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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 60

    3 ABRAHAM 60
    or Judith 52

    Two psalms of Kehah to Abram and Judith.

    1. Now during these weeks of instruction she would only see our lord Abram at special times, and only ever in the presence of one or more who were of our Order.

    2. And it is wisdom that we do this, that those of the world are taught not to think or expect after the notions of the world, but subject themselves unto the pattern of the Chavurat Bekorot.

    3. And by this means we prevented the world from cleaving asunder the unity of our Order.

    4. And it came to pass that Abram received Kehah unto wife, and our Order grew unto nine sister-wives after the Order of the Ancients.

    5. And Kehah sang a psalm of joy; and this is her psalm:

    6. "My love and I are one.

    7. "I am his laughter and he is my light.

    8. "He is my light before Elohim, written on all star-shadows of the night, my supplication.

    9. "Oneness in bond, we are forever one.

    10. "I am his harbour for his sails in the sun.

    11. "He is my prayer and I his words;

    12. "Through his strong mind I think.

    13. "He is my daily newness, in his dawn I shall shrink in the envelloping shade.

    14. "Through his lips I breathe life.

    15. "Through his eyes I see.

    16. "What can I give him but my love, undying throughouteternity?"

    17. And it came to pass in later years that Kehah wrote a psalm unto me also, for our love multiplied as we grew closer together in our love of Abram and the Elohim whom we serve.

    18. And these are the words of Kehah:

    19. "How can I tell thee of my love?

    20. "How can I speak of the consuming fire that flameth upon the altar of my heart?

    21. "My heart consumeth the Name of Messiah with Endless Love, and warmeth my every sense with Holy Light.

    22. "And, dearest one, beloved Judith, thy name is named in His.

    23. "How can I tell thee of my love?

    24. "Can I sing with words His Word?

    25. "Can my embrace tell its manifold blessing?

    26. "Can my love evoke His Holy Name in thee?

    27. "O, Most High Elohim of Love, consummation of my Heavenly Fire, speak my love by the Word of Thy Mouth.

    28. "Kiss her soul with my name in Thee.

    29. "Speak Thyself the ineffable Word of Love.

    30. "O Judith, we are flowers in the garden of our lord Abram;

    31. "And we are enwrapped around him, our love, our joy.

    32. "Thine eyes reveal the love of Abram, for he loveth thee, and he loveth me.

    33. "And in all our eyes is the love of Abram;

    34. "And in his eyes is the love of our Father-Elohim, the Holy One, the Most High.

    35. "Let us entwine ourselves around him, like lillies of the vale, and drink deeply of his love.

    36. "Let us praise the Most High and adore His Messiah!

    37. "Great is He! And blessed are we that we are one, that we are His!"

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