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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 62

    3 ABRAHAM 62
    or Judith 54

    Darash the Kadmonite is taken prisoner by bandits and sold as a slave to the Hittites. She is found by Kehah. Abram purchases her and sends her back to her kinsmen.

    1. Now Darash is a Kadmonite and is the chief midwife of the family of Abram, being skilled in the delivery of our little ones.

    2. And she is skilled in all manner of arts for which the Kadmonites are well known.

    3. And this is the meaning of Darash, which is Care, for she hath constantly taken care of our temoporal needs, administering medicines from herbs and selecting the best foods.

    4. Now Darash was a slave of the Hittites who dwell in the northern lands.

    5. And it came to pass that when Kehah saw her in a Hittite caravan journeying into Egypt, she knew at once by the Holy Spirit that she was a part of the family.

    6. Therefore she hurried unto our lord Abram and reported unto him what she had seen and felt by the Spirit of El Elyon.

    7. Now the caravan of the Hittites had encamped beyond our camp to rest and trade.

    8. And the chief of the Hittite traders had come with his men-servants and maid-servants to trade in all manner of wares.

    9. Amongst them was Darash, whom the Hittite had purchased from bandidts who had raided the camps of the Kadmonites and taken off goods, cattle, and women as plunder.

    10. And the chief of the Hittite traders was making his way into Egypt where he might sell his wares, yea, and unto the tribes by the sea.

    11. Now when Abram saw Darash, who was a virgin and had not been defiled by the Hittites, he likewise obtained the spirit of revelation and knew from El Elyon that Darash was one of us.

    12. Therefore my lord approached the Hittite chief and offered to purchase Darash from him, but he would not yield her, on account of her skills in medicines, and ointments, and perfumes, and all manner of crafts, for she had brought him much profit.

    13. Nevertheless when he saw Abram's great wealth, he began to lust after it, and started to bargain with him.

    14. And it came to pass that my lord Abram and the Hittite agreed;

    15. And Abram received Darash for fifty head of cattle and a portion of our treasury of gold.

    16. And the Hittite was greatly surprised, for according to the weights and measures of Nimrod a slave-girl was worth considerably less.

    17. And Darash also was greatly surprised and marvelled at the thing.

    18. Now after that the Hittite caravan had departed and Darash had been given unto our lord Abram, Darash said unto him:

    19. "Why have I found favour in my lord's eyes?"

    20. And Abram said unto her:

    21. "Depart in peace, for thou art free.

    22. "Therefore thou mayest return unto thy kinsmen, even as thou wilt."

    23. And Darash was exceedingly astonished, and knew not what she should say.

    24. And those of the household of Abram who knew not the plan of Elohim murmured concerning the great price that Abram had paid for the slave-girl.

    25. And Abram spake, saying:

    26. "Murmur not, my beloved ones, for ye know not the hand of Elohim in this.

    27. "Therefore be ye obedient unto my word."

    28. Therefore our household was silent, for they knew that he walked with Elohim.

    29. Therefore our lord Abram sent Darash away with two male-servants, that they might be a protection unto her in her journey home.

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