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    Świętosława's Corner 9

    The Myth & Truth
    about Safe Sex

    In America, 1.5 million babies are killed every year in abortions. I would say that is not very safe for them. Just the end result of a selfish society that has no concept of personal responsibility or moral structure. Over a million and a half babies pay with their lives every year for peoples' self indulgences. What an abomination. Is it any wonder Yahweh is losing patience with them?

    Also consider the psychological consequences of such behavior. The devaluing of human beings to the status of acquisitions or entertainments without any concept of commitment or worth. It is sad to see the loss of respect in our societies for life and decency. We see it in children killing each other, in a 50% divorce rate, in an acceptance of any immoral lifestyles all the whild condemning those who would wish to see a return to sound biblical principles in living.

    Did you know that in US schools, children are taught that homosexual and lesbian relationships are acceptable alternative lifestyles? These are the same schools where prayer is outlawed and they cannot teach biblical morals. There is a seriously skewed sense of priorities that teaches children that unnatural relationships are acceptable but rejects teaching what the Bible says are good and wholesome relationships.

    The USA has seen a dramatic increase in the last few years of child molestation, rape, domestic violence, domestic murder. Could this all be, I wonder, a direct consequence of the so-called sexual revolution? A desensitising of the conscience that permits any evil perversion to be exercised without regard for the damage being done. Yahweh help us all.

    In the end, the terms 'safe sex' and 'free love' are oxymorons. Sex is not safe unless scripturally sanctioned in marriage and love is never free. Love, true and lasting love, is characterised by the willingness to sacrifice, and take responsibility, for those we claim to love. That is how it is presented to us in scripture and how Yahweh has loved us, faithfully and eternally and willing to sacrifice His own Son to save us from ourselves. Until we return with all our hearts to this ideal of love we will continue to wreak havoc on each other and ourselves. Just my thoughts ... I pray we all seek the face of Yahweh because it is only there there is true safety and love.

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    Author: SBK

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