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    Kasia's Corner 24

    Look Out!
    Innocence vs. Self-Absorption

    I know one often talks about the importance of not being egotistical but looking to Yahweh in all things - but how is this practically achieved and how can we tell what way we are looking? This morning when reading Stanisław's article about Echad love between his wives I was shifting between the two and experienced fear and great joy and contentment one after the other. When I became aware of this I started to wonder why this happened and I'd like to illustrate exactly what happened.

    Have you ever seen a child standing and watching some older children play? It simply stands there, mouth open and eyes wide with interest, fascination and admiration. You can say it's name and it won't budge. It can start to get chilly, or rain, and it won't notice. Afterwards it may even recall the event as if it really was part of what happened - and I'd say it was.

    Then think of a famous pop-star entering the stage, making sure her every movement is just right, wondering expectantly how the audience will receive her. You can whisper her name and she'll pick it up. Any noise will be absorbed as meant for her. A guitar plays a wrong note and she has to overcome her urge to turn around and explode into anger, frustration and the feeling of utter humiliation. She may remember it like if she was really part of the event - but I'd say she wasn't, just a 'doll' in her shape was - while she herself was merely desperately trying to control it.

    The difference between the two people here is their focus. The child was not even aware of itself, and the singer was completely self-absorbed. Well I think we all know that the child had a much higher chance of having a good day. Hardly anything can be percieved as a personal defeat to someone who isn't aiming to be successful in the first place. Once we stop evaluating our part in our circumstances we have a much greater chance of doing it well rather than worrying about how to do it, and how we appear.

    So let's become like children and take part rather than play a part. That way we'll be more at ease and have a more fullfilling and successfull life .. no matter what it looks like! In short we'll be under much less pressure and be able to enjoy the freedom Yahweh has intended us to have.

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    Author: KMK

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