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    Stanisław's Corner 5

    My Wives
    A Bit More About Them

    You've probably already read about the history of my family in How It All Started: Courtship & Polygamy in the Królewiec Family and The New Królewiec Family: The Story Continues Thirteen Years On so I need not rehearse all of that again. If you haven't read those articles, I invite you to read them first.

    Kryztina, Angelka and Zyta - like myself - share a passion for Christ and the Good News of His Kingdom. It is what binds us together more than anything else and is the secret of our success. Everything else is secondary. Second comes our marriage and children. Next comes the practical aspects of running our household (we all live in the same house) including self-suffiency and generating collective wealth. Everything else - including entertainment - comes a very distant fourth.

    My three wives are very different indeed in character, background and experience, coming as they do from three continents and between them speaking many languages, though the common shared language is both our family and the international lingua franca, English. Two of my wives are trilingual. We have a wide range of interests but share a common passion for gardening, animals, natural medicine and cuisine. They are all excellent cooks!

    Kryztina is very much an outdoor type who loves nature, cycling, hiking, dancing and gymnastics. She loves the Bible and can spend several hours in it each day. She is known and loved for her spirit of hospitality.

    Angelka is a 'peoples' person' and thrives around friends and brethren. She is vivacious and passionate, and is loved principally for that, the 'mother bear' of the family. She is more of an indoors person, very artistic and creative, a composer and a singer of Gospel music, though she loves animals too. Her main calling is probably in the ministry of reconciliation.

    Zyta is my youngest wife and an intellectal with a keen scientific and mathematical mind. She too is more of an indoors person though also loves animals. She is a passionate scriptorian and theologian, her main calling being that of teaching. She has a keen interest in alternative medicine.

    Between them, my wives bring a wealth of experience and talent for both the ministry and home life.

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