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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 75

    3 ABRAHAM 74
    or Haguth 2

    The death and burial of Abram. The grief and mourning of his family. Haguth ends her record and exhorts the women of Zion to faithfulness.

    1. And now I, Haguth, end my record, and I write concerning the death of our belovèd lord.

    2. And it came to pass that Abram died.

    3. And O, how my soul was rent asunder!

    4. And behold, there was a crying and a weeping in the House of Abram, and the noise of it echoed across the whole land.

    5. And we wives, and our children, and our manservants and maidservants, and our brethren and sisters in the Covenant, rent our clothes and poured our souls out before El Elyon.

    6. Yea, and a greater flood of tears was never known in our home.

    7. We fell upon each other's necks, and we wept.

    8. And it seemed to us that our souls would enter the very gates of death, for our hearts weighed heavily within us.

    9. And we could not eat.

    10. Therefore we buried our lord and master between Judith and Sarai in the cave Machpelah in the field of Ephron the Hittite.

    11. And O, the stillness and darkness of the cave, and the great loneliness of our hearts.

    12. And Isaac, the son of Sarai and Abram, spake unto us, and comforted us.

    13. And he prayed in the Name of El Elyon.

    14. And we wept bitter tears again.

    15. Therefore I, Haguth, end my record, for my heart is pierced with too much sadness.

    16. And my sister-wives cannot write, for we are all in the bonds of an overwhelming grief.

    17. Therefore I bid you farewell, my belovèd ones, exhorting you in the Name of Messiah to be faithful unto His Name always, and to live after the love and discipline of our Order.

    18. And I write especially for my sisters who shall come after me, pleading with them to seek a man of Elohim to wed, and to yield unto the Law of the Ancients, even as we have done.

    19. And if ye will do this, ye will find peace and joy always.

    20. But ye must come unto our Order with real desire in your souls, nothing doubting, laying your all upon the altar of sacrifice.

    21. For if ye are not willing to give your all, ye can by no means enter into our mystery.

    22. May the Name of Messiah be praised! Gracious is His Name!

    23. And though I am weighed down with grief, such that my soul almost cannot bear it, yet I rejoice in My Redeemer.

    24. And therefore I have peace.

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