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The 12 Books of Abraham

    Stanisław's Corner 6

    My Children
    The Glory of Our Inheritance

    Children and polygamous families are inseparable. We love them and the more we have, the happier we are. As you have probably guessed, I adore children, no matter what their age. Oh, they can be exasperating sometimes, even drive you round the bend, but that's a small price not only for what they actually give you but - even more importantly - what you can give them. A patriarch's greatest gift to the world is godly children trained up in the admonition of Yahweh. Therefore he and his wives invest much time, labour and care in their upbringing. This inevitably means sacrifice - but for us it is joyful sacrifice. We have taught many of our children at home which has spared them all the destructive influences in the schools -- foul language, sexual impurity, bad music, immoral conversation, etc.. Because we are a Christian/Messianic community our children fellowship with other children brought up in the same way wherever possible. By this means we are able to raise innocent and pure children and do not know of the ways of the world and who rejoice continually in goodness.

    But if you want holy and pure children, you've got to be holy and pure yourselves. Consequently we are very strict about the way we as husband and wives conduct ourselves sexually. Abortion is anathema - a heinous crime and nothing short of bloody murder. Contraceptives are out of the question. We use no preventatives at all, not even condoms. We don't need to. By abstaining from sex during menstruation, and at other times, as commanded in the Bible, we ensure that our children are conceived in purity. And by believing in divine providence - that Elohim (God) sends children to His servants according to His time schedule - we engage freely and without inhibition in love-making when we are not otherwise devoted to prayer or resting. When we make love it is always with a view both to the conception of children and the deeping of our marriage bonds, and we rejoice whether conception occurs or not, knowing that all is under divine control. We consider this the most healthy and satisfying form of both love-making as well as the bringing forth of children.

    A polygamist husband, if he is a true one, is a patriarch - a father. Husbandhood and fatherhood are two sides of the same polygamous coin. We marry with a view to raising children to Yahweh's glory. Parenthood is both a sacred duty and a holy pleasure. With Yahweh in control, we are able to enjoy a life unfettered by worry or concern. We have neither too many children nor too few. We have what He sends us.

    My children span a wide age range, from teens to adults in their 30's, with others on the way, Yah willing.

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