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    Christian Polygyny:
    The Final Sifter

    As the months have rolled by and I have met more and more people both in, and seriously examinming, Christian/Messianic polygyny - both men and women - I have become deeply impressed by an undeniable truth: namely, that Yahwah our Father in Heaven is using the holy practice of Christian/Messianic Polygyny not just to bring untold blessings to those who believe and implement this doctrine in their lives but to actually sift out those who will be true from those who will not.

    A fellow servant of this ministry told me yesterday that when he first read my suggestion that this lifestyle is being used by Yahweh for a cosmic purpose that he did not believe me. But as time has passed he has become more and more impressed that such is an undeniable fact. Another said that he had had problems believing that those strongly opposed to polygamy had a demon problem, but now, after encountering so many anti's, is unable to deny it. Whatever your initial reaction may have been to some of the meatier writings that I have been writing, I think you will find that in the process of time what I have said will be vindicated in your own experiences. And that, brethren and sisters, is what gives me so much assurance to carry on in this often thankless ministry, viz. the exponentially multiplying witnesses of those who have tried and tested what I have been saying.

      "For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth" (Amos 9:9, KJV).

    The doctrine and practice of Christian/Messianic polygyny is, moreover, a sifter not of unbelievers and gentiles but of believers and Israelites. This is not a universal test for all mankind, but a test for those who claim to be Israelites. And who, we may ask, are 'Israelites'? Are they the people who call themselves Talmudic or Rabbinical Jews? No, according to the apostle Paul, those who are Israelites - whether by genetic descent or by adoption - are those who have received Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) as their Lord and Saviour and are walking in His commandments (Romand 11; Revelation 22:14; 12:12). All those who are true born-again believers in Christ are Israelites to whom all the promises of old apply. They are not replacement Israelites, as many claim, but actual Israelites, the inheritors of the Abrahamic promises and under the covenants of the Nation of Kingdom of Israel - that "holy nation" and that "Royal Priesthood" (1 Peter 2:9). Called to be "priests and kings" (Revelation 1:6; 5:10), we are commanded to marry but "not to excess" (Deuteronomy 17:17), meaning that we are to marry polygamously within the limits that Yahweh has ordained for us individually, which will always be within our means spiritually, physically and temporally. As Israelites this is not actually an option but a divine mandate. Somewhere along the line - not necessarily today and not even necessarily in this life - but at some time we shall be married polygamously and this, like the Sabbath observance sign of Yahweh's true people, will be a sign that we are members of the Kingdom of Israel, amongst the Redeemed of the Lamb, a Royal House of Priests and Kings.

    Lest these titles cause anyone's pride to swell, let me remind you that Priesthood and Kingship bring with them the heaviest of responsibilities and the direst of consequences for those who abuse them. They are not positions of rank and honour that may be indulged lightly. Though we may be tempted to regard them as such because of the world's way of using (and abusing) positions of importance, let us never forget that in the Kingdom Mandate of El-Elyon, the Most High Elohim (God), all Priesthood offices are offices of servanthood. As our Master Yah'shua (Jesus) washed His disciples' feet to indicate that they were not just privileged apostles but eternal Deacons, so we, no matter what our office in the Kingdom, are, and perpetually remain, like the Lord we imitate, a ROYAL DEACONATE OF SERVANTS. In Hebrew 'Deacon' translates as shamash, meaning, "servant", a title we must never forget.

    The sifting that is Christian/Messianic polygyny is not therefore to decide who is to sit at Christ's right hand in heaven but to find out who are the true servants. For both polygamous husbands and wives, true Christian polygyny is about servanthood in its most absolute human sense. And it is that quality of servanthood that marks us as either Kings or slaves. "The greatest shall be the least in the Kingdom of Heaven" - those who would be Kings and Priests for the honour shall become the most menial slaves in the Kingdom, and those who would be slaves of Christ, like Paul (Romand 6:22), shall become those Kings and Priests without every once desiring such honour. It is for this reason that I have consistently taught that those men who go chasing after more wives like heiffers in the breeding season are almost certainly not those who are called into it, for their thoughts are on the glorification of sex in one form or another. Elohim (God) has, as we shall see, some rather unusual sifting methods that He uses.

    Dr. Neil Chadwick has some rather valuable insights into Yahweh's sifting methods that I would like now to share with you and to then apply them to our polygamy situation. Here is what he says:

      "God's (Elohim's) love for His people is demonstrated in that He disciplines them like a good father disciplines his children. This can be seen over and over in the case of Israel. Whenever they would begin to grow cold in their devotion to Yahweh, He allowed them to come under oppression, even taken into captivity by foreign armies. Amos is making reference to this kind of treatment when he likens it to the process called 'winnowing'.

      Even today in more simple and primitive agricultural societies, this method can still be seen in operation. While traveling through the countryside of India, whether on train or by car, workers can be seen out in the fields, using hand tools to cut the stalks of rice, carrying them in large bundles on their heads, bringing them in for winnowing.

      Smith's Dictionary describes this process: 'In Bible days, the sheaves or heaps were brought to the floor -- a circular spot of hard ground, any where from 50 to 100 feet in diameter. On these the oxen, trampled out the grain. At a later time the Jews used a threshing sledge called morag, a stage with three rollers ridged with iron, which, aided by the driver's weight crushed out, often injuring, the grain, as well as cut or tore the straw, which thus became fit for fodder. Lighter grains were beaten out with a stick.'

      I recall one road trip in India when as we were driving along I noticed piles of rice stalks laid out in the middle of the road. What few vehicles there were had to drive right over them. This was the process they used to crush the rice stalks so the kernels would be loosened - the road had become the 'threshing floor'. When I wrote home that night, my question to my wife was, 'Would you rather cook with rice which was trampled by the bullox or the rice run over by the trucks?'

      But it was the last step in this process which Amos makes reference to here, the 'sifting'. This was when the kernels would be shaken in the sieve to separate out the dirt and other refuse.

      So the idea is that God (Elohim) provides for a violent shaking for a purpose - to clean out those areas which are not acceptable to Him.

      In one New Testament passage, we have the same idea alluded to by Jesus (Yah'shua). It was right at the time when He predicted that Peter would deny Him. He said, 'Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat.' (Luke 22:31) Jesus (Yah'shua) was saying that Peter would be sorely tested, violently shaken, or as Barnes writes, 'Christ says that Satan desired to try Peter; to place trials and temptations before him; to agitate him; to see whether anything of faith would remain, or whether all would not be found to be chaff - mere natural ardor and false professions.'

      But remember what God (Elohim) said to Israel? '...not a pebble will reach the ground.'

      In a similar manner, Jesus (Yah'shua) comforts Peter when He quickly adds, 'But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.'

      Take heart, Brothers and Sisters. No matter how hard the shaking, God's (Elohim's) plan is for the sifting to effect a cleansing purpose. And in the midst of it all, Jesus (Yah'shua) '... ever liveth to make intercession...' (Hebrews 7:25)

    To become a polygamist as a man you must endure the 'German nightmare', as I call it - a war on two fronts. Worse than that, to enter this practice as a man you always begin with a dual war that is both at home and outside it. The chances of finding a wife, to whom you made monogamy-only marriage vows on the basis of false tradition, who will yield obediently to Yahweh's laws without either divorce or (if you are lucky) a domestic World War, are slim. At the same time, not only are you likely to face a war at home but a war from your children, relatives, employers, friends and acquaintances especially in the Christian/Messianic community. Yes, truly, our worst enemies are often those from our own 'house', whether in our domestic residence or within those who ought to be the Family of Yahweh to us. It means persecution, ostracisation, villification, divorce, poverty, and I dare say in some circumstances, death. Can you think of anything worse for a man to become the enemy not only of his sweetheart, children and family, but his church (assembly) and of the whole world? What could be a worse torture for him? It is one thing to be hated by the world for your faith in Christ, but to be hated by the Church or Messianic Synagogue as well, is to come pretty close to the ultimate human Calvary-event. For on that cross is it not true that Christ had nowhere to reteat from His agony - not in his flesh, thoughts, feelings, or anything - His whole soul was under exquisite torture because of our sins.

    So let no-one ever accuse those God-fearing men who enter this principle for godly reasons as being anything but saintly, for if they are truly Christ's marked children, that is what they are. But if their desire for this principle is unholy, then the accuations of the anti-polygamists may well indeed apply. Every man of Yahweh who enters this holy principle by the calling of Yahweh will be VIOLENTLY SHAKEN and SORELY TESTED and his struggle will be no less than those ladies wrestling with their carnal natures in breaking out of the monogamy-only mindframe and into the true freedom of Christ. Christian/Messianic polygamy makes true men and women, sifting out the nominal ones. It tests those who claim to be obedient servants of the Most High, and spits out the nominal Christians/Messianics who claim a short-cut to salvation through cheap grace.

    Yes, my friends, this is the way that Israel will be separated from the Church. And what a misnomer that word 'Church' is! Did you know that the word 'Church' derives from the Latin circe meaning a CIRCUS? The word 'church', appropriately, is not a Biblical word at all, though we must continue to use it to some extent because it is part and parcel of our language. This is the reason that many groupings of Christians/Messianics are dropping it and returning to the original Hebrew concept of an ASSEMBLY and/or FELLOWSHIP.

    Christian/Messianic polygamy might, therefore, be said to be a means that Yahweh is using in these last days to get Christians out of the Circus and into the Assembly of Israel. The Circus is the world, of which the 'whore church' is a part, that counterfeiter of counterfeits, and we who are Christian/Messianic Patriarchs ought to have no part of it. Sooner of later the 'churches' will be (and already are) violently persecuting Christian/Messianic polygamists so if you don't flee from them they will throw you out cut and bleeding anyway. Polygamy and the 'Church' (and 'Synagogue' for that matter - Judaism banned polygamy a millennium ago) are incompatible bed-fellows, but Polygamy and Christ are at one. This, then, is the difference between 'Christianity' and 'Churchianity', and polygamy is the sledgehammer that will eventually lay the latter waiste. Why? Because Church and the Nimrodian culture fit into each other like hand and glove. Take away the culture, and the Church falls. Create alternative cultures - miniature self-sufficient patriarchal-polygamist gatherings, and the state culture is powerless except to openly persecute.

    Our trouble is that we have become besotted with the churches. The churches have provided our spiritual roof and given us our traditional interpretations of scripture inherited from one generation to another as though the traditions were holy writ itself. Part of that devotion we owe to Christ - and to Christ alone - has been usurped by the churches which has in turn waylaid us. One Texan lady I was talking to last night (2001) told me that almost everything she had been taught in her church was distorted in one way or another. And she was right. You see, there never was a 'Church dispensation' per se - you won't find the term in the New Testament because it's just another invention of the Church to justify its existence. And what has been the justification for its existence? It's justification has been that it has replaced Israel, one of the most diabolical lies that Satan ever foisted upon us! Predictably, the Church claims Israel's blessings but not her cursings (whom she graciously leaves to the unsaved Jews) and ignores those of Israel's laws (like polygamy and Sabbath observance - 4th commandment) which she chooses to reject. Can anyone deny in the light of these things (there are plenty more) that the 'Church' is a whore?

    Modern churches and synagogues are part of the Babylonian circus

    I am quite sure that having said these things that some of those frequenting this website will at this stage turn their backs on us. Such always happens as the truth gets meatier, as Yah'shua (Jesus) proved when He told His disciples that if they were to remain with Him that they would have to eat His flesh and drink His blood (John 6:53-55). Like it or not, the Gospel, as the Queen of Sheba discovered, is full of not a few "hard sayings" - hard to the carnal man, that is, but a joy and a liberation to the spiritually-minded.

    There is one major ministry which claims to have as its mission to bring the good news of Christian polygamy to the churches. I wish them well in their impossible task because I can prophesy in the Name of the Lord that the 'churches' will never receive it - the only ones who will are the true blood-bought individual members of the Nation of Messianic Israel who have left the churches or been thrown out by them ... or who soon will be.

    What then are we, Christian/Messianic polygynists, actually about? Probably not what we at first thought we were about! When Yahweh raised the Methodists to restore method to Biblical study, I doubt they thought for one moment that they would one day be replaced by other awakenings. When Yahweh raised the Baptists to restore the true method of biblical baptism, I doubt they thought for one moment they would be replaced by othes bring truths they failed to restore. When Yahweh raised sabbatarians to restore the true Sabbath and Israel's Holy Festivals, I doubt they thought for one moment that they would not be the implied one and only truth church and that they would be replaced by other awakenings. Besides, they still got the timing wrong because they were using Rome's false calendar. And when Yahweh raised the Messianic Jews to complete even more of the work of restoring true Torah-observance I doubt they thought for one moment that they were anything other than the complete and final restoration of Israel in the last days. They too had numerous false traditions that needed removing. And the list could go on. Finally, when Yahweh raised teachers of Christian/Messianic polygyny to add one of the final missing key parts to this historical reformation and restoration of the Gospel and Kingdom of Israel, I doubt for one moment that most of those teachers thought they would find most of their own cherished traditions and beliefs being swept away from under their feet. I don't doubt it because I know it! I have had the carpet pulled from under my feet so many times by kind Providence that I have learned to live with a flattened nose! (And so far it hasn't repelled any prospective wives).

    Those of you who have been led to Christian/Messianic polygyny have not just been brought to it by Yahweh because He wants you to live this particular facet of the Gospel. He has brought you to it because He wants you violently SHAKEN and sifted so that every last vestige of the Whore Circus (Church) is gone from your thoughts, feelings and religious habits. This oftentimes frightening purging process is not at all unlike that unhappy but necessary journey that the first Israel had to make through the wilderness of Sinai on its way to the Promised Land. In fact, the parallel is exact. Our Egypt is the Whore Church which has had us in captivity for over one-and-a-half thousand years and our Promised Land is the Millennial World to come with Christ as Regent.

    I want you to notice, in making this comparsion, some salient points. Firstly, that the population statistics in the Torah (Pentateuch) of those first Israelites shows conclusively that practically every single Israelite family was polygamous, and that this lifestyle was vital to the eventual settlement of the Holy Land for nation-building purposes. Polygamy has always been the theocratic way of life. Secondly, I want you to note that at around the time of the birth of Moses, and a little before, that the evil Pharaoh issued a decree ordering the slaughter of all Hebrew males. The key to nation-building is the patriarchs because inheritance is patri-lineal. Our Israelite blood is traced through the father and the Y-chromosome (I will examine the spiritual implications of this and patriarchy in another article). To eliminate a nation you need only therefore eliminate the male population, something that Pharaoh knew even though Egypyt was (predictably) a matriarchal and matri-lineal society just as the modern Jews are today (Rabbinical Jews trace their Jewish ancestry through their mothers, showing that, by and large, they are not true Hebrews ... another big story!).

    The burden of responsibility in the re-establishment of Patriarchal (Polygamous) Marriage falls fairly and squarely on the men. And theirs is not simply a call to live a particular marriage lifestyle but a call to live and recreate the patriarchal society which is a tribal one. And how scorned 'tribalism' is by our so-called enlightened secular liberal political hierarchy! Those deep family bonds which tribalism creates, made stronger still by polygamy which as J.W.Stivers shows in his excellent book redistributes wealth equally without the need for 'political remedies' like communism and socialism, are the ultimate threat not only to the neo-pagan occultic and antichrist One World Order but also to the whore Church which props it up. And that is why, both consciously (by those few who know what is actually going on) and unconsciously (by the majority who are buffetted by the monogamy-only demon) the world hates and persecutes polygamy. There is no other reason. Polygamy equals Israel equals the end to the Satannic Nimrodian political universe and its corrupt city-state system we live in.

    Though I know this will upset many of our readers, I am duty-bound to say that if you came to Christian/Messianic polygamy only to live a biblical lifestyle without living the rest of Yahweh's Law that he will thrash you until you repenr or flee. This is one of the reasons why so many Christian polygamous marriages are either a pale shadow of what they should be or a dismal failure. Yahweh does not want to create a 'Polygamy Church' along with a 'Baptist', 'Pentecostal', 'Methodist' or any other kind of 'Church' - He has come to do away with the Church system altogether! For those of you contemplating setting up 'Poly Churches' I have only the direst of warnings for you for not only will you excite the ire of the mono-only Churches but in the end and final reckoning be side-stepped by Yahweh Himself in the end-time work that He is about.

    Whether you believe me or not is in some ways immaterial because the truth will be arrived at one way or the other. It really becomes a question of whether you are willing to yield false tradition peacefully or have Yahweh thrash it out of you violently. Of course, you can turn away from Christ and go the way of the world and destruction, but if you have come this far on this website I somewhow doubt you are of that disposition. It is for this reason that this site is purposefully large to allow people to press themselves through the sieve of biblical truth until they are forced to either stick the course or deny that the sun exists whilst bathing in its ferocious heat at mid-day!

    You do not need to be thrashed. Sadly, though, human stubbornness tends to force Yahweh into this course of action. I bow my head in deep admiration for the few women I have met who simply open their hearts in deep faith to all that Yahweh has revealed and enter polygamy like trusting children. Their reward is unbelievably great! I have seen it at work - I know it happens. It is their husbands who are usually black-and-blue all over but who are, in the end, the better for it. The husbands, if they are wise, will fast and pray in deep contrition and humility and allow Yahweh to burn all that dross out of them peacefully until they realise that being an Israelite patriarch isn't just a question of living polygamy - it means living all of Yahweh's other commandments as well.

    This ministry is, as many already know, an adjunct to a wider work of end-time restoration which is being revealed piecemeal to allow a very darkened and blinded Churchdom to digest it slowly. In the past, being associated with this ministry, as some patriarchs were back in 2001, did not then imply that they were necessarily committed to the wider work, though some were. Back in those days we had a 'FICP Council of Patriarchs' who were often still part of existing denominations where they were serving and doing a necessary work according to Yahweh's timetable. That all ended in 2003 when Yahweh told me to close this ministry. Today (2016), we are fully integrated with the parent ministry, our mission no longer being trans-denominational, as we have moved beyond that. We only teach polygamy now within the context of the larger work. Those who want other forms of polygamy - of the non-Holy Echad Marriage (HEM) variety - must go to other groups. A lot has changed between 2003 and 2016 - the world had changed and our own mission has changed.

    The truth of any great restoration work of Yahweh must be gradually distilled rather than suddenly foisted wholesale in order to allow the fragile and cautious human soul to absorb it at its own pace. Time is needed to gather together the core men and women who will form the nucleus of a gathered Israel in days to come.

    I would like to say here that this ministry will never be popular. Further, that we will probably not be invited to speak on radio and TV like other poly ministries because this message is not for the world but for Messianic Israel. And Messianic Israel must, for the most part, remain hidden from the murderous reach of evil forces until it bursts forth like flowers in spring at the appointed time. We make no apology of the fact that we are an underground movement and intend to remain so for now. Those who come to this work will not have their circumstantial particulars published. Of that you have our assurance.

    Polygamous Tswana women from South Africa

    The former FICP ministry is now fully integrated with the wider work of the Chavurat Bekorot (which translates as "Assembly of the Firstborn" and is also known colloquially by us as the Holy Order, responsible for priesthood training) and is already in action in East Africa where it is helping converted polygamous families fully integrate into the local assemblies. We now (2016), after much training, even have a polygamous pastor in charge of our congregations in Tanzania and polygamous men serving with distinction as elders in Kenyan congregations where, as you may know, polygamy is not legal. No other churches or assembles in East Africa from other denominations use polygamous men and women as we do where they remain marginalised as second-class members. So that is where the energy of the work represented by this website is currently directed. We're directly involved in the building of the Millennial Theocracy-to-come and are no longer specialising in a particular area.

    In the West, where the contemporary culture is still hostile to polygamy whilst exalting hedonism and immorality, polygamy is still largely underground and will likely remain so until after the collapse. For the most part the gathering of Israel in the last days is to be "one from a city and two from a family", to then be brought to Tsiyon (Zion), which is New Covenant Israel (Jeremiah 3:14, NKJV). We will see how polygamy unfolds in Europe and America in particular but I predict it will be slow. Others not of this work are quietly and unobtrusively gathering and in time we will all come together. Christian/Messianic Polygamy is now here to stay.

    As I do not wish overfeed you or choke you on any more meat today, I will end here with this short statement: Polygamy is almost certainly not what you originally thought it was for.

    May Yahweh bless you and lead you down the strait and narrow path of righteousness and show you the little gate that opens into the infinity of heaven (Matthew 7:13-14). Amen.

    Author: SBSK

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    First created on 26 August 2001
    Updated on 19 February 2016

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