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    BiWomen 5

    When Life and
    Joy Flow Complete

    For the last two generations we have been lied to by humanists, atheists, evolutionists, liberal Christians, pagans, feminists, homosexuals, and by all who are against Yahweh, the Creator. We have been told that black is white, impure is pure, bad is good. There has been a concerted attempt to reverse every Christian value in order to create a system based on witchcraft.

    If you want your soul to really sing the love song of the universe in sex, the only way to do that is through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit does not flow in forbidden places. Period! Any form of extra-marital sex between any other than husband and wife/wives, is not only sin and loss but is the degradation of the human creation. It is an insult to the Creator - it is rebellion, it is utter foolishness. Sex is not something to be experimented with any more than one would experiment with nuclear energy outside the confines of a secure nuclear reactor. Though Elohim (God) certainly looks on the heart and circumstances with compassion and forgiveness, there are no exceptions whatever to the moral laws of Yahweh.

    Behind each sexual sin or aberration is some form of ruination of blockage in early childhood. Our task is to find root causes through the application of Yahweh's infallible Word.

      "..perhaps no one would ever fall into an aberration or sexual sin if he were truly human and capable. His spirit's conscience would sing out so loudly and strongly, he would turn in revulsion before committing the act. But we are not that human or capable. Perhaps for compassion's sake we ... should remember that we are more sinned against than sinning - we being but one and there being many to corrupt us" (Ibid., p.274).

    That is why mercy is so important. You can find mercy, love and acceptance and through that obtain healing. You can discover what a true man is, even iof you didn't know your own father, even if you have been psychologically and spiritually damaged by the false values of a corrupt and fallen society, or by a religious cult, or false friends which in turn may have hurt you and distorted your image of what true manhood is.

    The trouble is that the men in our world are as damaged as the women - perhaps even more so nowadays - so finding good men who are true men is hard. There are even polygamist men who are entering this biblical lifestyle for all the wrong reasons and who are doing as much damage as they are good. They too are damaged. Raising up a new generation of whole, strong and loving polygamist men will take time. There are some good ones around, not many, but if the call on your life is polygamy and you are truly repentant, Yahweh will lead to you an experienced man who knows what he is doing. Bisexual women are finding deliverance, praise Yahweh!

    Bisexual-lesbian tendencies get swallowed up in true Spirit-filled love. In a godly husband you will find a whole man with whom you can feel safe and find complete sexual expression and fuflillment. But what is especially nice about polygyny for those formerly bisexual women called into it is that you can to cultivate the deep bonds you may have felt with women in the past and bring them to fruition. Unlike heretosexual sister-wives, bisexual women don't always strive with the same problems of jealosy - indeed, plural marriage can come quite naturally and spontaneously to healing bisexual women.

    For those who have engaged in lesbian sex, some sort of deliverance ministry is usually required. Though it can sometimes be dramatic, it is usually very straight forward and a wonderful, freeing experience. Find an experienced deliverance minister to help you, whilst being aware that there are many inexperienced as well as deceived and false ones out there too.

    So if you're a bisexual Christian/Messianic woman, or a bisexual woman seeking for Christ, polygamy might be the ideal solution for you. Or it may be a life in a regular monogamous marriage. Let Yahweh lead you. Either way, you can be free and whole.

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    Author: SBSK

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