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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 58

    3 ABRAHAM 58
    or Judith 50

    Abram marries the eight maidservants of Sarai. The law governing concubines.

    1. Now I, Judith, return unto my account of the time when we departed from the Holy City.

    2. Now I say no more concerning the betrothal and marriage of Sarai unto my lord Abram for I have already written concerning this;

    3. And a fuller account is to be found in the other books of Abraham.

    4. Now when my lord Abram took Sarai unto wife in the land of Ur he also received unto himself many concubines, for these were the maidservants of Sarai who did not desire to remain behind in the City of Nimrod.

    5. And Abram was loathe to do this because there are no concubines in the Chavurat Bekorot.

    6. Nevertheless he was obliged by the law of the fathers to take them under his protection, for if a woman beseecheth a patriarch to receive her, and if he cannot find fault with her as adjudged by the law, then he must receive her unto himself.

    7. Therefore when the eight maidservants begged to be received into the family of Abram, he received them, for they had abandoned their worship of idols of wood and stone, and received the covenant of the One True Elohim.

    8. Therefore were they adjudged righteous.

    9. Therefore they remained with Sarai as her maidservants while they tarried in the City of Ur;

    10. But when they departed from the city they became the maidservants of the whole family, and served us sister-wives according to the several appointments made by our lord Abram.

    11. And behold, when we were satisfied that they would be true unto us and unto our lord Abram, did my lord Abram take them unto wife.

    12. And they loved our lord Abram and served him faithfully.

    13. And we loved them, and they loved us.

    14. And though we were of two orders, we were nevertheless one with them.

    15. Therefore I make an end to my sayings concerning the concubines of my lord Abram who became his wives according to the Covenant of Messiah, for I desire only to write concerning the Chavurat Bekorot.

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