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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 72

    3 ABRAHAM 72
    or Dea 2

    Dea discourses on the mystery of the atonement of Christ. Redemption through the Father before the Cross.

    1. And now I reveal unto those who shall desire to enter this work the mystery of the redemption of Messiah.

    2. And behold, men and women will struggle to understand this mystery, but will not comprehend it, because they are not of the Firstborn.

    3. Now Messiah hath created all things by the command of the Father.

    4. And He is the Husband of His Creation.

    5. Therefore He is responsible for it.

    6. But He hath not [yet] come in the flesh, nor [yet] blotted out our offense;

    7. Therefore must we await this day [of final redemption].

    8. Nevertheless, shall El Elyon leave us as victims of sin [in the meantime]?

    9. Nay, for such would not be the mercy of Elohim.

    10. Now we know that we are redeemed from sin through our faith and repentance in El Elyon, and this without the [yet to come] redeeming work of Messiah.

    11. Therefore what need have we of a Messiah [in the future, seeing that we are redeemed now]?

    12. But we need Messiah, to perish {die} for us, that we might live and have our offense wiped away.

    13. This the Most High hath told us, and we believe it, and it is our faith in the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world that blotteth out our stain [of sin].

    14. And we know this is true, because we have applied it.

    15. And behold, we have been cleansed.

    16. And it is in this manner that we have been cleansed.

    17. El Elyon giveth the Messiah redeeming power, for He {El Elyon} is a Redeemer.

    18. Therefore is the Son in debt unto the Father.

    19. And when Messiah shall be nailed to the cursèd tree, He shall return His debt unto the Father for those who lived before [His atonement].

    20. And He shall pay the debt of sin for those who shall come after Him [in time] of His own accord, not borrowing from the Father.

    21. And this He must do, that He may also become a Father.

    22. Now the Father is full of grace and redmeption;

    23. But He is not {no longer} the Son.

    24. Therefore must the Son do this work.

    25. By this means is the atonement of the Son applied unto us, through the Father, as a debt of the Son unto the Father.

    26. And the Son must repay because of the immutable laws of Heaven which were established in righteousness before the world was [created].

    27. Therefore we see the great love and wisdom of El Elyon.

    28. Therefore are we sister-wives in debt unto our lord and husband Abram also for the love he showereth upon us.

    29. But we repay him not, because of the works of the Father and the Son.

    30. And he {Abram} is in debt unto us, but he repayeth us not, because of the works of the Father and the Son.

    31. Therefore we receive all from Messiah;

    32. And Messiah receiveth all from El Elyon, who is the Father of all.

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    Author: LThE

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