which I was forordained to do. If I can stand before God at the last day, knowing I've accomplished what I've been sent to do, I will be very happy indeed. In essence, that is the primary and foremost desire of my heart.

    I have now been led to you, and I know God desires me to be a part of your ministry. Or rather, I have great desires that are overflowing just thinking about the words in the Olive Branch. I want to share it with everyone.

    By the way, although I'm enthusiastic, it's going to be a hard sell at $85 to get the common person to buy the Olive Branch. Ministers may recognize the value, but the common man? Have you considered getting out a smaller version, with just key revelations with universal appeal, getting the price down to $20-$30? Maybe even less? Once the body of Christ is baited with the simpler, universally applicable revelations--such as the incredible revelation about Jesus calming the sea--they will then desire to pay for more. I believe the whole book will be overwhelming to the average Christian. Right now, it's more like buying a reference book or dictionary, in my mind, as a first impression, rather than seeing "spiritual feast" of the Word of God. This is NOT a critism, because I LOVE IT just the way it is. It's brilliantly organized. But I'm thinking about those who have not spent twenty years like me praying and struggling for this information. I believe the average Christian will be overwhelmed by the size and in-depth analysis provided.

    After a couple months of analysis and reading, I would be happy to provide a recommendation to the revelation committee of what I might suggest be provided for the common man or woman. That is, if you are interested in hearing my viewpoints. Since my training is in finance and business (I have an MBA degree and work for Sun Microsystems in Corporate Finance), I'm looking at targeting this to a different market, and I'm looking through those "lenses of Babylon". Perhaps I've been spiritually prepared for this unique perspective, and therefore, have inavertantly attacked you in condemning for your meaty approach, but this is due to my background and how very sensitive I am to accepting the entire body of Christ as his children and spiritual Kingdom, which is completely opposite of my upbringing in the LDS faith. God knew exactly how to put this great desire into my heart through his divine hand in my life. And for this reason, I have great zeal in my heart to bring this information to all, and my biggest problem will be controlling my passions about it--as you have already witnessed first hand. Right now, the format and size of the Olive Branch doesn't have a "universal appeal", in my mind, and that's what I'll work on in the next few months--if it's OK with you? Again, I absolute love the book the way it is, but not everyone is like me. If I give them a 1000 page book that requires real effort to understand...it will just sit on the shelf, or even more likely, they will not see the value worth $85, and I'll have to loan them my copy.

    Again, I hope you better understand my immediate reactions to your approach, and now that I do understand you better, I can appreciate what you are doing. I hope you can accept my honest feedback in the spirit of goodwill, trying to understand the truth of what you are trying to accomplish by your approach, feeling a need to challenge you on points you may not have considered from your background and experience.

    So don't take my critical thinking as coming from an enemy, but a friend. For I can just imagine how awful the stress must have been and the trial when Zion did not progress as you believed it should. Yikes!

    Thank you for enduring, because now we have the living baby of your affliction -- the Olive Branch in all its wonderful glory!

    The following dream, sent by the Editor to Brother Olson, gives important background material for the e-mail that follows it:


    I am walking down a road lined by large trees and am together with a group of beggars who apparently own nothing of any worldly value. But I am mistaken. Each tree, whilst alive, is also hollow, and in each one lives a beggar. It is comfortable inside though very basic, the floor being of a soft, dry brownish substance. I notice some very expensive tropical fruits, like Kiwi fruits -- there are many of them but none of them has been completely eaten. Only the tops have been eaten (about 10% of each fruit) and the fruit has then been discarded. Each beggar, far from being impoverished, owns one precious jewel which he keeps in his tree. One has a diamond, one has a ruby, and so on. Except for one beggar who possessed about two dozen pale blue pearls. He is very frightened that the other beggars will discover his jewels and want them so he tries to hide himself on his way back to his tree so the others will not find out where he lives. I sense him darting in and out of cover. Finally I see him outside his tree, holding what looks like a large gold-digger's pan, which contains both rubble and the two dozen light blue pearls. In his haste he accidentally drops the pan and the rubble and some of the jewels fall out onto the ground on the street. The other beggars see this happening but instead of lusting after his pearls, as he supposed they would, they gather instead to help him recover them. His fears are misfounded. The dream ends.

    2 June 1998 (Letter #2) Here is the interpretation of the dream of the beggars. It is a very beautiful dream. It is a reflection of you and your life, and the specific spiritual needs that you have in gaining strength and purpose from your weaknesses. We are all spiritual beggars, with talents that are to be developed and purified in the name of Christ. You are walking with the beggars because each one of them is a part of you. They live with you and in you.

    Apparantly, these beggars or "spiritual weaknesses" have no real value to you. But you are mistaken. Each spiritual weakness or beggar has a jewel that is hidden to be discovered and shared. The trees that are lining the "road to eternal life" are the "hard bark" or "outer shells" that we all hide our many weaknesses inside of to protect our pride and ego from being hurt. It's natural and human to protect our feelings in this way. Inside the outer hard shell of pride, are the soft inner feelings that we keep so protected--which are presented by the soft, dry brown substance inside the trees. Each beggar has a jewel of great value, but to find that jewel, our pride must be broken and the specific weakness exposed. This takes humility and a willingness to see ourselves as we are--spiritual beggars. By so doing, God gives us strength and his Word to compensate for our weaknesses--the tropical fruit representing the Word of God. But these are "weaknesses" and as such, they can only partake of part of the fruit, only 10%, and then the Word is cast away. A strength would eat the fruit or Word of God until it were gone and completely consumed, filling us with strength, light, holiness, and beauty. But being a weakness, it is only able to consume a portion, according to the law of God, which says that God gives us weaknesses that we may be humble. We are to find perfection in our weaknesses themselves. As you are aware, Paul prayed for his weakness or "thorn in the flesh" to be removed, but as such, God would not do so. Hence, the fruit or Word is only partially eaten.

    As disciples of Christ, we learn to deal with our weaknesses and appreciate the patience, faith, love, and discipline they give us as servants of God, for they are what keep us beggars in the presence of the Spirit. If not so, we would exalt ourselves beyond measure, and offend the Throne of Grace. We know that, and therefore, agree to live with them. And so, the disciple of Christ treasures and glories in his weaknesses and impefections, seeing the spiritual diamonds, rubies, and precious gems that each individual weakness produces from being poor and needy in spiritual things.

    However, our "greatest weakness" is not always so friendly to us. Your greatest weakness, for example, is represented by the greedy beggar with two dozen light-blue pearls. The sky-blue pearls represent truth--it's the color of the heavens, from which all truth is sent. "Two dozen" pearls represents the twelve apostles and the twelve tribes of Israel commissioned to distributed the truth according to the pattern of heaven. This particular weakness or beggar inside of you is particullarly fearful of sharing the purity of gospel truths because of the other beggars (weaknesses). This greatest "weakness" knows about your responsibility to the twelve apostles and the twelve tribes, but he's afraid of your other weaknesses, thinking that your pride, fear, and ego will destroy the truths you have been taught, so he seeks to hide the most precious truths learned from the others. He's afraid that if the other beggars see his precious truths, a weakness will take it away from him--stealing it away forever. So instead of revealing his presence and the truth in the Light of Christ with other begars, he seeks to hide away the "most precious truths" of the gospel, by darting between trees on his way back to his own tree. But notice he does NOT go inside his tree like the others! The message is, for you, this particular weakness is a STRONG ONE, and you have not yet fully opened the tree-trunk of pride, and entered into the softness of the Spirit, to properly train youself that this weakness and beggar is actually a gift from God to teach you humility, patience, and love. Rather than repent in the Spirit, this weakness remains outside the realms of the Spirit of Christ. As all pride is full of fear, so is this weakness. And in its rush to hide from the others, the twenty four pearls of truth drop accidently onto the street to heaven.

    These truths are sacred, and God wants to make it a point to you that although you may mess up and spill the jewels of truth through your weaknesses or imperfections, it will be on "the street or road to heaven" and not in the weeds--meaning that others can come by on the pathway to eternal life and still profit from them anyway, in spite of your weaknesses.

    It very is interesting here to see the mercy and love of God, in that he is not scolding you or being harsh, but understands your weaknesses and is simply teaching you about them.

    The gold "digger's pan" represents the value placed on the blue pearls of truth by "the world". The world seeks to find gold and value in earthy mines outside of themselves using man-made tools and concepts, but the truth is inside of man, not on the outside.

    The gold "digger's pan" contains the 24 pearls, but mixed with "rubble". Hence, when the Word of God, the truth, touches the tools of man, rubble appears immediately almost like magic. The truth of God is immediately mixed with "phiolsophies of man" and the concepts of the world. I sense from this vision, that this great fear and weakness you have, whatever it is, causes you to mix the truth of God with your own "rubble" of concepts in many cases, which are of the earth.

    Once this happens, your rushing then causes you to drop the pan or "instruments and tools of men", so that the truth scatters on the ground, rather than being delivered to men and women according to the ordered will of God--through the apostles and the twelve tribes of Israel and by the power of the Spirit of God.

    But God is merciful, for in the dream, the other beggars pause to help in picking up the fallen jewels. This is symoblic that your "greatest" weakness is so deep, that rather than approaching it as your others and having a broken heart and contrite spirit using the power of Christ for healing, that all your other weaknesses together as a whole will actually help you confront this bigger weakness, by picking up the spilled truth. When that happens, the fear of your biggest weakness will cease, and you will realize your fears were not founded in the truth. You will finally realize fully, like Paul, that ALL of your weaknesses are not your enemies, but your very good friends, and are there to help you and serve you. They are truly gifts from God.

    Like all of your other visions, this dream is also packed with beautiful truths. Although I don't know what are the "specific" weaknesses you have, I can see the principles applied in the truth.

    I don't know you that well, so this is out of the bowels of the Spirit only. I hope it fits and can help you better discern the Lord's will for your life. You certainly need God's help--considering the responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders symbolic of the 24 light blue pearls of truth to be distributed by the 12 apostles and the 12 tribes of Israel. They are part of you, and are being carried by your stenghths, as well as your weaknesses.

    Also, I thank you very much for sharing this with me. Like I said before, it is a delight to use this gift God has given me to serve others. I've never, ever been able to do ANYTHING even close to this in the Mormon Church. It's the most wonderful thing to serve with a gift that has been given to me by God.

    Again, God bless you and I hope this interpretaion adds some insight into your own life to bring you closer to God.

    4 June 1998 Last night I had a dream, that lead me to receive a personal revelation from the Lord "in first person". He said to quit telling you things, and listen to you, because you are his servant. He said the Book of Mormon was just as you described--written by Joseph Smith conspiring with Sidney Rigdon for years in advance.

    Much of my beliefs and perspective toward you were mixed on the assumption that the Book of Mormon was still true. Keep that in mind.

    Anyway, this is very much truth for me swallow. I'm sorry for all my lengthy notes that have truth in them, but much of my own ego mixed--based on what believed to be the truth. Hence my "counseling attitude".

    I've been humbled again.

    Greg Olson received Christ as his personal Saviour and was baptised in July 1998 in Sweden. He was briefly a member of the New Covenant Church of God serving in California, USA. Not all the opinions/theology/interpretations expressed in these correspondences are necessarily those of the New Covenant Church of God neither do they necessarily reflect the current views of the author who has since "moved on" as part of his spiritual and intellectual journey out of Mormonism

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