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    The Vatican, the White House
    and the Falling Teeth
    19 April 1998

    At about 04:00 in the morning of Sunday 19 April 1998, Swedish local time, I had a powerful and disturbing set of three prophetic dreams which I feel to share with our readers.


    I found myself in a room in the Vatican. In front of me was the current Pope, John Paul II, looking a little younger than he is today, together with some cardinals. They were amused by something and were chuckling. I then saw a group of grey and brown mice with open mouths as though they were speaking although neither I nor the Pope and his Cardinals could hear anything. However, I was able to understand in my spirit that they were PROPHESYING AGAINST THE VATICAN. I also noticed that together with the mice were several objects, one of which looked like an enlarged corn seed which was badly burned.


    The vision closed and a new one opened up. I saw in front of me the White House, in Washington D.C, USA. My arms were raised to heaven and I was wearing white robes. I was praying, it seemed, but it was not my voice speaking, but another, much deeper, more powerful and more authoritative. It was speaking words that I did not understand yet I knew the meaning in my spirit -- GOD WAS BRINGING A CURSE ON THE WHITE HOUSE.


    As the second vision closed, a third opened up. I found myself in a large room, though I do not know where. To my horror my capped tooth began to loosen and then fall out, something I have always dreaded. My only thought was to telephone my dentist in Oslo and make an emergency appointment. Seconds later an ordinary tooth fell out, then another, and another. I began to panic, and then resigned myself -- they were ALL FALLING OUT. The last-but-one tooth was very large and had a long, spiked root about 3 cm long -- I felt it loose in my mouth but had to yank it to get it out. The last tooth wasn't a tooth at all, but more like a miniature jaw bone the size of a mouse's. It was hanging from a piece of flesh on my gum and would not come out. The vision then closed.

    The Interpretation

    Upon coming to full consciousness I had a deep, overpowering sense that these visions portended GREAT EVIL, and that there was a direct relationship between the Vatican and the White House, perhaps some sort of agreement which was being kept back from the public. The third vision, I understood, was a prophetic drama and had nothing to do with me personally, though at the time it felt real enough. Many dreams involving the loss of teeth are about the loss of innocence but these were no ordinary teeth, especially not the last two. Indeed the jaw bone of the mouse was connecting back to the first vision of the mice in the Vatican.

    I should be pleased to hear the interpretation from those with the prophetic gift before I elaborate further. If you would like to comment, E-mail me by clicking the blue button below.

    A New Interpretation
    by G.O., USA (8 May 1998)

    I'm pleased to give you the interpretation by the Spirit of the other visions you have experienced regarding the Vatican and the White House. The mice which you saw in your vision were brown and grey, representing the "shady-grey" and "dark" concepts that Satan uses to decieve his fellows and followers. His concepts are made to appear so innocent and harmless, and yet are so dangerous and powerful to destroy the souls of men. The Pope and Cardinals where chuckling and laughing, completely unaware of a few small mice, their behavior representing spiritual recklessness, ignorance, and pride pertaining to the doctrines of God. The Pope appeared a little younger, representing his spirit being healthy and vibrant, but as a youth, unsuspecting and naive of the ways of Satan. The mice were impossible to hear, for it is always impossible for us to understand Satan's true intentions--they are always hidden from us. Neither you, nor the Pope and Cardinals, nor anyone else on earth can see the full intent of the devil's words and philosophy. But Satan and his fiendish fellows do. They plan and scheme outside of our hearing, to decieve, trick and fool us into traps and snares. I'm not sure what the objects were you saw, but they were "with" the mice--these "objects" represents the "things" and "materials" that are temporal on earth, being in the control of Satan (materialism). The burnt corn is the food Satan eats. It is burnt. The Catholic Church is moving TOWARDS the CHURCH OF GOD.The burnt corn is the food Satan eats. It is burnt. The Catholic Church is moving TOWARDS the CHURCH OF GOD, and making his "corn turn black". Satan is loosing his grip upon the souls of men, and has pronounced a prophesy and cursing on the Catholic Church, and intends to destroy it, or thwart it's progress toward the spiritual Church of God. Those who do not belong to the church of God, but belong to the Kindom of the devil will be destroyed by his plans, as these souls are in his hands, and therefore, the devil can prophesy according to the power of evil those things that will come to pass according to the mind of Satan.

    The second and third visions are related to the first. The White House represents the document of holy writ--the US Constitution--which came out of the bowels of our forefathers, and is founded on holy and just principles. These principles have become corrupted by evil men, and God is very displeased with the lack of awareness and attention to his holy hand over this nation, even the US. Whereas Satan has cursed the Vatican, God has also cursed the influence of Satan in our government. As the lips of the mice where not understood, neither were your words understood. We can not comprehend the mind of God and the power of his cursings and blessings. The war is between the Satan and God, and in many cases, such as Job's, we are in the middle, unaware of the chess game and battle between those two forces. This vision, like the white horse and nuclear explotion, is given to you personally, that you may understand the war between God and Satan is not really involving you as much as you may believe. Much is going one that you have no control over, but you are definitely being used by the hand of God to speak his Words, even though you have very little idea of the power and influence those words will have on the world--and particulary the White House. The words of Christ condemn those who abuse his holy document, even the constitution of this land. And they, indeed, will be sorely cursed for their folly. The time for repentance is past, and is now ripe, and decisions have been made in Heaven, to move toward the destruction of that which is evil and preserving that which is good. God has called you to gather the elect into safe places. And then the end destruction will follow.

    This is the destruction you felt the dreams were about. God will allow Satan to accomplish his design in destroying those who belong to Babylon, and indeed, will punish the wicked by the wicked. Hence, the cursing of the mouse (Satan) first, and the agreement of God's cursing second.

    Such is the curse of God upon those who heed not his words. They are in the hands of Satan to do as he desires.

    The third vision, I believe, is actually part about you and part prophetic. The teeth spiritually represent those paradigms and concepts we use to break apart and understand words and concepts in this world, much as we tear apart the physical food we eat. As you have been tutored by the Spirit, you have had to throw away the false notions and concepts you had used in the past to understand the Word of God. The first time this happened, you reacted with fear, and thought something was wrong and thought you needed a "spiritual physician" to help you fix the problem. The first tooth or concept was the weakest and most vulnerble paradigm that had to go--hence the capped tooth. It was likely also the one you feared most. As time passed, the more solid concepts you had used for a lifetime--being an intregal part of the tools of your mind--also began to fall, and then you realized that all you had thought and believed in before must fall to Christ. You watched each concept fall to Christ, one by one.

    However, as a mortal, there will always be that one last carnel concept that we all must wrestle with. The jaw of the mouse represents the fact that you will still be vexed with that last tooth, clinging to your flesh, that will remain with you until you die. The jaw of the mouse, of course, takes us back to the first vision, representing the concepts of Satan and his "shady" and "dark" paradigms that afflict us as mortals, because of the flesh.

    I believe the that last tooth specifically represents the fact that as mortals we always tend to believe first in what we see (carnal), and not in what we don't see (spiritual). It is this nature of human beings that will always afflict us when it comes to dealing with the lies and deceptions of Satan. We may have a thousand revelations, but if God tells us to do or say something, we will still not know the outcome until it happens, because of the flesh. As mortals, this gives Satan great power over us if we lack faith in things we can not see. When our faith fails, it is certainly this tiny tooth that plagues our spirit, for we can not see past the flesh, and we doubt the Lord. It is a very natural mental process of being human that will never go away while we live as mortals. The tiny jaw of Satan hanging from the flesh is a clear pictorial symbol of this truth. (Notice it was a jaw and not a tooth? The jaw moves the mouth to speak, not the teeth.)

    Again, the jaw is tiny, for Satan's ideas are made to appear so harmless--but at the same time, they can destroy the souls of men.

    This third vision is meant especially for you, and in your calling, to give you strength and faith in the Lord and the principles of truth to accomplish His purposes. However, you are correct that it also has a prophetic meaning. The prophetic nature of the third vision has to do with all men and women. All of us must go through the same process as you have, by shedding the man-made concepts we have used to break apart and analyze the Word of God. All must loose all of their spiritual teeth that have served them so well in this world. The process is always not only painful, but also includes an element of fear, but they must be done anyway, and fall to Christ. All men and women must go through the same process to discard carnal thinking and foolish mental tools, and turn to Christ and his Word to be saved. If they do not, they will experience the curses and destruction pertaining to the first two visions.

    That is the prophesy of your third vision, and the interpretation I give is according to the Holy Spirit which is in me.

    God bless you!

    9 May 1998

    Last night a few more details came to me about your vision about the teeth. The large room you were in represents being in the world and having to excercise the principle of faith in Christ. (We seldom know what's really going to happen next with the Spirit, leaving us with the feeling of being in a room, and not knowing where we are for sure.) Bringing our minds to the principle of faith and the fundmental human emotional conflicts we must wrestle with to find Christ is the fundamental truth being taught by the vision.

    To properly excerise the gift of faith, we are required to discard the philosopies men and mental paradigms we use to survive on earth in order to find Christ, as previously explained is represented by our teeth falling out.

    The natural reaction of fear comes about when we enter the realm of the unfamiliar spiritual dementions, which requires a belief in things we can not see. The natural reaction is to doubt. It is very interesting that the dream showed your impulse reaction was that something was wrong when your first tooth fell out, and that you felt you should call a dentist. The dentist represents who you believed to be your "spiritual physician". It represents those doctors of human philosophy that we immediatedly turn to as our first tooth falls out, such as the learned and educated in institutional settings, rather than to the Lord. Essentially, we turn to the arm of flesh to fix the problem, which is not a problem at all, and if we permit the Lord to do so, our teeth will all fall out as described by the dream you had.

    Of course, your dream could have been different. You could have called the dentist immediately, left the "room of faith", and had your dentist put your first tooth back in, then none of the others would have fallen out either, and you could have kept your current sent of teeth, but remained in darkness.

    I believe for most of the world, that is how the dream plays out. As such, the world attempts to avoid the feelings of fear and also the feelings of not knowing were they are at times or where we are going.

    By staying in the room of faith, however, we must choose to have faith in the Lord and deal with those feelings, watching our teeth fall out one by one. And that is a choice that we make. To believe, rather than fear. The last tooth, which you had to actually yank out of your mouth, represents we must all make the choice to deal with these fears all on our own--those caused by the last tooth, which I've explained the meaning in my previoius note. We must choose to believe in God, when the tests and trials and pain of life are crying for us not to beleive in Him, and when Satan whipsers to us the lies that he does to persuade us unto a path of unbelief. God will never make that choice during the conflict of darkness and light we feel inside our soul. The tooth will not fall out on its own. We must make that choice to "yank it out", and believe in God.

    In your dream, you chose NOT to call the dentist, but allowed all of your teeth to fall out, as well as pulling out the last tooth, meaning you have chosen to stay in the "room of faith" and find Christ.

    This is a beautiful vision and jammed-packed with much truth. I appreciate your sharing it on the internet, for it is has been enlighting and powerful at teaching the principle of faith.

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    This page was created on 22 March 1998
    Last updated on 10 May 1998

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