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Month 9:08, Week 1:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5937:245 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 10 December 2013
The Financial Collapse
How and When It Will Happen


    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisrael and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua the Master (Jesus Christ) bless this assembly and all those who are worshipping with us abroad.

    What's About to Happen is Real

    When I gave my wife an outline last night of what I was planning to share with you today, she said that it sounded as though it would turn out to be a lecture rather than a sermon. I do have a lot of technical information to share with you today but I will do my best to retain the spiritual focus which is to trust in Yahweh. However, trusting also means carrying out instructions and responding to prophetic devarim (words) about practical things sometimes, and today's address will be very much a practical 'thing'. It's important that I convince you that what I am saying is real and almost certainly going to happen, even if Yahweh may intervene further to change the script or the timing.

    Inevitable Storms, but the Arks are Up to Us

    Perhaps I should begin by addressing those 'ultra-spiritual' people who think that all we have to do is trust, sit back, and pray that Yahweh will provide in the same way Yah'shua (Jesus) fed the multitudes with multiplied fish and bread. However, it is a huge and dangerous assumption to claim that Yahweh will take care of us the way some of His people expect. Disasters have happened throughout history that Yahweh has not prevented them - more often than not, He has caused them. The righteous must live through the tempests and storms of evil days but they need not be outside the arks that Yahweh provides for their safety either. This provision, moreover, requires a lot of hard work on the part of Noah and his family. The ark was not provided ready-made: it took that family decades to build it. That took real emunah (faith) and it doubtless built their characters as well through all the trials in the process. Yahweh provides for His people in disasters occasioned by wickedness being brought to judgment but the the righteous must respond to the nevi'im (prophets) or perish along with the wicked.

    You Have to Make an Effort

    So it is in our time. The world is being shaken and is about to be shaken in the greatest economic collapse in the history of our planet and no one will escape its effects. Neither will Yahweh be sending much in the way of manna from Heaven for those who refuse to do anything. But those who listen to the nevi'im (prophets) and work hard to prepare, even at a late hour, will be rewarded and their choice make life easier on their families. I have to say now, categorically and in the Name of Yah'shua (Jesus), that if you don't labour now to make physical and practical provisions, that for all the good will in the world on the part of sympathetic believers who would like to help you, there probably won't be a delivery for you. There wasn't for those outside the Ark of Noah and there wont be for those who don't turn their home-arks into bastions of economic safety. This is not the time to be a gypsy. Like it or not, finances are important. We have become appallingly dependent on a corrupt system that is about to give way and we have got to learn how to become independent of it by taking care of ourselves and our families as they used to a century-and-a-half ago. Not all the present system will disappear, of course, in fact most of it will continue on as before - it will simply be unaffordable and inaccessible to all but the rich over-class.

    A Flexible Outcome Only Upon Repentance

    For years I have been warning you of this time and vaguely suggesting when things were going to happen. Now that the big collapse is practically on us, it's important that we get more specific and have a more detailed timetable. Without repentance from many, the course will be set in iron - but if there is repentance, emunah (faith) and some action, things will be a little more flexible. Nevertheless there are still going to be monumental changes. Iceland had a little taste of it about 5 years ago and is coming out of it but countries like Greece, on the brink of revolution, have not fared so well.

    Collapse is Inescapable

    When George W. Bush, Jr. signed the Patriot Act in 2001 during his presidency of the United States, the large iron gate of enslavement of the American people began to swing on its hinges to shut out the light of liberty. It has continued swinging ever since, and has accelerated at a fantastic speed under Barak Obama. Those who have studied current events out carefully have come to the inescapable conclusion that total financial collapse is unavoidable. However, not everyone has been sure how or when it will happen. The élite's plans have been delayed by setbacks and we're going to look at one or two of those today. So when, and how, will the global economy collapse? It will not be when the Wall Street stock market drops 1,000 ot 2,000 points, or when the US Dollar is devalued, or when Gold prices drop 500 to 1000 points (though it's probably already hit rock bottom now).

    The Sinister Purpose of Obamacare

    Total financial collapse will occur after the Affordable Healthcare Bill (AHB) or 'Obamacare' is fully implemented. It is not actually a health care bill at all, is run by a giant international company called Serco (which hardly anyone has ever heard of), and has a sinister purpose. It won't be fully implemented in January 2014 because Big Business has been allowed to opt out until 1 January 2015, a clue we must not miss in plotting out the Illuminati Timetable. On the coming New Year's Day 2015 business as well as private individuals will be required to obey all the rules of the 'Obamacare'. So the TOTAL financial collapse will not occur before 1 January 2015 and maybe not until mid-2015 at the latest BUT this does NOT mean you can let your guard down. You are going to have to act to save yourself and your family a lot sooner, within a few weeks.

    Total Collapse and Bank Closure

    When a total collapse occurs, all the banks close and you lose the money that's in them. It is not a 1,000 point drop in the Stock Market, a currency devaluation or a drop in gold prices (although that may seem like a total collapse because of its impact on your finances). These things will almost certainly occur between 1 January 2014 and 1 January 2015 anyway which is why the most pressing business now is not the final collapse but what's going to happen between now and the collapse and when.

    The Élite Take Bible Prophecy Seriously

    Had the élites got their way there would have been World War III and complete collapse already. Whatever their plans may be, Yahweh has the final. It is He who permits or restrains. Not many know that the élites at the very top of the hierarchy are not only satanists but that they believe in the existance of Elohim (God) too. They believe he is real but for one reason or another choose to follow Satan rather than Yahweh. They therefore take the Bible very seriously. Last year they were concerned about the possibility of a divine intervention happening (in 2012) which didn't take place. They are careful to follow the writings of reputable Christian and Messianic prophets as part of their 'intelligence-gathering' operations for the information they glean they add to their equations of probabilities and possibilities. We nearly had World War III on 13 September 2013 because the US Obama régime was ready to invade Syria. Had they fired missiles on Damascus it would have fulfilled preophecies in Isaiah 17 & 40, and Ezekiel 38 & 39:

      "Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap" (Isa.17:1, NKJV).

    Last September the prophecy pundits were telling us that
    Assad's Damascus was about to be wiped out. It wasn't.

    World War in September 2013 Averted

    Had those passages of scripture been fulfilled three months ago, when the world was on the brink of a catastrophe involving the USA, NATO, Russia, China, Iran and others, we would have found ourselves in the midst of the Great Tribulation as so many ministries have been claiming we already were when we weren't. We were one of the few ministries - perhaps the only one - insisting that the Great Tribulation and the Second Coming were not imminent.

    The Gulf Wars and False Prophecy

    It was the same in the two Gulf Wars when the pop Pentecostal and charismatic 'prophets'(who never apologise when they are proven false) where claiming Armageddon was imminent and to get ready for the Second Coming. They were even saying that the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachov was the Antichrist because of the birthmark on his forehead. Then, as now, we told them they were in error and not being led by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) but they would not relent with their silly babblings. Gorbachov was an Illuminati stooge to be sure, and tasked to start dismantling the Soviet Union so it could be replaved by the crypto-communist European Union, but was not the Antichrist.

    Bible Prophecy from the Élite's Perspective

    My point in raising these issues is that you must understand Bible prophecy from the élite's perspective and how they factor them in to their plans. It is important that we understand how they think bearing in mind that though they superstitiously believe in the Scriptures - fearing them, in fact - that they don't always understand them!. Since they can only be understood by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), they in their turn depend on feedback from genuine nevi'im (prophets) who do have the Ruach (Spirit). Their fear, based on ignorance of the Mind of Yahweh-Elohim, has actually been the cause of such 'delays' as last Syria last September - delays Yahweh knew they would make. Obama and his Superiors basically got cold feet about Iran, Russia and China who are revial plays in the same Élite.

    The Fears and Superstitions of the Élite

    Tha is why the Great Tribulation, World War III or the Second Coming isn't about to happen yet. It's why Damascus, though badly damaged, isn't destroyed. It's why the Civil War, started, funded and backed by the Élitists and their cronies like Obama and Cameron, rages on. These Illuminists don't want their schemes to fail, they are very superstitious, and in spite of the fact that they are highly demonised (many are outright possessed), they still retain a degree of 'humanity' in the sense that they don't feel immortal or omniscient. They have doubts and fears, and that is their greatest weakness. They really believed Yahweh was going to intervene in 2012 which is why things got delayed - what they didn't understand was that Yahweh has been intervening the whole time by using their doubts and fears...and their mistakes, amongst other things. More about that in a moment.

    The Masses and the Media

    That's not to say, of course, that Yahweh hasn't been intervening in other ways about which they know little or nothing. There are the masses too - they are very much a part of this equation, which is why the Élite is so desperate to control them. They are terrified of the masses because they know they can be toppled by them. Their grip on the media is essential to their strategy of success. Without the media they will fail.

    The Élite are Terrified by ISON and Nibiru

    Their other great fear is the intervention of heavenly bodies like ISON and/or Nibiru which is why they have been building these huge underground cities for years with stolen tax-payers' money. They are terrified some cosmic catastrophe will wreck all their plans. Yahweh is intervening there too. Fukushima is another scare for them too because whilst they were responsible for it, it got out of hand.

    Obama Defeated in Syria

    Yahweh used Putin in Russia to stop the US and the European War Lords in Syria and humiliated Obama, Cameron and Hollande. He made Obama look like the idiot that he is. And because of all this the national media has gone as quiet as a mouse! (What better evidence that the media is completely controlled can you ask for?) We can praise Yahweh for that because there would have been a global war and a nuclear World War at that!

    Opportunity for Repentance and Salvation Given

    Behind all of these heavenly 'moves' is the heart of Elohim (God) which is that people might yet repent and accept the Son before it is too late for them because millions will die. That goes for the élitists as well as your common man on the street who are willfully sinning and contributing unknowingly to the New World Order's advance.

    Congress' Dog and Pony Show

    September was, as I said, a fiasco for Obama and his minions. Then in October came the "dog and pony show of Congress", as Lindsey Williams calls it, because they knew they had no answers to the mounting National Debt which the Syrian war had successfully deflected public attention away from. With Syria out of the news, it was back to the crumbling economy. So they just put on a show for weeks to confuse and pacify the public. Nothing happened even though everyone was expecting an 'October Surprise' - a rescue package. There weren't any riots and there probably won't be any in the near future. The Occupy Movement and Tea Party are barely heard of now and that is because of the total media control had by the government.

    Next on the Agenda: Confiscation of Pensions

    If you are able to get hold of your pension as a lump sum, I'd draw it now and convert it into something safe and as far away from a bank as you can. The next goal of the Obama régime is American pensions. What you are going to see is a confiscation and nationalisation of state and school pension funds in the USA such as has already happened in Cyprus, Poland and Argentina to name but three countries who are the latest victims of government theft. Expect up to half of these funds to be seized in America. The US government is so desperate for money that it will be completely open about its robbery of the people, as it has been in Europe.

    Detroit is a Warning of What's Coming Nationwide

    The City of Detroit has already announced that it means to deny up to 80% of their pensioners' funds - that is a warning of what is going to happen nationwide, especially when you consider that the fiscal state of the nation at large is worse than Detroit by up to 200%! The US government, at a point in the very, very near future which we will pinpoint, will collapse if it doesn't seize these funds so this planned act of communist robbery is a certainty. The long term effect of this 'confiscation' (theft would be a better word) is that over a few months the government pension fund will collapse because it doesn't have anything left to invest and so earn for it.

    The Collapse of Pension Funds Imminent

    So after about 6 months - maybe a year - those cheques (checks) will suddenly stop being issued. Those of you who are relying on government pensions will, if you don't take the necessary steps to change your situation, suddenly find yourselves one day - probably before the end of 2014 - without any sort of pension at all. I am speaking to Europeans here too, and especially them, since we in Europe have, for the most part, government nationalised pensions already. By the time the day arrives and no pension cheque (check) arrives in the post or no monthly deposit is made in your bank, the goverment will literally 'have you by the balls', if I may for once be permitted to be crude in the hope of awakening some sleepers.

    Currency Devaluation as Part of the Stepwise Collapse

    But this is not all. A currency devaluation will also take place around the same time the pension funds have been seized - and remember, the banks will still be open, this will not be the final or complete collapse, but it will be a step-wise collapse, which is why you need to fix your finances now and not in a year's time, because by the time the total collapse happens there won't be much left anyway. You'll still have money in the bank but that fiat currency will simply be worth less, it's purchasing power will be substantially cut, you you will have to do with less. Try to imagine your dinner table as it is now. Then take half the food away from it, and then another half, and that will give you some idea of what will happen before the final collapse. It's not all going to happen in one day, overnight.

    The Polish People Robbed But No Riots

    This has already happened in Poland, as I said. One morning the Polish people woke up and found that 50% of their pension funds had been seized by the government. What is significant - and I want you to note this, because you can expect the same response in America - there were no riots the next day or even a week later. Why not? Where was the public outrage? There was none because the people who lost that money received their cheques (checks) as usual at the next pay out. Now if they had taken 100%, then there would have been riots! These people know their psychology. They fully understand behaviourism and they know how to manipulate the gullible masses. They know people will take abuse in certain does but no more. They must calculate that boundary accurately or risk having their project go up in flames.

    No Rioting Because of Clever Psychology

    These people are clever - devilishly clever. Never underestimate them. They know that people won't feel the pinch of their actions immediately so people won't riot. People will continue being optimistic, 'hoping for the best' or 'having faith that God will intervene' or fooling themselves into continuing to believe - against all the evidence and sound judgment - that the government would never rob or hurt them.

    Don't Be Fooled

    I have to say that if that is how you're thinking, you are both naïve and foolish because Elohim (God) is intervening now through people like me to get you prepared now, not at the end of 2014. The élite don't want riots - they don't want popular uprisings - because these upset their timetables and destroy the infrastructure of their planned New World Order. That's why they don't grab everything all at once ... a Bolshevik-type revolution in America and Europe would be resisted violently and they know it, which is why they have created this new bourgois system of communism - what I call 'pink communism' - which they package innoculously as 'social democrat', 'liberal' and even (yes) 'conservative'. They are the same product with different wrappings consisting of different rhetoric and different sets of cleverly packaged lies.

    They Want the Infrastructure Left Intact for Their NWO

    Bringing in the New World Order their way is critical to their plan - it won't be like the Leninists, Trotskyists, Stalinists and Maoists of yesteryear. They don't want the masses destroying their infrastructure in rioting as is being threatened in Greece. (Greece is just an experiment to test the way people react so they know how far they can go and how far they cannot in order to maintain a hold on power). They remember too how things went in Romania when the communist régime was violently overthrown by the people and that terrifies them for they would be the first to be strung up on the lampposts or get a bullet in the neck.

    The Global Currency Reset and Devaulation is Imminent

    Though this will not be news for many of you who are carefully following world events, the US Dollar will lose its status as the world's premier reserve currency over the next few months leading up to final collapse. There is going to be a Global Currency Reset - not a collapse, but a reset. It's at this point that the US Dollar will lose it position as the world's premier reserve currency. This will allow the government to tell the American people that they must confiscate pension funds because there is no other way of avoiding complete economic collapse otherwise. And that is how the people will fall for their lie, remembering that everything was set up and engineered by them in the first place to get such a result. Already the Chinese, Japnese, Saudi Arabians and other oil-rich countries have stopped buying Federal Reserve notes - they have already announced that they don't want them anymore because they know they're 'poisonous'. Around the time of the 'resetting' the currency, devaluation will take place and with it there will be a big loss of purchasing power. When that happens, you'll lose around 30% of your wealth overnight. And it may only be weeks or days away... If you have a mortgage or other large loan you may well be sunk and before the final collapse.

    China, Gold and the Collapse

    The next piece ofn information you need to configure in your view of things is the fact that China is buying up gold as fast as it can. Every month they are buying up more and more. China knows exactly what's coming. Between 2012 and 2013 China imported 2,232 metric tons of gold! This is in addition to the gold it is mining itself. Though nobody knows how much this is, it may well be as much as they are importing. To give you some idea of the amount of gold involved, that is equivalent to the entire world's gold mine output for a year. Why is China doing this when the rest of the world isn't? While China is preparing for the collapse, the US is doing the opposite in creating more debt? Why? Because the Illuminati want the USA, as the beacon of liberty and Christianity in the world, destroyed - completely. With America and Great Britain gone, totalitarianism will virtually have a free hand in the world

    China the Premier New Global Superpower

    China is preparing for Global Currency Reset and for the collapse of the American dollar. For years I have been telling you that they will be the replacement of the USA as the premier global superpower. And soon they will be the Number One economic powerhouse in the world and what happens in China will impact everyone else, just as what has happened in America has impacted the world up until now. Make no mistake, China is the best prepared of all the nations to weather the coming total collapse. The Chinese government is the only government in the world encouraging its citizens to buy as much gold and silver as they can! Why don't the European and American governments do the same? Because their goal is destruction, not survival.

    You Probably Have 1 to 84 Days to Prepare for Global Currency Reset

    Within the next three months (counting from 4 December) - within the next 84 days (it could happen any day now) - that is, before the 3 March 2014 - and with the full knowledge of President Obama and many congressmen, the World Bank, the IMF, in conjunction with the élite, that a global currency reset I spoke about will take place. I repeat, this is not the final collapse or the devaluation that will take place after the reset, but the currency reset. Already all the countries in the world (all 196 of them as recognised by the UN) have agreed with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to allow their currencies to be revalued. They have promised the IMF that they will keep their currency within a 5% differential of one another. The effect of this will be an end to currency wars which is absolutely necessary for the élite to have complete financial control of all currencies globally to allow them to inaugurate a Global Currency. This will not likely be announced ahead of time but will be sprung on an unsuspecting global citizenry. Not only will the majority of people not be too upset by this announcement but will view it in a positive light, viewing it as a rescue of the economy, including many libertarian one-worlders! They'll be relieved their cash is still in their accounts and that the banks are still open! In fact, everything will carry on as normal for a few weeks afterwards with people optimistic that a solution to the financial crisis is in sight, little realising that all of this was part of a wicked plan to eventually destroy their wealth altogether.

    The Most Dangerous Woman in the World

    The new financial head of the IMF since last July has been Christine Lagarde of France who is determined (on instruction from her élitist masters) that this reset takes place within the next 84 days - by 3 March 2014. The currencies will be reset based on the 'assets' of each country...and this is where the catch comes in. But what are these 'assets'? Remember the US Dollar (or any other currency like the €uro) is not allowed a differential [1] of more than 5% between, say, that of China.

    A New Question of Assets

    What, for example, are America's 'assets'? The USA has more debt than all the rest of the world combined. So if you were to take all the assets in the whole world, the USA has more debt than all of this. In other words, according to the IMF's definition of an 'asset', America will have zero assets. Remember, the US dollar is going to be 'reset' based on the USA's 'assets'! So on the day the global currencies are reset, the US dollar will be scuttled as the global reserve currency. This will happen across the whole planet overnight.

    The New Global Reserve Currency

    There will be a 'reserve currency' so the question is: what will it be? Nobody knows what it is but you can be pretty sure that it will be the currency of that nation which has the most 'assets'. Though I am not making a prophecy here, my guess is that it will be the Chinese Yuan because it it backed by GOLD, and I believe China will have more gold than any nation on the planet when the Reset takes place. Those countries who sold all their gold (as Norway did some years ago) are going to become part of a 'New Third World'. The country - China - that becomes the new global Superpower to replace the United States - will itself be steered by the super-rich Élitists just as they did America before its collapse in the months ahead. China will become their instrument of global control using the most potent and devilish economic, political and social system: a combination of capitalism (economic), communism (political and social) and anti-religion. Please see my prophetic vision, The Last Race: Vision of the Communist Resurgence.

    Americans Will Be Robbed in Stages

    The Élitists won't directly rob the bank accounts of Americans as they did in Cyprus (when the closed the banks and then helped themselves to the money they wanted) because they'd never get away with it - it would spark a new revolution - so they will use Global Currency Reset instead and leave the banks open to allay American citizens' suspicion and fear. But the result will be the same. Now Cyprus was the major money-laundering capital of the world for Russia - Russia, of course, new in advance what was coming so they got their money out in time. Likewise the super-wealthy of the world are now doing all in their power to make sure that all of their money is either in gold or in the new Reserve Currency of the world. Not surprisingly there are some Congressmen who are becoming filthy rich themselves over this. And like I said, I believe that new Reserve Currency to be the Chinese Yuan, but it might not be (in case you're thinking of re-investing - it might be something else like the Russian Rouble). Whatever it is, the super rich will keep their ill-gotten gains unless Yahweh intervenes in some way. That's the Wild Card the élitists can never know anything about in advance.

    The Scope of American Debt

    In 2000 the US national debt was $5.6 trillion ($5,600,000,000). In 2013 it's about $17-18 trillion, a 209% increase. In 2000 the yearly Federal Budget Deficit was $236 billion. In 2013 the yearly Budget Deficit is $618 billion, up 188%. In 2000 the Federal Reserve 'Balance Sheet' was $700 billion. In 2013 it is $4 trillion ($4,000 billion). The 'Balance Sheet' is made up of money that you buy debt with. America has no assets as defined by the IMF, just a mountain-load of debt. It's just debt - mortgage debt, automobile debt, US Treasury debt, etc. - nothing else. In 2000 Gold was ~$280/ounce. In 2013 it was ~$1,250/ounce, up 28.85%. In 2000 Silver was ~$4.95/ounce. In 2013 it's ~$25/ounce, a 26.25% increase.

    America is Economically Valueless

    What, taking all of these statistics, is the financial value of the USA? None. China has practically everything that was once American. They have General Motors and most of the manufacturing industries (it's the same story here in Sweden and elsewhere). Not only that, but they own most of the patents! The only way they would ever allow an American company to go into China is if the Americans first sell or give them their patents, and the secrets to those patents. Why do you think that China is now so far ahead in technology? It wasn't their own Research & Development that got them where they did, but their purchasing power caused by American debt created out of thin air by the criminal Federal Reserve aided and abetted by a greedy populace. That is why in this ministry we tell our people not to borrow!

    Greed and the Love of Money

    Buy only what you have cash-in-hand to buy with or you will become a slave-debtor like the North American and European governments!

      "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the emunah (faith) in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows" (1 Tim.6:10, NKJV).

    Believers and unbelievers alike - and their families - are now "pierced...through with many sorrows" because of their greed.

    China Owns the West

    China literally has all of America's assets (minus it's land...though who knows now much of that has been sold to the Chinese...Americans may wake up one day and find that their land and persons belong to Chinese owners) and most of Europe's too, and must from other countries too. History is turning - and has turned - full circle thanks to the exploitative greed of Western capitalists in their economic rape of China for nearly three centuries, leaving the nation impoverished. The USA alone stole $3 trillion worth of the Chinese Emperors' gold, issuing an equivalent amount in Treasury Bonds that will soon be worthless [4]. You reap what you sow and we are reaping what our great great grandfathers sowed. The sins of our supposedly 'Christian' fathers are now literally upon us!

    The US Federal Reserve is now printing $85 billion dollars every month - money created out of thin air - to prop up the Dollar before its inevitable collapse. That is why no one trusts in the Dollar anymore. Had it not been for the disasterous €uro project, the German Deutsche Mark (DM) might well have been the replacement Global Reserve Currency. Many countries used to use it, like Yugoslavia. The 'Quantitative Easing' (QE3) of the US Dollar cannot taper - meaning, the Federal Reserve cannot ease up printing money - else the currency would collapse immediately, so they will continue printing it until it is worthless and collapse is inevitable. That's why China and other countries no longer buy interest on American debt. Once that debt is no longer paid, the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

    The Next Big Event and What Will Happen to You

    So what is the next thing we can expect? Christine Lagarde's Global Currency Reset. It will be the next financial marker and once you see it, then you will know that the woes are about to multiply rapidly. How will it effect you personally? Expect a price hike on all goods of about 30% initially within one or two months, probably a lot faster at the petrol/gas pumps. A lot of people won't be using cars anymore. That means that the money in your pocket and in your bank account will be slashed by about a third in value. People won't be able to pay their mortgages and there will be a surge in foreclosures..again as the banks once again become enriched.

    Christine Lagarde, IMF Boss

    Clear Your Mortgages and Debts Immediately!

    The New World Order wants you to default on your payments because it wishes to turn you into surfs without personal property or wealth. The Federal Reserve has been buying up your house mortgages for years so it will end up owning you too when you default on your payments. You'll probably be allowed to stay in your house only you'll have to pay the Fed rent and never own your home again! And people will give into this because they won't want to be on the streets. Once you reach this situation, it will be too late to be free again. If you have mortgages or any sort of debt now - today - then you have a only few weeks to be clear of it. If you're not, it will be too late.

    The New Feudalism

    What you will be presented with is communism for the masses (the new feudal serfs) while the élite live as fascist monopoly captalists (as feudal lords). The two most evil systems the devil has ever invented - fascism and communism - will be co-exist on two different tiers in a New Feudalism. And its spiritual glue will be a One World Reigion (which is beyond the scope of today's address). In case you haven't noticed, your children have already been pre-programmed to accept this in the movies, on TV, in computer games and at state-run schools and universities.

    The Insidious Electric Smart Meter

    How have the élite been preparing you for the last two to three years for what they're going to do to you very soon without your even knowing it? It's sitting on your house. It's called an Electric Smart Meter. We have them here in Sweden too. They're on almost every house in America now. You should get them removed. Better still, generate your own power! They were not put there in order to automatically read your electricity consumption, though they do that too. The meters were put there to dumb you down. Electric smart meters communicate with each other every night between 3 and 4 a.m. while you're asleep (in the USA). If you've had problems sleeping since these meters were put on your house there's a reason. Do you hear strange sounds between these hours? Do you hear or experience pulsations? These meters use a 905 MHz frequency, the exact frequency that your brain cavity resonates at. The effect of this pulse is that it renders people unable to think straight - you can't reason critically. These meters were installed 2-3 years in advance of the imminent Global Currency Reset so that citizens exposed to these pulses will not riot and disrupt the NWO timetable. To find out more about this, you can research the work of Barrie Trower, a British physicist and retired Royal Navy Microwave Weapons expert [2]. And I can tell you that that is what these 'sentinel UFO's' up in orbit are there for, in part, too, from my own personal experience [3].

    Agenda 21 and Your Property Assets

    Once all the dust has settled after the financial collapse all that will be left is gold, silver and other tangibles of value like property and land, provided it isn't confiscated by the government as part of the UN's Agenda 21 (if it gets that far). Be sure your house isn't on land they're planning to seize (see map below for USA - if you have property in the red or yellow zones, you stand to lose it). In other words, you'd better know where Yahweh wants you to be and get there! If you don't have these assets (which includes food and, in some places, weapons), you're not going to make it. You don't need a lot, just enough to tide you over from the old system once it has collapsed to the new one. Then you'll be able to buy the new currency with your gold and silver.

    Yahweh Calls the Cards Yet You Must Prepare Too

    Now having said all of this Yahweh might intervene in ways we have not foreseen. I am, as I have said, expecting the Élite to be defeated in some of their plans, delaying their ultimate One World Government plans. However, you would be a fool to sit back and assume He is going to take care of everything, and expect you to do nothing. Whatever happens it isn't going to get better. The world will change completely and never be the same again. Nations are being judged. You do have to be prepared spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. You need to be able to stand alone apart from the system for a period of time that may be from 3 months to a year (or even more...or even long term in some places) by providing everything your family needs. If you want to hang on to your homes and survive without state aid and pensions, you have to rethink your whole economic future - radically. You may be one of the blessed few with huge resources but most are not. You need to become a prepper to some degree or other.

    Summary of What to Do

    I would like to suggest that you have four timeframes that you need to seriously plan within:

    • 1. Today to 1 January 2014 - I'd be doing something right now and over the next three weeks. No one knows when the Reset will happen but when it does the value of any cash you may have will not be long in falling and you'll be more concerned about providing daily meals than you will about bigger things like long-term food storage. Forget about Christmas if you haven't already repented of that paganism if for no other reason that you'll be needing every penny you can scrape together for preparations;

    • 2. Today to ~4 March 2014 - The Global Currency Reset might not be for another three months but it might happen tomorrow. Knowing how the Élite think and are superstitious about dates, I doubt they'll act before 1 January 2014 but you can be sure they have something planned for that day anyway. Satanists love the Day of Janus because it's their New Year's Day - Yahweh's is in the spring. So I would have short-term goals for 1 January and longer-term goals for 4 March;

    • 3. Global Currency Reset to Currency Devaluation - It's impossible to say how soon after the Global Currency Reset devaluation of the dollar (and other currencies like the Pound Sterling and the €uro) will take place - it could be up to a month or two months later or practically immediately. If you're still not prepared by the time of the Reset you will need to rush at a feverish pace before Devaluation; and

    • 4. Devaluation to Total Collapse - If you've still left things undone after the Devaluation then you will have until 1 January 2015 (or at the latest, 30 June 2015...assume the earlier date for safety) to complete your preparations. Remember any liquid assets you have left will be worth considerably less than they are today and prices will have risen sharply. They'll be worth zero by the Collapse and you will probably be denied access to it before then if you are foolish enough to still have any in banks.

    Add to this unexpected exigencies like war and natural disasters like multiple giant meteor falls, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis triggered by ISON and/or Nibiru (scheduled to start making trouble in the first half of 2014 is the reports are accurate), nuclear disasters (like Fukushima) and you'll agree being prepared NOW makes a whole lot of sense. If you've left making preparations this late already you're already taking a seriously gamble with your life and with the lives of your family members and any other dependents you may have.


    Yahweh is, of course, in control, but if you're not right with Him and can't hear His instructions to you, you're in trouble whether these disasters take place or not. If you have studied Bible prophecy about the last days you will know that these are the sorts of difficulties the qodeshim (set-apart ones, saints) are told to expect. If you're not watching out for yourself and your loved ones you are very definitely very, very unwise indeed. I have tried to do my part in warning you. But remember, if you haven't prepared and all of this happens, as I am certain it will, you're going to find it very hard to find people willing to help you out (giving you food and shelter), let alone able to. There are going to be millions who are unprepared and who will turn to violence in order to survive. Cities will be controlled by gangs and the food stores will be empty within 24 hours. That's one reason why getting far away from cities should be high on your agenda or at least having a properly stocked and defended rural retreat. But it is Yahweh who must guide you in that. As these bad things start and martial law is implemented, including internet censorship, there won't be people like myself around any more to help you. Then it will be between you and your Elohim (God). So get right with Him now if you're not and get prepared! Amen.

    Continued in Part 2


    [1] A differential is "the degree of change in quality of the underlying asset on a futures contract that is allowed. Every futures contract specifies the quality of the commodity underlying it that must be delivered in order for the seller to fulfill the contract. The differential allows the seller to deliver a good of a different quality, at least within certain limits. Not all futures contracts allow for differentials" (Farlex, The Free Dictionary)
    [2] There are some good materials at the Institute for Geopathology SA website and good overview in an article authored by him entitled, Humanity At The Brink
    [3] See A Visitor By Night: UFOs Visit Us in Arvika; Unwelcome Neighbours: Making More Sense of UFO's; The Heavenly Landscaper: Teshuvah and the Eye of Lucifer; Lucifer's Sentinels: Giant Flaming Eyes in the Night Skies
    [4] See, for example, $6 Trillion in US Bonds: Part of the Collateral for the Stolen Treasures of the Chinese Emperors?


    [1] Lindsey Williams on Goldseek Radio with Chris Waltzek, 4 December 2013
    [2] Lindsey Williams website containing regular updates of events and advance warnings

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