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Month 13:29, Week 4:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5936:383 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 9 April 2013
The 7-0-1 Revelation
Essential Truth for the Remnant

      "Create a pure lev (heart) in me, O Elohim (God), and give me a new and steadfast ruach (spirit); do not drive me from Thy presence or take Thy Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) from me; revive in me the simcha (joy) of Thy deliverance (salvation) and grant me a willing ruach (spirit) to uphold me" (Psalm 51:10-12, NEB).


    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) be with you all in this assembly and throughout the rest of this day. This is the last sabbath of the current 13th month as well as the last sabbath and last day of the current year in Yahweh's Creation Calendar.

    Things to Be Grateful For and Do

    Let us praise Him that we are here assembling according to His mitzvah (commandment), that we are alive, have survived trials and tribulations over the last year and intend to persist and prosper in Him in the new year which begins tomorrow. Let us not forget the many we knew who have passed on and have been spared what is happening in the world and what is to come. They have run their course and, if they were saved, have gone on to a better place. In the meantime there are many who are unsaved, backslidden or struggling in the face of opposition, bitter, angry and rebellious, both those who are family, those who are friends and some who have chosen to be enemies. Let us uphold them and each other in prayer for they are going to need it more than us as they find their idols unable to sustain them in crisis.

    Where are We on the Prophetic Map?

    A few days ago a brother contacted me to ask where I thought we were on the prophetic timetable and whether or not we had entered the times spoken of in Ezekiel 38 which speaks of the Last Great Conflict prior to the restoration of Israel. Obviously those who believe that authentic, biblical Israel was restored in 1948 are of the opinion that we are well into Ezekiel 38 and perhaps even approaching the end of it and have, understandably, assumed that events in the Middle East and elsewhere all portend an imminent end. It is for this reason that I believe my sermon series on Jacob's Trouble needs to be shared widely to lessen the blow for the millions of evangelicals, messianics and others who have invested their hearst into idolatrously promoting and virtually worshipping the Edomite Republic of Israel, quite apart from using it as a prophetic marker for the fulfilment of prophecy.

    When False Belief Collapses

    Those who have not been deceived by the false markers and who are listening attentively to the Ruach (Spirit) are going to be needed to support those who experience the false pillars of their faith as they crumble before the less than pleasant dawning of reality. It is a frightening thing to have false belief exposed because the feeling is not unlike being inside a house that is collapsing on you. The sensation is one of panic, fear and despair.

    Calendar Controversies

    It is important for everyone, therefore, to walk circumspectly in the emunah (faith) and to watch out that they are not being swept off their feet by doctrinal fads. When trouble comes you'll soon see what upholds and uplifts you, and what doesn't. For messianics there is still the great calendar controversy go be resolved with the majority stubbornly clinging onto false systems in spite of the overwhelming evidence that the Creation Calendar is true. They have already started the year a month early and will be celebrating Shavu'ot (Pentecost) two months early! During this month's spring festivals I will be sharing some of the latest evidence that proves beyond all doubt that the Jewish calendar is false which I hope will persuade those who are still fearful to finally withdraw support of, and allegience to, the whole Talmudic edifice of lies and move into freedom.

    The First Vision

    I want to begin today by sharing a vision that Yahweh gave me yesterday morning just after dawn. I was not soliciting Him in prayer though it was the time I usually pray. I saw three horizontal lines of equal length next to each other and three numbers - one above each line - lying on their right side. The numbers were, starting from the right, 7, 0 and 1:

    The Second Vision

    My attention was drawn to the 7 and in vision I zoomed in on this. The 7 and the line under it changed into something else. I could see see that the thin line now respresented the interface between the ground (coloured brown in the illustration - there was no colour in the vision other than black-and-white) and the sky (coloured blue in the illustration). Immediately above and lying on top of the line was what looked like a plate, and on the plate, standing on end, was a circle of equal thickness. Inside the circle were two chevrons pointing away from one another and in between them a single point or flood-filled circle. From the point where the circle made contact with the plate was a single thick line dropping perpendicularly into the ground. The circle (and its contents), the plate (that rested on the earth and apparently prevented the circle from sinking into it) and the long 'spike' constituted one entity, the bulk being above ground and the spike penetrating the ground.

    The Meaning of 7, 0 and 1

    First of all, upon the vision closing, I immediately understood that the three numbers - reading from right to left in the Hebrew way - represented three days: the '7' representing today, the 7th or Sabbath Day, the 'O' (zero) representing tomorrow, which is the first Rosh Chodesh of the year and therefore Aviv 1 (New Year's Day), and the '1' representing the first day of the week of the new year the day after, or Yom Rishon - the number of unity, primacy and beginning. Together these three days represent the transition from the old year and into the new and what this means spiritually for us.

    Understanding the 7

    The second vision concerns today and what it means, or should mean, to us. This is the last sabbath of the year, seven representing here both completion of the week and completion of the annual cycle. It is the number of spiritual perfection...which obviously we have not yet attained ourselves and which we have the opportunity to further work towards in the new year that will be upon us tomorrow.

    The Sphere and the Disk

    Upon the vision closing I understood what each of the elements of the figure represents, which is entirely symbolic. Firstly I saw that the circle was, in fact, a sphere and the plate was, in fact, a disk and not just a line. A ball was siting on a circular plate or disk which was attached to a long spike penetrating the ground.

    The Saved Soul Guarded by Torah & Surrounded by Eternity

    The point inbetween the chevrons is not, as I at first thought, the 'all-seeing eye', but the essential self or spirit (the point) guarded on either side by the Torah. The circle or sphere surrounding these represents Eternity, since a circle has neither beginning nor end, the alef and the taw, or the alpha and the omega, which is Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and therefore Elohim (God). This plate-and-sphere is above the ground belonging, as it does, to the shammayim or heavens, as it is spiritual, although it does interface with the world. More, it penetrates the world in the form of the long spike.

    The Two Realities

    The whole image represents a saved, born-again and Torah-guarded human being in his proper relationship to Yahweh and his place in the world both physically and as a system. There are two systems or realities - one above (the true or eternal) and one below (the false or fallen) - that we simultaneously live in.

    The Resurrection Yet Unmanifested

    The circular plate represents a boundary, also round (because of its origin in the shammayim) which is the interface between the spiritual world and the physical world beneath it. It can also be seen as an unmanifested sphere, that which will become the eternal, resurrected body one day. The long penetrating spike is our temporary connection to the fallen world, that aspect of physicality and flesh that brings us into this dimension, but it also represents essential connectedness to reality, however ugly that reality may be.

    Dealing With a New Kind of Enemy

    Brethren and sisters, as I shall make plan tomorrow in my New Year address, the new world order that is emerging requires particular, specialised anointings and spiritual counter-measures by the Body of Messianic Israel to meet and defeat it. We are dealing with a new kind of enemy weaponry which, though it has been under construction for some time, is only now starting to go visibly operational.

    Old Ways Must Be Discarded for the Spiritual Upgade

    The sequence of numbers, 7-0-1, very clearly denotes old ways coming to an end, being put to death, buried, and then rising again. I had a dream this morning that confirms this in which I was onboard a conventional ocean-going liner which sank in shallow water leaving only the upper deck above the sea. The vessels we have metaphorically sailed in all our lives - the way we think, the way we feel, the way we move through life itself in - have to be abandoned for new ones. Yahweh wants to spiritually 'upgrade' us but He can't do that until we are willing to lay down old worldly-influenced paradigms and fully receive His Torah-way in Messiah. The Body of Messiah is badly infected with Romanism, Talmudism, Marxism, psychiatry (the worship of self), New Ageism, and every falsehood you can imagine. All of this has to be extirpated if the Remnant is not only to survive but (more importantly) to overcome and be victorious.

    Satanic High Tech You Haven't Even Dreamed of

    People don't seem to realise what we are dealing with. There is high tech out there in the hands of the Úlite that you haven't even dreamed of. There are satellites around our planet that are capable of targeting things no bigger than a postage stamp on the surface and incinerating them, including people. Never heard of spontaneous combusion? There are satellites up there that can modify your thoughts and moods. Robot technology is far more advanced than the glimpses we are being shown of them. And don't forget the so-called UFO-connection. The Úlite's technology is 20-40 years ahead of what has been given to the masses and it is all fused together with the satanic crafts. Most believers are entirely ignorant of these and other things and when they witness them in action for the first time, their hearts will faint. Not so the remnant, we are aware of these things, or are being educated about them even as I speak.

    Overcoming the Satanic High Tech

    The enemy in the government, the military-industrial complex and in the banks has spent trillions of stolen tax payers's dollars to construct these very instruments of human enslavement. They have used much time and effort. We, however, are not in need of equivalent or matching high tech. All that is required of us is surrender and obedience to the Master. We are soon to enter a world which is the stuff of science fiction for most but this does not mean we are ourselves to counter with similar weapons because that is not how Yahweh works, even though there will be a secular resistance movement that does. Above all, remember that "our Elohim (God), ...[the] great and mighty Elohim (God), ...faithfully keep[s] 'b'rit (covenant)" (Neh.9:32, NEB). Do not suppose He cannot take care of all this enemy high tech because He did so once before in the ante-diluvian (pre-flood) time when He destroyed all their works along with their flesh by water. This time He will use fire. You see, the ancients were not primitive savages as we have been led to suppose by all the evolutionary hype we have been taught, and though the science was not the same as ours it was nonetheless highly advanced. The ancients were capable of a lot more than we are in many things (including space travel) and much of that tech is being resurrected by the Úlite with the help of demonic forces.

    Fact is Stranger Than Fiction

    I know this sounds a bit like Arthur C. Clarke or Carl E. Sagan but even they had no idea what was coming. They thought only in terms of material science but what we are dealing with here is an unholy fusion of material science and dark spirituality. My job is to prepare and equip the Remnant - and anyone else who will listen - for what is to suddenly descend upon humanity prior to the Final Gathering. The Besorah (Gospel) has to be presented in power and under a special covering in the last two generations. Mere theology and air isn't going to save you. And I am not talking about all the bogus psychic power that has corrupted the charismatic movement but about the kind of power that was of old in the days of Moses and Elijah. I will have more to say of these things tomorrow when we look at the zero of the sequence 7-0-1.

    The 7-0-1 Prophetic Word

    Before we conclude today there is something else I want to tell you about the sequence 7-0-1 because in Hebrew it spells out 17 words. In Hebrew, as most of you know, each letter has a numeric value because the Israelites didn't have a separate system of numerics as we do (which we got from the Arabs). Letters double up both as consonants (and one or two vowels) and numbers because in Yahweh's domain words and numbers are integrated. Thus the number 701 is a revelation in condensed form telling us what Yahweh is about to do on behalf of those who are regenerated talmidim (disciples) of Yah'shua (Jesus) walking in emunah (faith, trust) and in obedience to Torah in the correct tavnith (pattern). What is it saying?

      "This is your se'eth (701-rising), you who are the true Messianic 'ishshah (701-wife), and I shall make you parah (701-fruitful). I am giving you My qara' (701-call), laying you nasa' (701-bare), commanding you to yathar (701-leave) the Babylonian world system, ratsah (701-accept) My absolute headship, so that I can make you tirzah (701-delightsome). I will 'arak (701-array) as jewels in My Crown, as you obey the tavnith (pattern) revealed in the sacred menorah (701-seven-armed candlestick), as you strictly follow My mow'etsah (701-counsel), parad (701-separate) yourself from the world, being fixed in the riyfah (701-ground) of My Davar (Word). For I am about to 'uwr (701-stir) up ysarah (701-trouble) in the world, to expose it. But you, if you drink of the nahar (701-river) with proceeds from the Throne of Elohim (God), so you will be sheltered, healed and nourished by the timmor (701-palms) that are by it. He who is faithful shall receive the esther (701-the planet Venus in Persian), the "the morning star" (Rev.2:28, NKJV) because He remains adhered to "the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star" (Rev.22:16, NKJV), even Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Amen."

    Get Prepared

    Tomorrow, as we look at the '0' (Zero) aspect of 7-0-1 more closely, I will be giving you the next part of this revelation in my New Year Proclamation with important keys for fathers, husbands, mothers, wives, children and family in general. In the meantime, your task as individuals is to be grounded in Torah, surrounded by the Eternal One in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus) through your emunah (faith) and to be rooted squarely in the reality of what's actually going on in this world. There can be no place for doubt, delusion or fantasy. We have to grapple with things as they are by digging deeply - that is why the spike was so long in the vision. We have to understand our enemy and walk in the new reality and anointing which is being given and which is yet to be given.


    If you have not, by now, come up to Messiah, surrendered to Him and been regenerated - and if you are not guarding the Torah as Scripture commands you to, and are not established IN Messiah walking on His Derech (Way), IN all Emet (Truth), or IN His Chayim (Life), the the year that follows is not going to be a glorious year of victory and overcoming for you but one of enormous tribulation. What will happen to those who will not trust and obey the Master I cannot say because this revelation is for the saved, for those striving to be obedient and to overcome. You may yet make teshuvah (repent) now - today - if you choose because today is literally "the day of salvation" (2 Cor.6:2, NKJV).

    Continued in Part 2

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    This page was created on 9 April 2013
    Last updated on 9 April 2013

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