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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 49

    3 ABRAHAM 49
    or Judith 41

    Abram marries Anavah. The Psalm of Anavah.

    1. And now I, Judith, return unto my account of our days in the Holy City, whose memories yet evoke great desirings in our hearts.

    2. Nevertheless we are reconciled to being in the world until the Heavenly City bids us to return, and we have put off this mortality for a far greater glory.

    3. Now the family of Abram had increased to thirty-three souls, and we sister-wives, even I, Judith, Kadar, Rea and Rua, had grown into a deep and abiding love;

    4. Wherefore we no longer spoke of Rua and Rea as the Twins, for now we had become an especial Four.

    5. And in my lord's twenty-nineth year he took unto himself Anavah to wife, which name meaneth Gentleness, for she is an exceedingly tender and gentle soul.

    6. And her touch is as the touch of healing.

    7. And whenever she would lay her hand upon an infant or a child in distress, it would immediately be at peace.

    8. For it was as though a stream of light issued from her fingers.

    9. And when she layed hands upon the sick, they would instantly be healed.

    10. And behold, our fragile constitutions experienced much sickness in the world after that we had left the City of Salem.

    11. Therefore was Anavah a great blessing unto us.

    12. Now Anavah is tall, yea, even as tall as our lord Abram, which thing is not usual amongst us, as the women are generally shorter than the men.

    13. Nevertheless she is tall; and her hair is long, even flowing beneath her shoulders.

    14. And though we have little regard for the outward form, we look upon her as a symbol of towering strength;

    15. And her tallness concealeth the great inward gentleness of her soul.

    16. Now when Anavah entered our family (she was twenty-one years of age) and the old covenant was done away, and a new covenant entered into between the five wives and our lord Abram, there was a great change in our household.

    17. And the new spirit that entered therein filled us with delight and gladness, for we knew and sensed that we were walking toward the inward reality of the Second Degree of the Patriarchal Priesthood.

    18. And it came to pass that after my lord and husband had wed Anavah, that she wrote a song;

    19. And the spirit of that song hath ever been sung by us sister-wives as a token of our love and adoration of our husband.

    20. For Anavah brought a new meaning of gentleness into our lives, and hath blessed us;

    21. Therefore we rejoice that she hath become a part of our mystery.

    22. And behold, this is the psalm, or song, of Anavah:

    23. "Abram, I have kissed thy holy mouth.

    24. "I kiss in worship and awe the lips which have never uttered guile.

    25. "Thy mouth hath become as the very fountain of living truth, for the Living Truth is in thee.

    26. "That which hath flowed forth from thy holy lips hath all men fed, for they are the words of our Elohim and His Messiah.

    27. "O Messiah, how I love thee!

    28. "Thy holy lips have called the worlds into their being, they have taught and healed us;

    29. "And they call to life the dead.

    30. "O most Holy Messiah, I praise Thee that thou hast infused light into our husband, for he revealeth Thee unto us!

    31. "O Abram, with desire I have kissed thee;

    32. "May I ever in this offering reverence thee, that in kissing thee I may draw forth light from thy fount, which thou givest unto me so freely.

    33. "And thou, also, draweth upon the fount that is within me, the living fount of Messiah in us both.

    34. "Yea, I do drink deeply of thee, my love.

    35. "And when the Light of Messiah toucheth me, I partake of the Sacrament of His Love, O hallowed Sacrament!

    36. "Therefore when I commune with Messiah, I commune with thee;

    37. "And when I commune with thee, I commune with Messiah.

    38. "And I love thee, my lord, because thou lovest Messiah;

    39. "And thy passionate love for Messiah is my passionate love for thee.

    40. "Therefore are we One in Him.

    41. "And when I see the love of Messiah in thee, O Abram, I would fain swoon;

    42. "For in drinking deeply of thy love, I become drunk.

    43. "In thee, my being, I become.

    44. "I return unto thy side, never to depart again.

    45. "O blissful union!

    46. "Thy kiss resteth not on the portals of my lips but maketh us one, as one temple of one soul.

    47. "O my love, thy mouth is my law, for it is the Law of Messiah.

    48. "Thou art a word of life for thy beloved ones who live in thee.

    49. "And thy word is a word from the Great Word, who giveth life that all may live forever more.

    50. "O my lord, Abram, take thou this humble offering, my kiss."

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