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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 74

    3 ABRAHAM 73
    or Haguth 1

    Haguth continues the record. The laws governing sexual behaviour in marriage. Sexual fasting.

    1. I am Haguth, the sixth wife of our lord Abram, and I write for I desire to speak somewhat concerning our betrothals and marriages.

    2. Now behold, all our betrothals and marriages in the Holy City were after the Patriarchal Priesthood and the several degrees thereof;

    3. But in the world we performed betrothals and marriages after all three Priesthood Degrees, even the Patriarchal, the Higher and the Lower Priesthoods.

    4. Now we are a people who live after the Spirit of El Elyon;

    5. Therefore our flesh is subject unto our spirits that it may not gain dominion thereover and cause a fall;

    6. And behold, the people of the world are fallen, for their flesh ruleth their spirits.

    7. Now it is a law amongst us that all the wives in a family, and also their husband, should sexually fast from two to four weeks each year.

    8. And behold, we do this as a family.

    9. Therefore we have no intercourse.

    10. And this we call the Annual Fast of the Flesh.

    11. And often we fast from food also, that our flesh may be further purified, though we do this at other times also.

    12. Now it is the practice of the family of Abram to sexually fast in the autumn, in the nineth month.

    13. And during this month we are fully clothed, even when we lay down in our beds.

    14. Now the length of time of our fast is determined by she who hath the lowest Priesthood in our Order -- and I speak here only of the Chavurat Bekorot.

    15. Therefore if there is one who is after the Lesser Priesthood, then we sexually fast for two weeks [each year];

    16. And if there is one who is after the Higher Priesthood, then we sexually fast for three weeks.

    17. And if we are all after the Patriarchal Priesthood, then we sexually fast for four weeks.

    18. And those wives who are not of our Order must therefore also observe this fast, since they are subject unto the Laws of the Order in temporal matters.

    19. And we especially consecrate these weeks unto El Elyon, just as we do in the days of bleeding.

    20. And we focus our minds and hearts on that which is spiritual only.

    21. Now we are not bound by law unto the nineth month, but my lord Abram hath chosen this as this is the month when nature beginneth to sleep and our bodies become open to the vagaries of disease.

    22. Now behold, we may sexually fast at other times also, by mutual consent with our husband.

    23. And if he commandeth us to fast, then we are obedient, for he knoweth that which is expedient for our salvation.

    24. And we know that he discerneth the spirits aright.

    25. Therefore we are wise, preserving our bodies that they may be better vessels for the Ruach haQodesh.

    26. And we understand also that our lord and master must also rest his flesh;

    27. Therefore we sacrifice for his sake, and because our sacrifice is done in Messiah, it is consecrated unto our gain.

    28. Now I, Haguth, write not concerning our love-making, save to say that what we do, we do in the Spirit.

    29. For we understand that love-making apart from the pure love of Messiah is death, being carnal, sensual and devilish.

    30. And it is the Spirit that sanctifieth;

    31. Therefore we make love in the Spirit.

    32. And in this manner is our joy consumated, and we are not ashamed, for we know that El Elyon hath ordained such for the multiplication of light and seed.

    33. Now our lord Abram is gentle, tender, patient, and kind.

    34. He is like the waters in all their forms, from the rushing torrent to the still sea.

    35. And behold, he is a master of his passions;

    36. And when he speaketh unto his flesh, and saith: "Be still!", lo, it obeyeth him, and is still.

    37. And when he speaketh unto his flesh, and saith: "Move as the fires of Heaven", then they obey, and move.

    38. Therefore is his flesh perfectly obedient, and the spirit of lust dwelleth not in him.

    39. Yea, for he is beyond the temptation of the flesh.

    40. And when the flesh is subject unto the Spirit, it is not tempted, neither doth it tempt.

    41. And behold, this nature hath become a part of us sister-wives also, for we are mistresses over our own flesh.

    42. Therefore we are wholly at peace in Messiah, whether we are alone upon ouir beds or in the fire of our husband's love.

    43. And behold, this is the Patriarchal Priesthood, perfectly ordered and whole.

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