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Month 10:24, Week 4:2 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5940:290 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Sunday 22 January 2017
Donald Trump & 2017
Prophetic Visions & Revelations

    A New American President and Realities

    I am sure that you, like myself, watched the inauguration of President Trump two days ago. Perhaps, like me, you got emotionally carried away by the euphoria as you heard his inaugural speech and the list of things he intends to do. Mostly he said the right things but after I had got past the emotional enjoyment of feeling relief that the Obama régime was over, reality crept in once again as I reminded myself that though there is now a new government in Washington DC it is essentially composed of war-mongering neo-conservative Republicans who, like the liberals they have just displaced, are New World Order globalists. The new president will have both sides of the House to contend with. Then I had to quickly remind myself that the 'Shadow' or 'Deep Government', run as it is by neo-fascist corporatists and banksters, is till in place and pulling the strings. Trump may start draining the swamp but how far will he actually manage to get?

    Assessing the Spiritual Reality

    As you know I long ago ceased being an optimist after Yahweh told me, again and again, that the Judgment was coming no matter who won. About half the American population is behind Donald Trump, a divers bunch of people. However, Trumpism isn't the Besorah (Gospel). It's essentially conservative nationalism with lots of Christian backers of every stripe you can imagine, including powerful organisations, like the Catholics, who are actually globalists and now have a Vice-President in the White House. The Zionists very much have Trump in their pockets with more Jews in high office in the Trmup administration than in any administration before. His promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is effectively an endorsement of the Rothschild state. Finally, it most not be forgotten that Trump, like Obama, is a Freemason and is bound, by oath, to come to the assistance of any Freemason in 'distress', wheoever he may be, however corrupt he may be.

    Few want to Change Themselves

    Trump also has many supporters from divers immoral lifestyles. And whilst half the population most definitely wants change, as we all do, only a tiny minority of these actually themselves want to change. Personal repentance, which is the only way to get right with Yahweh and the only way to avert judgment after a nation has descended into a moral cesspit, is not the same as changing secular administrations. And as I have repeated ad nauseam to you over the years, the chaos and deprivation that follows economic collapse is coming no matter what reforms Trump makes, short of dissolving the Federal Reserve Bank and cancelling all the debts owed to them. Not only has Trump not stated that this is a part of his Manifesto but it is highly unlikely he would ever manage to do that. Collapse is coming and along with it the hopes and aspirations of the new administration.

    A Very Busy Night

    It's been very quiet on the spiritual front for some weeks now. Either Yahweh has been very quiet or I have not been well tuned in. Either way, I remarked to my wife yesterday evening that I was wondering why I had been shown so little of late, especially as there have been some urgent matters needing divine guidance, and at the back of my mind was the thought that this was the lull before the storm. No sooner had my head hit the pillow than a night of relentless spiritual activity started that included a major spiritual attack by the Enemy (which lasted about half-an-hour) and numerous times of being woken up over half-a-dozen times and being shown intense visions. And inbetween the visions, when I was awake, I was aware of tremendous activity in the invisible realm all around, as though large numbers of spiritual entities were being mobilised. From the moment it started, I knew it was all about Trump and the 'big change' in America in one way or another. And that is what I have to share with you today - urgently, in fact.

    I. Vision of Donald Trump Bound

    What I have to share concerns public-domain visions. I cannot be sure what the exact order of all of them was as I only forced myself to stay awake three times and recorded the last visions I had seen, and then worked backwards. I do, however, most distinctly remember the first. I saw Donald Trump, the first time Yahweh has shown me anything about him that I can recall. He was kneeling on the floor of an empty, an almost completely darkened room with a single window. He wore a blindfold and his hands were tightly bound behind his back. A red powder was being sprinkled on him from somewhere above that I could not see. He looked utterly exhausted and was no longer the master of his own life. (The only other American president have seen in a similar condition in a vision was the younger Bush who was totally controlled but wanting 'out'). I do not know what the red powder signifies unless it is some kind of enchantment. The very clear message of this vision to me is that Trump is not his own master.

    II. Vision of the German River

    Like I said, every vision was connected to Trump in some way. In the second vision I was taken to a large river flowing through Germany (like the Elbe which runs through the heart of Germany, Oder, Danube or Rhine). It was also semi-dark and I was consciously aware that this too had something to do with the American President. Germany is the key to Europe and the European Union and what has just happened in America is going to affect the EU profoundly at a time of great instability caused by a collapsing economy and by popular hostility to Chancellor Merckel's élitist policy of unrestrained immigration. I suspect the river indicates a flow of events (the river) impacting Germany and the EU from the USA. TRump is already arm-twisting the EU and threatening them not to create an EU army (which, of course, America could not control which NATO can).s

    A Huge Change in the Spirit Dimension

    Even after the vision had closed I was accutely aware of spiritual activity all around me. I sensed turmoil in the invisible, presumably in the demonic part and on one occasion I remember the sense of that dark world, as it manifests here on earth, having 'shifted' in a major way. The way I experienced that was looking forwards with my physical eyes but with my spiritual eyes the parallel of my room seemed rotated through about 90 degrees. The best way I can explain that is that the Enemy has had to make a huge change in his dimension, perhaps in connection with the globalist defeat in the American Presidential election, reminding me of an army switching fronts.

    The President Cannot Charge Like a Bull

    The very real sense I got in expriencing all of this is that Donald Trump will not be able to charge into action in his usual bullish way and make the changes he wants to without encountering considerable resistance from the whole élite establishment - or at least the current ruling US faction of it. More than that, he will not be able to accomplish it alone in the strength of his own will-power or flesh. As one commentator noted yesterday, Trump has changed and is still changing as the enormity of his task dawns on him. One thing is clear, though. In order to defeat the Enemy, in whatever areas Yahweh has called him, he is going to absolutely have turn to Yah'shua (Jesus) for real (and not just for political traction) and be supernaturally equipped to fight with heavenly power. And he will, of course, have to be backed up by prayer warriors. That is how all of us must accompany our heavenly assignments. If he does not do this, Trump will simply become, or continue to be, the instrument of one of the warring factions of the New World Order.

    Trump's Spiritual Life

    Though I can't fore sure say what is happening in Trump's spiritual life right now, his invocation of the American covenant and of God in his inaugural speech has to be more than a mere patriotic jingle - he's going to have to mean it for real and to progressively go deeper into his relationship with Yah'shua (Jesus) to both understand his calling and equip himself through prayer to carry it out. Whilst his business savvy will serve him well in the political arena, neither that nor his brusque, forceful dinosaur-like personality will win him any battles in the spiritual domain. The psyche belongs to the psychic sphere and the spiritual to the spiritual, and ne'er the twain confused. So not only has Trump got monumental battles ahead of him but he has also got to conquer his carnal nature if he doesn't want to remain bound, blinded and humiliated the way I saw him in the first vision. He has huge choices to make in his personal life.

    III. Vision of the Norwegian Brother and Explosions

    The second set of visions that I want to share flow out of the spiritual activity described above and, whilst more local, connect back to the first set as you will see. In the first of these I was in our library at home. In the vision I was seeing another vision of a brother from Norway who was about to visit us. Then the vision changed to another time frame and the brother was there in the library and overwhelmed with joy both because he was finally there (we had not seen each other for a long time) and because the vision I had seen earlier had come to pass. Then there was the sound of explosions from the back of the house. Racing to the back door and opening it, we saw red lights falling out of the night sky beyond the eastern part of Arvika. When they impacted there was a dull thud that shook the ground but no lighting-up as one would expect of a regular explosion at night so I am guessing the site of impact was much further away or this was spiritual in meaning. Others who had been outside were rushing to the back door, fearful of explosions and fearful that a war might have started.

    The Falling Red Lights Interpreted

    How symbolic or literal these events were is hard for me at this stage to tell only, once again, I was aware that 'everything had changed' not only in the spiritual but now, possibly, in the physical too. Whether these explosions were the work of terrorists, war or something else I don't know, because the falling red lights do not resemble anything in modern warfare that I am currently aware of. The nearest thing I can connect them to is Biblical prophecy that speaks of stars falling out of the sky that represent the fall of powerful people and/or dark malakim (angels). Red symbolises rebellion and communism so these falling stars could denote élitist leaders falling from their positions of power and influence leading to violence and chaos as they try to do as much damage as they can before they exit stage - this is what Obama did in his last days as President, issuing executive orders to hasten America's destabilisation and carry out final globalist instructions. Bear in mind that outside the house in visions and prophetic dreams is not infrequently symbolic of the Outer Courtyard of the Temple which has been invaded and is currently occupuied by the Enemy in the spiritual and (increasingly) physical domains. This is an area we have been commanded leave quickly.

    IV. Vision of the White Raptor

    The last vision I want to share with you, which was chronologically the last of the public revelations I am to share, is definitely a Courtyard-related revelation. In this vision I was in our garden, once again in half-light (it was very grey and overcast, no sun was visible, and it could have been early evening). My wife was outside with two of our dogs together with one of my sons on the far side of our flagpole base. She cried out in surprise and shock thus gaining my attention. I rushed up and there, on the lawn, with its nose fixed to the ground, was a small, bizzare-looking albino-coloured or white dinosaur-like creature, like a raptor. I would guess it was about four or five feet long. It was transfixed by whatever it was looking at on the ground. But this was no 'ordinary' dinosair as its long tail was undulating in perfectly synchronised waves in a very unnatural way, reminding me a little of undulating tail of a Xenopus tadpole which is constantly in motion. It never took its gaze off the ground and was, aside from the eerie motions of the tail, otherwise completely still.

    Looking Ahead

    We have known that 2017 was going to be a decisive and dangerous year and it is so proving to be already, though barely anything is 'under way' save the big change in America. I believe events will move with great rapidity and will by and large be unpredictable. The old and familiar ways of looking at, and interpreting, events and spiritual activity will no longer hold because everything has switched direction and gear. The demonic is increasingly turning to its Plan B....which includes Trump. In other words, there won't be time to adequately react unless you are already prepared.

    Preppers' Obedience Will Start Paying Off

    It is now, following your years of careful preparation, that your obedience will start paying off.

    Trouble Coming to South Africa and Brazil

    The equivalent unrest we see in America is planned for South Africa in August and there could well be a civil war there. I have already been given a warning about South Africa and Brazil. We can expect all kinds of risings and revolutions everywhere as the Enemy seeks to create the kind of chaos out of which he can then put his globalist 'New World Order' in place.

    Turmoil Coming to Europe

    Events similar to the Trump phenomenon are expected in Europe, of which Brexit was the opening flare, and we shall see what the outcome of the important French General Election is going to be.

    Be at the Appointed Places, Get Out of the Courtyard

    As I have been saying for years while other have been insisting the Antichrist was about to set up shop, that the 'rapture' is about to happen, and the Messisah come back in a matter of months, this is going to be a major defeat and setback for the globalist élites, they will fight with everything they have got, and it is going to be bloody in some places. That is why Yahweh's people have got to be at the appointed places outside the 'Courtyard' areas in the world which the Enemy does control in which no one will be safe. After this costly victory, there will be a brief reprieve to complete the Final Gathering before total darkness discends on the earth.


    The albino dinosaur with the undulating tail represents a demonic power posing as righteous that is warming up for its destructive agenda. It's deceiving a lot of people. For now it seems benign but suddenly it will spring into action and begin devouring, so get out of the Courtyard by getting into the emet (truth). Whatever it is, it is imminent. It is time to be finally out of the metaphorical courtyard and get under the sukkah or tent of our Messiah both spiritually and geographically. What Trump chooses to do - whether he will fully convert and carry out his calling or be a tool of the élites - is hard to say. The first vision certainly suggests that he has either already bound and helpless or the possibility of his being overwhelmed and rendered inoperative. Do not forget that Vladimir Putin is another vitally important player (the most important one still) and the last Yahweh told me anything about him (on new year's day) was positive. The globalists are already splitting into factions that are fighting one another, presumably disagreeing over their response to the sudden unexpected turn of events (for them). Not only that, they now have a war on two fronts, with Trump on one side and Putin on the other. So it should be a very interesting 2017 indeed.

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    Last updated on 5 June 2017

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