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Month 8:11, Week 2:3 (Shleshi/Bikkurim), Year:Day 5940:217 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Thursday 10 November 2016
The Trump Revolution
Maintain a Realistic Perspective

    Election Victory and Organised Rioting

    Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential Election but he has not defeated the corporate élitist globalists who today, as you have seen in the news, deliberately triggered rioting in Obama's home patch, Chicago, which long ago succumbed to lawlessness, in order to protest their defeat. Do not suppose it was spontaneous because it was not. These people are versed in the political art of violent communist agitation. Two days ago I warned you to be prepared for mob rule and for weeks I have been warning you to get out of the cities. It won't end in Chicago. Indeed there was also a 'Cupcakes March' in New York City calling for Trump's assassination. Protests are going on everywhere.

    Haters of Democracy

    The message is clear - they refuse to accept their defeat and being the murderous totalitarians that they are, are demonstrating (as if we didn't know) for all to see that they despise democracy which for them is but a means to a dictatorial end - a fascist/communist One World Government. Angela Merckel, the Illuminati ex-communist 'conservative' leader of Germany (the oxymoron ought to tell you something) and de facto ruler of the European Union, has already sent Trump a 'warning' not to upset the élitist apple-cart.

    Who is Trump Really?

    As events unfold you will have to decide whether Trump is the good-cop instrument of the élites himself or whether he truly is a reactionary spanner-in-the-Illuminmati-works - unplanned and unwanted by them. There are marked parallels between the defeat of Jimmy Carter by Ronald Reagan and the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump. Though neither Reagan nor Trump were, or are, the élite's choice, Reagan was never fully autonomous and it is unlikely that Trump will be either. One thing is for sure: the Second American Civil War is only just beginning and as one commentator has noted, it may last up to the better part of a decade.

    Keeping Alive

    Donald Trump's two main objectives are now to keep alive and keep his cool. His response to California's threat to leave the union was they should 'go for it' speaks volumes. Besides, it was only the coastal area that voted for Clinton - the east part of the state was behind Trump. I don't think this business tycoon will be easily ruffled by the mobsters.

    Refusing to Accept the Results

    Though it's not being called that, Trump's victory in the presidential elections is effectively America's 'Brexit' - the silent majority is finally saying its mind. However joyous the result of Brexit was for lovers of freedom, the mandate from that referendum still hasn't been implemented. As expected, the élites are stalling for time. And in line with the EU autocracy, many are demanding a re-election. Why? Because they didn't 'like' the result of the first one. Today I learned that Clinton supporters are demanding 'electoral reform' because they don't now like the way the system is set up even if it never bothered them before.

    A Growing Totalitarian Mindset

    One of the biggest changes that has taken place since the start if the Bush Jr. régime is that people no longer respect the results of democratic elections. When I was young, the losing side in a General Election in Britain, left or right, never let their sour grapes break out into riots. They accepted their loss with grace and started preparing for the next general Election four years down the road. They were true democrats, even far-left socialists like the late Tony Benn whom I have always respected. And the reason both left and right respected democracy was because they respected a second, equally (if not more) important principle of user-friendly government, namely, liberty or freedom. This I also spoke to you about a couple of days ago.

    The Brainwashed Millennials

    So what is the difference between the 'millennial' generation and my own? Quite simply they no longer love liberty...except when it's exclusively for themselves, meaning they are not prepared to extend it to others of different political, religious or philosophical persuasion when the ballot box does not go in their direction. Put another way, they have acquired a totalitarian mindset, and they have done so through the relentless programming or brainwashing of the educational system and media both of which were hijacked by the left a long time ago. The élites finally created their long-planned generation of communists in America and Western Europe through incremental and relentless political indoctrination.

    Sweden's Reaction

    It is certainly the case in Sweden where I live. When I was in town yesterday, the headlines on the front pages of all the nation's main newspapers announced the presidential election results as though Americans had elected a fascist. The nation appeared to be in mourning. But then when the Berlin Wall came down and Westerners were celebrating the end of communist totalitarianism in East Germany, Sweden reacted as though there had been a death in the family...thanks to the government-controlled media. And that's probably what most Swedes now feel too.

    The Swedish System

    Our battle with the authorities over the outlawing of homeschooling was for me a revelation in the political system here. I had no idea that I lived in a social totalitarian country. We have had social communism here for years without most people realising it. It has remained concealed by the fact that we have economic captitalism here...of a sort. The élites long ago realised that Marxist Economics doesn't work as it doesn't generate the kind of wealth they need to appropriate to set up their dark kingdom. It's inefficient and fails to motivate people to produce. Their idea has morphed over the decades as they have been forced to combine captalism with social communism. And that's what you have in China.

    The Chinese Monster Hybrid

    The economy, up until recently, has flourished and though there has been some easing of restrictions against, for example, Christianity, they have always tried to control it and when they fail, resort to their default brutal methods of suppression and violence. Chinese Christians have had to recognise that their situation is always precarious even in 'better' times. What you have in modern communist China is a precursor to the final Antichrist system. What you see there is what they want in Europe, the United States and across the whole world. This is the élite system - fascism for the super-wealthy ruling class and communism for the masses. They have found their monster hybrid. It's what you're going to get served to you raw in the last seven years of this age.

    Global Gang Warfare

    This is the system that originated and is directed from behind the Obama Throne and all the other Thrones of the world - it's the same power behind the Merckel Throne, the Hollande Throne and the May Throne. And though China is flexing its own muscle now and seeking hegemony through what is really a kind of global 'gang warfare' which socialists are renowned for, it too has a very similar, if not identical power behind Xi Throne. The Third World War, when it comes, will serve several agendas, not least the attempted extermination of Christians and the radical depopulation of the world, including settling disputes between the rival groups in the élites for overall power distribution. The war between 'West' and 'East', today as in the Cold War, is about which gang gets to rule the mob. These secret rulers are really just richer, more powerful globalist Al Capone's whose god is Satan, whose lure is unlimited wealth and power.

    Who is Putin?

    Vladimir Putin is all tied into this system since he cannot fully escape it. Whether he is a modern-day Russian Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump is hard to exactly say. He publically maintains similar ideals to Reagan and Trump though how many of these are for propagandistic show and how many are from the heart isn't always easy to know. He's certainly a patriot like his American counterparts and has internal power struggles to contend with. People like Merckel and Clinton are not - they are perfectlly willing to sacrifice their countries on the altars of misguided and secular anti-Christian totalitarian socialistic utopianism.

    From Manipulation to Violence

    The good news, if we can call it that (because it is going to bring much grief with it) is that the secretive élites are now going to be forced to expose themselves more and more to public scrunity if they are to cling onto their wealth power. The subtle manipulation stops and morphs into direct violence as soon as things start going bad. That is one of Satan's calling cards by which you can easily identify him. They are key elements of his character set. It's how communism work, it's how fascism works and it is how modern liberal authoritarianism works. And, of course, it's how raw radical Islam works, though that tends to specialise more in violence for it substantially lacks any sort of subtlety. And it's particularly interesting to see how radical Islam factors so effortlessly into the élitist chess game.

    Islam and the Élites

    Islam has been courted by both fascism and communism in the last century. The Waffen SS found a ready supply of Bosnian Moslem recruits during the last world war. The Grand Muffti of Jerusalem was an ally of Hitler. Today the left, though professing fundamentally opposite attitudes towards women and homsexuals (two give two examples) to Islam, nevertheless fanatically defends it to the exasperation and dumbfoundment of decent people [1]. People scratch their heads and don't understand why leftist third-wave feminists aren't screaming 'mysogeny' at this ultra-patriarchal religion instead of defending it on the grounds of political correctness. What they don't understand is that Marxist ideology, like Islam and fascism, was not created to bring in an actual Utopia but was always a front for a satanic agenda of mass destruction. Communism isn't even atheistic at ground level [2]. And whilst Islam is undeniably a religious system in part, it is so hopelessly intertwined with politics as for the two to be inseparable. To be a true Quran-believing and implementing Moslem means you have to be a political one fomenting Marxist-style revolutiion and war to achieve your Utopia since you never achieve it by either the ballot box or spiritual conversion. And in that respect, Islam, Communism and Fascism are identical. The rationale of the Marxist-Moslem alliance can only be understood by understanding the identical force behind all three.

    In Spite of the Fraudulent Electoral System

    Voltaire said that "to learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise" - we are for sure learning that more and more as everything gets exposed. I think it's pretty obvious as we look at the responses - now and tomorrow - of the élitists that Trump wasn't supposed to win. No doubt electoral fraud took place on a massive scale, as it has done in the past (to ensure an Obama victory twice so that he could ruin the country in line with the globalist agenda) and that even though the fraudulent system showed Clinton got more votes than Trump it was eventually defeated by the way the electoral system works...which is why the totalitarian mindset wants to reform it. They forget that some Democrat Presidents of the past would have lost had the electoral system been reformed so you can't have it both ways.

    Trump Unbuyable

    Trump was never a candidate of the banksters because he was never bankrolled by them. Clinton, on the other hand, was bankrolled by nine out the ten leading American armaments manufacturers. Possessing his own fortune as a billionnaire, Trump financed his own election campaign. There are, therefore, as far as we know, no lobbyists expecting a kickback for their support. In a word, he is financially uncontrollable by corrupt persons, and therefore immune to Rorthschild interference. Why didn't they bring him down financially? They broke Gerald Celente. Probably because they thought he was 'one of them'. According to Pastor Lindsey Williams, who claims insider information from élitist friends whom he once served as a chaplain in Alaska, Trump was not one of the two horses they were backing. He couldn't be bought and couldn't therefore be controlled...even by his fellow GOP Republicans who have been on the élitist payroll for a very long time. Indeed, Trump announced, like John F. Kennedy, that he would not accept his salary entitlement of $400,000 per year.

    A Planned Illuminist Crash

    Chaos was bound to happen which ever of the two incumbants won, and chaos most certainly will come. Short of killing him, the only way the élites can stop him is to crash the economic system they created and so blame Trump for destroying the economy. Not that they hadn't planned to crash the system anyway - it can't actually survive.

    What About the Gargantuan Debt?

    Neither of the candidates ever discussed the real issue facing the next presidency, namely, the unpayable near $20 trillion debt which is growing, and will continue to grow, until the economic bubble pops bringing down the US economy and most of the economy of the rest of the world with it. Neither Trump nor Clinton spoke about ending deficit spending or about paying down the debt.

    The Economic Crash Cannot Be Stopped

    Both knew they cannot rescue the economy. It has to crash...we we have been saying all along for years...which is why we have been urging you to prepare with food, water, medicine, precious metals and weapons to survive the coming chaos. So, yes, the élites have no choice but to rely on the coming crash during which they hope they'll be able to unseat Trump. They may even be planning it between now and 1 January when Trump takes over the White House, providing the excuse to declare martial law and to keep Obama on as president 'until order is restored'. That would effectively amount to installing him as a dictator and so continue the agenda of dismantling America, Europe and all nation states and of upping the war against Christianity. Economic recovery is a fraud and if any of you are thinking it's going to happen under Trump or anyone else you are living a delusion. Either Trump already knows that or is about to discover it for himself. Personally, I cannot believe he is uninformed. I have recently written many articles on this subject which you can check up. ECONOMIC COLLAPSE CANNOT BE AVOIDED BY ANY GOVERNMENT.

    What About Restoring Liberty?

    What's important is how the élites will try to use it to save themselves and resume their agenda for world dictatorship. We will see whether Trump either attempts to undo the 19 Destroyers of American Liberty or whether he even has the power to do so because despite his grand promises of prosperity, which he cannot possibly deliver on even in two terms of office, about all that will be left for him to do which he might be able to accomplish is restore some measure liberty.

    Neither Candidate Wanted to Leave the Old World

    I really don't see any prosperity returning any time soon. It will be down to each family to reboot their private economies with whatever they have put away for the storm and in so doing, do the same for the national economy. But the new economy will have to be on an entirely different basis, one not based on unlimited and unrestrained manufacturing or monopoly capitalism but on self-sufficiency and on local voluntary cooperation. The whole 'big government' system has to go. Grassroots democracy must come into being and families, cooperatives and villages must be allowed to voluntarily pursue their own economic and philosophical paths without the massive burden of state interference through regulation, over-legislation and taxation that is the lifeblood of totalitarian government and their wasteful programs. And I am not sure that either candidate stood for that kind of world. Clinton wanted a global dictatorship of the banksters under the guide of liberal socialism and Trump wanted - and still wants - the old capitalist America of the 50's and 60's. Remember, he is himself a product of the wider establishment. It's all he knows.

    Reforming Congress

    Trump also needs to reform the whole political system of tenure to restore liberty and end corruption. That means limited terms for congressmen and humble salaries to reflect the profession as one of service and not economic self-aggrandisement. And any pensions they get ought to reflect the duration of their tenure only. Politics has become a money racket along with the leaden bureaucracy that supports it. If he can do something there he will be doing his country a service.

    The Armed Forces

    Finally, Trump can, if allowed to assume his office, end the Illuminati goal of a Third World War envisioned by Scottish rite Freemason Albert Pike by ending the élitist program of global imperialism using the American and NATO armed forces. Pulling out of Afghanistan, Iraq - and especially - Syria would be a good place to start and let these countries forge their own destinies. They also need to get out of Russia's Ukrainian backyard. He wants a strong military (thereby unwittingly supporting the military-industrial complex) but the crash will force him to make a draconian cut-back on military spending and - if he is wise - return America to its inter-war isolationist position with limited military support going solely to genuine liberty-loving friends. And once Britain finally gets out of the EU, I would very much like to see the US-UK special relationship restored. To that end, as much as I am suspicious now of that wartime leader's links to the élites, I hope Britain will return the bust of Winston Churchill to the White House that Obama so rudely sent back to the UK when he became the pro-communist Illuminati stooge President eight years ago.

    The Powers Behind It All

    Let us not forget in our enthusiasm over the defeat of the 'wicked witch of the west' that she was but doing the bidding of her superiors who are the real enemy of the people. And even they aren't the ultimate real enemy but the invisible (demonic) powers and pincipalities that steer them (Eph.6:12). Judgment comes to their house as we, beyond any question, enter a new and even more dangerous phase of both American and world history. America cannot be made great again, as Trump wants, until it has passed through the long night of repentance, and that's going to take a while. It is one thing realising what's actually going on and quite another to realise you played a part in supporting and promoting the wicked system.


    So, please, don't let this election distract you but rather get your homes in order, be prepared materially and spiritually and go to Yahweh's appointed place for your family. That is your sole duty right now. This is not suddenly going to get better and any news which appears to contradicts this will prove to be a flsh in the pan. It's only just beginning...


    [1] Jamie Glazov, United in Hate: The left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror (WND Books, Los Angeles, CA: 2009)
    [2] Karl Marx and the Communist Religion of Hate

    Comments From Readers

    [1] "One of the first laws that should start being enforced is the Felony level charge of inciting a riot and Fomenting of Anarchy. This is not a law that has to be written, just enforced due to the Liberal government ignoring the law. i.e. immigration enforcement, pedophilia, pimping and pendering of minors and sexual rpedators that are allowed to roam our towns and neighborhoods freely due to light or non-existent sentences" (RH, USA, 10 November 2016)

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    Last updated on 5 June 2017

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