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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 59

    3 ABRAHAM 59
    or Judith 51

    The fame of Abram amongst the tribes of the Promised Land. The King of the Perizzites gives his daughter, Kehah, to Abram to wife. Kehah is converted to the Chavurat Bekorot.

    1. Now it came to pass whilst we dwelt in the Promised Land that my lord Abram took unto himself to wife Kehah, Darash, Dea, Sabea and Kannah.

    2. And behold, all were tent-dwellers after the several tribes that dwell in this land.

    3. And it came to pass that as we conversed with the chiefs and leaders of the several tribes that dwell in the land we searched out further wives for our lord Abram.

    4. Now it is the custom in these parts for chieftains to give their daughters in marriage to chieftains of other tribes that by treaty there might be peace between the tribes.

    5. Now it was not our desire to follow after the customs of the world;

    6. Wherefore we prayed unto El Elyon, asking Him that if it were necessary for our lord Abram to take unto himself the daughters of chieftains to wife that these would be souls after our own Order.

    7. Nevertheless we were blessed on account of our reputation because of the marvelous work which Elohim had wrought amongst the Egyptians;

    8. And Abram's fame had spread throughout the valley on account of his works against Nimrod.

    9. Therefore Abram was feared and respected.

    10. Now Kehah is the eldest daughter of the king of the Perizzites who dwell in the Promised Land.

    11. And she is like unto Hagar in appearance, but in nature she is like unto Anavah.

    12. And it came to pass that when my lord Abram came unto the city of the Perizzites accompanied by several of his male servants and sons, that Kehah spied him out, and loved him from the moment she saw him.

    13. And the king of the Perizzites, desiring to have peace with Abram, offered him his eldest daughter.

    14. Therefore he received her as a maid-servant, and she dwelt in our camp.

    15. Now Kehah knew not El Elyon;

    16. Therefore she dwelt not with us, but remained on the borders of our camp.

    17. And behold, she would fetch and carry water.

    18. Now Kehah loved Abram; therefore she grieved that he would not receive her unto himself.

    19. And she, supposing that her royal birth of the king of the Perizzites was sufficient to claim marriage unto Abram, was sorely grieved in her heart.

    20. Therefore Abram summonsed her into his tent, and said unto Kehah:

    21. "Beloved Kehah: I am Abram, and I am a servanrt of El Elyon whom thou knowest not on account of the traditions of thy fathers.

    22. "Behold, thou art fair, and I know of thy love toward me;

    23. "Nevertheless I cannot receive thee unless thou forsakest thy gods and follow after the One Most High Elohim, and this with a sincere heart."

    24. And Kehah said unto him: "I am thy servant, my lord, to do with as thou wilt;

    25. "For I was given unto thee by the hand of my father.

    26. "Therefore I shall yield myself unto thy law."

    27. Now the heart of Kehah was not right before us, nor before El Elyon, for she thought after the ways of the Perizzites, which are darkness unto us.

    28. Nevertheless she yielded herself unto instruction from me, and she listened for the sake of Abram whom she loved.

    29. And it came to pass that Kehah understood that our lord would not receive her on account of mere outward observance of our religion, therefore she the more diligently sought to know the mysteries of the fathers.

    30. And she, beholding the joy and unity that obtained between the Seven and Sarai, began to yearn for the same.

    31. Therefore she began to desire the light that was in us.

    32. Therefore she began to thirst for righteousness and a knowledge of the Messiah who had brought us this great happiness.

    33. And behold, so great was her thirst for the mysteries of the Kingdom, that her love for our lord and husband Abram began to be subjected unto her greater love, even her love of El Elyon.

    34. Therefore in a short space of time Kehah entered into our mystery;

    35. And we were greatly astonished at the speed of her change, for we supposed that the daughters of men would labour long and hard before they could enter into our mystery.

    36. Therefore we learned somewhat concerning the grace and power of Elohim, and Kehah became unto us a living testimony of grace.

    37. Therefore was she received into our Order, which is the Chavurat Bekorot, by ordinance and by sacrifice.

    38. Therefore she was delivered from the darkness of the Perizzites and entered into the Light of the Firstborn.

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