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    We sometimes get enquiries from patriarchs and their sister-wives wondering whether they may have sex together with their husband and just where exactly the boundaries between heterosexual marriage and bisexual relations lie. The heterosexual aspect has been thoroughly treated in an article on Ménage à Trois which should be consulted for further information.

    It has been pointed out by some that the only homosexual relationships detailed in the Bible are those between men as, for example, per pro:

      "Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of Elohim (God)? Do not err. Neither the sexually immoral (fornicators - KJV) not idolaters nor adulterers nor corrupt [ones] (male prostitutes - NIV} nor [men] that lie with a male {homosexual offenders - NIV)" (1 Corinthians 6:9, HRV).

    Because this passage, and the original statutes in the Torah (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13) speaks only of male prostitutes, some have concluded that female homosexuality is permissible. This is contradicted by Paul who lists male homosexuals alongside "fornicators" (sex between two unmarried persons, or between a married male and an unmarried female) and adultery (sex between two married persons or between a married woman and an unmarried male). Since there is no such thing as two or more women married together, any kind of sex between women would constitute either fornication (two unmarried women having sex) or adultery (a married woman having sex with an unmarried woman, or two 'married' women).

    If there is any doubt as to what Yahweh thinks of lesbianism we have only to turn to Romans:

      "Because of this, Elohim (God) delivered them to the passions of shame. For the women changed the use of their sex and did that which is not natural. And also their men thus foresook the use of women and ran riotously in lust for one another. And man with man, they behaved in disgrace and the reward thst was just to their error, in themselves, [they] received" (Romans 1:26-27, HRV).

    Whilst the Bible nowhere prohibits a polygamous man from enjoying sex with his wives simultaneously, it specifically forbids women to have sex with each other (that is, with a view to a union), describing it as both "unnatural" as well as listing it together with the crimes of fornication, adultery and prostitution.

    It has been pointed out that sister-wives in a polygamous marriage, whilst fully/physically married to their husbands, are also in a way 'married' to one another too. This has been described in an article as equivalent to a 'betrothal' or akin to the allegorical marriage of both male and female believers together to Christ, though there is of course invariably going to be physical contact of some sort.

    We have been asked of those few patriarchs who admit to sleeping together with their wives simultaneously, in view of the close physical proximity of the sister-wives and the impossibility of not having some sort of physical contact, just how far the women should be permitted to 'go' together when engaging in sex with their husband. Though our counsel is against such joint unions for those spiritually weak (for the obvious dangers), the simple answer would be this: the moment there is any physical or romantic (i.e. that which goes beyond friendship and ahavah/agapé love) attraction between sister-wives you are probably crossing the boundary into bisexuality and into serious spiritual danger. So why take the risk in the first place? The only sexual attraction a woman should feel is toward her husband.

    There is no scriptural justification whatsoever for bisexual sex in polygynous marriage, and those who engage in it run the risk of sinning grievously against Yahweh.

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    Author: SBSK

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