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    Section 13

    Revelation on Homosexuality

    Please study this disclaimer before reading further

    Revelation on Homosexuality. Homosexuals are called into the Church. Celibacy is the first step to healing. Demonic powers lie behind much homosexuality. Homosexuality is not "natural". Modern philosophies and scientific theories on homosexuality are false. Homosexual fornication is an abomination. Practicing homosexuals cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Obedience to God's instruc- tions is essential to healing. Forsaking the homosexual milieu must take place. The origins of homosexuality. Prenatal Causes. The abomination of abortion. Sinful tendencies are passed on by parents. The importance of accepting judgment for the sin of homosexuality. Sexual abuse. God's promise to the chaste. Healing is not always easy. The Homosexual New Covenant Christian. Gender is eternal. Gender reversal. Confession is essential. Cause to rejoice [Oxford, England].

    1. Behold, My son, thou hast asked Me concerning the sin of homosexuality, which matter grieveth thee because of those souls whom thou lovest who are in chains and darkness because of the awful bondage of the enemy.

    2. Behold, the sons of men shall not give themselves over to fornication, nor go after strange flesh, as it is written, saith the Lord, for such is an abomination.

    Celibacy is the First Step to Healing

    3. Nevertheless, there are many souls who, beholding their awful condition, desire to repent and come unto Me, and these shall the Church receive that they may be healed.

    4. And if they will no longer touch strange flesh1, but come unto Me for the healing of the inner man, behold, I will heal them, and their desires shall no more be after strange flesh.

    5. The flesh is not the only enemy of man, for man warreth not only against flesh but against unseen powers and principalities.

    Demonic Powers Lie Behind Homosexuality

    6. The weapons of the Christian are not carnal either, but mighty through Godto the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringeth into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor.10:5).

    7. Hearken unto Me, saith the Lord, and I shall reveal unto thee [a portion of] the mystery of iniquity2 which the world calleth homosexuality, but which I call sodomy, after the wicked inhabitants of the plains which I destroyed in My wrath, in judgment, when they would not repent.

    Homosexuality is not "Natural"

    8. If any man cometh unto thee and saith, in My Name, that sodomy is of the Lord, thou shalt call him accursed (Gal.1:8-9), for such men change the grace of the Father into a licence for immorality, denying the Son of God as the only Saviour and Lord.

    9. Beware of the craftiness of the philosophy of the sodomites, which is as death.

    10. Thou shalt not distort the Word of God but shalt live by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God, even as I have spoken unto thee many times.

    11. Hearken not unto the words of the sodomites and their teachers, for these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority, and slander celestial beings (Jude 1:8, NIV).

    12. If ye desire to love them, even as I have commanded that ye love them, ye shall not distort, nor lessen, nor dilute theWord of God, but shall admonish them in kindness.

    The World's "Explanations" Are False

    13. Can man improve upon the Word of God? Wilt thou take the foolishness of man's reasoning and philosophy to change the revelations of the Almighty?

    14. Nay, ye cannot, and not incur the displeasure of an offended God.

    Homosexual Fornication is an Abomination

    15. Thou shalt not lie with a male as one who lieth with a female, for it is an abomination, saith the Lord.

    16. Thou shalt not exchange the truth of the Word for a lie, neither worship nor serve the creature instead of the Creator.

    17. Thou shalt not exchange the natural order for that which is unnatural, nor burn in your desires one for another, nor commit indecent acts, for in this thou shalt receive the penalty of thy error.

    Practicing Homosexuals Cannot Inherit the Kingdom

    18. For, behold, the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God -- neither fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, perverts, homosexuals, thieves, covetors, drunk- ards, revilers, swindlers, blasphemers, nor any others who disobey the command- ments (1 Cor.5:10; 6:9).

    19. Behold, homosexuality in the commission is a sin like unto murder, kidnapping, lying, and perjury. Therefore, be ye not deceived, for the wages of homosexuality is death, even as all sin, for such leadeth unto the second death.

    Love Homosexuals, Hate Homosexuality

    20. Thou shalt love the homosexual, saith the Lord, but thou shalt hate homosexuality. I shalt heal him according to the pattern which I shall reveal unto thee.

    21. The penalty for homosexuality is death, which meaneth the death of the carnal soul and [death of] the rebirth of the spiritual soul.

    22. Behold, the Covenant of Moses. which taketh the homosexual and stoneth him to death, along with the adulterer and the idolater;

    Jesus Takes the Punishment of Homosexuality

    23. And now the New Covenant in Christ, which taketh away the death of the human flesh and placeth it in the flesh of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary;

    24. For I the Lord have suffered for all men and women, conditional upon their repentance and belief in My Name.

    25. I, thy Saviour, have become thy death and thy stoning, yea, I have paid the price of thy redemption.

    26. Therefore, ye that live under the awful bondage of homosexuality, come unto Me and I will make you free.

    27. My children of the Church of God -- if a man is caught in any trespass, ye who are spiritual, restore such a man in a spirit of gentleness.

    28. Thou shalt not rail or rant3 against the homosexual but thou shalt love him, and cherish him as a brother of like infirmities, for all are under sin, and all were under the death penalty before Messiah came.

    29. Thou shalt not hate him, nor shun him, but minister unto him with loving kindness.

    Obedience is a Condition of Healing

    30. My children, ye who are under the bondage of homosexuality, obey Me, saith the Lord, and I will heal you. But ye must obey Me in all points or ye have no promise.

    Forsake Homosexual Environments

    31. Thou shalt forsake the community of homosexuals and no more go into it, nor have fellowship therein, for what man who is sick returneth unto the sick in order to be healed?

    32. Thou shalt not return unto Sodom which is an enemy unto God, but thou shalt turn away from it, like Lot, and no more return unto it;

    33. For he who looketh back is a hypocrite, for he desireth the death from which he hath fled.

    The Origins of Homosexuality

    34. And now I shall speak unto thee, My son, concerning the causes of homosexuality which are not one, but many. Some is caused by demons, but most are not.

    35. Thou shalt not give attention unto the demon, which thereby strengtheneth it, but thou shalt transform the Temple (which is the body) of the homosexual in Jesus Christ.

    36. Behold, I have disarmed the devil, saith the Lord, even Christ the Saviour, and have made a public display of him, for I have triumphed over him for ever (Col.2:15).

    37. Therefore, thou shalt not speak unto demons unless I command it, butthou shalt cover the sinner with the blood of forgiveness and bring the sin of homosexuality to be nailed to the Cross.

    38. For if thou acceptest My blood, then Satan cannot accuse thee, for by My Cross I have disarmed him and broken his power.

    39. Thou shalt not speak of the devil but bring the repentant homosexual to the Saviour of mankind upon the Cross of Calvary, and there invite him to put his sin to death.

    40. If thou casteth out a demon without bringing the homosexual to the Cross, then behold, it shall return, as to a Temple that hath not been cleansed.

    41. Thou shalt celebrate only Christ, for in Him alone is the power of deliv- erence.

    42. Therefore come unto Me, thou unhappy homosexual, yea, unto My Cross, and there lay thy burdens down, and I will give thee refreshing, and restore thee unto perfect wholeness.

    43. These are the words of Christ, not of men, and if thou wilt hearken unto them, behold, I shall deliver thee.

    44. Nevertheless, thou shalt also be aware of principalities and powers, for it is these that ye must wage war against, for many powers control homosexuals and bind them down.

    45. Therefore, be aware; nevertheless, thy thoughts shall be drawn out unto Christ, and in Me shalt thou be restored.

    46. Behold, the wickedness of the parents of the children of men, for they have not taught their children sound doctrine nor taught them in the precepts of the Lord.

    47. They have [spiritually] murdered their children by giving them stones instead of bread, and serpents instead of fish.

    48. Behold, this is My word unto the fathers of Zion and of the world, that ye may not be accused of destroying yourchildren: thou shalt be strong, gentle and loving.

    49. The fathers of homosexuals have not [always] hearkened unto My counsels, saith the Lord, but have been bad examples;

    50. For if a father is crude, violent, unstable, critical, abusive, or absent from his family, behold, the seeds of homosexuality are sown in the hearts of his children.

    51. Yea, the sons of the fathers reject the fathers, and are no longer turned towards them, even as the prophet Malachi hath spoken.

    52. The father is the image of the growing masculinity of the son, and if the son rejecteth the father, then behold, he rejecteth his masculinity also, and turneth unto his female nature. And thus beginn- eth a multiplicity of evils.

    53. For in all men is a female portion, and in all women a male portion. As a man groweth, he groweth in the image of his father; and if his father is a godly man, then he groweth in the image of God, until he putteth off childish clothes and becometh an agent unto himself.

    54. Wherefore he cleaveth unto Christ and becometh made in His image.

    55. But if his father is not made in the image of God but abideth in the image of a fallen man or a devil, behold, either the son must grow in the image of a fallen man or a devil, or he must reject his father.

    56. And if he is young and tender in years, behold, he will reject his masculinity and lean towards the feminine, and thus become a homosexual.

    57. Yea, and he shall cleave more unto his mother in whom also he shall seek his father, but shall find him not.

    58. And therefore the man becometh female in his nature and desireth the sons of men. Yea, he seeketh the love of hisfather in the beds of other men but findeth it not, and knoweth not happiness.

    59. Feign they would call themselves "gay" for in truth they are men most mis- erable.

    60. And behold, it is the same with the daughters of men; for daughters also have a portion of maleness, which groweth in the image of their father.

    61. And when she leaveth her home, and is wed, her husband becometh her male image.

    62. But if her father is not a man of God, but is made in the image of fallen men or of devils, behold, then shall the daughter's male portion be created in the image of her father if she cleave unto him, and she will seek a husband in the image of her fallen father; and from such cometh a multiplicity of evils.

    63. If she rejecteth her father, and hath no man who will guide her as a spiritual father, and she hateth him, behold, she will reject her male nature and hate all men.

    64. If she rejecteth her female nature because she hateth her mother, behold, she will become a lesbian.

    65. For this is not all, My son, for the souls of the sons and daughters of men can be destroyed in many ways.

    66. For likewise as with the father, the ungodly mother is the cause of many woes and by their over-protectiveness may cause their sons to reject women.

    Prenatal Causes

    67. But this is not all, for homosexuality doeth not always start in this world, but may be created in the wombs of the mothers.

    68. For if a mother or a father desireth a son greatly, and the child in the womb is a girl, behold, the child desireth to be a boy to bring pleasure to her parents, even before she is born.

    69. And if the child of the womb is a boy, and the parents greatly desire a girl, he shall likewise seek to be female in his heart.

    70. For the spirit of the child in the womb searcheth out the love of its par- ents, for it is full of feeling and intelli- gence, though the world knoweth it not.

    71. Knowest thou not that thou didst live before thou wast conceived?

    72. Verily, verily I say unto thee, that the child in the womb is an intelligence, and though the body is not fully formed, yet it is a son or daughter of God.

    Abortion is an Abomination

    73. And thus the practice of abortion, or the destruction of the unborn, is an abomination before Me, saith the Lord, for it is murder.

    74. Therefore, thou shalt preach against this wickedness, O ye My people of the Church, and shall preserve life, not destroy it.

    Sinful Tenedencies Passed on by Parents

    75. I speak unto thee today of homosexuality and lesbianism, My son, but know this also: that many children when they are born, though innocent, have sown within them by their parents, a multiplicity of sins.

    76. For whatsoever spirit is in the parents shall fall upon the unborn in the act of intercourse or in the close vicinity of the womb.

    77. Therefore, be ye pure, ye that bear the vessels of the Lord, lest a multiplicity of evils befall your children and they rise up and curse you when they have grown up into maturity.

    78. Sanctify yourselves, lest the sins of the fathers be upon your heads unto your destruction.

    79. For behold, some homosexuality and lesbianism is passed on to the child- ren by the fathers and mothers {ances- tors}, and if thou wilt heal such a person, thou shalt place the Cross of Christ bet- ween the child and all previous gener- ations.

    80. And if thou wilt do this, saith the Lord, then shall the scripture be fulfilled which saith:

    81. "Keep thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears, for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the Lord, and thy children shall come back from the land of the enemy.

    82. "There is hope for thy future, saith the Lord, and thy children shall come back unto their own country.

    83. "Bring me back that I may be restored, for thou art my Lord and my God.

    84. "For after I had turned away I repented; and after I was instructed.

    85. "I smote upon my thigh; I was ashamed, and I was confounded, because I bore the disgrace of my youth.

    86. "Is Ephraim my dear son? Is he my darling child? For as often as I speak against him, I do remember him still.

    87. "Therefore my heart yearns for him; I will surely have mercy on him, saith the Lord" (Jer.31:16-20).

    88. O My sons and daughters of Ephraim and Judah that have descended into homosexuality and lesbianism: the way of the Lord is just and merciful!

    89. Is it not your ways that are not just? When a righteous man turneth away from his righteousness and committeth iniquity, he shall die for it; for the iniquity which he hath committed he shall die.

    90. But if ye will turn unto Me, your Christ and Saviour, behold, I have died for your sins.

    91. Again, when a wicked man turneth away from the wickedness he hathcommitted and doeth what is lawful and right, and trusteth in Me, behold, he shall save his life.

    92. Because he considered and turned away from all the transgressions which he had committed, he shall surely live, and shall become alive in Christ his Saviour.

    93. This is the promise made unto all, for I the Lord am no respector of persons.

    The Necessity of Accepting Judgment

    94. Do not flee judgment, saith the Lord, but acknowledge your sins, ye homosexuals and lesbians, and My mercy shall cover you and heal you.

    95. I will judge every one according to his ways, saith the Lord God.

    96. Repent, and turn from all your transgressions which you have committed aginst Me, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit through the death of sin on the Cross of Jesus.

    97. Why will ye die, O sons and daughters of Ephraim and Judah, when ye may live?

    98. For I have no pleasure in the death of anyone, saith the Lord; so turn unto Me, and live.

    Sexual Abuse

    99. My son, there are many causes of homosexuality, yea, many.

    100. Some children are abused by other homosexuals and thus they become spiritually damaged when they are young and innocent.

    101. For some homosexuals are more wicked than others.

    God's Promise to the Chaste

    102. Blessed are they who remain chaste yet desire to be healed, for unto such cometh a restoration and wholeness.

    103. But if they will not remain chaste but are promiscuous, then behold, the vale of sorrows becometh long, for they come under the bondage of evil powers like unto fornicators and those who have no respect for My laws, saith the Lord.

    104. I shall honour those who honour Me, saith the Lord, and heal those who are broken of heart and contrite in spirit, if they will come unto My Cross and there spiritually die, to be born again.

    Healing is Not Necessarily Easy

    105. Such is not easy and some will require longer than others, but if the saints will love and support homosexuals and lesbians, such is made easier.

    106. Therefore let those homosexuals who are repenting be admitted into the Body of Christ, for thou shalt not deny any man who desireth the Kingdom.

    107. Ye shall judge righteous judgment, and cover sin with a mantle of love, else the sins of such persons shall be upon your heads.

    The Homosexual New Covenant Christian

    108. It shall be the especial responsibility of the local Bishop {Metro- politan Pastor} or Apostle to determine how a homosexual shall serve in the Body of Christ, for he or she shall not be called into the Priesthood without revelation from these presiding officers.

    109. This shall be a statute unto the Church for all serious sins.

    110. Be ye neither too harsh nor too soft, for love is justice and mercy in perfect balance.

    111. Thou shalt apply the Law in firmness but shalt love even as I, the Lord, love.

    112. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father, and I have died for all who would come unto Me.

    113. There is no sickness or distress that I canot heal.

    114. Thou art not the first, My son, to ask Me about homosexuality; and to a few I have revealed the causes and the cure, some in part, and others more fully.

    Gender is Eternal

    115. Men and women are created eternally male and female.

    116. Unto men is given a portion of the female spirit which findeth its completion in marriage, in a wife;

    117. And unto women is given a portion of the male spirit, which findeth its completion in marriage, in a husband.

    118. Thus shall the husband fill his wife's male portion or nature, and shall the wife fill her husband's female portion, or nature.

    119. And they shall become one flesh or one nature, male and female, eternally sealed in Christ.

    120. For in Christ Jesus there is neither male nor female, for in marriage they become one and whole4 .

    Gender Reversal

    121. In the homosexual, the man, either before birth or after birth, by sinfulexperience, the male and female natures have become reversed.

    122. And thus the natural desires and affections are changed, which the homosexual understandeth not, and he is burd- ened with great guilt and fear.

    123. When he yieldeth unto the temptations of the flesh and breaketh the Law by lying with another man, behold, the Light of Christ departeth from him and he supposeth, because he lacketh discernment, that he hath been created a homosexual, and that his desires are natural.

    124. But such is a lie, saith the Lord, for he knoweth no peace, feign though he would deny his conscience, which is the working of the inner Law.

    125. And thus he cometh under the power of the devil, who lieth unto him and flattereth him, yea, and enticeth him to cause others not to repent of their homosexuality but to stand firm in their iniquity.

    126. And thus hath much unrighteous- ness and sin multiplied in this generat- ion5.

    Confession is Essential

    127. If thou wouldst heal a homosexual, My son, thou must first convict him of his sin, and he must needs have desires to be healed.

    128. For if he desireth it not, then thy faith, and prayers, and healing are in vain.

    129. Thou shalt lead him as a little child to the Cross of Calvary and there I shall heal him.

    130. Let the homosexual be full of repentance, and let his desire be full that he might be made well.

    131. For, behold, there are many who do not desire to yield up their homosexuality, for sin is a pleasure unto them, to which they return as a dog returneth unto its vomit.

    132. Such cannot be healed quickly, if at all, for unless a man forsaketh his sin and desireth holiness with a determination that is fixed and immovable, he cannot be purified.

    133. Therefore, let the homosexual be broken-hearted and contrite in spirit, having a desire, of his own free will, to be healed, and it shall be done unto him.

    Rejoice, O Homosexual!

    134. Let the repentant homosexual rejoice, for I, the Lord, shall heal him, and the lesbian also.

    135. Remember, all laws are spiritual, and it shall be by faith that ye shall be healed -- faith in Christ, thy Lord and Saviour, even He who ransomed you on the Cross.

    136. Rejoice, O ye who are burdened with sin, for I will free you. Even so. Amen.

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