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The 12 Books of Abraham

    Świętosława's Corner 8

    Keep Your Word

    I am reminded of a story my father used to tell when I was a child about my great-grandfather. He was a farmer all his life and was not a wealthy man. One year during a drought the crops were bad and money was very tight. Well, evidently grandpa needed some parts for his combine so he went into the parts supply store in town. Now grandpa was not one to buy on credit but he had to have these parts for his machinery to work his farm. He needed the parts and he told the clerk at the store that he would be able to pay for them when he sold his wheat crop. The clerk, being young and new, did not want him to have the parts. About that time the old man who had owned the store for many years came out and told the clerk, 'you give that man his parts, He gave his word so it is a done deal.'

    That is how I want to be seen by others, as one who, if I give my word, it is seen as a done deal.

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    Author: SBK

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