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Restoring Königsberg


    2. The Prussian Holocaust

    The Talmudic Jews (by the Nazis), the Christian Armenians (by the Muslim Turks), the Cambodians (by the Communist Khmer Rouge), the Polish gentry and intelligentia (by the Communist Russians), the Orthodox Serbs (by the Catholic Croatians), the Muslim Bosnians (by the Orthodox Serbs), the Kurds (by the Iraqi Arabs), the Protestant Hugenots (by the Catholic French), and many, many others have all experienced their holocausts, best known and most publicised of which was that of the European Jews. All holocausts are terrible, all mass murder is reprehensible, all torture and bestiality revoluting to human beings, but two wrongs do not make a right. I condemn them all for they are all the work of Satan. It is, moreover, one thing when religions which believe in revenge killings (Talmudic Judaism, Islam, Communism, etc.) carry out acts of genocide but it is wholly another when those who claim to be Christians do the same thing! Satan, of course, respects no religious labels, but he does respect those who walk in the commandments and who live by the Ruach (Spirit).

    The Prussian Holocaust began in August 1944 in two East Prussian villages called Nemmersdorf and Goldap. The Soviets slaughtered not only the inhabitans to the last man, woman, and child but French prisoners-of-war too. In one farmyard the women were stripped naked and nailed through their hands in cruciform position. Near a large inn stood a barn, and to each of its two doors a naked woman was nailed through the hands. In the houses, 72 women including children, and one man aged 74, were all bestially murdered - some babies had their heades smashed in.

    This was the beginning of a pattern that was to repeat itself not only across the whole of East Prussia but in West Prussia, Pomerania, Brandenburg, and Silesia - the Prussian heartland. In the middle of the winter of 1944/5 the refugees trudged in great columns through the snow at -25°C, fleeing through the blizzards and shell fire. Daring not to stop lest they freeze to death, children sobbing amidst the corpses, mothers clutching their dead babies, men leading exhausted horses pulling carts laden with possessions. The agony of East Prussia (Ostpreussen) for three months as German forces fought with indisputable heroism to hold open a road westward to allow the escape of their fellow countrymen. In the Baltic town of Pillau west of Königsberg, people roamed the streets demented with grief, searching for loved ones. So many people had suffered and died in this place. The children could no longer understand anything about their situation. They were lost in a state of constant fear which was justified by the world of horror which never let them forget their pitiable weakness - they were being punished before they had committed any crime. Many women gave birth in the open and soon followed their newborn in death. And as the Russians took possession of the land they behaved with unstinting ruthlessness. Even old men they spitted on their bayonettes, and felt no remorse. They were working off so much hatred, and were lit up by the Communist Commissars who lied to them and told them that all the nazis sprung from East Prussia, no doubt to justify their depopulation of the area and subsequent annexation to Russia as the 'Kaliningrad Oblast'.

    The truth of the matter is that nazism was birthed, raised and matured in Catholic BAVARIA, in south Germany, not in largely Protestant East Prussia. The leading lights of nazism were either Austrians (like Hitler) or Bavarians (like Himmler, Streicher, and the rest of the nazi élite). None of the original nazis came from East Prussia. The most fanatical nazis were from the Catholic south - from Austria (Österreich/Ostmark) and Bavaria, and all of them remained members of their mother Church all their alives. Why were they never excommunicated? Adolf Hitler remained a communicant Catholic all his life.

    The truth of the matter is that East Prussia in particular was probably the most God-fearing, not only of the whole of Prussia, but of the whole of Germany. It is not too difficult to understand, in retrospect, why Satan wanted the full wrath of vengeance to fall on this little Prussian province. When Königsberg fell, the Red Army embarked on an orgy of murder, looting and rape. It is easy and convenient to say that East Prussia suffered no worse than any other combat area in war time, but it would not be true. East Prussia was Germany's own Auschwitz. At the end of the war, Prussia was blamed for the nazi savagery and used as an excuse to expell the population of all the inhabitants east of the Oder-Neisse line so that Poland, Russia and Lithuania could gobble up the rich lands which had been won from nature at great cost and cultivated by Prussians for nearly a thousand years. If the punishment for Germany was to be expulsion and murder of the population and the annexation of the lands which had bred nazism, then the blow ought to have fallen on Bavaria and Austria. Unfortunately, these lands did not have borders with Poland or Russia! (I am not for one moment suggesting that this should have been done, God forbid!) And it is a fact that after the War, West Germany not only sheltered its Bavarian and other nazis but restored their wealth to them, something dismissed as communist propaganda by the West when the East Germans pointed these things out. In fact, the only people who were ever consistent and systematic in bringing nazis to justice were the communist East Germans who were largely Prussians themselves - from Brandenburg, West Pomerania, and Saxony-Anhalt! Not only that, but the Prussian East Germans, by virtue of their discipline, loyalty and industriousness, were the only communists who were able to make communism work! (Again, I am no communist supporter - just pointing out the great qualities of this much maligned people).

    As a deliverance minister I know that today the province of East Prussia is cursed! The Kaliningrad Oblast is one of the most backward, crime-ridden, disease-afflicted regions in the whole of Europe. It is a backwater neglected and forgotten by Moscow, separated from the Russian motherland by its own corridor formed by Lithuania. Is it not more than a coincidence that this little area of land has so often been separated from its parent country? It is as though being an island is a hallmark. The economic and agricultural state of the Kaliningrad Oblast in 2003 is worse than it was in 1933, 70 years ago. It is obvious to those with any spiritual sense that something is seriously wrong.

    Königsberg was once the most beautiful Hanseatic city of them all. Kaliningrad today is a drab, soulless Stalinist monstrosity, deliberately bombed to oblivion by the Red Air Force and its remains levelled by the communist authorities afterwards, the excuse being that it has been a "bastion of nazism".

    Yes, the land of East Prussia is today cursed - the blood of the innocent cries up out of it! And my own soul is inseparably connected to it - not by birth, and probably not by descent either - but because I have a calling there. And I have met another man with exactly the same calling. Here my soul weeps, as other intercessors weep for the land and people they have been called to administer to - for the Jews of their Holocaust, for the Armenians, Cambodians, Rwandans, Poles, Russians, and all the others victims of hatred and cruelty. The East Prussians were, and are, as human as all these other victims. They too have stories to tell, they too need to be heard and loved so that they can work the agony out of their collective soul. Here, with this people, my soul wishes to comfort the bereft millions. Here my heart groans.

    Rather than leave their homes or face the Reds, thousands of East Prussians killed themselves in a last, desparate act. But the world did not want to know, and it still does not want to know, least of all by the Russians and Poles who stole their land and homes. Germany - rightly - has been made to know what it did to millions, and to pay not only with their wallets but with their whole national consciousness. Half a century on, the next generation is still made to feel guilty even though it was their fathers who were the culprits. Yet as we know, the unrepented sins of the fathers are upon the sons for many generations. And this is a truth that the Russians, Poles, and others must also face up to one day if they are to be delivered of the curses on their lands. Restitution has to be made by all the perpetrators of murder, abuse and theft, for without it, a heavy pall must of necessity lie upon them. There must be forgiveness by the abused and repentance from the abusers wheoever they are. This is the Gospel of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), and all those who claim to be Christians have to both acknowledge and live up to it.

    The Prussians are one of the last unloved and unrecognised people. Even the Prussian Jews were shown no mercy by the Reds! Because they were alive they were doomed as collaborators by them. Thus it was that one Jewish family ripped off their yellow Jewish Star of David and shared the fate of the other captured Königsbergers - starvation and death in Russian concentration camps. And the post-war NKVD (KGB) records show that the Poles and Czechs were so greedy to get the Prussians' and Sudeten Germans' homes that they forced the local Russians to throw them out on the streets.

    The Russians do not regret what they did, even today - they consider it just revenge for what they suffered under the nazis. No wonder they too are cursed. All who hate are cursed. The sins of the fathers remain on that impoverished and demonised nation. So what is my position in all of this? Well, for one thing, it was my people and their allies who terror-bombed Königsberg with incendiaries in 1944 just as they did against Dresden, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. It was a war crime little different from the nazi bombing of Warsaw, London, or Rotterdam. I can repent of that on behalf of our peoples. For another, I can intercede for all those brutally murdered Christians of East Prussia so that their souls can be released, and the land cleansed for the return of the rightful inhabitants when they too have been purified.

    This, then, is the briefest introduction to the Prussian holocaust. If you can read German, then I highly recommend a number of books which are listed below. In the next article we will be looking at the achievements of Prussia and see a side that of her that the rest of Europe and the world would rather that you did not know.

    Also see The Sad Story of East Prussia

    List of Essential Reading Materials

    • Manfred Weinhold, Deutschlands Gebietsverluste: 1919-1945 - Handbuch und Atlas (Arndt Verlag, D-24035 KIEL, Postfach 3603, 1999, ISBN 3-88741-197-8) - lots of detailed maps and statistics about the original Prussian inhabitans and the expulsions.
    • Heinz Schön, Im Heimatland in Feindeshand - Schicksale ostpreussischer Frauen unter Russen and Polen 1945-1948 (Arndt Verlag) - the terrifying story of East Prussian women under the Poles and Russians.
    • Der Tod Sprach Polnisch - Dokumente polnischer Grausamkeiten an Deutschen 1919-1949 (Arndt Verllag) - the story of Polish persecution of innocent Prussian civilians in Posen, West Prussia and Upper Silesia between the wars (including 'Bromberg Bloody Sunday' of 1939)
    • Allierte Kriegsverbrechen und Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichtkeit (Arndt Verlag) - war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Allied powers.
    • Gert O. E. Sattler, Leidensweg Deutscher Frauen 1944-1949 (Arndt Verlag) - the road of suffering of German women in the eastern Prussian provinces.
    • Erika Morgernstern, Überleben war schwerer als Sterben: Ostpreussen 1944-1948 (Arndt Verlag) - the story of the horrors in Königsberg and East Prussia.
    • Hans Edgar Jahn, Pommersche Passion (Arndt Verlag) - the story of the holocaust in Prussian Pomerania.
    • Father E.J. Reichenberger, Sudetendeutsche Passion (Arndt Verlag) - the horrors of the Sudeten Germans under the Russians and Czechs.

      English Language Titles

    • Alfred-Maurice deZayas, A Terrible Revenge (1986)
    • Giles MacDonogh, Prussia - The Perversion of an Idea (1994)
    • James Roy, The Vanished Kingdom -- Travels Through the History of Prussia (1999)

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