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Month 11:08, Week 1:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5940:303 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 4 February 2017
The Big Change
Two Visions of the Immediate Future


    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el and Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon and may the grace of our Master, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), be with us all in this assembly and in the mission field in general. This is a time of rising lawlessness and danger everywhere and so we begin by petitioning Yahweh for protection over our families, the brethren, our friends and over the work in general.

    The Body Under Major Attack

    Many of our brethren and friends are in great distress currently. Some have lost jobs, others have lost their health; some are under enormous financial pressure, others have experienced fractured families. There have been a number of sudden and unexpected deaths and accidents. Everywhere the hand of evil is at work. I spoke with a brother - a dedicated street evangelist - two days ago who was in despair because his prayer life had suddenly gone into sharp decline. Yes, we are under attack spiritually too. I have been experiencing it along with many of you. We are most definitely entering the evil day spoken of in Ephesians 6 and are required to have the full armour of Elohim (god) on 24/7. Things are changing as the Remnant emerges from its purging, as we shall see in a moment.

    The Rising Spectre of Civil War

    Interestingly enough, whilst I was talking to this brother, I experienced something that has been absent for a long time what with all the horrid news in the world and the relentless advance of wickedness everywhere. Even the Trump victory and the action he has been taking to reverse the dark Obama legacy of eight years seems to have been met with and violently countered by what can only be described as forces trying to foment civil war in the United States. He is surrounded by traitors in his own ranks seeking to destroy him.

    1917 All Over Again

    Indeed yesterday it occurred to me that what the United States was currently experiencing was not at all dissimilar to what happened in Russia exactly one hundred years ago. A corrupt and despotic Czarist régime had been considerably weakened by a gruelling war against Germany and Austria-Hungary, then into its third year, that had claimed the lives of millions in pointless butchery. I speak of the Great War or what eventually came to be called the First World War. Russia was seathing with revolution and what was essentially a very small group, the Bolsheviks, who had little popular support numerically or morally, succeeded in riding on the back of another revolution - the revolution for democracy - and cleverly managed to hijack it.

    The Russian Bolshevik Nightmare

    In November 1917 Russia was plunged into an ever darker communist era than the czarist one that had gone before it, enslaving first Russia and then a third of the world before collapsing in the late 1980's. What is happening in America, in a country rotten with corruption and immorality, whose Christian values have been being undermined now for decades, with all the communist-fomented rioting with Big Business and the globalist Banksters enrolling them just as they did the Bolsheviks a century before - what is happening in the USA is just too much like Imperial Russia to be a coincidence, as it teetered and fell into a terrible orgy of blood-letting and enslavement. America and Europe are slowly turning communist. The Kerensky régime, which might have succeeded in bringing Russia into the modern world of liberal democracy, was crushed, and instead was forced under the despotic rule of first, Lenin and then, Stalin.

    Russia 1917 vs. America 2017

    Now obviously there are a lot of differences between the Russia of 1917 and the America of 2017. The moral rottenness in America is a lot worse, for one thing, but unlike the grinding serfdom that kept the lives of millions in misery in Imperial Russia, there was, at least until before the Obama régime, some sort of liberty. For those interested in what happened a century ago, I recommend Orlando Figes' excellent book on the Russian Revolution [1]. You will see how the well-tried methods that were used on Russia and Europe in the 20th century are being re-used, by the descendants of the same Illuminati bloodlines, on America today. The script is frighteningly similar. However, we do not know the final result. All we can do is live day by day, in emunah (faith), listening keenly to the Ruach (Spirit) and obeying Yahweh.

    Tolstoy and Judgment

    I don't know if you have read any of Russia's great novelists but I highly recommend them. I'm sure you all know, or have heard of, Leo Tolstoy and perhaps some of you are familiar with his novel, The Death of Ivan Ilyitch (1886). I bring this book up now because it is all about judgment and we are passing through a time of global judgment right now. We can see it building up all around us.

    Ivan Ilyitch

    In the story, Ivan is a member of the Russian upper classes. He goes to a school of law, and ends up as a government official in a large town. He marries, has a large family, and lives comfortably on an estate with servants. To the outward eye, he is a successful man.

    A Question of Happiness

    At the latter end of middle age he becomes ill and takes to his bed. One suspects he had cancer. His whole life is taken over by gnawing, unmitigated, agonising pain, never ceasing for an instance. He begins to reminisce. At first he consoles himself on his various achievements, but mental pain and anguish take over and there is no respite. He goes into a dreamy reverie and hears an inner voice, the voice of his soul, asking him a searching question: 'When have you been happy?'

    Convention and Expectations

    He thinks carefully and is horrified to discover that he has only been happy in childhood. The inner voice continues its relentless probe until Ivan questions himself with: 'Maybe I did not live as I ought to have done.' The searing pain gets worse. In his dying moments he comes to realise that he has lived by convention and always fulfilled other peoples' expectations of him. What he has not done since childhood is obey the deepest feelings and convictions of his own soul, and so never known real freedom [2].

    Letting Go

    We can react in two ways to Ivan Ilyitch - we can react in a lawless way and pursue our own thing, attempting to find happiness by following, as it were, our own 'star' - or we can follow the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and pursue the course that Yahweh has set for us. Either way we have to let go of others' expectations of us, whoever they may be.

    Carnal vs. Spiritual Ways

    The carnal way will be a hit-and-miss affair, usually leading to a metaphorical 'bloodied nose' and ultimately to purposelessness, like the unspiritual lives of those we attempted to please; or we will choose the spiritual way, and whilst the chances are we will get a 'bloodied nose' that way too, we will at least have pursued the life intended by Yahweh, a life of purpose, satisfaction and eternal shalom (peace) which always brings about simcha (joy) no matter how bloodied-a-nose we end up with.

    Purposefully Knocked Off Your Horse

    We tend to exclusively think of judgment in terms of punishment for sin, forgetting that there is also a positive judgment that may knock us off a horse going in the wrong direction and lead us to another one patiently waiting for us that is going in the right direction.

    Interfacting With the Change

    This is, as I have said so often now, a time of huge change, and one that is imminent and pregnant with possibility for the true sons and daughters of Elohim (God). Some of you may already be interacting with that wave of change and are wondering where on earth it is taking you.

    Riding the Horse of Destiny

    Don't be afraid. The 'horse of destiny', which is Yahweh's Plan for your life if you will yield to it, knows exactly where it is going. If the wave hasn't hit you yet, that's OK too - just don't go into the unknown trying to figure out what's going to happen because it may not at all come in the way you expect. Indeed, we may not even be aware that what Yahweh is calling us to is a major change in life-direction.

    Long Waits

    I said earlier that two nights ago I experienced something that has, for me, been absent for a long time. In the life of every believer there are times of waiting, and sometimes long waits. As I mentioned to you recently, John the Baptist had to wait in the wilderness for years in order to serve for about six months only. I have myself have been waiting for a long, long time for many different things, as long as half my life. Two nights ago I sensed something - not in vision, not in words but just an awareness, a stirring in my heart. Like the first gusts of wind before the storm, I sensed those gusts. And they felt good, like good tidings which kindle tiqveh (hope).

    Three Large Projects

    Two nights ago I retired to bed and resumed by reading of the Book of Ezekiel. In May of last year an encounter online made me realise that I needed to understand Ezekiel properly. But there were things about it that baffled me. I started writing a small book but got sidetracked by other things demanding my attention, two other huge projects that have taken a lot of time and which are still consuming a lot of time. So I have three big things running in parallel.

    Correctly Sequencing the Book of Ezekiel

    I had finally cracked the time-stamps of the 13 scrolls that make up Ezekiel's Book - in reality 13 separate books - which have been strung together out of order by some scribe. Two of the time-stamps were incomplete making ordering the scrolls impossible, with 9 possible combinations. But I cracked them and the scrolls fell in place. Others have done the same, as it turns out, and come to more or less the same conclusions as I have.

    Deceived to Receive the False Messiah

    The Book of Ezekiel is a vitally important prophetic timeline. In the order they are published in our modern Bibles, the scrolls give a totally distorted picture of events. Indeed, Evangelical Christianity and Messianism have by and large followed this false sequence and attributed the timeline to the appearing belonging to the Anti-Messiah (Antichrist) to the Second Coming of the true Messiah! And by this false exegesis - by means of this false eschatology - the bulk of believers are going to welcome the False Messiah believing him to be the True One. That is why this Study is so important. By Yahweh's grace you will receive it in the very near future.

    The False Sequence and the False Prophecy

    In brief, the prophecies out of sequence, as found in our modern Book of Ezekiel, give the impression that a Third Temple with the Levitical Priesthood and animal sacrifices has to be built in the modern Jerusalem before the Messiah returns, and that our Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus) will return to that Temple and accept it as His seat of government.

    The Temple That Will Never Be Built

    In sequence, we understand that the magnificent Temple seen by Ezekiel in vision was a promise to the exiles of Judah and Israel if they would repent and return to Yahweh and His Torah. This was to have been the Magnificent Second (and Final) Mosaic Temple, to which the Messiah would one day return, not the tiny Temple of Zeubabbel that was built by, and for, the unrepentant House of Judah alone, which was later expanded by Herod and to which Yah'shua (Jesus) came in New Testament times. Thus the Temple Ezekiel saw in vision will never be built by Yahweh's people and indeed animal sacrifices can never now be instituted because the New Covenant was put in place two thousand years ago, cancelling out the need for animal Sacrifices. It will most likely be built, however, by the Synagogue of Satan.

    The True Third Temple Made in Heaven and the Counterfeit

    The true Third Temple will not be built by human hands but will come down out of Heaven, along with the whole city called New Jersualem (Rev.3:12; 21:2), and crush the modern City of Hagar to dust, the worldly Jerusalem with its false temple soon-to-be patterned after the one Ezekiel saw. The current Temple project being implemented by the Orthodox Jews in the Republic of Israel is the false Third Temple (counterfeit of the Heavenly Temple of the New Jerusalem) and will be occupied by the Anti-Messiah (Antichrist) who will blasphemously declare himself to be Elohim (God) in it. You will learn that this is so in the coming booklet.

    All Eyes on Messiah and the New Jerusalem

    The important thing is to get your eyes off the Jerusalem, the slave City of Hagar (Gal.4:25), and off any 'temple' in the Middle East - even if it looks like the one described vy Ezekiel - and off the false Rothschild Illuminati state known as the 'Republic of Israel', and renounce the false communistic doctrine of Zionism. Instead get your eyes on the (for now) invisible Messiah, Yah'shua (Jesus). until His physical return, and on the presently invisible Jerusalem which is for now in Heaven, even as it is written:

      "I (Yah'shua/Jesus) am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of My Elohim (God). Never again will He leave it. I will write on him the name of My Elohim (God) and the name of the city of my Elohim (God), the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from My Elohim (God); and I will also write on him My new name" (Rev.3:11-12, NIV).

    I. Vision of the New Road

    As I said, two nights ago I was reading from Ezekiel from his first scroll (8:1ff.) in which he pronounced Yahweh's mishpat or judgment upon Jerusalem and then I went to sleep. The following morning I awoke at around 7.30 a.m. and saw a vision of the ruler-straight dirt road that descends down and then climbs up to our house that crosses our land. Only instead of the dirt there was a new, fresh, straight, level, thick black layer of asphalt, precisely laid down from the boundary of our property to the entrance. It made my heart glad to see it for I knew what it meant as scriptures leapt into my mind:

      "The path of the righteous is level;
      O upright One, you make the way of the righteous smooth.
      Yes, Yahweh, walking in the way of your torot (laws),
      we wait for You;
      Your name and renown
      are the desire of our hearts"
      (Isa.26:7-8, NIV).

      "In the desert prepare
      the way for Yahweh;
      make straight in the wilderness
      a highway for our Elohim (God).
      Every valley shall be raised up,
      every mountain and hill made low;
      the rough ground shall become level,
      the rugged places a plain.
      And the glory of Yahweh will be revealed,
      and all mankind together will see it.
      For the mouth of Yahweh has spoken"
      (Isa.40:3-5, NIV).

    II. Vision of the Tree and Two Pillars

    I went to sleep again and woke up an hour or so later with this vision still fresh in my mind. And as I was meditating on it, a second vision opened up. Now I was inside a house which was my home, only it was not my present house, but a much more modern one - brand new - with a lower ceiling. Before me was an enormous window, more than twice the width of two of our current groundfloor windows, though not as high. And through it I could see, in bright sunlight, a lawn of fresh spring grass, of that pale green that I love so much. In the distance were trees closely clumped together forming a boundary of some sort. To the left, and only just in view, were two enormous white pillars, one in front of the other (as viewed from the room), that stretched high and beyond the view afforded by the large window. To the right, with an empty space in the centre of the lawn, was a medium-sized tree. As I stared at it I could see it was both the shape of the lion-with-drawn-sword logo of this ministry as well as a regular tree. My eyes averted to the left and the two enormous white pillars suddenly transformed into two tall trees. The folliage of all three trees was the same spring-green colour of the grass.

    Like the Pillars of Jachin and Boaz

    The vision quite astonished me. Had one walked into the centre of the lawn, with the 'ministry tree' on the right and the twin pillar-trees on the left, and then turned 90 degrees to the left, one would have been confronted by the two pillars as a temple-goer anciently would have been confronted by the bronze pillars of Jachin and Boaz flanking the door of the Sanctuary of Solomon's Temple - the First Temple. Interestingly, the two pillars of Ezekiel's Second Temple were to be made of wood, and not brass, the wood symbolising a living being.

    The Courtyard Activity

    Our ministry is to be in the Courtyard represented by the living tree after the Courtyard-trampling of the present judgment is over. Just as our own homes are supposed to be living temples in similitude of the actual Temple of the Living Elohim (God), which was the vantage point of the vision, so in the Courtyard is the Entrance, viâ the two pillars, to the Temple of the New Jerusalem. Elsewhere (not in the vision) are counterfeit temples and counterfeit entrances, which are collectively one false temple of the Anti-Messiah (Antichrist).

    Understanding the Two Pillars

    What are these two pillars? What do they represent in the vision? 'Jachin' and 'Boaz' translate from the Hebrew as "Yah will establish" and "by His own strength". Therefore Yahweh will establish this work by His own strength and not the strength of man. He is about to rebirth it, making it alive in a new way. Jachin and Boaz represent, respectively, Solomon and David, the progenitors of Messiah, and specifically two aspects of Messiah and of the Messianic calling. What are these? They are the labour, action and works of 'Solomon' and the concepts, preparation and davar (word, instruction) of 'David', the Last and the Current Generations, respectively. My task, and the task of my generation, is to provide those of you of the Final Generation with the 'materials' - the concepts, tavnith (pattern), revelation, preperation and Davar (Word) which you will use for the labour, action and works of the Final Witness and Final Gathering.

    The Two Generations

    These two pillars are to arise side by side, my generation and the last generation and though we shall depart by the by, our work will remain. This, then, is the meaning of the second vision. Coupled with the first, we understand that the way to this ministry is soon to open and become a highway for those who are called, the true seekers after the fullness of the Kingdom of our Father.


    For this to happen, there has to be a metaphorical change of horses. We need fresh horses because the old ones are worn out. But we also need horses differently trained and constituted for the change in work that is to be required of us at any time. I suggest, though I can but speculate, that this will begin to happen this spring with the New Year and the end of the Yovel or Year of Jubilee. Whether young or old, there is work to be done. The road is being prepared. Let us receive all that Yahweh supplies, in His grace and strength, with gladness of heart is my prayer in Yah'shua's (Jesus') Name. Amen.


    [1] Orlando Figes, A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924 (Pimlico, London: 1996)
    [2] William Sykes, Visions of Faith: An Anthology of Reflections (The Bible Reading Fellowship, Oxford: 1996), p.128


    A sister in Ireland shared her testimony of what Yahweh is showing her:

      "Quite a few times recently I have had visions and dreams of a huge Tabernacle across the sky...like a large red sheet. In the visions I would be shown a house, and then the sky-Tabernacle like the Ruach (Spirit) was juxtapositioning the two...like an expeanding of territory/authority, a change of wphere...something like that."

    After hearing my two visions she remarked to me:

      "I see parallels with my visions too...the usage of the Temple imagery being integrated into creational imagery. Amazing! [There] is a change [going on], very definitely!"

    - Sarah Pomeroy (4 February 2017)

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