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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 44

    3 ABRAHAM 44
    or Judith 36

    The spontaneous affection of the family of Abram.

    1. And so I would exhort all who read this record, especially those who must labour in the darkness of the world, to cast out all that would numb the soul, and turn to the Messiah;

    2. To love their husbands and wives with all their souls, and to serve the saints.

    3. For I know that the Great Elohim of Light is an eternally refreshing fountain of living water.

    4. And likewise my husband, who drinketh of these waters, imparteth these waters unto me that my thirst may always be slaked.

    5. And he is gentle, tender, and kind unto me; he never turneth me away.

    6. Therefore I shower him with my love, as in a rainfall;

    7. And whenever I see him and I am with him, I caress him, for I desire to be with him also.

    8. And this is also the disposition of all my sister-wives in the Covenant.

    9. Therefore we are often found embracing one another, for we cannot contain our love.

    10. And when we cannot be with out lord and husband, we shower our affection on each other, and our children, and upon all, unto each according to the boundaries established by the Holy One.

    11. Therefore we are continually giving of ourselves, and idleness hath no place to exalt our lower natures, or to disturb the harmony of the Light.

    12. For we have learned that as a man or woman giveth unto one, so she can more easily give unto a third;

    13. And if she can give unto three, so she can more easily give unto the fourth.

    14. Therefore we are able to give unto many, and never tire, for Messiah continually filleth us up.

    15. And it is as though we have given nothing, for we always have enough, and more.

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