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    FAQ 03
    Is Smoking a Demonic Issue?

    Q. When you smoke tobacco, does this lead to a demon problem, or is smoking just an issue of nicotine addiction? Can or should Christians smoke?

    A. Yes, smoking is a demonic issue and a very serious one too; and no, Christians should absolutely never smoke. When a Christian smokes tobacco he is evidencing that there is an area in his life that is not submitted to Christ. Worse, he is actually committing idolatry and worshipping demons. If this surprises you, bear with me as I explain a number of important things.

    All forms of addiction, whether chemically-based, psychically-based, or both, are the result of demonic control. Ask yourself this question: what is the primary reason that people smoke? Though there are many reasons that people adopt this habit, the primary reason that they continue in it is that one of its results is that it exerts an unnatural physiological calming effect, replacing the substance created especially for that purpose by Yahweh-Elohim, our Heavenly Father, viz. epinephrine or adrenaline (and related biochemicals). This calming effect is demon-mediated and replaces the natural effects of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) which leads to shalom or peace. In short, nictoine is a demonic replacement of the Ruach (Spirit) which it mimicks. However - and here's the catch - what the demonically-mediated drug nicotine does is subtly divorce the user from stewardship, accountability, and (ultimately) prevents repentance and forgiveness from sin.

    Why is this so? It is because smoking causes you to break a number of commandments which we shall now examine, whilst at the same time providing false relief from guilt. In fact, what smoking does, is maintains you in sin and compounds the issue by leading to progressive demonisation. This is how it works.

    Tobacco smoke contains far more than nicotine, as most people know. It contains a number of very noxious carcinogenic substances that leads to a slow form of suicide. These chemicals, in the form of tars and the like, slowly kill you. Though a few people seem to possess a very robust immune system that seems to resist the effects of poisioning on them physically (and often live to an old age), the vast majority of people (as is well known from scientific studies) suffer many forms of disease and premature death. Everybody knows this. From a purelely medical point of view, smoking kills you ... and others.

    A Christian who has made Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) his Lord and Saviour belongs not to himself but to Yahweh. And that includes his physical body. From that point onwards, the body of that believer becomes a Temple to Yahweh - a holy place (1 Cor.6:19). This temple - physical body - is henceforth to be used only in purity and holiness, and in thus being used, brings glory to God. When this temple is polluted by unlawful sex, narcotic abuse, and so forth, it is defiled, and the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) departs from it. As such, then, the use of the physical body is governed by Torah. When it is abused, the Torah is broken, and the Ruach (Spirit) departs ... and a counterfeit enters. When a person defiles his body with unnatural addictive drugs that alter his state of consciousness, he not only displaces the presence of Yahweh from his life but opens a spiritual door for demonic invasion and a counterfeit spirit. In short, tobacco opens the door to spiritual deception.

    As born-again believers, we enter into a covenant with Yahweh to walk in Torah. When we observe the terms of that covenant, the Ruach (Spirit) abides in us and guides us. When we do not, the Ruach (Spirit) leaves the defiled temple of Yahweh and is replaced by a demon. The demon gains access because it has legal grounds to do so. Any violation of Torah - conscious or unconscious - gives demons legal rights to enter a human body and perform Satan's agenda.

    Smoking does not give any kind of demon legal rights to enter but specically those connected with mimickicking the Ruach (Spirit) (the 'calming effect' of the nictoine on the autonomic nervous system) and defiling Yahweh's hekal or temple. But there is a third kind of demon associated with smoking which may surprise you - smoking leads to control by religious demons and is a form of idolatry.

    Those familiar with the history of smoking know that it originated with the American Indians (Amerindians). What not many people know is that smoking was not a recreational activity of these people but a spiritual one. The Amerindians have long believed that smoking tobacco possesses a supernatural power and charming effect, compelling belligerents to cease or avoid war and pursue peace. Thus the so-called 'peace-pipe'. The burned smoke was a ritual offering to the Amerindian gods (demons) and its burning was considered to bring favour to them. A member of an enemy tribe who entered a house and smoked with the host was guaranteed protection and safe conduct when he left.

    The burning of tobacco was also used in mediumship, that is, supposedly consulting the dead, or for making acceptable offerings to the gods (demons). They believed that the ascending smoke reached the gods (demons), thus pacifying the spirits. Over time, these tobacco offerings were rolled into corn husks (the first cigarettes or cigars) and replaced the earlier rituals.

    Chief of the Amerindian deities (demons) to which these tobacco offerings were made was their sun-god, to whom they blew their smoke. The sun-god is known in many cultures but perhaps the names we are most familiar with are the Egyptian Osiris who was represented as a disc. The sun-god was one of the false deities the Israelites worshipped, when Moses went to collect the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai, and was placed between the horns of the golden calf. This symbol came to be seen simultaneously as the cross-section of a phallus, for sun-worship and phallus worship invariable went hand-in-hand - as the sun was the life-giver to earth, so was the male organ the sower of human seed. This sun-worship connects to the Hindu Shiva (goddess of death and destruction) and the Druidic Odin.

    When you smoke tobacco you are making counterfeit peace offerings to devils and your 'reward' is the calming effect of nicotine on your body which bypasses the repentance process. TOBACCO-SMOKING IS, IN A WORD, COUNTERFEIT SALVATION.

    Someone who smokes tobacco is making a spiritual offering to demons and when they inhale the smoke, they are inviting demons into their respiratory system.

    Please note - and note it well - that the literal name of the Ruach haQodesh, which we render as 'Holy Spirit' is more accurately 'holy BREATH'. And to emphasise that, Yah'shua (Jesus) conferred the Ruach haQodesh on His disciples by breathing on them:

      "And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained" (John 20:22-23, NKJV).

    Breath is life. Yahweh breathed His Ruach (Spirit) into clay to make Adam (e.g. Gen.2:7). The Ruach haQodesh is Holy Breath - the demons that enter your lungs when you breathe the smoke of burned tobacco are polluted and corrupt that breath, not only physically but spiritually too.

    Non-smokers know what the breath of smokers smells like. It is hardly pure, lovely, beuatiful, and holy, is it? In fact, someone once said that smokers may not go to hell but they certainly smell as though they have been there. I venture to suggest, however, that someone who smokes may well, in the course of time, be so throughly deceived by the demons that reside in his breath that he may well end up in hell if he is led to follow a false Gospel.

    Smoking tobacco is to participate in witchcraft - pure and simple - it is to burn incense to pagan gods. I know that will offend many people but they will discover the truth of it once they have had those demons thrown out and the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) occupies its rightful place as the giver of true breath. When believers smoke tobacco they are indulging in religious syncretism - they are part pagan and part Christian, and no man can serve two masters (Mt.6:24; Lk.16:13) - he must choose one or the other.

    The smoking addiction brings a whole cluster of demons in after time, increasing in number and potency the longer the habit is allowed to continue. I have observed that those who were former smokers, who kicked the habit through deliverance when they came to Christ, and who subsequently rejected Christ nearly always returned to smoking. The drug of tobacco, and the associated demons, replaced the activity of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) in their lives.

    When Christians who smoke claim inspiration and revelation from Yahweh I am very wary because I know their discernment is impaired by their demonic guests. These demons will, of course, try to minimise the seriousness of smoking, and they will resist all attempts to stop the habit. Reason? It is obvious - smoking is the reason they are there in the first place. Beware of rationalisations and especially excuses to get deliverance from smoking later rather than now. Today is the day of salvation, not tomorrow (2 Cor.6:2). The demons know fully well what the end result might be if you don't kick the habit and get rid of them:

      "If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are" (1 Cor.3:17, NKJV).

    When you smoke you defile the temple of Yahweh (your body) not only with harmful substances which were never intended for the body but even more importantly you make the temple of Yahweh "a habitation of devils" (Rev.18:2, KJV). When you smoke you become a part of the world system - a part of Babylon.

    This ministry says what smoking really is, without apology or compromise, not because we are insensible to the suffering of smokers but because we love their souls. Smoking is not only self-destructive but also extremely selfish - when smokers force non-smokers to passively breathe their fumes they are oppressing and hurting others, sometimes even slowly killing them. Smoking can therefore become slow murder.

    Pot, hash and other narcotics inhaled through the burning of plant material are just different degrees of pollution and demonisation but they are all from the same spiritual family.

    Of course, those who reject Torah have an excuse that they love to invoke. It is not uncommon to hear people say they are under grace and not law as though this excused them to sin. To believe that smoking is permissable because we are not under law is as absurd as rewriting some key scriptural passages to justify it. Thus one writer sarcastically suggested that those who believe smoking is not a sin should rewrite Paul thus: "When you smoke, smoke heartily as unto the Lord" (Col.3:23) and "Whenever you smoke, smoke to the glory of God" (1 Cor.10:31). The fact of the matter is, smoking is an abomination to Yahweh.

    May I remind you once more: as Christians we are the custodians or stewards of our bodies - we are accountable for what we do to them. It is no use saying that when you die and lay your body down in the grave that the demons will go with it because that isn't entirely true: by smoking you have been worshipping false gods and those devils will stick to you even after you have quit yourself of your body. And you will be accused before the Throne of idolatry and blasphemy.

    Everybody with any medical sense and knowledge knows that smoking destroys your body. It is slow suicide. A smoker is opening the door to the demon of self-destruction - the fact that it is happening slowly makes no difference - he is removing himself from the protection of Yahweh and shortening his lifespan. In short, he is giving his time to Satan. Remember, time does not belong to us. It is Yahweh's, He gives it to us, and we are supposed to 'return' it to Him at the end of life. What is why we are called to redeem it (Eph.5:15-16).

    Smoking affects every organ of your body which is another way of saying that the demons associated with smoking also have access to every part of your body too. The heart and the blood are affected (and remember, the life of the flesh is in the blood - Lev.17:11) - so wherever the blood of a smoker goes, so does the demonic influence. The eyes and nasal passages are inflamed and burned. The respiratory system becomes susciptible to emphysema and asthma. The immune system is slowly broken down so cancers are able to develop unrestricted. Lung cancer, throat cancer and lip cancer are common to smokers.

    As I have said, the nicotine component attacks the nervous system which governs are psyche - our moods, thoughts, feelings. Smokers swing back and forth between hypertension and depression. The demons create the need and supply its (destructive) remedy - its counterfeit shalom - the false sense of well being, release and peace. But it is a wicked lie.

    THE FIRST THING A SMOKER MUST ACKNOWLEDGE IS THAT THE SUPPPOSEDLY 'NICE' OR 'BENEFICIAL' EFFECTS OF SMOKING ARE A NAKED LIE. The moment he experiencies this calming effect he should immediately go into prayer and ask Yah'shua (Jesus) to reveal the truth behind his experience. He should bind the Spirit of Truth to himself during smoking 'experiences' so that he can experience the lie and the demonic. Remember, the demons are deceiving you - they are hiding behind the lie that you need tobacco. You don't.

    Demons know that once you start smoking and getting nicotine into your system that your mental awareness and alertness begin to diminish. In short, smoking puts you spiritually asleep. Once the demons have achieved that, they are then able to switch on the counterfeit Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and make you believe you are in communion with God. This they do by manipulating your emotions - Christian smokers are often very feeling-driven people because of their demons and will be misled into thinking it is the Ruach (Spirit) impacting their hearts. These feelings may made you feel wonderful but they are notoriously unstable. Challenge the illusion they create and you will at once get demonic reactions: anger, frustration, a sense of rejection and of being wounded, etc.. Demons know how to play the emotional heartstrings! But these are not the symptoms of one who is being guided by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). A person in the Ruach (Spirit) is not upset when the truth is challenged because he dwells in shalom. I have seen it thousands of times.

    I have already mentioned that smokers are on the path to destruction, but is it not only because they are harming themselves that they are under condemnation, but because they are harming others by forcing them against their will to passively smoke. And this is especially true of small children - smoking parents put themselves under a double condemnation! (Mt.18:6-7).

    Christian smokers are often 'attracted' to certain kinds of people whose lives are also governed by false spirits and will choose these people for fellowship preferentially against those who do not smoke. This is not because they are 'smokers' - they may know that their smoking is a sin and they want to quit it - what they are attracted to is the spirit behind that smoking.

    Smoking Christians are frequently hyperactive and ride on the crest of intense emotions. And they interpret their hyperactivity to be of the Ruach (Spirit). It isn't. The Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) is calm and steady in its basic or foundational mode. Like the spirit of the prophets (1 Cor.14:32), the Ruach (Spirit) is subject to the one whom it occupies. The Ruach (Spirit) does not possess or force as demons do, a vital sign in identifying true manifestations of the Ruach (Spirit). The Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) never removes self-control - ever.

    As believers we are not only stewards but are called to set an example to the world. When a Christian smokes he is sending a signal to the world that Christ approves of smoking and that therefore there is nothing wrong in it. A smoker is evangelising for the devil. In our day and age, where youth have few to guide them in the right way, a teen or young person refusing to smoke sets a good example to follow. Moreoever, when they are asked why they do not smoke, they can say they do not need to because they are masters of their own bodies and lives. A Christian smoker is witnessing that Christ does not rule in his life.


    Once you have overcome the lie that smoking is not sinful or destructive spiritually and physically you must next face a second lie which is the principle means that Satan uses to keep you in bondage to tobacco: that it will be a HUGE battle to overcome. What Satan in effect is telling you is that God is weak and it's not really worth the effort. Or to put it another way, he is encouraging you to atheism.

    There is not excuse - I repeat - NO EXCUSE except a lack of faith to being delivered from smoking instantly. Here is the testimony of one ex-smoker:

      "I smoked for many years and after failing time and time again to stop smoking by myself, I decided to turn it over to Jesus. I wanted to be free from this bad habit so I bound Satan in the Name of Jesus and commanded him to depart from me and then asked Jesus to deliver me from smoking. I made a vow to God that I would never put another cigarette to my lips. I immediately started to thank and praise Jesus for answering my prayer and do you know what? Instantly all cravings for nictotine left, I felt like I received a new pair of lungs. That was 13 years ago and I have not had a craving for a cigarette since not gained any weight. Put your faith into action, try Jesus, he works, praise God!" (Courtesy of Christian Journey.com)

    Please notice the ingedients to success:

    • 1. Don't try to quit in your own power - give it to Yah'shua (Jesus);
    • 2. Bind Satan in the Name of Yah'shua and command him to depart;
    • 3. Ask Yah'shua (Jesus) to deliver you from smoking;
    • 4. Thank and praise Yahweh in faith that this will be done;

    It's no use saying you will do your best not to start again - you have to be 100% resolved in your own mind - a matter of total will. Anything else is not faith - it's saying that maybe Satan will win after all, and that's atheism. You must believe in the promises. Once the prayer has been said, in faith, you should consider it done. Make yourself a card which you can stick up around your home or carry around with you which says something like this:

    I have been delivered from
    this Bondage, Desire and Addiction
    and Habit to the glory of Yahweh!
    Thank you Yah'shua (Jesus) I am Free!

    Obviously you cannot believe this in true faith if you believe any of Satan's lies about smoking. That's the most essential area to begin with. Don't believe that you have to quit in your own strength or that you can never be free. Moreoever, don't believe the lie you can postpone it - when you believe that, you are saying Satan is mightier than Yahweh and that you would rather worship at two altars - and if you believe that, it is Satan you are worshipping, not Yahweh, for you are admitting that Satan is the stronger of the two.

    Now it may well be that there are other things associated with your smoking in which case these areas have to be dealt with simultaneously. Smoking often runs in families because of family curses. Breaking ungodly ancestral ties may be needed - indeed, one should do so as a matter of course if you know anyone else in your family smokes.

    In addition, you may have some smoking-related diseases. Finally, you need to confess and repent that you have been living in rebellion against Him, polluting His temple, and offering incense to pagan deities. I therefore suggest a prayer that covers all of these exigencies something like this (modify it as you have need):

      "Dear Father, Yahweh-Elohim, I have sinned against you in smoking tobacco. I confess my sin in offering incense to demons and in worshipping false gods. I have polluted my body, Your Holy Temple, and placed myself under the curse of destruction. I have believed Satan's lies. I have listened to false spirits. I have also harmed others who have been forced to smoke in my presence [and my unborn babies]. I repent of all these things. Forgive me of my sins, Father.

      Your Word tells me that in Yah'shua (Jesus) Your Son, through faith in His Name and in the power of the blood of His atonement, I am free from Satan's bondage. Lord, for years I have been in bondage to cigarettes, nicotine and smoking, doing harm to my body - Your Temple - and making it a habitation of demons. I place this bad habit and addiction on your altar - I nail it to the cross. In the Name of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), I command you, spirit of addiction and bad habit, to depart from me and enter me no more. I will not take up eating as a substitute; therefore I will not gain weight, for I am completely free of this bondage.

      I break the curse of burning incense to other gods that I may have inherited from my ancestors, in the Name of Yah'shua (Jesus) and by the power of His blood, dissolving all ungodly ties and influences that may have come through them and especially in connection with smoking and nicotine addiction. I break the curse of self-destruction and command all demons associated with these things to depart in the Name of Yah'shua (Jesus) and by the power of His blood, and forbid them to return.

      I cast out any spirits of infirmity caused by smoking and ask you to restore my body fully to health, repairing any damaged organs and bringing my immune system into full functioning order.

      I rededicate my temple to you, Holy Father, and ask that Your Name, Yahweh-Elohim, will dwell within it, and I invite the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) to take up occupance wherever demons have previously resided. I invite the Holy Breath into my nose, and mouth, and throat, and lungs, to purify me completely. I invite the Holy Breath to enter my blood and purify my whole bodily system so that it is completely and utterly dedicated to You, Father Yahweh. And I ask Your Son, Yah'shua (Jesus), to restore me to a right mind and to purify my emotions, so that I may think and feel as He wishes me to feel - please unprogram all lies in my system so that from henceforth I am governed only by Truth.

      I covenant in the Name of Yah'shua (Jesus) and before these witnesses [get two witnesses to your prayer] that I will never purchase tobacco or smoke again, or profane Your holy temple, or blaspheme the Name of the Most High. Hallelu-Yah! Amen.

    Now destroy all cigarettes. Prove that you mean what you say by witnessing against smoking. Live as a non-smoker to the glory of Yahweh-Elohim!

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    Comments from Readers

    [1] "I wanted to thank you again for that meme on smoking. It is doing a great job at convincing my heart! And it is what I need keeps echoing, helping me to rethink each time I want one (a cigarette). I need to quit again. I started again from a multi-year hiatus. I have been starting and stopping since childhood. My mom smoked. I started in 3rd grade, so I need to stop forever. So [I] praise Yah for you" (JD, USA, 10 December 2015)

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    Last updated on 10 December 2015

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