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    Kasia's Corner 1

    A Personal Introduction

    Hello. My name is Kasia Merezhkovska Królewieca and I am Stanisław's youngest and most recent (2001) polygamist wife (married in 1994).

    When I've met people on the net it has not taken me long to see that polygamy is not looked upon with a friendly eye by most. This made me aware that it was necessary for me to make a homepage of my own as a sort of 'easy access' page, for the ones who are interested in talking the subject over whith me. As a matter of fact Stanisław suggested the same thing before I even had been able to relate him to my newest idea (I have plenty of those). So, instead of showing people Stanisław's hundreds of articles on polygamy which are hard sometimes for me to find and understand (especially the very technical ones), I thought I would write some things of my own in my own style and using my own level of English. I've made this page for those who want to know more about Christian/Messianic polygamy from a woman's point-of-view, and though it's mostly for Christian/Messianic women, it's also for men and anyone else who is interested in our lifestyle.

    I found that I was struggling to answer people's objections to polygamy using his research work. And realised that in order to be the Christian/Messianic polygamist apologist I want to be (because I love apologetics) I would have to do my own research and express my own thoughts and feelings in my own way. It's a bit hard for me as English isn't my mother tongue. With Stanisław's help, I am now getting to grips with English. Luckily I married Stanisław when I was young (16) - that was over seven years ago - so it's becoming more and more natural to me, especially as that's the language we speak at home when Stanisław's around. I'm really pleased because when we had an investigator visit us from Britain a few years back he thought I was English!

    But this homepage isn't meant as a substitute for Stanisław's page - which I really hope everyone will read - only a supplement and an alternative. I obviously came into polygamy in a completely different way to Stanisław and see it through the lenses of my own personal womanhood. Women usually want polygamy for a number of different reasons to men, even though we all have the same mindframe and goals, so I'm hoping that women reading this will relate to my perspective more easily - as I am a woman too. In the New Testament the older Christian/Messianic women used to do most of the teaching of the younger women because women teach each other better in some things than the men. As polygamy is all about marriage and intimacy, I figure that I will be able to help Stanisław in his ministry by teaching those young in polygamy or investigating it to appreciate it from a woman's heart.

    So, as I said, I've not written this page as another poly-page but to add some female shades to Stanisław's essentially masculine one and to give me some tools that I can use personally in the ministry. I believe in polygamy passionately and I believe it is the best possible lifestyle for the Christian/Messianic woman 100% committed to Christ. I know that only a tiny minority of women will agree with me, and that's OK, because polygamy is only for those who have been called into it. Those who are called will be led to this and other pages so that they can be taught from the Scriptures and from our personal experiences. And I want most of all to help those women who are called to join our family, so that I can welcome them and let them be part of - and add to our family's happiness in Yahweh-Elohim (the LORD).

    I have also made this page for those who aren't interested in practicing it in order to clarify that if you are Christian/Messianic, then what is important is that you understand that this is a godly principle and that is in no way sinful - that it belongs as much to the New Covenant as it did to the Old. And if you're not a Christian/Messianic, I hope I will be able to show you that this is a workable alternative lifestyle to monogamy for those who want to live it, provided no-one is forced into it and comes of their own choice. I don't believe in any kind of marriage-by-force, whether monogamy, polygamy or any other lifestyle. And I won't stand for anyone trying to convince people that anyone has to live it against their will, because that is 'legalistic rape' if there is such a notion! You see, all of us who came to Stanisław did so because we wanted to and because Elohim (God) called us. It's that simple. We stand for polygamy by love-not-force.

    I hope you'll find these pages interesting. They'll be a mixture of theology, personal likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc.. Maybe Kryztina and Isabel will make their own pages too when they get the time!

    Welcome now to Kasia's Corner ...

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    Author: KMK

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    First created on 1 April 2001
    Updated on 7 August 2016

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