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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 63

    3 ABRAHAM 63
    or Judith 55

    Darash returns home. Abram preaches to and converts the Kadmonites. Darash relates an encounter with an angel. Darash is given to Abram to be his wife.

    1. Now when the father of Darash saw his daughter returning upon an ass accompanied by the two servants of Abram, he was overjoyed;

    2. And the report of it quickly spread amongst the camp of the Kadmonites.

    3. Therefore the father of Darash gave a feast;

    4. And behold, there was great rejoicing in the House of Kadmon.

    5. And behold, Abram had sent gifts with Darash unto the king of the Kadmonites.

    6. And by this means our lord made a bond between the Kadmonites and the Abramites, for on account of his generosity and goodness, these two households have become kinsmen.

    7. Having received Darash back into his household, and received the gifts sent by our lord, Kadmon sent forth his servant with the servants of Abram, inviting Abram unto his camp.

    8. Therefore it came to pass that my lord Abram journeyed with the captains of his household unto the tents of the Kadmonites and was received into the presence of the king.

    9. And the king greeted him warmly and bade him sit by his right hand.

    10. And in this manner was Abram received as a lord of the Kadmonites.

    11. And the king said unto Abram:

    12. "Why hast thou thus honoured us, by returning the daughter of the chief captain of my house, and sending me gifts, since we are strangers unto one another?"

    13. And Abram said: "O king, this thing I have done because of the righteousness of El Elyon Whom we worship and serve."

    14. Therefore did Abram discourse unto the king concerning the Great Elohim of All, of the Creation, of our first parents, of the fall, of the great flood, and the generations of Noah, and the great City of Salem.

    15. Yea, and he spake of the great love of Elohim, and of His Grace, and His forgiveness.

    16. And he spake of the firmament of the heavens, and the sun and stars.

    17. And it came to pass that the king of the Kadmonites believed the words of Abram; and the king repented of the darkness of his fathers, and desired that he and his household should be received into the Congregation of the Messiah.

    18. And behold, the whole camp of the Kadmonites believed in the Word, and they were received into a lesser order of our communion by ordinance.

    19. Yea, and the males of the king's family were circumcised in their foreskin in token of their covenant.

    20. Therefore were our hearts made exceedingly glad when the news of this great victory for El Elyon reached our encampment.

    21. And greater still was our joy when we learned also that our lord had received unto himself two more wives.

    22. Now after that Abram had discoursed unto the king and his nobles on the Gospel, Darash arose and begged the king that she might have leave to speak.

    23. But her father forbade it, on account of the customs of the peoples in this land.

    24. But Darash begged again the king, and her father grew exceedingly wrath, and was about to lay hands upon her and cast her out of the assembly, when Abram said unto the king:

    25. "My lord Kadmon, I ask that thou allowest this maiden to speak, for El Elyon hath spoken unto her and hath a message for thee."

    26. And Darash was greatly astonished, for she had not spoken a word unto any man.

    27. And behold, her love and respect for Abram grew.

    28. And the king motioned unto Darash that she should speak. And Darash said:

    29. "My lord, I am Darash, a daughter of the Kadmonites, and I have been brought up in the ways of our fathers.

    30. "And I was taken prisoner by the Hittites, and sold in the market for silver and gold.

    31. "And I became the slave of Pethlon, the Hittite.

    32. "And he was taking me into the lands of Egypt, and Nubia, and Ethiopia, that he might increase his wealth by means of the arts which I learned from our fathers.

    33. "But when we came to the camp of Abram I was spied out by Kehah, the wife of Abram, who reported the matter to her master.

    34. "And Abram purchased me from Pethlon the Hittite for fifty head of cattle, and gold.

    35. "And Pethlon went away rejoicing in his good fortune.

    36. "And lo, I supposed that Abram desired me to be his slave and concubine.

    37. "Therefore when he released me and sent me back to my kinsmen with two of his most trusted servants, I was sore amazed, for such things are not done amongst us.

    38. "And behold, on our journey down the mountain we pitched our tents near a brook to pass the night away.

    39. "And while I was out bathing in the brook, a messenger of light stood before me, and commanded me that I should cover myself.

    40. "Therefore I covered myself and stood trembling before the messenger.

    41. "And he spake unto me, saying:

    42. "Darash, Elohim hath looked favourably upon thee this day and delivered thee from the Hittite.

    43. "Return unto thy father and he who purchased thee and freed thee from bondage shall preach unto thy father's house;

    44. "And behold, thy father, and the king, and all his household, shall receive his word with gladness, and come to a knowledge of the True Elohim of Heaven, Creator of all things.

    45. "Speak these words unto the king that he may know with a surety that Elohim liveth and desireth to bring salvation unto his household."

    46. "And thereupon the messenger vanished and I was left with my thoughts.

    47. These things I bear witness of, lying not, for I know they are true."

    48. Now when the king heard these words he was glad, and there was great rejoicing in the House of Kadmon.

    49. And the father of Darash also rejoiced, and desired that his daughter should be given unto Abram to wife, which thing was the will of Elohim and also the desire of Darash.

    50. Therefore was Darash given unto my lord Abram to wife, and she dwelt with us and entered into our Order.

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