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Month 8:12, Week 2:4 (Revee/Shavu'ot), Year:Day 5940:218 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Friday 11 November 2016
Dishonourable Peace
98th Anniversary of the
End of the First World War


    Today is the 98th anniversary of the armictice between Germany and the Western Powers (France, Uk and USA) which came into effect on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour. On this day four years of pointless conflict and bloodshed ended that served no one's interests save those of the atheistic communist Bolsheviks in Russia and those Illuminist forces at work in Europe and America as a whole. Their goal was the weakening and eventual eradication of Christianity to pave the way for an occultic New World Order.

    The Death of Institutional Christianity

    So many people lost confidence in state institutions and especially that state institution called the 'church', whether Protestant or Catholic. The esteemed position of ministers and of faith in general was irrepairably damaged on the battlefields of Flanders and the Somme. The cream of a generation's youth and the hope of the next generation were all but wiped out in the senseless killing. The Second World War that would follow the First one, a mere 21 years later, made institutional Christianity even more untenable. The fabric of Christian society was irrepairably damaged and a series of swift blows, starting in earnest in the 1960's, would lay Christianity so low as to leave it in the emaciated and near-death state it finds itself in today. The Third World War, which was planned along with the first two back in the 19th century by the Illuminati to destroy Christianity and ussher in a one world occultic Luciferian New World Order, is on a short fuse as I write. It could launch at any time.

    The Restoration of Germany in 1871

    I have always had a passionate interest in history and firmly believe that if we fail to learn its lessons that we will simply make the same mistakes again and again. The evil men behind starting up the First World War played on the petty rivalries, fears and ambitions of the Great Powers of the day. At centre stage were Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia and the Ottoman (Turkinh) Empire. Germany was the 'new kid on the block', previously consisting of dozens of small independent states with Prussia and Bavaria the largest, and held together by a loose association. Germany was recreated as the Second Reich (Realm) in 1871 under Wilhelm I Bismarck as chancellor, after the defeat of the French by Prussia at Sedan following Emperor Napoleon III's attempt to restore his namesake's defeated Empire. The presence of this young, dynamic nation which was outcompeting all the others in the economic sphere, was resented by the older states.

    Germany's Offer of Peace

    The war was being won by Germany in what came to be called the 'Great War' (later rebranded as the First World War) but at great cost to all the sides. In 1916 the Kaiser, Wilhelm II, made the Allies a generous peace offer - no reparations or territorial demands of any kind, just a straightforward return to the way things were in 1914 when the war broke out, each combattant nation behind their pre-war borders. The timing was right and people were more than ready to bring the whole ugly business to an end. The nations were thoroughly war-weary and sickened by the carnage. So why didn't it happen and why is this episode suppressed in the official histories?

    Who Writes Our History?

    Now I think most of you know I am not a 'conformist' when it comes to history any more than I am when it comes to theology or political correctness, and the reason for that is not because I don't necessarily like the 'official narrative' but because it isn't completely true...like practically everything else we have been told about 'reality'. They say that the victors write the history books and this is true - more true, though, is that the powers behind our governments direct their content.

    The Illuminati a Century Ago

    Now the Illuminati was not nearly as powerful in the early part of the 20th century as it is today even though it was powerful. Indeed it was the original Napoleon who delivered them their first coup in the form of the Rothschilds who by trickery convinced the British public that they had lost the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and got their messengers back to London with the lie before the official messengers arrived with the truth. The result was that the stock market slumped, the Rosthschilds bought up stock for pennies on the pound, and as a result gained control of the Bank of England and the mightiest Empire of the time. By similar means they gained control of the United States.

    Britain Captures Palestine from the Turks

    So how did they scuttle the Kaiser's peace plan? By secretly sending representatives to London offering Britain a way to win the war. The Rothschild emmissaries guarananteeed they would bring the USA into war and so tip the balance, and in return Britain would guarantee the formation of a Jewish State in Palestine, which was then in the Ottoman Empire. This was how the Palestinian Expeditionary force came to be launched by my country from Egypt and how the Palestinian Territory came to be a mandate of the League of Nations after the war was over. I have a copy of the book, published by His Majesty's Stationary Office in 1919 entitled, A Brief Record of the Advance of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force Under the Command of General Sir Edmund H.H.Allenby, GCB, GCMG, July 1917 to October 1918 that documents the British Goverment's fulfillment of their side of the bargain with the Rothschilds. The capture by the British of Jerusalem in 1917 was prophesied in the Bible. Why did the élites want Palestine? To create a counterfeit Israel, destabilise the world through Zionism and bring in an Anti-Messiah (Antichrist) apparently fulfilling Bible prophecy. The mess that we see in the Middle East today is the fruit of this wicked 'deal'.

    The Armistice

    Britain took the bait, the USA entered the war in 1917, and the British invaded and occupied Palestine (1917-18). The Americans turned the tide and Germany was forced to appeal for an armistice on this day 98 years ago at 11 am. The territorial changes made as a result of the peace settlement were purposefully unequal and unfair - on the one hand, to 'punish' the vanquished (the French headed the 'Revenge League Table') and on the other had to create more instability to feed the élite's plans for a second world war.

    Enlightened Plans for Austria-Hungary

    None of this is to say that Europe in 1914 was paradise. Some countries were certainly more enlightened than others, and some were still virtually feudal. Russia was still a despotic monarchy and there were rumblings of discontent in the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary. But if the war had ended in 1916 there would have been no bloody Bolshevik revolution in Russia (which Germany financed to get Russia out of the war) and more moderate elements would have been able to reform the country into a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Poland and Finland would have got autonomy and eventual independence and been spared revolution and a devastating Bolshevik invasion. The polyglot Austro-Hungarian Empire was already liberalising and planning to federalise the country along ethnic lines making for a 'United States of Austria' (Vereinigte Staaten von Groß-Österreich), originally proposed by Aurel Popovici in 1906, and to even let go of its Bosnian territory (acquired from Turkey in 1878), a plan far fairer to all its ethnic groups than the haphazzard and ill-conceived partitions mandated by the Treaties of St.Germain and Trianon which sowed more seeds of discontent for the Second World War:

    Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria

    This federated state probably would have disintegrated eventually but it would have been in a more orderly and fairer way and would have pre-empted the 1919 Bolshevik coup in Hungary led by half Jew, Béla Kun (Kohn), which led to the Romanian and Czechoslovak invasions and occupation of the country. Czechoslovakia would not have got its large German majority and given no pretext for a future Hitler to exploit because they would have been a part of German Austria with their rights protected. Likewise the Slovak portion of Czechoslovakia would not have acquired a huge Hungarian minorioty or Romania a huge German and Hungarian minority. It's impossible, of course, to say how all of this would have played out but it would have been infinitely preferable to another two years or bloody conflict with unjust treaties that virtually begged for another war in the future to resolve them.

    The Unjust Treatment of Germany in West Prussia,
    Danzig, Memel and Upper Silesia

    The biggest loser of the war was Germany. It was subjected to an unjust partition that left millions of its citizens in other countries. Owing to an ill-considered promise made by the American President that Poland should have access to the sea even if it meant cutting a swathe through large German populated areas, Germany was split in two with a Polish corridor running down the middle. Most of the plebiscites held in German territories to decide to which country the inhabitants wanted to belong to were, with the one exception in East Prussia, not conducted fairly. In the Upper Silesian Plebiscite 60 per cent voted to remain in Germany and 40 to join the new Polish Republic, even after Polish terrorists led by Wojciech Korfanty were threatening those who did vote 'correctly' to stare down the barrels of their guns. The Freikorps, who got a bad name because some later sought sanctuary with the nazis, were originally, and at the time, a patriotic militia who responded to the Korfanty terrorism in Silesia in kind. Instead of honouring the Plebiscite restults, the French insisted the area be partitioned and the best part of the rich cola-mining area be given to Poland, alonmg with its German-majority (85 per cent) capital, Kattowitz, to the protests of the Italians who insisted the whole territory revert to Germany in accordance with the ballot box result.

    Schleswig and Alsace-Lorraine

    In Schleswig, which had a Danish minority, the plebiscite area was arbitrarily divided into two zones to ensure that Denmark got the northern share, even though there were towns like Tondern in it with an overwhelming majority. No plebiscite was offered to the largely German-speaking Elsaß-Lothringen/Alsace-Lorraine territory, which Germany had re-acquired from France in 1871, which had wanted to remain a part of Germany as an autonomous territory. Indeed the immediate evacuation of Alsace-Lorraine by Germany on 11 November 1918 was one of the terms of the Armistice before the conditions of the peace treaty had been worked out.

    No Plebiscite in West Prussia

    Finally, no plebiscite was offered to the West Prussians because of President Woodrow Wilson's foolish promise to the Poles to guarantee them a port. According to calculations I made when I prepared a thesis on the subject many years ago, the result would have been similar to that of Upper Silesia (~60 per cent for Germany) and possiblty even higher (~70 per cent) because of the unexpected landslide victory in East Prussia (Allenstein-Marienwerder areas) where the Slavic Masurians, who were not Poles, overwhelmingly voted (95 per cent) for retention into Germany. Even so, the Allies detached the Soldau area in the East Prussian Plebiscite area, which had voted to remain in Germany, because Poland wanted the railway line running through it.

    Other Areas Detached Without Plebiscite

    Belgium likewise obtained the Malmédy-Eupen area, with a German majority, without a plebiscite, as a spoil of war. Danzig, which was entirely German and wanted to remain a part of Germany and was the cause of the start of the Second World War, was not offered a plebiscite either but forcibly detached and made into a 'Free State' under League of Nations trusteeship though very much controlled by Poland because of the customs arrangements. Poland even had troops there at the Westerplatte. The same happened to the Memelland of East Prussia which became a Leage of Nations territory that was going to be subject to a plebiscite. This was pre-empted by newly idnependent Lithuania, who herself would be robbed of her capital Vilnius (Wilno) when a quarter of her country was seized by Poland the day after signing a Treaty recognising their borders! Having been dispossed herself, Lithuania proceeded to invade the German Memelland, throw out the Allied troops, and annexe it. It wasn't until the eve of the Second World War that the wishes of the people were granted and the territory was returned to Germany.

    Seeds of World War 2

    It is not hard, in retrospect, having the historical facts before one, to see why Germany was bitter and how the injustice of the post-war settlement sowed the seeds for a future Adolf Hitler and a second world war. But the élites knew this all along and reckoned on the injustice fuelling another conflict.

    The Reunification of Austria and Germany

    It is often forgotten that the Armistice of 11 November 1918 only brought peace to the western theatre of the former warring countries. The east was in turmoil because of communist revolutions. Russia herself, Finland, the newly independent Baltic States and Poland were all invaded by the Red Army. Also, remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia) were thrust together in an involuntary union with Serbia and Montenegro to form Yugoslavia that was bound to unravel somewhere down the line, as it did both in 1941 and later in modern times. And German Austria, after it had been dismembered, was refused its wish to unite with Germany, something that is forgotten when Hitler annexed it in 1938. Often used in evidence against totalitarianism, the Anschluss was, in fact, by popular acclaim, and has been the desire of German Austria for two decades. Rarely reported in the history books is the fact that as German troops were entering Austria, Austrian troops simultaneously entered Germany, but such is not politically correct. The accession of Austria was a reunification not an invasion, Germany and Austria having been one nation for centuries. The same is true of the Sudetenland and the Memelland. Hitler's first act of aggression was, in actual fact, the illegal occupation of what remained of Czechoslovakia and the creation the Bohemia-Moravia Protectorate. However, the facts, which British historian David Irving has now forced into the public light, are never popular when it contradicts the official historical narratives of the élites.

    Woodrow Wilson and the Self-Determination of Peoples

    The peace settlements the followed the Armistice which we are remembering today were dishonourable and unjust. If Woodrow Wilson's otherwise admirable declaration that the Allies would honour the principle of the self-determination of peoples had been adhered to, there may never have been a Second World War. Better still, if the Kaiser's peace offer had been accepted, the whole ghastly business of the First World war would have been ended after 2 years instead of 4. And better still, if Europe had not gone to war in 1914...but that, as they say, is wholly another story.

    European Union Designs

    There are so many historical wrongs that need to be made right when Yah'shua (Jesus) returns at the last Yom Teruah that were a human commission to be set up to accomplish the task that I am sure it would take the whole Millennium to do it. It won't happen in our time and it won't be achieved by human fiat. And as much as I dislike the European Union, which is an élitist creation and puppet through and through, it has, at least taken positive steps to address the problem of the stateless nations of Europe [1]. It's solution is not to give these nations independence but to break up the existing nations into European Provinces which really does not address the aspirations of these people at all.

    The Unknown Silent Nations of Europe

    Most people aren't even aware that these people exist unless they have been waging terrorist warfare like the Basques of Spain and France. These peoples without a state include the Cornish (England), Bretons of Brittany (France), Galicians and Catalonians (Spain), the Occitanians and Corsicans (France), the Friuli, Romansh, Ladins, Savoyans and Aostans (Italy and Switzerland), the Wallonians and Flems (Belgium), the Frisians (Holland and Germany), the Sorbians (Germany), the Kashubians and Schlonzaks (Poland), the Lapps or Sami (Norway, Sweden and Finland), and many, many more. Obviously many would never be economically viable nation-states but they could become autonomous within the nations of their choice, as the Masurians chose at the end of the First World War, remaining German. And some groups are so scattered that they are not be found in one single area, making national borders a nightmare. This is why Federal entities become desirable to meet their national aspirations.

    I won't even go into the question of the native Americans. And Africa, which consists of so many tribal groups, were ethnic lines to be the guideline for national borders, would mean the complete redrawing of the African continental map and the creation of dozens of new countries. The same is true of Asia. Just look at the stateless Kurds spread out in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran - right now they're trying to form a state in northern Iraq, prevented only by the ISIS proxy of the NATO élites. Nearly all national borders are the legacy of old Empires and realistically I doubt anything can be done about that until the Millennium, save in the most advanced nations where devolution and autonomy has been granted as in the nations of the United Kingdom - Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland...but not England yet. One good rule in the EU, which is more of a cultural concession, is that member states have to include the names of towns on road signs in both languagues, so if you drive through Upper Silesia in Poland you will signposts with 'Opole' (Polish) and 'Oppeln' (German) in recognition of the German minority [2]. In some countries, like Lithuania, where there is a large Polish minority, this rule is often flouted, with Polish signs being torn down by nationalists. The same is now, sadly, happening in Poland.

    The Importance of Nations and the Millennium

    How will national and ethnic justice be done? I still don't know but we are promised justice in a day to come. We find it easy enough to visualise individual judgment but how will the nations as a whole be judged, especially as representatives from long extinct countries are resurrected? Where will they live? And how will blessings and punishments be meeted out to nations? I'm afraid I don't have a clue as to how to answer those questions. Maybe it won't even matter in the long run. The nations, though approved by Elohim (God) in Scripture (presumably because many of them prevents the rise of global dictatorship - if one country is evil, you can move to one that isn't), are really historical 'accidents'. Few remember that Germany and France were originally a single country! The word 'France' comes from the German 'Frank' (their currency in pre-€uro days was the franc and still is in Switzerland) and if you go into Bavaria you will find a region called 'Franken' or 'Franconia'. Indeed the southern Germans are mark darker in complexion than the northern Germans because they are a cross with the original Gauls. So who knows what nations will be resurrected and which will be made extinct in the Millennium.

    Variety is the Spice of Life

    Nation states are important for social identity which is why I believe in them, not so much because of the races that make them up (they're all mixed) but because of the culture. The Prussians, before the élites decided to dissolve the country in 1947, were not so much a race as a mindset [3]. And though I don't think any nation is perfect, the variety is what makes them delightful. 'Vive la différance!', the French say in respect of gender differences, and I think the same is true of nations. I love to be able to cross between France and Germany and to enjoy the differences because spice, being the variety of life, is how Yahweh intentionally made us. And sometimes, as in Elaß-Lothringen or Alsace-Lorraine, the twe cultures remix and provide even more delightful variety. And as an Anglophile, that's what I feel about the differences between Anerica, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, even though we share a common heritage and language.

    Élitist Destruction of Nations

    Germany was given a raw deal in 1918 - deliberately - because the élites knew the Germans would not take the dishonour and humiliation lying down. That's how they play the nations against each other. It's how they're playing the USA against Russia. We must not fall into this trap, nor must we surrender to the attempts by the élites to force us to to mix together into a grey, homogenous mass where there are no longer any differences at all. What a tragedy that would be, and how boring!

    Forgiveness for National Crimes

    It is not my purpose in this essay to dig up old wounds but simply to remind everyone that we have an obligation to Yahweh to see that justice is done and that we are fair in all our dealings. Since this is a time of national judgment, these matters may very well surface again before the Judgment and the Divine Council will be forced to make decisions in favour of the wronged. The Native American Nations recently made the huge step of forgiving the European settlers in their land for all the broken treaties and killings that took place. They will be hugely blessed for that. But now it is time for other nations to follow their beautiful example. To this day Russia has never acknowledged the barbarities of the communist régime and Red Army, leaving a curse on their land. The Japanese have never apologies for the attricities commited in China from 1937-45, nor the Western Powers from a century earlier for the Opium Wars. The crime debts of the Islamic nations are huge which is why the curses lie so heavily on them. There has to be repentance all around followed, otherwise old scores will surface in times of chaos to be settled in less that godly ways, leading to more cursing.


    Germany has more than apologised and compensated for all her crimes in the nazi era. Now it is time for the nations who dealt her unjustly offer her some apologies too. I for one have done this representationally many times before, but I am happy to do it again for my country of Great Britain - for the unjust Treaty of Versailles, for the firebombing of Hamburg, Dresden and Königsberg in the last war, and for more. It's the least I can do.


    [1] See, for example, Mikael Bodlore-Penlaez, Atlas of Stateless Nations in Europe: Minority Peoples in Search of Recognition (Y Lofla Cyr, Talybont, Wales: 2011)
    [2] Millions of Germans were displaced from theie homelands at the end of the Second World War in the little known or acknowledged Prussian Holocaust (because the defeated don't write the official histories).
    [3] See Prussianism: A Lifestyle, an Instinct, a Compulsion

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