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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 70

    3 ABRAHAM 70
    or Kadar 1

    Kadar continues the record of Judith. The death of Judith and the grief of Abram. Judith comforts him in a vision. Kadar's psalm to the Messiah in remembrance of Judith.

    1. Now I, Kadar, second wife of Abram, continue the record of my sister-wife Judith.

    2. Now after that Judith had seen the Paradise of Elohim, she gave up the spirit, and departed for that place of glory that she had seen.

    3. And she could no longer remain in the flesh.

    4. Now when Judith passed away in death, my beloved Abram wept bitterly, crying out in the agony of his soul:

    5. "O my Judith, my Judith, how shall I live without thee?"

    6. And as he wept upon the ground, a vision opened unto him.

    7. And before him stood our sister-wife in the glory of her spirit;

    8. And she shone as the noon-day sun.

    9. And at once Abram was comforted.

    10. And Judith spake unto him, saying:

    11. "O my love, grieve not for me, for I am in the bosom of the Messiah, in the Paradise of our Father-Elohim.

    12. "Behold, we shall not long be separated;

    13. "For we are eternally wed in the spirit, never to be divided."

    14. And she disappeared from before him.

    15. Now it came to pass that the family of Abram grieved for forty days and forty nights.

    16. And though our beloved sister-wife was no longer with us in the flesh, we felt her spiritual presence continually.

    17. Therefore we were comforted.

    18. And we know that we shall be reunited with her again.

    19. And now I, Kadar, write a psalm in remembrance of Judith, our companion and sister-wife, for she is dear unto every heart, and we yearn to be with her again:

    20. "As the mother, first amongst the queens knelt at love's altar with her lord and with the Most High King of Heaven, did not our tears mingle in tenderness, in infinite compassion and joy?

    21. "In oneness they did conceive light, and together we brought forth a great light.

    22. "O Messiah, Firstborn and Heir, comfort us, O Thou Lamb slain even before thy birth!

    23. "O that we had the stillness, the reverent silence that shall sweep through the Creation at the consummation of the Sacred Presence that shall bring Thee to birth.

    24. "Nurse Him with the sweetest milk and honey, let Him be nurchured in the Fountain of the Father, baptised in His love's bosom, Firstfruits of the Firstborn.

    25. "O Messiah, before Thee all the Hosts of Heaven pour out the endless flagons of their holiest hopes, the fragile vessels of their fragrent tears.

    26. "O Messiah, upon Thee are our hopes transferred that Thou, O Holy One, will bring her to life once more, our belovèd Judith!

    27. "Upon Thee, Holy Messiah, shall be hung all the issue and the offspring.

    28. "Thou shalt become our nail, transfixing our sins forever upon a cursed tree.

    29. "O Messiah, we await Thee!"

    30. "O Zion, O Zion, we loved thee, and we bathed thy sacred feet with our tears.

    31. "And thou becamest the reflection of Thy Holy Father, thy Mother's exulation even then, their crown of lives, spring of the their smiles and tears."

    32. Therefore I, Kadar, wife of Abram, make an end to my sayings, for I am not skilled with words.

    33. And behold, these words are written for me by my sister-wife, Dea.

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