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Month 2:2, Week 1:1 (Rishon/Pesach), Year:Day 5940:31 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Sunday 8 May 2016
Jericho March II 2016
Warrior Discernment & Cleanliness

    Continued from Part 1 (Jericho March 2016)
    Continued from Part 29 (Complete Jericho Marches)

    True vs. False Intercession

    Intercession and spiritual warfare, if it is to actually work and be effective, must be both initiated, directed and empowered by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). Intercession and spiritual warfare initiated, directed and empowered by the human psyche (what some call 'soul-power') is commonly mistaken for the authentic article. When the psyche is used it is either totally ineffective (in which case you might as well be praying to yourself, however much you use the divine names, true or counterfeit) or - worse - it can activate an unresolved demonic power within and lead not only to occultism but also to your cursing those you suppose you are interceding for.

    False Priesthoods and Anointings

    If, therefore, you have received a false 'priesthood' and 'Holy Ghost' by the laying-on of hands from a group like the Mormons or Catholics you will end up ministering in false, occultic spirit, no matter how much you use the name of 'Jesus' as your presumed 'authority', no matter what supernatural manifestations you may experience, no matter what 'signs' you suppose you are seeing of a presumed successful 'exorcism'.

    Signs of Counterfeits

    If you have received a false 'anointing' from a charismatic minister where people get 'slain in the Spirit', start talking in meaningless 'babble' [1], start rolling on the floor, howling like wolves, getting gold dust on their hands, or similar demonic manifestations, then you are again ministering in a false, occultic spirit, no matter how much you use the name of 'Jesus'. And just because you see the supernatural at work, it does not mean that you are experiencing the real, Biblical 'thing', even if there is a great 'calm' afterwards. The nicotine of cigarettes produces a calming effect but that is the result of the demonic gaining access through a channel opened in your psychic body by the chemicals operating on your nervous system, not Yahweh-Elohim [2].

    A Mixed Cocktail of Spirits

    You might perhaps be wondering why I am bringing up this topic again on the second day of our Jericho March. I bring it up because each year people from outside this ministry eagerly volunteer to 'join' with us in interceeding. Most of these people are well intentioned and most of them have no idea that they are operating out of a mixed cocktail of spirits which they believe is the 'Holy Spirit', 'Holy Ghost', 'Anointing of the Spirit', 'Ruach' or 'Ruach haQodesh'. The fact that you have 'faith' in 'Jesus', 'Yeshua', 'Yah'shua' or some other appellation of the Son of Elohim (God) does not automatically mean you are operating in the true Ruach (Spirit) even if your praying has supernatural effects on yourself and others. You also have to be habitually walking the Besorah (Gospel) in submission and obedience to the mitzvot (commandments). So are you 'filled with the Spirit (Ruach)' or are you 'filled with spirits'?

    Contamination of the Body

    That's the bad news, and this kind of 'soul'-, 'psychic' and demonic power is so prevalent and widespread in Christianity and Messianic Judaism that to acknowledge it in any way is to partake of it and retard the work of the true Ruach (Spirit) in your life. A member of the Remnant cannot just go up to any old believer of any old church, assembly, denomination or independent congregation and assume, because they are well-intended, and say they 'believe in the Bible' or are 'saved' that they are operating in the pure Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). The Body of Messiah today is heavily contimnated by legions upon legions of false spirits, many of which are more than 'happy' to 'cooperate' in 'deliverance' (because the one getting 'delivered' gets more demonised as a result) and in 'spiritual warfare' (where such may actually end up impeding the work of the true overcomers and spirt warriors by unknowingly sending curses). You have to test thoroughly these days.

    Cutting off the Wicked Miscreants

    Then - and not to be forgotten by any means - there are the mischievous, wicked and malevolent who pose as true believers who knowingly curse Remnant Believers when they are ministering in deliverance and performing spiritual warfare. Therefore, as part of preparation, the first thing that a persone involved in spiritual warfare, such as this Jericho march, must do, is cut off, nullify and destroy the works of these evil people, smashing their altars and undoing their curses and otherwise removing them from the sphere of your intercessory ministry through prayer.

    Isolate the Contaminated

    The second thing that Remnant warriors must do is ask Yahweh to isolate and contain the inadvertant psychic and demonic acivity of contiminated believers so that they are not granted any part of the particular ministerial activity. They have to be put into spiritual quarantine for the good of all.

    Story of the Mormon Missionaries

    An illustration. Many years ago a pair or Mormon missionaries came to the door of a Christian woman in order to preach their false gospel to her. It was a pre-arranged appointment. As the Mormon missionaries entered her home, she quietly prayed, cutting off the power behind their false 'priesthood' so that it could not be exercised in her home or against her. Those missionaries were unable to speak or deliver their 'lesson'! They had encountered the true Ruach (Spirit) which had silenced their demons and their false 'Jesus'. They were dumbfounded when she proceeded to explain what she had done. Their 'god' (Ahman) was powerless before hers.

    A Satanist's Surprise

    Some years ago I was ministering to a high-ranking satanist here in Sweden who was beginning to seriously examine the claims of the Besorah (Gospel). She was well-known internationally amongst the rich and powerful who consulted her as a medium. She could, with her demonic powers, psychically see into people and not only tell them about their lives but accurately predict the future [3]. She was, because she had always had free and easy access into people's souls, including many of those who call themselves 'Christians' [4], and said she would be able to read me like a book. So I invited her to try. She was shocked when she made the attempt because all she could see was a white cloud. She was unable to penetrate into my being. Having never experienced this before, she demanded an explanation, whereupon I informed her that what she had encountered was power of the Blood of Yah'shua (Jesus) who was my covering, and that her spiritual entities were nothing before Yahweh-Elohim and could never penetrate that shield. The experience profoundly disturbed her and contributed toward the start of her journey towards true salvation. I mentioned a little about her to you recently.

    A Mormon Experience

    Now I would not have you believe that everything is so 'black and white' either. Just because a believer has received a false priesthood or a false anointing does not mean that he (or she) might not also have times where he is genuinely operating in the true Ruach (Spirit). Some of you know I was a Mormon for three years when I was young before finally discovering the deception and getting out. By great blessing was that I had been authentically 'born again' before I was deceived into joining that organisation so that I always enjoyed a measure of discernment. My soul, in reality, was divided, having not only received the true Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) apart from any church or denominational association but, foolishly, having received the counterfeit Mormon 'gift of the Holy Ghost' and later its false 'priesthood' and (even worse) neo-masonic and occultic initiation or 'temple endowment' as it is known by them. The longer you stay in such a system the more the false spirits take over your soul, gradually eludting out the true Ruach (Spirit) if you had enjoyed that before conversion. The reason most Mormons who fall away from their religion never become Bible-believers is because they were never spiritually regenerated beforehand.

    Spiritual Civil War and Its Causes

    You don't need the laying-on-of-hands from a Mormon, Catholic, Freemason, occultist or charismatic minister to receive a false spirit. You receive false spirit every time you believe in, and live out, a lie, be it a false doctrine or whatever. Our souls are, as a result, in constant civil warfare because of all the junk we may have inadvertantly inherited from our upbringing or consciously invited in when we choose to believe lies. Indeed, it is possible to invite demonic spirits into your soul in so many ways that include the taking of mind-bending drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, addictive chemicals of divers kinds, listening to and moving with demon-inspired music, messing around with astrology, ouija boards, rôle-playing computer games [5] ... and the list goes on.

    Why You Must Fight and Overcome

    Human beings are under massive assualt on every front of human experience. It is not therefore difficult to understand why believers have to resist all of these things and learn how to become overcomers because if you passively accept what's going on around you, you will be influenced and progressively controlled. Even our whole education system brainwashes our children to believe lies about themselves, their gender, human origins, politics and religion. The thrust of the media and the tsunami of lies bombarding the public daily from it is hard to resist completely unless you are authentically empowered by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and consciously chose to stay out of bad environments except for the express purpose of entering and then leaving after leaving behind your witness, inviting those you witness to, to come out of the whole devilish system.

    Proactive Resistance

    You don't need me to tell you that the situation gets worse by the year and that the corruption and pollution of our world spiritually is growing exponentially. However, recognising the reality is only part of the solution. You have to proactively resist by doing spiritual battle with all the junk that is inside first by surrendering those area of misalignment with the emet (truth) to to Yah'shua (Jesus).

    The Enemy is Highly Organised

    That, of an absolutely necessity, means a complete change in lifestyle and not infrequently of physical location too. This planet is hightly organised by the Enemy, it has structure both in the visible (political) and invisible (spiritual). Territorial spirits of divers kinds control various regions and countries based on the unconscious, and conscious, permissions given them by the people sinning in these places. Not unsprisingly cities, where there are massive concentrations of people sinning ande cursing the environment thereby, are blanketed by demonic powers, so that it can be very hard to 'spiritually breathe' there for those sensitised to the Ruach (Spirit). Every time I go to a new town or country I sense the difference. That is why you need your own cabin or house on your own plot of land that you can didicate to Yahweh and maintain in a state of spiritual cleanliness, enjoying angelic and divine protection. You need a place where there is minimal spiritual interference in order to discern. And as you get stronger as an overcomer and spiritual warrior you can then go confidently into thickly blanketed demonic areas and not be affected by it.

    The Necessity of Spiritual Hierarchy

    It is, therefopre, vitally important that I share these things with you before anyone plunges into spiritual warfare during this Jericho March. Because of the 'difficulties' involved we 'compartmentalise' our warfare, ensuring that it is led by those truly walking in the Ruach (Spirit). This is one reason hierarchy is important in the Remnant - not merely theocratic hierarchy but spiritual hierarchy based on experience and discernment. The Remnant leaders have to discern these things and assign rôles accordingly.


    The battle continues, I was myself busy again last night and expect a lot more to come and be done. May Yahweh bless you as you enter the fray as a fully sumbitted warrior on Yah'shua our Messiah (Jesus Christ). Amen.

    Continued in Part 3 (Jericho March 2016)
    Continued in Part 31 (Complete Jericho Marches)


    [1] True tongues are known, modern languages which people speak and understand but demons know languages too, therefore even known languages must be tested

    [2] Is Smoking a Demonic Issue?

    [3] People often ask me how this is possible for Satan since he is not Elohim (God) and therefore not omniscenent (all-knowing). The answer is very simple. This satanist was (obviously) not consulted by believers but by other satanists, occultists and secular people general all of whom are steered, to differeing degrees, by demons. Aside from being able to fulfil their own prophecies by virtue of the demonic cooperation between consultee and consultant, Satan is leading and guiding these people according to his will by virtue of their conscious or unconscious submission to him, either directly (as a Satanist or Luciferian) or as someone who believes in various gods of different names who are simply Satan in disguise (many of these would not dream of worshipping Satan or Lucifer openly but are ingorant as to the true identity of their 'god(s)'). So none need be surprised to experience this kind of thing. Indeed, it is the means by which Satan converts so many gullible souls to his cause consisting of many invisibly networked groups and organisations.

    [4] Many of whom were converted to the occult because they supposed that their 'God' and 'Jesus' were less pwoerful than Satan, not understanding that they were putting their faith in counterfeits of the true Biblical Deity.

    [5] Dungeons and Dragons was the first of this genre.

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    Last updated on 7 May 2016

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