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    Kasia's Corner 28

    The Goddess Trap

    I have already mentioned this before, and spoken about it one-to-one with several people, but yesterday I saw even another area in which the Western mentality corrupts women, and through them, men. To hear me talk about my family one may picture a very dominating mother who kept her children and especially daughters in a tight prison, but actually she is a very tender lady, with a warm heart and she evaluates freedom, for herself and others, as one of the most important goals in her life. She has a special liking for America, with it's cause for freedom, and also it's Statue of Liberty. She grew up with the hippies and 'love and freedom' appeals to her greatly.

    But there is a catch, and that one I have become aware of. I have met so many people who say they love freedom, and who will allow people to believe whatever works for them, but if you dare to say that you don't tolerate their belief, or if you happen to step on the faith of someone they feel protective about ... all hell breaks loose. Not all go and swear at you to your face, even if that happens at times too, but you will certainly not be left unaware of how disgusting your faith is. They follow a law of give-and-take, and if you don't follow the expected norm you will be punished accordingly.

    This law is to be found in many faiths, and one of them is Wicca. I felt right at home with Wiccans and witches when I was under the delusion that I was able to be my own head. In fact I felt very attracted to a Wiccan because he fit right into the pattern I expected from a man 'worthy of me'. He adored me, let me reign as I pleased and let me define the rules for myself and his involvement in my life. I was treated like a queen ... no, a goddess.

    Now, one should think that such behaviour was restricted to the occult, and not have place in any Christian/Messianic life, but alas, Christians/Messianics are just as apt to take up goddess worship. In Catholicism it is very plain to see. Their prayers to Mary are not even concealed. But I wish to study another, far more engraved and subtle form of worship that is present in so many marriages, and especially in those relationships where marriage covenants have never even been taken. It has been given to us through our Catholic heritage in the West. Other cultures have other religious systems to 'thank' for their burden, such as Hinduism.

    Are you, or have you, a passive wife? Who is on the receiving end of your marriage? Who evaluates who?

    We are taught that wives should be honourable, quiet, teachable, and so on. Yes they should. Some have witnessed how that can lead to grave abuse, and therefore they fight against men. They shout louder, demand to be heard, and are afraid they will be swallowed if they stop. These are the aggressive 'idols' who demand obedience. But there is an active area that women need to, and ought, to fill. It has been robbed through the tradition that active women are unholy and carnal. If a woman makes sure she is on the receiving end, so that she doesn't become 'vulgar' - she will in fact be a devourer. Yes, she will be her husband's spiritual black widow!

    A woman's energy is meant to be utilized and she should be fulfilled in her home. But this can never be done if she doesn't spend it there. If she sits there piously and watches her man, no matter what area this is in, and through the unnatural taboos in Catholicism, this is especially rampant during sex, she will occupy herself with other things. She may start to wonder how to 'act right' to give him the best support, whereas she herself neither does the job, nor gets the reward, or she can start to evaluate his work, and wonder if it is good enough for her. The options are many, but none of them constructive - if she isn't doing the right thing, she will be doing the wrong thing.

    This mentality makes the men into slaves, and the women are tied to idleness, which makes them more prone to start looking for satisfaction outside the home. She may seek to be admired for other activities in which she dare express herself and is able to work industriously and harvest fruits. Even if she goes to 'lawful' arenas for such activity, she will go there to get what she should have found in her marriage. Her 'place' will no longer be fulfilling enough, and she will seek away from home ... like a whore. Just look at how the Israelites, in their laziness while waiting for Moses to come back down from Mount Sinai, started seeking another god, whom they could throw their energy and worship into.

    Women do have energy. That is a fact. We all know that Yahweh has energy, but it's also a fact that His worshippers have it too. This energy is meant to be used to fulfill Yahweh's purpose. We are not meant to sit idly and watch how He works, but be part of it, and enjoy the satisfaction of work well done, knowing always that we couldn't do a thing without Him. But if we don't do things, why should we then thank Him for the ability? In a similar way, a wife is to work, and give, and be active according to the plan her husband has put up, which again is according to Yahweh's will. If she keeps busy, doing the right thing, and he keeps busy doing the right thing, then they will both be busy enough to not keep doubting their Commander.

    This is why people ought to make it their goal to follow Torah: it is their possibility for teamwork with Yahweh, and also His way to let them be united to Him, as His own. Does this mean that we can take credit for being so good? Of course not. No more than one who has made a cake according to a recipe can take the honor for having come up with it without the recipe, there would either be no cake, or attempts would result in inedible objects. But if we don't obey His Torah it would be like saying, 'Yes, your recipe is wonderful and I will receive it gladly, but no way am I going to make the cake!'

    I hope this will be food for thought. I will try to express more of these things more clearly from other angles later because there is so much to say about these things. As usual I find that one truth opens the door to many more. Hallelu-Yah! Amen.

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    Author: KMK

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