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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 64

    3 ABRAHAM 64
    or Judith 56

    Dea, daughter of the Kadmonite king, is given to Darash as a maidservant. Dea becomes Abram's wife. Darash and Dea come into conflict.

    1. Now it came to pass that the king of the Kadmonites had a young daughter called Dea....

    3. And when Abram departed from the tent of the Kadmonites unto his own tent, he received of the king numerous gifts of precious stones, and skins, and vessels, and many of the treasures of the Kadmonites.

    4. And he gave his daughter Dea to be a maidservant unto Darash.

    5. Therefore was Dea brought unto our camp as the maidservant of Darash.

    6. Now this is the psalm of Darash which she sang on her wedding night, as is our custom. And she said:

    7. "Blue, is all the vast expanse of the heavens, as all the womb of the sea;

    8. "Thine eyes encompass me and reveal all in me, O Abram.

    9. "The light-filled air reflects thy light-filled eyes in which stars shine, suns blaze, and holy fires raise.

    10. "Beryl green, O thou seer of Heaven, blue as the throne from which the living waters flow, so thine eyes shed tears of living light."

    11. Now Dea had become the handmaiden of Darash according to the will of her father.

    12. And behold, when she beheld the happiness of Darash, and saw the great love that obtained between her and our lord Abram, she could no longer contain her desire.

    13. Therefore when Abram came into the tent of Darash, and had sat down, behold, Dea rushed up unto him, and sat upon his lap, and began to kiss him, saying: "I love thee! I love thee!"

    14. And behold, she was so carried away with herself, that she repeated herself over and over again, saying the same words without variation.

    15. Now my lord Abram received this token of affection without complaint;

    16. But Darash was greatly angered, and said unto Dea:

    17. "Get thee hence from my tent;

    18. "Knowest thou not that it is forbidden for a maiden to kiss a man, save she be married unto him, or that he be her brother?"

    19. And Dea was struck in her heart by the sharp words of Darash.

    20. Therefore Abram said unto Darash:

    21. "Forbid her not, for the customs of the land are not the ways of the Chavurat Bekorot.

    22. "Dea hath not sinned as thou hast wrongly supposed, but hath acted according to the goodness and desires of her heart according to our laws.

    23. "And behold, in thy harshness, thou hast driven out the Spirit of El Elyon, for thou hast declared that which is good to be evil."

    24. Therefore was Darash pierced through her heart with shame, and repented of her hard-heartedness, and begged Abram to forgive her.

    25. Now Dea had gone without the tent and was weeping.

    26. Therefore Abram commanded Darash that she should bring her in again.

    27. Therefore Darash fetched Dea, and repented of her harshness before her, though her pride had been greatly bruised on account of Dea being her maidservant.

    28. And Abram commanded that they should embrace and kiss each other.

    29. And behold, they were obedient.

    30. Now after that the tears of Darash and Dea had mingled, Abram spake again, saying:

    31. "Dea, thy love is pure, and I receive it with gladness."

    32. And the eyes of Dea lit up as if with the sun, and a smile grew upon her face.

    33. And she was glad.

    34. And Abram said unto her: "What desirest thou of me, O daughter of the Kadmonites?"

    35. And she said unto him: "That I may be thine forever, my lord."

    36. And he said unto her: "So be it."

    37. Therefore my lord Abram sent Dea unto me to be instructed in all the ways of the Ancients that she might prepare herself to be a fitting bride unto the High Priest of the Chavurat Bekorot.

    38. And it came to pass that Dea waxed strong in wisdom;

    39. Therefore she was wisely named Dea by her father, for it meaneth, Knowledge.

    40. And today she hath become an instructor like unto myself.

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