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The 12 Books of Abraham

    Stanisław's Corner 7

    The Poetry of Motion

    Two of my wives have been keen dancers and as you may have read in the Fourth Book of Abraham, we are very interested in sacred dance as a family. Not everyone enjoys dancing and no-one is pressed into it - it's a matter of choice. Dancing is not my forte but I love to watch those wives that do. And they love to entertain and to praise Yahweh in this way.

    As you'll have probably guessed by now, I have no time for modern or disco dancing which reminds me of bobbing turkeys or clumsy dinosaurs. Most of it is any case satanic. The two dance forms that I like the best are ballet and waltz, and that's what we have mostly done in our family together with the more subtle sacred dancing. We once explored Israeli dance forms too. Those who like dancing used to gather together one evening a week for this. Of course, if there's nice music playing and a wife happens to be around, I will often sweep her off her feet and dance around with her for a while (or vice versa!).

    We have also evolved our own polygamous dances to reflect our special unity which we use both for fun as well as in marriage celebrations. In all our dancing we aim to create as much beauty as possible and to teach our children a sense of grace, senstivity and harmony. Kryztina is our most enthusastic dancer and it is to her that I largely owe my awakened interest in this art form. Praise Yahweh for this manifestation of Yahweh's beauty!

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