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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 71

    3 ABRAHAM 71
    or Dea 1

    Dea continues the record of Judith and Kadar. The psalm of Kannah. Kannah's jealosy of Sarai because of Isaac. Her reconciliation.

    1. Now I, Dea, tenth wife of Abram, continue this record;

    2. And this is the will of Judith who hath appointed me the scribe of this family on account of my skill with the pen.

    3. Therefore I write, even in the stead of Judith.

    4. And now I write unto those who shall read this record the psalm of Kannah, thirteenth wife of Abram.

    5. "I am like an eagle that soareth in the heavens.

    6. "I behold all before me.

    7. "And I spy my lord Abram, and I swoop down upon him and cover him with my feathers.

    8. "The ground shaketh, and all nature singeth, as we are entwined.

    9. "We sit under a tree, heavily laden with fruit.

    10. "An unplucked tree, firstfruits of the season.

    11. "A warmth filleth my feet and riseth like the sun rising above the mountain.

    12. "My soul rejoiceth in my Elohim!

    13. "O Abram, the eagle hath descended and become a dove.

    14. "My talons are taken away, and tears wash thy face for joy.

    15. "The fire of wrath is become the fire of love, and I rest in thee.

    16. "I wrestle no more, for I am overwhelmed by the sea of thy love."

    17. Now it came to pass in the year of Kannah's betrothal unto my lord Abram that Sarai conceived and gave birth to a son.

    18. And behold, this is the Promised Seed that we have long awaited.

    19. And lo, the joy of Abram was unbounded, for he had waited long that he might bring forth a son who would be the lineage of Messiah.

    20. Now when Kannah beheld the exceeding great joy of Abram in the year of her betrothal, she grew exceedingly jealous and angry in her soul.

    21. And her heart was not right before El Elyon and His earthly family.

    22. Therefore Abram sharply rebuked her; and behold, she was severely wounded in her pride.

    23. And not until the day of her marriage unto Abram was she healed of her jealosy of Sarai and of her offspring, Isaac, for she knew that he loved her.

    24. Therefore we have often learned this important lesson:

    25. The to love one person is not to cease to love another, for the love of Elohim is infinite, and can fill all.

    26. Therefore when we are in Messiah, our love is never exhausted.

    27. Therefore is the love of our husband never exhausted, for he is a never-ending reservoir;

    28. And this because Messiah dwelleth in him.

    29. Therefore we have no cause for jealosy once we have understood this simple truth, for we know that in Messiah we are never denied of love.

    30. But those who know not Messiah know not this love, for they hoarde it unto themselves and fear to lose it.

    31. And because their love is of the flesh, which is of man, it is not eternal, and it is lost.

    32. Therefore they are continually frustrated.

    33. Therefore this love becometh rare unto them, and they seek to hoarde it, and guard it jealosly.

    34. But this is not so with us, for we seek not the love of the world which hath no place in our hearts.

    35. And behold, this is the great mystery of the Firstborn, even Messiah.

    36. And behold, I, Dea, leave those who will read this record with this simple message:

    37. Love, and count not the cost, for who can count the cost of the love of Messiah, save the Messiah who shall pay for it?

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    Author: LThE

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