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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 50

    3 ABRAHAM 50
    or Judith 42

    A Psalm of Abram. Worship in the family of Abram.

    1. Now when Anavah sang this song before us sister-wives and our lord Abram, we did begin to weep, for the Holy Spirit had wrought so powerfully upon us.

    2. And Anavah went up unto Abram and kissed him deeply;

    3. And we also kissed him, for we could not contain the love within us.

    4. And we clung around him, and around each other, for so great was our desire to be one.

    5. And therefore we lifted up our praises before El Elyon, and sang the Psalms of the Family of Abram.

    6. And this we do often, that our love might always swell within our breasts.

    7. And behold, after that Anavah had sung her song, and we had kissed and embraced our lord and husband, and begun to praise our Maker, Abram began to sing a prophesy also, saying:

    8. "I will arise early in the morning of the Day of Yahweh, to lift up my voice in song.

    9. "Yea, I will praise the living Elohim with all life and breath, for He is the New and Everlasting Song.

    10. "Arise up early, O Zion, put on thy armour of beautiful garments, put on Yahweh-Elohim of Noah, the majesty of His Priesthood.

    11. "Take up the sword of Elohim, the double-edged sword of His Word, and thrash out the nations.

    12. "Gather the believers unto His army and go forth as One, clear as the sun, fair as the moon, a terrible army with one Ensign, the banner on which is written the Everlasting Name of Messiah.

    13. "O angels and apostles of the Living Word, rise up early and sing and shout!

    14. "For this is the Day of the Most High.

    15. "Fill the earth with the life and breath of Thy Song, O Elohim, that the nations may hear and rejoice.

    16. "Sing together with us; Hosanna, Holiness to Yahweh Most High!"

    17. And our lord fell upon his knees and worshipped El Elyon and His Messiah with his whole mind, heart, and soul.

    18. And we also prostrated ourselves upon the ground and worshipped the Father of Lights.

    19. And we worshipped, as it seemed to us, as for an eternity;

    20. For we were in the unity of the Assembly of the Firstborn.

    21. Now such times of oneness, joy, peace and worship were exceedingly common amongst us in the Holy City;

    22. Therefore we rejoice that we have this foundation in the Living Elohim.

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