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    Welcome to my personal home page which I originally made in 2001 as a response to those prospective wives who wished to know more about my personal interests after having 'digested' my theology. This series of articles was therefore created as a supplement to Bouquet of Roses which, though mostly fiction, was designed to give people an idea of what we were striving for and what we were like as people.

    As our family philosophy has changed somewhat in the last 15 years since this page was created, and I am no longer searching for wives or encouraging ladies to consider marriage into this family by making enquiries through this medium, I have decided instead to abridge this page to simply give a brief character sketch of myself. You can read more about our current family policy in my most recent article, The New Królewiec Family.

    I am a European of mixed ancestry and have moved about quite a bit and know several cultures quite well. I speak several languages, two languages fluently (one of which, as you can see, is English) and can read and understand a couple of other languages reasonably well. All my wives and older children speak English very well though for nearly all of them it's a second language. Between us we can speak several European and African languages. We encourage our children to be multi-lingual (most speak at least three languages fluently) and have always had a multi-racial outlook.

    In spite of numerous requests in the past to 'go public', I have to state for the record that I am not prepared to do so, in spite of some people trying to force us because they didn't agree with us or because they felt it was our 'moral obligation' to do so. Just because one or two other polygamists have done so doesn't mean we feel obligated to follow suit. We respect others' rights to family privacy and expect to have this reciprocated. I don't conduct newspaper or TV interviews. Indeed, I don't maintain any kind of a personal public profile any longer as once I did up until 2003. Even if polygamy were to become legal in the European Union, this would not change our stance. Please respect that.

    By nature I am a private sort of person anyway and do not seek the limelight in anything. I am here to witness - at least to the general public seeking the truth about religion - of principles, not personalities which is what this HEM website seeks to do. Close friends, of course, know us and our lifestyle, and that is the boundary we aim to keep. One or two nasty people out there have written some very misleading and distorted articles about us. All I can say is they they bear little or no resemblance to reality and we ask God-fearing folks to simply ask our Heavenly Father to bear witness of the truth of who we really are. I simply refuse to respond to anyone who engages in what Scripture calls lashon hara or malicious gossip.

    For those determined to slander me or my family let me once more reiterate the Disclaimer on the Complete Index Page:

      "None of the images, locations or names on this site are the actual pictures, locations or names of myself or my wives, fiancées or friends. The sole motivation is to maintain our privacy. The images have been chosen for purely symbolic value. Any resemblence between those in in these images to those living or dead is purely coincidental. We only share personal details of our family with close friends."

    Accordingly, I have removed the vast bulk of pictures that were on the old website, especially on my personal page here. That way I have removed, in one fell swoop, the tendency of fallen man to "judge according to appearance", since there are no 'appearances' any longer, I can instead encourage honest seekers to rather "judge with righteous judgment" (John 7:24, NASB).

    Now to specifics about my likes and dislikes. You can follow the series of articles by clicking the yellow forward arrows at the bottom of each document or return to one of the two index pages using the circular back arrows below the yellow ones. Happy reading!

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    Author: SBSK

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    First created on 23 February 2001
    Updated on 3 August 2016

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