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Month 5:1, Rosh Chodesh, Year:Day 5940:118 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Wednesday 3 August 2016
Rosh Chodesh V
Vision of the Burning Tree & Judgment


    Chag sameach Rosh Chodesh kol beit Yisra'el and mishpachah!

    A Sudden Vision

    Brethren and sisters, we are gathered here today to hear a Davar Elohim (Word of God) which I shall relate to you immediately. Three mornings ago, on 27th day of the 4th month (31 July 2016) a vision was suddenly thrust on me, taking me completely by surprise. I was in the middle of a dream and Yahweh suddenly awakened me and threw me deep into the vision.

    Consumption of the Tall Tree

    I saw a copse or clump of leafy deciduous trees, of what type I could not say, one of which was taller than all the others, strong and majestic. It was daylight. In an instant, it suddenly and spontaneously, it seemed, burst into a violent ball of fire at its centre, that consumed the whole tree within 2-3 seconds. The violence of it shocked me. As soon at the tree was burned up, all that was left to see was a stump about 6 to 7 feet tall. There was not a trace of the rest of the tree, even the ashes having apparently been totally consumed.

    The Felling of the Other Trees

    I then saw myself standing before the remains of this once majestic tree. Almost as dramatically as with the original and tallest tree - but this time without fire - all the neighbouring trees were suddenly and silently felled. But not only that, they were stripped of every branch and all their leaves, even the bark being stripped off. The pale yellow trunks - how many, I do not know, but a lot - lay on the ground near to the burned tree on either side and in front of it roughtly where they had stood before. All of them were exactly parallel to one another and all pointed away from me. As soon as the large tree had been consumed, all the others around it were instantly felled and stripped, leaving them bare, without bark, branchless and leafless. I could not see where the branches and leaves have been removed to for they were gone.

    First Starting Point

    In asking Yahweh what this vision meant two evenings ago Yahweh, told me to go to my bedroom and get my Starting Point NIV Study Bible. I did so and brought it to my office. I searched it did not know what it was Yahweh wanted me to see. I looked up 'trees' in the Study Helps to see if there was something I had missed and it said that "trees are a picture of stability and life, being nourished by God's (Elohim's) truth (emet)" [1]. This I knew, knowing also they can represent people and nations. I also knew that Yahweh's mishpat (judgment) is often described as a destructive fire, such as was shown me in the vision. I also knew that His Davar (Word) was a consuming fire:

      "Thus says Yahweh-Elohim: 'Behold, I will kindle a fire in you, and it shall devour every green tree and every dry tree in you; the blazing flame shall not be quenched, and all faces from the south to the north shall be scorched by it. All flesh shall see that I, the Yahweh, have kindled it; it shall not be quenched" (Ezek.20:47-48, NKJV).

      "By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men" (2 Peter 3:7, NIV).

    The Accounting of the Trees

    I knew also that the vision was telling me that the tree was being brought to account by Yahweh, receiving the mishpat davar or word of judgment through the davar (word) of righteousness. I understood that the big tree was in a leadership or male position and that the smaller ones were its followers in female position. I understood that though the large tree was to be utterly destroyed except for a stump, the judgment on its followers would be less severe inasmuch as their 'trunks' would be preserved, stripped and naked, as a testimony to mankind of their folly in 'marrying' themselves, or being allied to, or being in subjection to the big tree. This would be a warning to any other trees not to follow in their footsteps, that they should not follow the false way of the large tree which brought about its destruction. I also came to understand that these trunks were arranged in parallel - in an identical positioning - so that no one could say that this was mere 'chance', but that a Divine Intelligence was behind their positioning, so that the world would know that their fate was as a result of Yahweh's judgment.

    The Parallel Arrangement Explained

    I also understood that the reason the trunks were arranged in 'parallel' was because the smaller trees had followed a 'parallel' course, way or life to the big tree which was no more. They were imitating it in all things. And I understood that their felling would reveal their disgrace and humiliation, demonstrating that they were now useless and unworthy of imitation in every way, total failures in pointing souls in the right direction. They were only good now as a testimony and memorial of utter failure and defeat for what they stood for. These things I understood.

    Burning in Broad Daylight

    Burning is more painful than being cut down and is more visible, dramatic. A fire you can see from far away, suggesting this is a public event and therefore connected with shaming, attention being drawn to this majestic tree being taken down. You can cut something down in the dark but this was done in broad daylight. As we know from the Nebuchadnezzar experience, trees (like cedars), because of their immense size, are often used symbolically to represent strength and stature or pride.

    False Teachers

    Finally, Jude describes false teachers as "late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead [candidates for the second death, burned as dead trees in the Lake of Fire], pulled up by the roots" (Jude 12).

    The Zephaniah Confirmation

    With this mixture of related symbols I finally retired, asking Yahweh to specifically identify the trees. The following morning He told me to open my Starting Point Bible again and it opened up to the Book of Zephaniah. Each book of the Starting Point NIV Bible is illustrated at its beginning with a picture and in Zephaniah was a picture of dead trees! I checked all the other pictures in the Bible but none of them were trees. Zephaniah describes the assembly of the nations for judgment, the fire of Yahweh's jealous anger and the ruin of the proud. In its scope, the devastation is worldwide. Though I had suspected it right from the beginning, I knew for certain that this vision I had been shown was of the Mishpatim Yahweh that I have been declaring over the past few years and that the judgment, in all its force, was literally only a few weeks away. I say that only because in the past when I have had visions of this kind, the events they portended were not many months or years away but very close indeed.

    Identifying the Trees

    When I asked Yahweh if He would identify the trees specifically, I knew immediately what or who they represented:

    • 1. NATIONAL LEVEL - the large tree is the United States and the smaller trees which are her allies and client states in the European Union, NATO, various Atlantic and Pacific Trading Organisations, and elsewhere who are seeking a One World Satanic Government - this includes the judgments of their leaders, governments and peoples for their sins and failure to repent;

    • 2. CHURCH LEVEL - the large tree is the Roman Catholic Church and the smaller trees are those churches who have submitted themselves to her agenda which is the formation of a One World Satanic Religion - together, these two consitute the New World Order (NWO); and

    • 3. PERSONAL LEVEL - the large tree represents a person who has spent his/her time trying to discredit and destroy my reputation and ministry, and the smaller trees are those who have believed this person's lies and have allied themselves in a common destructive cause.

    Clinton and Trump, Bad Cop/Good Cop

    This Judgment is now irreversible - it cannot be stopped - and the Presidential Election in the USA is irrelevent. Those of you who thought that Donald Trump, if he wins the Presidency (assuming a new president ever takes office if President Obama declares martial law), will save the nation will be disappointed for he has already announced his committment to Zionism and the LGBTQ Agenda which are the twin arms of the Illuminist power seeking the USA's and West's destruction. He is but the 'good cop' in the set-up with 'bad-cop' Hilary Clinton who is so obviously evil. As I have said before, patriotism will not save America...only repentance could have and the majority no longer acknowledges Yahweh as Sovereign in word and deed.

    From the USA to Russia

    The divine mantle that was once the USA's and the West's (Western Roman Empire) has been passed to Russia (East Roman Empire) where Vladimir Putin has openly proclaimed his nation's stand as far as Christianity and the family are concerned...for now. Europe apostacised long ago and America has been swift on its heels. The West is no longer Christian - Christians are now a minority. The Judgment on the USA will be swift and violent and her allies will receive their blows immediately after America's fall. And it is not inconceivable that the USA may split into a prodominantly pagan North and a predominantly Christian South.

    A South African Testimony

    Independently of me, Brother Van Staden in South Africa sent his own interpretation of the vision:

      "The big tree can represent a ministry or a government. The smaller trees can represent people in a ministry or government.

      "It seems if Abba Yah's judgement has come upon the ministry or government, destroying the leadership, the reason why a stump was left was probably to bear witness of Abba Yah's judgement. The smaller trees were unproductive in the spirit, and were not deeply founded in the knowledge of Abba Yah. They too seem to have been judged and stripped of every life support they had. And they too it seems, will bear witness to the world of Abba Yah' judgement.

      "This vision can off course also be on a personal level, not only corporate.

      "It puzzled me why the trees fell away from you and why they were all lying in parallel. This is my interpretation:

      "Stripped to their core, the smaller trees represent capital "I"s before they were cut down - self-worship. Not only that, but they also represent phalluses - Baal worship. The reason why the trees fell away from you and not towards you is because if they had fallen towards you, you might have thought that this vision has something to do with you. That is why the trees fell away from you.

      "The reason the trees were all lying in parallel is because they represent dead bodies buried in a cemetery. Why is this significant? Because dead people are buried with their heads towards the sun - Baal worship.

      "Lastly, the smaller trees could also represent religious people living in the Babylonian system. But because of their lack of knowledge, they are worshiping Baal, the tall tree"

    Dress Rehearsal of the End Imminent

    Certainly there may be more than just three layers to this revelation. Brother Ljungstrand, the first of the brethren I consulted, immediately recognised, as did I - before I got the interpretation the next day - that this vision pertained to the Mishpatim Yahweh or Judgments of Yahweh we have been predicting and waiting for. And as I pointed out in my Shavu'ot Sermon, there are essentially to be two fallings of Babylon, the first of which is a 'preview' of the main one which occurs at the end of the age. What we are now seeing, and are about to see, is a dress rehearsal of the 'main thing' at the Great Trubulation and Second Coming. Everything that happens to the last generation is about to happen to mine - now - on a smaller scale, with some variations. We are about to go through the dress rehearsal of the Great Day of Yahweh (the LORD):

      "The great day of Yahweh is near -
      near and coming quickly.
      Listen! The cry on the day of Yahweh will be bitter,
      the shouting of the warrior there.
      That day will be a day of wrath,
      a day of distress and anguish,
      a day of trouble and ruin,
      a day of darkness and gloom,
      a day of clouds and blackness,
      a day of trumpet and battle cry
      against the fortified cities
      and against the corner towers.
      I will bring distress on the people
      and they will walk like blind men,
      because they have sinned against Yahweh.
      Their blood will be poured out like dust
      and their entrails like filth. Neither their silver nor their gold
      will be able to save them
      on the day of Yahweh's wrath.
      In the fire of His jealousy
      the whole world will be consumed,
      for he will make a sudden end
      of all who live in the earth"

      (Zeph.1:14-18, NIV).

    The Promise to the Remnant

    Zephaniah ends with good news for those who will repent and follow Yahweh obediently and in emunah (faith):

      "The remnant of Israel will do no wrong;
      they will speak no lies,
      nor will deceit be found in their mouths.
      They will eat and lie down
      and no one will make them afraid"

      (Zeph.3:13, NIV).

    Continued in Part 2


    [1] NIV Starting Point Study Bible For new and Recommitted Believers (Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI: 2002)

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    Last updated on 3 August 2016

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