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Month 8:9, Week 2:1 (Rishon/Pesach), Year:Day 5940:215 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 8 November 2016
Mob Rule
You Need to Be Ready For It

    An Unpleasant Subject

    This is not a pleasant subject I must speak of today but it is an emet (that) all people everywhere have to face up to. By the time this American Presidential Election is over I think you will appreciate why this subject has to be addressed. What I have to talk about today is not just for believers but for those unbelievers whom I know are monitoring this website, some of whom are combing it for 'evidence' with which to attack and discredit this ministry in the future.

    Democracy is Not Freedom

    To begin with, it is a dangerous illusion to try and equate democracy with freedom. Democracy does not equal freedom because democracy and freedom are two entirely separate entities. Because the majority votes a certain way does not guarantee that freedom will result. Quite the contrary. As numerous examples from recent history will attest, a good many democratic contests have resulted in bloody totalitarian governments being elected to power. Hitler was voted to power viâ the ballot box. Doug Casey noted:

      "Democracy is no solution - it's just 51 per cent bossing the other 49 per cent around. For God's sake, Hitler was democratically elected! Democracy is just mob rule dressed up in a coat and tie."

    Democracy Must Have Liberty

    Casey was not, of course, advocating totalitarianism any more than I am. We both believe in democracy and liberty/freedom, which is essentially Libertarianism. All he is saying is that democracy alone cannot guarantee freedom. It certainly didn't in the Soviet Union and it isn't in the People's Democratic Republic of [North] Korea. It has to be accompanied by something else in order to work which for the moment we'll simply call 'freedom' while we identify just what that word means.

    Democracy Without Liberty is Mob Rule

    The philosopher Ayn Rand helps us in that objective:

      "A society that robs an individual of the product of his effort, or enslaves him, or attempts to limit the freedom of his mind, or compels him to act against his own rational judgment - a society that sets up a conflict between its edicts and the requirements of man's nature - is not, strictly speaking, a society, but a MOB held together by institutionalized gang-rule."

    Every Citizen Has Equal Social Value

    The American Presidential Election is, it seems to me, a choice between the rule of law and lawlessness. Social activist Ai Weiwei, speaking of his own totalitarian country, China, said:

      "China has not established the rule of law and if there is a power above the law there is no social justice. Everybody can be subjected to harm. I'm just a citizen: my life is equal in value to any other."

    The Anti-Liberty Socialisms

    It is not secret to any but the willfully blind that the American political establishment, like that in Europe and elsewhere globally, is corrupt to the core. It is also clear that one of the candidates wants to set up a totalitarian socialist society not unlike the one Eastern Europe revolted against nearly three decades ago. Whether you set up such a society viâ the ballot box or, as Mao famously put it, through the "barrel of a gun", is ultimately immaterial. The result - the enslavement of society - is the same. Whether it be International Socialism (Communism), National Socialism (Nazism/Fascism) or Democratic Socialism (Social Democracy), the end result is precisely the same: the enslavement of society. I'd even include Anarchism [1], Neo-Conservatism and Third-Wave Feminism in that totalitarian family.

    Communism By Other means

    It offends many of my Social Democratic friends, many of whom are in my own family I hasten to add, that I lump communism (Marxistm-Leninism, Maoism, etc.), nazism and social democracy together. But they are all variations on the same theme. And Social Democracy is, quite simply, 'communism by other means', or 'incremental communism through the ballot box'. But once in power for any substantial period of time, it is not long before social democracy starts revealing its totalitarian roots. It's a fact of history.

    What I Might Have Been

    So what went wrong with liberal democracy in the West that it has come to resemble, more and more, the totalitarianism of the former socialist states of Eastern Europe? To give you a clue, let me tell you that had I been a politician in pre-war Britain that I would almost certainly have been a member of the Labour Party, the Social Democrats of the time. Why? Because then it represented economic justice and liberty. Unlike the modern Labour Party, which is totally under the sway of corporate Marxism (like the contemporary Conservative and Liberal Parties), it was socially conservative and at least ethically and morally Christian. That all changed after the war as its values were progressively eroded by Marxism. Today I regard myself as a Social Conservative along the lines advocated by the Mail on Sunday columnist, Peter Hitchens.

    Is Religion the Solution?

    Roger Babson insists the solution lies in religion:

      "Only religion can prevent democratic rule from developing into mob rule. A nation can only prosper only as its citizens are religious, intelligent, capable of service and eager to render it."

    The Arrival of Unrestrained Mob Rule

    An irreligious and egocentric society, such as we have today, is incapable of maintaining democracy and freedom together. Inevitably. Though mob rule is becoming increasingly visible in our Western societies, as seen in the example of the lawless, unaccountable and totalitarian character of the Social Services (or Child Protection Services as it is called in America), we will not really see it in its awful ugliness and brutality until society, and with it the government, starts breaking down in the aftermath of a World War and/or Economic Collapse. Yes, mob rule is on the way and is already here in some ghettos of Western cities.

    The Need for Individual Altruism

    Now I don't obviously agree with Roger Babson that unqualified religion can save democracy. There are some religions, which are politically incorrect to name (because of the totalitarian Marxist mindset of our modern government-brainwashed society), which are harmful and totalitarian. But then he is not endorsing a religion or a religious denomination ticket but saying that individually citizens need to be well-informed, spiritual and motivated to serve the community of their own free will, not pushed by some external authortity. What he is calling for is spiritual, altruistic self-motivation.

    Realistically Speaking...

    I am realistic enough to know that our society of self-entitlement is not capable of producing a majority citizenry willing to be like this. The educational system has trained children not to think for themselves. Our offspring have had their minds channelled down a humanistic, socialistic path so narrow that those whose diet is liberty could never pass down it. That means they will vote in whoever offers them something for nothing. We already have such societies in Europe and they are falling apart. America's choice is to embrace the European model wholeheartedly or reject it for Constitutional Republicanism. It's a choice between Plague or Cleanse, between Libertarian Democracy and a combination of Oligarchy and Ochlocracy - or mobile vulgus (from which we get the English word 'mob'), 'rule by the fickle crowd':

      "Ochlocracy ('rule of the general populace') is democracy ('rule of the people') spoiled by demagoguery, 'tyranny of the majority', and the rule of passion over reason, just as oligarchy ('rule of a few') is aristocracy ('rule of the best') spoiled by corruption, and tyranny is monarchy spoiled by lack of virtue" [2].

    Too Late to Reverse

    Personally, as I think everybody knows by now, I think it is too late. Society must unravel and descend to the core of what drives it, which is rebellion against Elohim (God). Judgment is now coming. Government and law-enforcement agencies will be overwhelmed, as they already are in some cities like Chicago and in various city enclaves in Europe like Malmö here in Sweden where they don't even dare enter. And the élites want it this way so that they can step in with their 'rescue package' which essentially boils down to the establishment of a new totalitarian, neo-feudal aristocracy.

    Preparing for the New Feudal Aristocracy

    Though it's always been there running silently in the background, overturning the rule of law when it suits it, it has never been fully visible for it would never receive popular acclaim. Only in 'national emergencies', such as obtained in Weimar Germany, which are usually manufactured for the purpose, are autocratic régimes invited to restore order and create prosperity again. The nazis offered that, got the job offer by democratic means, dissolved both democracy and liberty, made the nation prosperous initially, and then led it and Europe to ruin. Lenin and Stalin exactly did the same thing but by non-democratic, violent means. And now our modern 'liberals', so-called (they're not really), are doing precisely the same thing...in small, incremental steps. But now we have reached a threshhold, the charade is over, and we must see the governing beast for what it really is. And we shall.

    The Great Political Sham

    For one, we'll see that the modern establishment political parties in America and Europe are a sham. That goes for both the Democrats and the Republicans...which now are neither 'democratic' nor 'republican'. They're just borrowing the old labels that once meant something different. The same is true of the political parties in Europe - they're all basically the same, serving the same masters behind the scenes. They are all left-leaning and anti-Christian 'social democratic' with ever increasing totalitarian tendencies. If a new party, not of the controlled establishment line, comes into existence, it is immediately villified as 'fascist', 'racist', 'right-wing', 'extreemist' and any other negative label you can think of. The newest one that's arisen in Sweden, that is winning more and more votes, is, ironically, 'social democratic' in its politics! Where it differs from the others is that it espouses freedom and real grass-roots democracy. And for that it is hated, hounded and mobbed. The same is true in Britain of a party I briefly supported. Personally I have absolutely no problem with a social democratic party that absolutely maintains the rights of liberty, as all three main parties in Britain once did. But no more.

    Readying the Mob

    The mob is on its way and it is needed by the new aristocratic autocrats waiting in the wings to be called upon to save the country and receive acclaim as a deliverer for getting the country out of the mess it itself created for the purpose, for it would never have been chosen democratically otherwise. It will probably come under the guise as a 'Government of National Unity'. That's what it was called in Britain in World War 2 but in reality it was a dictatorship serving élitist interests in continuing a destructive and unnecessary war for the unspoken goal of weakening Christianity and liberty even more. It achieved its goal. Soviet Communism seized Eastern and Central Europe and oppressed it for over 40 years. What we have today in Europe and America is what was desired and planned for all along.

    Preparing For What's Coming

    What I am saying is this. First, you have to adapt to mob rule and know where not to be when it comes; and second, you must prepare for the dictatorship that will eventually follow it. The latter won't happen in a day but it will happen. We, as believers, call it the Anti-Messiah or Antichrist era which will be seven years long, the last half of which will be a blood bath. It's weeds are everwhere, choking the fields of Christianity, liberty and true democracy and systematically overpowering them. Though it has had reverses, overall it has progressed 'according to plan'. Right now a reverse is scheduled but with it comes overt mobocracy in many places where the Remnant must not go or be found in, foremost of which will be the cities for some time. And that's what you have to be prepared for in the days ahead.

    American Universities

    American universities are now hotbeds of mob rule:

      "America’s universities are supposed to be places where students can get an education. The vast majority of students want that. Some, however, do not. They want a 'safe space' where their strange ideas about society can be aired without criticism, and where they can unilaterally punish other students for failing to toe the mass line. These student activists want blood" [3].

    Useful Idiots and Their Fate

    Of course, once the New Aristocracy takes power, 'mob rule' will be suspended (read 'violently out down [4]) and its leaders imprisoned or killed. That is how communism has always worked in those countries where it has taken power. Lenin would have described the mobsters as "useful idiots", doing their dirty work for them. Hitler used the Brown Shirts of SA in exactly the same way once they had mobbed Germans into silence if they opposed nazism. The 'Night of the Long Knives' took care of them and the 'mob' had its teeth metaphorically removed. Thereafter the SA played no significant rôle other than a symbolic one in nazi Germany. Be assured that the élites have lots of 'useful idiots' in such violent racist movements as 'Black Lives Matter' and the 'social warriors' on university campuses. They cynically view the people voting their political puppets into power with similar disdain. They are but canon-fodder to them. The same is true of the Third Wave Feminists or 'femi-nazis' ... just useful idiots for taking down what remains of Christian morals and ethics. All these groups, and more, will have long-knife nights awaiting them.


    Today is a big day for America and the world. I couldn't tell you who will win or who will be manipulated into winning because I don't know and don't need to know. I just know that after it this article will have practical relevance. So I hope you are armed, prepped and (where necessary) relocated (or are about to be). And to be all of that, you need to be right with Elohim (God). Leave Him out your equation and you have no promise.


    [1] The anarcho-syndicalists (Anarcho-syndicalism) of Spain were a mix of Catalan separatists and anarchism fanatics who took their chances at creating an anarchist utopia during the Spanish civil war. They were the ISIS of their day. The rulers of those anarchists organised lynch mobs to kill many people who had dared to be Catholic or own private property before they made it illegal. Thus anarchism was, and is, totalitarian and like mob rule.
    [2] Wikipedia, Ochlocracy
    [3] Andrew Kloster in The Daily Signal, 9 November 2015, University of Missouri and Yale Show What Mob Rule Looks Like in Higher Education
    [4] Including the radical Islamic sects like ISIS which were also purposefully created to be instruments of chaos and destruction

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    Last updated on 8 November 2016

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